Friday, December 21, 2007

Presidential Primary Ballot for February 5, 2008

An eMail was sent out by Chairman Adam Puharic today announcing the ballot order for candidates in the February 5th Presidential Primary. Adam also reiterated his support for Gov. Mitt Romney for president, and pointed out that the Romney state campaign chairman was Sen. Joe Kyrillos of Monmouth County. (He didn't point out that Alan Moretti, a/k/a Monmouth RastaMan, is also a Romney supporter and is also from Monmouth County.)
Still no word yet on whether Adam required the Presidential candidates to undergo background checks.
From the eMail:
Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2008 Republican Presidential Primary Candidates in Ballot Order (Note: Click on candidate's name for link to their website -- H.A.):

John McCain
Fred Thompson
Mike Huckabee
Mitt Romney
Ron Paul
Rudy Giuliani

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Re-organization Day for the Monmouth County Government!

I'm inviting all good Republicans to please join us for the reorganization of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders on Thursday, Jauary 3, 2008. We will be swearing in our great County Clerk Claire French, and our new Sheriff Kim Guadagno!

It will be held at the Monmouth County Police Academy on Kozloski Road, Freehold at 4:00 pm. The real celebration will begin at 6:00 p.m. at SouthGate Manor (the old Van's), Rt. 79, Freehold. All are welcome!

If you have any questions please contact Kathleen at or 732-431-6664.

Monmouth County Republican Party

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last week, we saw the guilty plea of gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero; he pled guilty to bribing former Marlboro Mayor Matt Scannapieco to the tune of $100,000.00. Other charges were dropped as part of the plea deal.
Spalliero is to be sentenced on March 17, 2008; he will remain on bail until that time.
Spalliero's bail arrangement is to continue, namely, he is to wear an ankle bracelet while living with his daughter.
He had been free on bail until two years ago, when he attempted to abduct a 22-year old Brookdale Community College student at gunpoint, after which he attempted to hide out at his ex-wife's Holmdel home. After a brief stay in the Passaic County Jail, he was deemed "too sick" to stay in jail and "near death" and the current arrangement was set up.
This blog has criticized Spalliero for "play acting"; we have criticized the judge and prosecutors for falling for it. Seemingly every time he was due for a court date, Spalliero would fall ill with some ailment, usually the day before court.
This continues to this day, as the Asbury Park Press reports, "But Spalliero has been stricken in recent years by a rash of ailments, which were detailed in a six-page memo his attorney submitted to Judge Thompson on Wednesday.
The memo reports that Spalliero suffered a heart attack six weeks ago and additionally suffers from diabetes, arthritis, gout and Parkinson's disease. Spalliero currently takes 25 medications, his attorney says, which are administered in 37 pills and five injections daily."
(CUE: World's smallest violin.)
Spalliero was well enough to attempt to abduct the woman at Brookdale, but too sick to stand trial? Ask yourself: If you attempted the things he did, while already on bail, would you get the treatment he did??? Uh, huh, I thought so. Of course not.
Expect more of his shenannigans as his sentencing date approaches.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


James J. Devine, Union County's Democratic, goose-stepping, oompaloompaesque publisher, was arrested Tuesday for being $20,000 behind on his child support obligations. In 2005, Devine became infamous for the now-defunct weBSite.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. (That's what we call Schadenfreude.)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Well, "Silly Season" is now over, and now it's time for...
Silly Season???
Yes, campers, Election Season '08 is upon us faster than Santa can slither down a KY Jelly-slathered chimney. With the early Super Duper Tuesday Presidential Primary slated to go off on February 5th, there'll be no rest, as filing day is on December 10th. Other events will keep us Republicans very busy as 2008 draws near.

Freeholders Reorganization. Around the first week of January. Who will be the Director? Will the board follow the Harry Larrison tradition and choose Bill Barham for a third straight year? Or will they choose another freeholder to take the helm for 2008? Some have recommended Rob Clifton for the post, due to his recent reelection in a tough year and his conciliatory demeanor. However, Lillian Burry, the current deputy director, lobbied for the post at the last reorganization, and would have to be considered a tantalizing possibility this year. Barham, Clifton and Burry are the three remaining Republicans on the board; the other two members are Democrats Barbara McMorrow and John "Flippy" D'Amico. At this time it is unknown where their votes would fall.
Also, would the board vote to reappoint former Democratic Red Bank Mayor Ed McKenna's law firm as Assistant County Counsel? You know, under curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton? If so, Red Bank Councilman John Curley is poised to throw his hat in the ring. More on that below.

Super Duper Tuesday. February 5th. The Presidential Primary. New Jersey has opted to move its presidential primary up from June so as to be more relevant in the presidential selection process. Here in Monmouth County, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney so far have a lot of support. We'll see who files next Monday and see where the support lines up.
So far, no information on whether Chairman Adam Puharic will require background checks on the presidential candidates.

Lincoln Day. Somewhere in the midst of all this will be Lincoln Day.

Primary No. 2. Yes, there will be two, count 'em, two primaries this year. The regular Jersey primary will go off as planned in June, with a filing date presumably in April. It is said that both Bill Barham and Lillian Burry are each looking for new running mates this year, and may oppose each other in a primary. A possible third ticket may be in the offing as well. If Democrat Ed McKenna is reappointed as an assistant county counsel, John Curley of Red Bank will run. It is not known which slate he will be on, though it's a safe bet that he will oppose Bill Barham. Presumably there will be some kind of a steering committee with the requisite background checks; so far no details on that.
Also no details as to whether or not there will be a Rasta-esque persona this year to trash opposition within the party.

Chairman's Election. Yes, the Chairman's Election. Adam's two-year term will be up in June, a week after Primary. Will he be challenged?

Welp, that gets us to the middle of 2008. More to come! And fasten your seatbelts folks - Howell will have a local election this year!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason has offered a rebuttal to the below account. In fairness to all involved, I recommend reading his post. Simply click the linc.


This just in.
Our sources report that at a recent Marlboro Republican Club meeting, County Chairman Adam Puharic walked in, along with an as yet unidentified woman who had not been to a club meeting in some time. The woman proceeded to criticize the club's president, Captain Shital Rajan and call for his resignation.

Captain Rajan has been identified with the Republicans for Hornik faction, which backed Democrat Jonathan Hornik for mayor over the Republican incumbent, Dr. Robert Kleinberg. Hornik overwhelmingly defeated Kleinberg, sweeping in two Democrats for Council as well. The split in Marlboro, the New Howell, is said to have cost Jeff Cantor the election for freeholder.
Voices in the crowd then criticized the woman for her absence from Republican Club meetings. Others then questioned who Puharic was, to which Puharic replied, "I'm your Monmouth County Republican Chairman who just won one seat!"
This was met with catcalls of, "You mean you just lost one seat!" This was apparently in reference to Jeff Cantor's narrow defeat by Democrat John "Flippy" D'Amico.
Puharic is said to have left the meeting at that time.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


As posted last week, here's some information on some of the local races in Monmouth County.

Aberdeen Twp. The Democrats won again, and will continue to hold a monolopy on the council. Republicans came close this year, with a little more work they might have pulled this one off. A slate of Greens was also in the race.

Atlantic Highlands - If awards could be given out for an effective sign campaign, the Atlantic Highlands Republicans would walk away with it. It seems that nearly every home, business or even doctor's office sported a sign! The election went Republican, too, with Frederick Rast elected as mayor over the Democratic incumbent and Louis Fligor reelected to council along with newcomer Jacob Hoffmann. Good work guys.

Hancock Twp. There is no Hancock Township.

Hazlet Twp. In a split vote, Democrats gained a seat on the township committee, bringing the ratio to 4 - 1. Scott Aagre was elected on the Republican ticket, and will be the committee's lone G. O. P. member in '08. Hazlet, once all - Republican, has seen Democratic gains ever since former mayor "Big Paul" Coughlin got banged in the big Operation Bid Rig investigation.

Highlands - As reported last week, Freeholder Anna Little was elected mayor. Her running mate, Councilwoman Nancy Thomas, was reelected.

Holmdel Twp. Another split. Mayor Serena DiMaso was reelected, but her running mate, Jerry Allocco, was defeated by Democrat Janet Berk. DiMaso and Allocco were on opposing slates in the primary, but teamed up for the general election. Sadly, it is reported that some Republicans worked for the democrats, resulting in a close race and Allocco's loss.

Howell Twp. Thankfully, Howell had no local seats up this year. Hopefully local Republicans used the pause to pull together for next year.
Of course, this year, we have Wall and Marlboro.

Keyport - Keyport Republicans went into a tailspin when Mayor John Merla and Councilman Bob Hyer were caught in Operation Bid Rig. They have reason to celebrate this year with the election of the Lincolnesque John Kovacs to the Borough Council. Kovacs is a respected former councilman and will send the message that the adults are back in the house.

Manalapan Twp. As reported last week, Mayor Andrew Lucas and Committeewoman Susan Cohen were reelected by comfortable margins.

Marlboro Twp. An absolute blow-out. Democratic sweep. Mayor Robert Kleinberg was considered one of the all-time political "saves" four years ago in the aftermath of the corruption arrests of former Mayor Matthew Scannapieco and former Councilman Thomas Broderick. This year, Kleinberg seemed to self - destruct, with one gaffe after another. To top it all off, a Republicans for Hornik movement erupted, supporting Kleinberg's Democratic opponent. I thought Manalapan was supposed to be the new Howell! Marlboro's problems likely caused the defeat of freeholder candidate Jeff Cantor. This bears further investigation and we are not finished with this one.

Matawan - Squeaker! Councilman Paul Buccellato is currently one vote behind Democratic Mayor Mary Aufseeser for the mayoralty. He is seeking a recount. Republican Linda Clifton was elected to the council. Once a G. O. P. bastion, Matawan has been Democratic the last few years.

Middletown Twp. Yet another split. Mayor Jerry Scharfenberger was reelected, but his running mate, Tristan Nelsen, fell short to Democrat Sean Byrnes. Hey Middletown G. O. P.: You're the biggest town in the county. Pull it together. We need big numbers from you. One more Dem gets elected and that's the ball game, guys.

Upper Freehold Twp. Reliably Republican, even in the face of a split. Lori Horsnall Mount and Stanley Moslowski Jr. were nominated in the Republican primary. Republican Mayor Stephen Fleischacker opted to go it as an independent, bypassing the primary process. Moslowski then ditched his running mate and teamed up with Fleischacker, leaving Horsnall Mount out in the cold, so to speak. Atfer all was said and done, however, it was Moslowski and Horsnall Mount who won.

Wall Twp. Howellesque. What else can we say? No Democrats filed for the two full - term committee seats. Jeffrey Foster and Clint Hoffman, two Republicans running as independents, defeated longtime G. O. P. committee members Robert Peters and Mary Burne. For the two year unexpired term of John Tobia, Republican Michael Clayton defeated Democrat Sherri West. The 2008 make up of the Wall Township Committee will be 2D - 1R - 2I. It remains to be seen whether the independents will work with Clayton or the Democrats. Wall is an important town and what goes on here can affect the county races.

This has been but a sampling of some notable local races in Monmouth County.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


No, sports fans, you're not reading a draft from last year's election. Mayor Andrew Lucas of Manalapan was reelected to the Township Committee along with his running mate Susan Cohen, overcoming both an independent candidate and a local party split to defeat two Democratic opponents. And in Highlands, Freeholder Anna Little handily won election as that borough's next mayor, defeating a Democrat, an independent and a write-in candidate backed by Middletown Republican Judith Stanley-Coleman. Earth to Judy: While Highlands may be somewhat surrounded by Middletown (Sandy Hook is part of Middletown.), it is not a part of Middletown, having seceded many decades ago. Butt out.
Election night was, all in all, not too shabby for Monmouth County Republicans.

Stick a fork in him. He's "Well Done."

That's right. Assemblyman Sean Kean coasted to victory over former assemblyman, former freeholder and all-around supporter of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton, John "Well Done" Villapiano; Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini defeated the other two Democratic johns in the 11th District.

Back to the Christmas tree farm, Ellen!

Jen BECK! romped to victory over incumbent Democratic Senator Ellen Kärcher. Kärcher was rocked by ethical questions about her Camden County connections and her property's farmland assessment. Desperate, she went viciously negative against BECK! and that was all she wrote. Democratic assemblyman Mike Panter will pant no more in Trenton; he and his running mate Amy Mallet having been bested by Declan O'Scanlon and the underestimated Caroline Casagrande. The 12th District thus returns after a brief hiatus to the G. O. P. column.

13th an easy GOP win.

In the 13th District, Sen. Joe Kyrillos soundly defeated Democrat Lenny "ELEC" Inzerillo for another term representing that district. Inzerillo's campaign was known for the pink placards pasted to his posters promoting pandering points. (Like that? I wish I thought of it before the election!) Assembly members Amy Handlin and Sam Thompson crushed Democrats Pat Walsh and Robert Brown, keeping the 13th solidly Republican.

Had Enough?

The voters in the 30th District clearly spoke that they had had enough of the Trenton Democrats and their games and defeated the Democratic ticket of Steven Morlino for senate and Jeffrey Williamson and Sharon Atkinson for assembly. Sen. Bob Singer and Assemblymen Ron Dancer and Joe Malone soundly defeated the Democrats. The 30th, like all districts representing Monmouth County in Trenton, will be solidly Republican.

County to remain under GOP control; Silent Steve silenced

In the county races, we won at least three out of four, with Jeff Cantor's race up in the air. Kim Guadagno was elected Sheriff over Democrat Jack Hill. She will become the first woman to hold the Sheriff's office in Monmouth County. In 2008, all Monmouth County Constitutional officers will be women.
County Clerk Claire French roared to victory over Amod Choudhary of Colts Neck for another five year term. Claire has run the Clerk's office in a modern and professional manner, and will continue to do so.
On the freeholder level, things were closer. Freeholder Rob Clifton was high vote getter. For the second seat, John "Flippy" D'Amico (A supporter of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton from way back.) right now holds a razor-thin edge over Jeff Cantor. This should be decided once provisional ballots are counted; Jeff's a good guy and hopefully he can pull it off. "Silent Steve" Schueler was low man and will definitely not be a freeholder. Shows what silence can do.
As we get more information, it will be posted. We'll probably also talk about the towns, too.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


Art Gallagher at More Monmouth Musings has a very informative post on the Public Questions that all should read before voting; likewise Teddy Roosevelt at Monmouth Bull Moose.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the last week or so the highly funded Democratic legislative candidates have really amped it up. The volume, that is.

It's shrill.

In the 11th District, they are airing a radio commercial blasting Dave Rible and Mary Pat Angelini. In it they say that Rible is accepting contributions from developers and Angelini awards no-bid contracts. Barry Goldwater, the Voice of Reason, refers to a shrill e-mail from ex-NFL player Phil Villapiano supporting his brother, Malcolm Carton supporter and former assemblyman and freeholder John "Well Done" Villapiano.

In 12, incumbent Senator Ellen Kärcher (D - Monmouth/Camden), has brought the rhetoric to new levels of cattiness with her Rastaesque attacks on her opponent, Assemblywoman Jen Beck, where she digs into the long-ago driving record of a then-twentysomething Beck. Kärcher also attempts to defend her farmland assessment.
On the assembly level, the Democrats appear to have distanced themselves from Kärcher, and are attempting to run as pseudo-Republicans. Assemblyman Michael Panter is airing commercials with himself as a corruption fighter. Earth to Mike: Your bosses in Trenton, Camden and Newark will never allow any worthwhile legislation to see the light of day. Amy Mallet is trying to portray herself as a born-again conservative. Her latest commercial piece calls for cuts in state government. Amy, get real. Your bosses will make sure that you vote to send our tax dollars to the cities. For more in-depth reading on the 12th, see The Voice of Reason. Barry's writings are informative and very well researched.

The 13th District has been pretty quiet, with the Democratic legislative candidates looking more like they are running for Middletown Township Committee. Lately, however, Senate candidate Leonard "ELEC" Inzerillo has had some stickers affixed to his signs. A recent late-night sojourn through the Bayshore has revealed at least two: "Control Traffic" and "Lower Tuition". The tuition stickers were all located around the Brookdale Community College area.
Huh? What's up with that, Lenny? Got a plan? Weird.
This has been an update on the zany madcap Democratic legislative campaigns.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


"The same party bosses who are running Trenton are heavily funding the Monmouth County Democrats. Voters have to ask who's going to be beholden to the Trenton Democrats."
Chairman Adam N. Puharic

As we observed in the last post, Monmouth County Democrats are being funded - heavily - by the Camden County Machine.
Today's Asbury Park Press reports a $37,000.00 contribution from Assembly Speaker Joseph Roberts (D - Camden), a lieutenant in the Norcross political machine. Another $37,000.00 came from the Election fund of Assemblyman Louis D. Greenwald (D - Camden), another known Norcross associate, and $37,000.00 from the Bozo - coiffed Gov. Jonathan Stevens Corzine.
$37,000.00 is the max.
Another $10,000.00 came from the Election Fund of Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D - Middlesex), who represents Jim McGreevey's old district.
This shows a compelling connection between the Monmouth County Democrats (Where wheeling isn't wheeling) and the major Jersey political bosses.
I will add that it shows just a touch of hypocrisy on the part of the Press, which purports to be all for good government and reform. While they may have endorsed our Republican candidates for Senate and Assembly, the building blocks of political power in New Jersey are the counties. It is the county party organizations which control patronage - not only in the county, but also many state positions like tax boards and judgeships go through county chairmen.
To put the Monmouth County Democratic Party (Where wheeling isn't wheeling.) in power would also empower the likes of Norcross in Monmouth County, and add another jewel to his crown. (He's targeting Atlantic County, too.)
So, rather than good government, by endorsing the Democrats, the Press is endorsing the Norcross machine and all the baggage that comes with it. But then, this is the paper that ran stories about prostitution busts at an Ocean Township "massage" parlor, while allowing the same establishment's classified ad to run in the same issue that the story ran in.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Today's Asbury Park Press editorial endorsing Democratic candidates John "Flippy" D'Amico and Silent Steve Schueler for Freeholders is true to form. Blast the Republican candidates for the past actions of the late Harry Larrison and his cronies, and praise the Democrats as reformers. Don't forget to throw curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton into the mix.
A look at the Democrats' ELEC reports shows, as in past years, a bevy of attorneys and labor unions as contributors. And remember, like Alice in Wonderland, the Democratic Party is a place where wheeling is not wheeling.
They have even "beLittled" Jeff Cantor with, "Cantor, who has the least experience and seems to have the weakest grasp of the issues among the candidates, doesn't appear ready to step up to the freeholder board yet." Come on. That's just like their "we're dubious" comment about Freeholder Anna Little last year. Cantor has basically followed Little's lead on reform issues.
Their bringing up Carton in particular falls flat. Rob Clifton alreday has voted no on Carton's appointment, and Cantor has vehemently said that he should go. On the other hand, Flippy has hedged on Carton, and Silent Steve has been, well, silent. This blog has reported that D'Amico back in 1988 not only voted for Carton's appointment, he sponsored the resolution. You read it here first. And we have it on good authority that D'Amico and Carton maintain contact to this day, with Flippy even a visitor to the curmudgeonly counsel's palustrine palace.
Flippy is the epitomé of Club Monmouth.
Although the Press' endorsements of Republican legislators was widely praised among G. O. P. activists, their freeholder endorsement falls flat. To read it, one would deduce that they had first made the decision to back Flippy and Silent Steve, then come up with reasons for it later.
The Press is in the business of selling newspapers. If they don't do that, they're out of business. Fair enough. But at least if you're going to make an endorsement, use facts and make it convincing.


Today's Press (Oct. 29th) endorses the Democrats for Sheriff and County Clerk, namely Jack Hill and Amod Choudhary, respectively. This makes for a complete Democratic endorsement on the county level.
The Press continues to dwell on a supposed Republican connection to a dead man, Harry Larrison, Jr., while ignoring documented Democratic connections to live people like George Norcross III of Camden County, Raymond Lesniak of Union County and others, as well as all the labor bucks rolling in.

Monday, October 22, 2007


According to Art Gallagher, it appears that Rasta is Alan Moretti, 27, of Rumson. There may be others involved as well.
I think Alan needs a lawyer.
Many have wanted to (figuratively) Taser® this clown.
Monmouth RastaMan.
This blogger first appeared on the Monmouth County scene around the time of the 2006 County Chairman's election as a supporter of Adam Puharic's candidacy. Originally posting as "Donny D" and using a photo of former Governor Donald DiFrancesco as an icon, after the chairman's election he began posting as Monmouth RastaMan, a "lifelong Monmouth County Democrat who tells it as it is". He then began using a series of photos, changing them periodically.
Rasta's blog began pretty benignly, posing as a disheartened Democrat coming over to the G. O. P. His criticisms at the time were along the lines of criticizing Freeholder Anna Little for not resigning as a Highlands Councilmember soon enough.
After the 2006 election, Rasta amped up his criticisms of Freeholder Little, to the point of libel. Many other dedicated longtime Republicans were targeted; Rasta also went after Courier Publisher James Purcell. It was at about this time that I removed the link to his weBSite.
Purcell retained the services of attorney Tommy DeSeno, who aggressively pursued the case. Through DeSeno's tenacious hard work, Monmouth RastaMan is now Monmouth BustedMan. Found out. Purcell promises to reveal Rasta's identity in a press release later today. When we have the information we will post it here.
I expect this to have a cascading effect. Many will probably want a piece of the Rasta. He offended many people, many of them private citizens. Time will tell where this leads.
Also unknown is whether this extends beyond the civil realm into the criminal realm.
As more info is officially made public, I will post it.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hats off to the Monmouth County Republican Blogger Honest Abe for this fair reporting on Club Monmouth's own John D'Amico:
-- --


(the rest of Adam's wireside chat is a re-print of yesterday's Former Freeholder Flippy D'Floppa post.)

Could the County Chairman be coming around on the blogs? Last month he plugged More Monmouth Musings.

Thanks for the plug, Adam!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


As the county campaign heats up, we find more and more that former Freeholder John D'Amico, Jr., far from being the reformer that he cracks himself up to be, was in thick and heavy with "the boys".

And on top of that, he's proving to be quite a flip-flopper. And this guy was a judge? And in charge of paroling offenders?

We already knew about his support for curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton. You read that here first. Now Freeholder Rob Clifton has released documents showing that D'Amico twice voted for the appointment of Anthony J. Palughi as Director of Central Motor Pool Operations even though Palughi's job application was blank, save for "his name, his phone number, his address and his contact if he got hurt." Clifton points out that D'Amico voted to appoint Palughi twice.

As for Carton, in this year's campaign alone the chamaeleonic D'Amico flip-flopped from, "If we're elected, we're going to review that position and all the open positions that come up", to "It's time for Malcolm to retire. I'm not going to vote for him."

He lamely flip-flopped on the freeholders' dinner meetings of yore, which he gleefully participated in back in the 80's.

"I had dinner. I'm sorry."

Oh. I guess sorry makes it right. You had dinner all right John. On the taxpayers' dime!
It's clear that D'Amico was weak as a minority freeholder back in the 80's. How was he as a majority freeholder? You know, when the Democrats were in control.
Two matters come to mind. The first had to do with the appointment of Robert J. Collins as County Administrator. Collins had served as Administrator during the Democrats' control during the 70's, and the Democrats wanted to bring him back when they retook the majority in the 80's. In the interim Collins had worked in both public and private sector jobs. The Democratic freeholder majority voted to buy back Collins' lost pension time at county expense; normally an employee would have to do this at his or her own expense. That controversial resolution passed on a strictly party line vote, with Republicans Harry Larrison and Tom Powers both voting no.
The second matter that comes to mind is the appointment of John E. Westlake as Clerk of the Board, a position now held by the genial Jim Gray of Manalapan. Westlake would go on to both serve time on the Monmouth County Tax Board and to serve time for tax evasion.
So, D'Amico is no reformer. Not only is he known for cronyism as a freeholder, it would appear that he continued that behavior as State Parole Board Chairman.
Put John D'Amico back on the Board of Chosen Freeholders? You've gotta be kidding!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

D'Amico Brings 'Club Monmouth' to the Parole Board

-- Tenure at Parole Board One of hiring Political Cronies --

"I am not here with any political agenda. What I've stressed with the board is that we are here to render a public service. We're not here to do favors. We're not here to forward partisan agendas.”
- John D'Amico in August 2003
(David Kinney, "Chairman Sets Stage For Parole Reforms,” The Star Ledger, August 7, 2003)

Freehold, NJThe Monmouth County Republican Committee issued the following statement today:

"This summer John D'Amico and the Monmouth County Democrats mailed an attack campaign flyer criticizing the Freeholders' appointment of John Tobia, saying that ‘they'll put an end to the cronyism',” said Monmouth County Republican Spokesman John Raue. "A look at D'Amico's record at the state parole board shows that he in fact brought and retained political cronies with him from Monmouth County to the state parole board.”

"D'Amico said that he had no political agenda when he became NJ Parole Board Chairman, but the first appointment made by Governor McGreevey during D'Amico's tenure at the parole board tells a different story,” said Monmouth County Republican spokesman John Raue.

"Clearly the chairman of the state parole board has great influence over the appointments in his office, so lets look at the first appointment, that occurred by the governor, under D'Amico's tenure at the NJ Parole Board.”

In November 2003, D'Amico's former boss's wife, Veleria N. Lawson, became the first new parole board member hired under the D'Amico Parole Board. "Gov. McGreevey nominated Monmouth County school social worker Veleria N. Lawson to the state Parole Board yesterday. Lawson, a Democrat and the wife of Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson, would earn $104,118 in the full-time position.” (Sandy McClure, "Governor Selects Judge's Wife For Seat On N.J. Parole Board,” The Asbury Park Press, November 20, 2003)

"It is amazing that out of the hundreds of people who were qualified for this appointment it just so happens that D'Amico's ex-boss's wife got the appointment,” said GOP spokesman John Raue.

To make matters worse, during D'Amico's tenure, he retained Mike Dowling as Executive Director of the parole board. Dowling was the failed Democratic Sheriff candidate in Monmouth County immediately prior to his appointment to this lucrative position.

"D'Amico could have sent a clear signal for reform, and wiped the slate clean of cronies and politically motivated hires. Instead, he chose to maintain the system of perks and preferential treatment that was similar to the ‘Club Monmouth' abuses reported by the press.”

"Clearly John D'Amico's definition of not having a ‘political agenda' is overseeing the appointment of his ex-boss's wife for a political patronage position,” said spokesman John Raue. "These are just two examples of cronyism under D'Amico's leadership at the state parole board.”

"Once again the ‘good old boys' mentality is at work with John D'Amico while he claims he does not have ‘any political agenda',” concluded GOP spokesman John Raue.

Monday, October 08, 2007


We have gotten well into the time of year that campaigns are in full gear. That means signs, campers.

Our Monmouth County G. O. P. has always had a very efficient sign team, and this year is no exception. All over the county one may see the multicolored "Guadagno, French, Clifton, Cantor" signs on lawns and roadsides. (If you haven't gotten yours, call Republican Headquarters at 732-431-6664 and get one!)

Signs for our legislative teams are also appearing in their respective districts; the locals are getting theirs up in the towns. (If you think Howell is quiet, it's because they have no seats up this year. See Manalapan.)

The Democrats have been a tad slow on the uptake this year when it comes to signs. One month out from the general election, we have not seen any Democratic county signs. Their locals are up, as are the legislative candidates, but no county. [UPDATE! 10/10/07: Earlier today one lonely "Hill, Choudhary, D'Amico, Scheuler" sign was spotted on Crine Road in Colts Neck. All by its lonesome.] This does not mean that they have no campaign, however. We have it on reliable authority that their sheriff candidate, Jack Hill, sent out a mailer recently. This piece aroused the ire of postal workers due to its large size and slick texture; a darker side to it was the fact that several postmen received paper cuts from the Hill piece.

Democratic 13th District Senate candidate Leonard "ELEC" Inzerillo got his signs out in the Bayshore this weekend; this appears to have been done separately from his Assembly candidate running mates as they do not appear on his signs. It does not appear that Union County's goose-stepping, Oompa-loompaesque publisher James J. Devine is involved in the 13th District campaign this year.

Last year there were the "Republicans Barbara McMorrow" signs, this year we have the "Republicans for Hornik" (Democratic Mayoral candidate Jon Hornik) signs in Marlboro. These appear to be the result of a party split (Brought to our attention by Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason.) in the Marlboro G. O. P. relating to Mayor Robert Kleinberg. So far we have no names, but it appears to be actual Republicans who had a falling out with the mayor. It is our understanding that this group includes some long time party members. Hornik's father, the late Mayor Saul G. Hornik, was a longtime Republican who then switched parties in his first term. The signs do not list a treasurer's name, just paid for by Republicans for Hornik.
Note to Republicans for Hornik: The time to oppose a Republican candidate/official is in the Primary. The Primary, people. Don't promote the Democrats.
Im Marlboro, who is paying for something is always important to know, and it'll be interesting to see just who is funding this operation. If anyone has any info on this, let us know.

Finally, we are told that Mayor Andrew Lucas of Manalapan (Who should have been elected Freeholder last year!) tied the knot this past Saturday. We wish the Lucases much happiness in their marriage!

Friday, September 21, 2007


As a "railsplitter", I obviously know about hatchets. Including the fact that there are times that they should be buried.

That time is long past for the hatchet to be buried between County Chairman Adam Puharic and Freeholder Anna Little. That battle serves no productive purpose at all.

Whatever its origin, there is no reason for it now. While Adam may have originally sided with the supporters of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton against Little (Who voted against Carton's reappointment.), the fact is now that much of Little's agenda has picked up support or has been enacted. Truth be told, freeholder candidate Jeff Cantor has endorsed Little's proposal for term limits and rotating the Directorship, and both Cantor and Freeholder Rob Clifton this week came out and bashed Carton, with Puharic's blessing. So it seems that issue is now moot.

Further, Puharic has rightly signed off on Little's candidacy for Mayor of the Borough of Highlands, recognizing the vote of the local committee members. That's a start. She, as a candidate, is a fact of life. If elected, she will remain a fact of life as a local elected official, as well as a former freeholder.

The ugliness that took place earlier this year can and should be put behind us. Our great Party is bigger than any one person, and has room for more than one person.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"Judging from his history, he's been extremely insubordinate and quite frankly I don't know what value he brings to the county."
...Freeholder Candidate Jeff Cantor, speaking of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton.

In what the Asbury Park Press calls a "schism" among county Republican leaders, Freeholder candidate Jeff Cantor has joined Freeholders Rob Clifton and Anna Little in distancing himself from curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm V. Carton. I don't so much see it as a schism as the new generation of G. O. P. leaders asserting themselves.

Cantor, who is showing himself to be a real stand-up-guy, has previously supported Little's call for term limits and rotation of the Freeholder Directorship.

Democratic candidate and former Freeholder John D'Amico, a longtime supporter of Carton, hedged, "He's got two years to go on his appointment. If we're elected, we're going to review that position and all the open positions that come up."

Of course.

D'Amico sponsored the resolution back in 1988 appointing Carton. You read it here first. Over a year ago. Nice to see that the Press reads the Monmouth County Republican Blog.

Interestingly, it appears that an April prediction on this blog is coming true. Malcolm is an issue in this year's campaign, but not in the conventional sense. That being that the belligerant barrister presents a conundrum as an issue, in that he would appear to have more support from D'Amico and the Democrats than from the Republicans. That support may work both ways.

Although Carton has, as D'Amico said, two years to go on his appointment, as I've said before, he should leave. Now.

Read more at More Monmouth Musings and Monmouth Bull Moose.

Friday, September 14, 2007


Sometime this evening, the Monmouth County Republican Blog passed 200,000 hits. This blog exists to inform its readers and to promote the Republican Party in Monmouth County. It derives its existence from its readers.
Thank you all for your continued support.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


It seems like only yesterday. Whatever we were doing that day, a Tuesday like today, was interrupted by news reports of an airplane striking one of the World Trade Center towers, followed by the second tower, the Pentagon and a field in western Pennsylvania. Everything after that happened so fast then that it's hard to believe that more than half a decade has gone by.

The War on Terror is far from over, yet we still have the shrill calls to bring the troops home. In other words, surrender.

We are the United States of America. We do not Surrender!

The War on Terror must be won, and it must be won decisively. There will be no cease-fire, there will be no armistice. No Kumbayah. Even if there was, time and again has shown that many Middle Eastern nations simply cannot be trusted with treaties and the like.

No, the enemy must be totally vanquished, vanquished to the point that their survivors know the futility of ever taking up arms against the United States again. If they cannot be made to love us, they must be made to fear us.

Today, as we go about our daily chores, let us remember both the victims of the atrocities that befell us six years ago today (It seems that there are less than "six degrees of separation" between many Monmouth County residents and the victims of 9/11/01.) and the troops fighting in faraway lands to protect us.

Monday, September 10, 2007


As expected, the Monmouth County Democrats are falling all over themselves trying to package themselves as reformers in Monmouth County. They are hoping that voters, weary of the excesses of Bid Rig, will punish the current freeholders and candidates for the sins of their predecessors (One of whom, Harry Larrison, Jr., has been dead for nearly three years!). Our County Republican Party has countered that Democratic candidate and former Freeholder John D'Amico is not only not a reformer, he's a founding member of Club Monmouth!

The County G. O. P. correctly points out that D'Amico frequently took advantage of a perk extended by the Monmouth County Park System granting current and former freeholders advance tee times at the county golf courses, a policy since abolished. I have reported that D'Amico not only provided a needed vote back in the 80s for the appointment of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton, he was the prime sponsor of the resolution! It was also during D'Amico's tenure that John E. Westlake, now a convicted felon, was appointed as Clerk of the Board.

What else have the Dems done?

Well, we all remember County Dem Boss Victor Scudiery's assertion that those arrested in Bid Rig were "entrapped". The Democrats do have a way of circling the wagons, don't they. And when G. O. P. County Chairman Adam Puharic introduced An Ethical Roadmap for Monmouth County Republicans, Democratic leaders poo-pooed it before finally caving in a month later and passing their own watered-down copy. And most recently we had Scudiery again, this time writing a letter to the court begging for leniency in the sentencing of convicted felon and former Western Monmouth Utilities Authority Executive Director Frank G. Abate, in which Scudiery describes Abate as "honorable and dedicated"!

You can't make this stuff up, campers.

Vote Democratic for integrity? Are you kidding?! These guys just don't get it. Look at how they run things in Trenton. Or look at the Monmouth Dems' mentors and benefactors and how they run Union County and ask yourself:

Do we want this in Freehold? Well, do we?

Friday, August 31, 2007


The illegal immigration issue continues to dominate the news. As I wrote in a previous post, they are not living in the shadows, they are in our face. Not only was there the Newark massacre, we recently had a Mexican woman finally deported after spending a year holed up in a Chicago church. Locally, men still "shape up" at "muster zones" in Freehold, Keyport, Manasquan and other Monmouth County towns. Even trendy Red Bank has them lining the streets around the train station. In a hip way, of course.

Citizens continue to demand enforcement of Federal immigration laws.

Sheriff candidate Kim Guadagno has called for the implementation of "Section 287 (g)" policies in the Monmouth County Jail to ascertain the immigration status of prisoners prior to their release.

Attorney General Anne Milgram has issued a directive calling upon New Jersey law enforcement to "inquire about the arrestee's citizenship, nationality and immigration status" when arresting perpetrators of indictable offenses or for DUI. Milgram's directive has come under criticism because it appears to exempt other offenses such as routine motor vehicle violations as well as disorderly persons and quality of life offenses.

Many of us, when filling out a job application, have had to to answer whether we are a U. S. Citizen or if an immigrant, authorized to work in the United States. If job applicants have to do it, it should be a no brainer that law enforcement professionals be authorized to ascertain the immigration status of all offenders at the time of arrest, and if the offender is illegally in the U. S., to refer them to ICE or other Federal authorities.

The Feds should then deport the offender as swiftly as is appropriate.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


The Asbury Park Press' 15 - part series on the FBI's big Operation Bid Rig corruption investigation concluded on Sunday, although both yesterday's and today's Press carried related articles so is it actually a 17 - part series? What does this all mean for our great Republican candidates this November?
It shouldn't mean anything.
Let's get real, though. Both the Democratic Party and the Press will attempt to exploit this issue to the fullest extent. Although Bid Rig is regarded as a Republican scandal, a load of Democrats were involved too. However, the Democrats will ignore that as they gush about how reform - minded they are. Reform - minded enough that County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery wrote a letter of reference for former Western Monmouth Utilities Authority Director and convicted felon Frank Abate, describing Abate as "honorable and dedicated." In spite of Scudiery's reference, Abate got the max, 51 months. This is the same Vic Scudiery who asserted in 2005 that those arrested in Bid Rig were "set up."
Still, the Democrats will try to beat our candidates over the head with this, in spite of the fact that no Republican freeholder currently serving was involved in the corruption; candidate Jeff Cantor in fact was involved with the clean up of Marlboro. Additionally, although a number of those involved were county employees, much of the corruption involved their local towns, not county government.
Let's look at the Press. Opinions abound about that paper. Democrats assail it for being too Republican and Republicans are convinced that it is a Democratic house organ. It is said to be run by two Camden County men. At the very least, their agenda is to sell papers first. As the sentencing of a number of Bid Rig figures is scheduled for October, the Press will give it major coverage and it will dominate the news cycle.
It will be in October, but it won't be a surprise.
Freeholder Rob Clifton and Jeff Cantor both have solid credentials as reformers. They can easily overcome anything the Democrats or the media throw at them as long as they stick to their guns and remain proactive. It is also important that party leaders don't run a defensive campaign. Both candidates have strong records and need not play defense at all, especially since they were not part of Harry Larrison's crowd.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Chairman Adam Puharic has officially resigned his position with the Department of Homeland Security. This has been rumored for several weeks, and was confirmed in an e-mail recently sent out from Republican Headquarters. The Asbury Park Press picked up on his e-mail and ran an article today.

Puharic has maintained that he was always in compliance with the federal Hatch Act, and research by the investigative arm of the Monmouth County Republican Blog appears to bear that out. Still, his compliance has hampered his fundraising activities and that may be detrimental to our great party.
Adam says that he has no job lined up at this time, and that he will live off his investments for the time being. This would provide him with plenty of time to address the needs of the party and I hope that will be a good thing and not a repetition of the amateurish and ham-fisted activities during the candidate selection process earlier this year. I hope that the investments that he speaks of are sufficient to provide for his family, as that comes first, before politics.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


On Sunday Art Gallagher at More Monmouth Musings linked to a post on corruption by Red Jersey's Eric Sedler. It's an interesting post, but we found an interesting sub topic that is very relevant here in Monmouth County, and that is the subject of Republicans becoming Democrats. He mentions a longtime Burlington County legislator, Assemblyman Francis Bodine, who has switched from Republican to Democrat, as well as some local leaders in Gloucester County. I wonder if George Norcross was involved in any of that.
While we haven't had any legislators switch here in Monmouth County (Ocean County did, some years ago when Assemblyman Jorge Rod crossed over to the Dem side.), we have seen it happen locally, enough that it may be a concern.
Different people have different reasons for changing parties. Some may do so because of a local party split, some may find that their philosophy no longer matches their party, yet others switch for purely opportunistic reasons.
Back in the 80's, then-Marlboro Mayor Saul Hornik became a Democrat in his first term. Rep. Frank Pallone is a former Republican; he never held office as a Republican, but he had a conservative reputation in the State Senate, only becoming the ultra-lib we know today after his election to the U. S. House. Another one to turn during the 80's was former Ocean Township Mayor Richard English. Son of Republican Councilman Ed English of Asbury Park, Richard English was an ally locally of (now) Sen. Joe Palaia. Richard English became a Democrat to run for freeholder; he lost.
Others who have switched include Beverly Bova-Scarano of Middletown, Marc LeVine of Freehold Borough, Michael Cannon of Matawan, Courier publisher Jim Purcell, former Red Bank Mayor Ed McKenna and others.
This spring, there was anticipation that Freeholder Anna Little would become a Democrat and run on their line; this proved to be as much wishful thinking on the Democrats' part as it was rumor mongering among some Republicans. She remains a Republican.
The Democrats, too, have had some of their own become Republicans, and we don't hold it against them. The late Joe Pepe served as Democratic mayor of Neptune Township before becoming a Republican, and Wall G. O. P. Chairman Bob McKenna was originally elected to the Township Committee back in the 80's as a Democrat.
As to the Republicans who become Democrats, is this a problem? Why is this taking place, is there a pattern? Are we hemorrhaging party members to the Democrats, or is this just a normal crossing over that takes place at times? Should we be trying to keep these people on the ranch, or say good riddance and don't let the screen door hit them on the way out? Probably both, as each case is different.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Team Kärcher Not Such Great Reformers After All

Barry Goldwater at the Voice of Reason has an excellent post today on the George Norcross influence in the 12th Legislative District.

I recommend reading it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Two so-called "day spas" were busted by Ocean Township Police for providing "happy endings" to their massages; eleven people were arrested, according to the Asbury Park Press. Three Prostitutes and three johns were arrested at the Ocean Day Spa, and three prostitutes and two johns were arrested at the Sea Day Spa.

All six hookers were from Flushing, NY and all had mainland Chinese names. The names of the five johns were not released. The nationality of the prostitutes would normally not be relevant but for the fact that they may not only be illegal, they may be the victims of human trafficking. I wrote on this very subject last July 24th. Hopefully, Ocean Township has implemented the 287g Program and will investigate the immigration status of the arrested women, and contact the appropriate federal authorities if there is evidence of organized crime, international or otherwise.

An interesting aside to this Press article is the Asbury Park Press itself. A look at the Business and Service Directory in the classified section will reveal that nothing has changed since my post nearly a year ago. There are still ads touting "Asian", "East European", "Brazilian" and other tupes of "massage". Nude and "shemale" can still be found. Indeed, today's (July 18th) issue still advertises both the Ocean day Spa and the Sea Day Spa, on the very same day that the Press reports the busts of the very same brothels!

Human trafficking is a horrible crime against humanity, where individuals are forced into prostitution or slavery. The Asbury Park Press prides itself on investigative reporting; maybe it could look into the plethora of "happy ending" spas that litter its own classified section.

Monday, July 16, 2007


The latest corrupt politician to fall before U. S. Attorney Chris Christie's federal forces is State Sen. Sharpe James (D - Essex), the thuggish former Newark mayor who believed that the long - suffering Newark taxpayer owed him a lavish living. James apparently believed it was OK to charge such things as movies and trips on a city credit card.
Christie has rooted out corrupt politicians of all political stripes including such Republicans as former Essex County Executive Jim Treffinger and former Paterson Mayor Martin Barnes. Operation Bid - Rig caught both Republicans and Democrats here in Monmouth County.
Still, some Democrats have accused Christie of partisanship, notably when Sen. Wayne Bryant (D-Camden) went down.

This leads to the question: Who will take over the U. S. Attorney post when Christie leaves? That's right, Christie won't be there forever. The U. S. Attorneys are political appointments; the Administration in Washington gets to choose who gets the job. Christie was a Bush / Ashcroft appointment. Would a Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney administration reappoint Christie? Or if he's not interested would they appoint someone like him?

How about the Democrats? What sort of individual would they choose? Judging by some of the appointments made by former Gov. Jim McGreevey and the Bozo-coiffed Gov. Jon Corzine, we have reason to be apprehensive. McGreevey appointed Peter Harvey as Attorney General and Roberto Rivera - Soto to the State Supreme Court. And Corzine selected serial scofflaw Zulima Farber as AG, even after being warned that she was a foul ball. Farber had to quit after trying to fix a parking ticket for her boyfriend, fellow serial scofflaw Hamlet Goore, whose name sounds like a nursery rhyme character. If elected president, would Hillary Rodham Clinton appoint Harvey or Rivera - Soto as U. S. Attorney? Would Barak Hussein Obama choose Farber or even Goore?
These are some points to ponder as we approach the 2008 presidential election.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Concerned Monmouth Republican has a poll asking who you think obscure blogger Monmouth RastaMan is. Most people in the know have long since figured out that RastaMan is not some "Democrat who tells it as it is", but sadly rather an insider in our own Republican Party with ties to the County Chairman and a contact inside the Hall of Records.
Any ideas who Monmouth RastaMan might be? Participate in CMR's poll here.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


NOTE: I was fully prepared to go through the campaign without criticizing the County Chairman. The priority right now should be to elect our great G. O. P. Team. However, things have gotten pretty weird lately and it needs to be addressed.

Chairman Adam Puharic's recent e-mail initiative on pay-to-play reform has been criticized by many Republicans. Adam brings up some very valid points, but he has been criticized for the amateurish timing of his proposal, which has made our Freeholders look foolish and has handed unnecessary ammunition to the Asbury Park Press as well as to the Democrats.
An interesting by-product of this has been the attack on Freeholder Rob Clifton by an obscure blog known for its slavish devotion to the Puharic company line. Monmouth RastaMan writes,

"Out (sic) take is this: Cifton might as well just resign and hand over the freeholder job to D'Amico. From the looks of it, one must wonder if he is going to make it til' (sic) the end of the summer. ...Maybe it's (sic) simple. He is just looking for an excuse not to win."

Monmouth RastaMan has been a Puharic ally from the beginning; he/she/they first appeared on Current Times, Brett Palat's blog, over a year ago supporting Puharic's election as County Chairman, and since then has continued to support Adam and his policies. By attacking Clifton, RastaMan ironically now joins Courier publisher Jim Purcell, who has consistently opposed Clifton on other issues; Purcell has also been on the receiving end of some of RastaMan's more vicious diatribes.
It's almost as if RastaMan would attack Clifton no matter what stand he took on this issue, which would be consistent with theories during the candidate selection process that Clifton was targeted just as Freeholder Anna Little was.
Why, in a year with control of the Freeholder Board on the line, would two incumbent freeholders be targeted by their own party leadership?
That's a good question. A number of theories came out during the process as to why Adam was after Anna; one of those had to do with her "NO" vote on the reappointment of curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm V. Carton. Rob also voted against the sarcastic solicitor, and would thus be vulnerable to being similarly targeted.
But why would he be targeted during a general election? A Democrat could get in.
Exactly. With Clifton's running mate Jeff Cantor an unknown quantity and Rob himself a NO vote, factions loyal to the bombastic barrister may actually feel more comfortable with Democrat John D'Amico, a known Carton supporter, who when on the Board, moved Carton's nomination as counsel. D'Amico actually sponsored the resolution.
Other theories exist that, for various alleged reasons, deals were made to throw the election to the Democrats. Or the whole gooey mess could be just very amateurish politics.
Make no mistake, if the Democrats get in this year, it's control of the County, and it'll be very hard for the G. O. P. to get back in the driver's seat, if at all. Can you say Bergen County with beaches?
Regardless of what our party leadership may or may not do, whether you like Adam or not, it is imperative to get behind our candidates like never before. This is expected to be a tough election, and the candidates will need our help. With a county chairman bumbling from crisis, or worse, actively working for defeat, our candidates may not be able to depend upon the leadership for help. It then is important for the rank and file to step up to the plate, to "cowboy up" as it were, and work to ensure that the Democrats don't get in this fall.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Earlier today, the proposed Amnesty For Illegals bill, backed by both President Bush and far left wingers like Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy, went down to pounding defeat in the U. S. Senate. This is viewed as a victory for GOP conservatives. The issue is not expected to be taken up again before the 2008 election.
Hopefully, the administration will finally focus on securing the border!

Monday, June 25, 2007


This post was originally intended for May 30. With all the debate over the illegal immigration bill, the issue has taken on a life of its own, and appears to change with each and every passing day.

Continuing the topic of the Fort Dix 6, we find that three brothers, Dritan Duka, Shain Duka and Eljvir Duka were all illegal aliens, having crossed the Mexican border as children back in 1984. For over two decades, they evaded detection.
The Dukas and other non-Mexican illegals are referred to as "Other Than Mexicans (OTMs)" by immigration officials. While many OTMs are from Latin American countries, many, like the Dukas, hail from Muslim countries. Indeed, border agents have found a number of Korans, prayer rugs and head scarves among the litter at illegal border crossings.
Illegal aliens are not in the shadows, they're in our face.

Illegal immigration is an issue that hits home here in Monmouth County. Many Monmouth County towns, not just Freehold but Belmar, Red Bank, Asbury Park and Keyport, among others, are destinations for illegals. In some areas they now form a clear majority of the population. While many are Mexican nationals doing the so-called "jobs that Americans won't do", remember that Fort Dix is less than a half hour drive from the Monmouth County line. Shooting up a military installation is also a job that many Americans won't do.
The issue has been on the radar here for a while; last November it was the subject of an op-ed column in the Independent by Middletown committeeman (now mayor) Jerry Scharfenberger. His commentary was criticized by blogger Jackie Corley of Bayshore Journalista. And last week, Sheriff Candidate Kim Guadagno received positive attention when she proposed checking the immigration status of prisoners in the County Jail before release.

Human Trafficking

Another aspect of illegal immigration is that of human trafficking, which this blog addressed nearly a year ago. Many women are held in near enslavement and forced to work as domestics or prostitutes. The Asbury Park Press continues to this day to run advertisements for "massage" services, often advertising the race or nationality of the "therapists".

Many illegals register their vehicles in states with lenient motor vehicle policies. The biggest culprits in this area are Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The New Jersey Driver's Manual states that new residents moving into New Jersey from another state have 60 days in which to become licensed and registered here in the Garden State. While out-of-state registration was once the domain of "snow-birds" and those attempting to escape New Jersey's draconian auto insurance policies, it is now the illegals who dominate this scam.
Police will often overlook running immigration status checks on suspected illegal alien drivers because they wish to avoid the paperwork that results. Too, many municipalities fancy themselves as "sanctuary cities"; there, the direction comes from the municipal administration to avoid questioning immigration status.
Many also will salvage old plates from junkyards and are therefore driving around in vehicles that are neither registered nor insured. Normally they will flee an accident.

The Jobs Americans Won't Do

This is a fallacy. It is simply the propaganda of the open borders crowd on both the left and the right and it is disgusting. America was built by people, both immigrants and native born, with a can-do spirit and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Americans "won't do" the jobs that illegals do mainly for two reasons: Wages are depressed and they are priced out of the market by illegals, and: Out and out discrimination. Some employers will hire only illegals.

What Can Be Done?
Enforce the laws now on the books. Instead of passing so-called "immigration reform", the Federal Government can and should enforce the laws we already have. If they're not willing to do that, what makes them think that we will believe that they will enforce a new law? Our borders need to be brought under control; this can be done now, they don't need a new law to do that. Workplace enforcement has, save for a few high-profile and largely symbolic raids, been nearly nil. Employers need to be sent a message that to hire illegals will be very costly. This should include the widespread use of falsified documents like Social Security fraud.
Locally, a lot can be done, too. Kim Guadagno is very much on the right track. Some of the readers of this blog are local officials, and have a direct say in the policies of their municipality. Those policies can include enforcement of overcrowding laws in housing, and going after absentee landlords who are often major offenders in renting to illegals. Police departments can also do the same as Kim is proposing for the jail, and check the immigration status of offenders. This would also include "vice" type arrests such as a massage parlor bust. Maybe your town is a sanctuary city. That would be a great issue for a local GOP campaign to run on this fall.
Are there any sanctuary cities here in Monmouth County? If so, they deserve to be exposed.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Last week columnist Arthur Z. Kamin opined on Brookdale Community College's Larrison Hall and whether it should be renamed. He pointed out that, due to possible unresolved ethical questions about the late Freeholder Director Harry Larrison, Jr., that some believe it should be renamed in honor of one of Larrison's predecessors, Joseph C. Irwin.
Another Art, More Monmouth Musings' Art Gallagher, gives his opinion at his blog. One of his commenters suggested that Larrison Hall be named for yet another (Democratic) former freeholder director, the late Raymond Kramer of Asbury Park.
What do you think?
Joe Irwin was a giant of a man on the Board of Freeholders and remains a beloved GOP icon. He was Director of the Board at the time of Brookdale's founding, and saw through the first few years of its development.
Harry Larrison, too, was on the Board at the time; indeed he served through all of Brookdale's history from the beginning up to the time of his resignation in 2004. Mere months after his resignation, he would go to his grave without having the opportunity to defend himself against corruption charges.
Kramer, a former Asbury Park mayor, was part of a Democratic majority in the 70's that among other things brought dual office holding to Monmouth County. It is said by many that his administration in Asbury Park fiddled while the once vibrant Jersey Shore resort declined.
Let's now look at Art Kamin, who never met a liberal Democrat he didn't like. The former editor of the now-defunct Red Bank Register, Kamin was a big fan of Kramer and the Democrats in the county. One of his reporters was even observed on an election night back in the 70's to throw her arms around then Democratic Boss John Fiorino, Sr., and gush, "We did it, John!", when it became apparent that Democrats would gain the majority on the Board of Freeholders. Despite complaints from GOP leaders, Kamin stood by his reporter.
Kamin would later become director of The Bayshore Development Office, a state job. He would also become a big fan of former Democratic Keansburg Mayor Michael Minervini, who strove to do for Keansburg what Kramer did for Asbury Park.
So Kamin's credibility here is dubious to say the least.
What's your opinion? Should Larrison Hall remain named for Harry Larrison, or someone else. If so, who do you think it should be named for? Or should it be named for nobody?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yet another Republican blog has joined the ever growing ranks of the Monmouth County Blogosphere.
Teddy Roosevelt, who has supported the Monmouth County Republican Blog and has posted here for a long time, has decided to start his own blog, Monmouth Bull Moose. TR, who speaks softly, but carries a big stick, posts comments which have been a welcome contribution to this blog, and his own blog promises to be a welcome contribution to the world of Monmouth County politics.
Best of luck!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Although there was no official primary contest on the county level this year, blogger Art Gallagher ran a write in campaign for Anna Little for freeholder. Although the movement was not successful, according to Gallagher Little received 10 % of the vote.
On the local level, there were three Republican primary contests:
In Holmdel, according to unofficial tallies, Mayor Serena DiMaso cruised to a primary victory over veteran Committeeman Terence Wall and newcomer Gerald Allocco, with Wall coming up a narrow third after Allocco in the three - way race for two seats. UPDATE: Pending determination of outstanding provisional ballots that could change the Wall/Allocco numbers, the Holmdel Township Clerk is declaring Wall/Allocco too close to call. UPDATED UPDATE: With everything counted, it's Allocco over Wall. The November ticket in Holmdel will be DiMaso and Allocco.In Sea Bright, Mayor Jo-Ann Kalaka-Adams beat C. Read Murphy for mayor.
And in Upper Freehold, Lori Horsnall Mount and Stanley Moslowski Jr bested John A. Mele for the nomination.
We wish our primary winners the best as they go on to win in November!

View Primary Results HERE.


Anonymous Blogger Outs Self in Shocking Revelation

William H. Seward, who blogs at More Monmouth Musings, shed his secret identity yesterday and revealed himself as Highlands Republican Art Gallagher.

Gallagher, an unsuccessful candidate last year for Highlands Borough Council, has been coordinating a write in campaign for Freeholder Anna Little in today's primary.

There are different reasons for bloggers to remain anonymous or use their real name. It is a matter of personal choice. One reason for anonymity is to allow a certain amount of independence from identification with a particular region. Others disagree strongly with the concept of anonymity. But it is a matter of personal choice.
Art has decided to shed the anonymity and blog under his own name. The vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog all wish him the best and hope that he continues to muse.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


All gave some. Some gave all.

And they continue to do so.
One year ago, our Memorial Day Weekend post was as follows:

Memorial Day Weekend: What many consider the beginning of summer. The sweet aroma of barbecuin' fills the balmy Monmouth County air, as people make their way to the beach, barbecue or sale. The highways and byways of Olde Monmouth become packed with bennies bound for the shore.
As you read this, think. Think about how it became possible to go to the sales, the barbecues or the beaches. How it is possible for you to even read this and many other blogs.
In short: Love your freedom? Thank a servicemember.
But Abe, but Abe, you say, I'm so busy this weekend I can't get to any of the ceremonies.
No problem. There are other ways every bit as appropriate. When you have a moment, stop at a local cemetery. It doesn't have to be Arlington, right here in Monmouth County rest veterans of every war. Find a veteran's grave; they'll have flags on them. Then just take a moment to think about this individual's sacrifice and contribution and just say "thanks." He may have been with Washington's troops at the Battle of Monmouth, in the Long War on Terror, or any conflict in between, but pay your respects. These service men and women deserve it!
Maybe a loved one was lost to the ravages of war. Take out that family album, and maybe, as you enjoy a family barbecue, remember and celebrate the life of that person.
Our war dead gave their life for us; they did not die in vain. They live on in our freedom as Americans. Be proud of them, and let's make them proud of us!
Last year's post is every bit as appropriate this year, but I must add some thoughts. Thoughts which are very disturbing, but must be said.
The enemy is among us.
That enemy can be overt, like the evil Fort Dix 6. Their sinister attack plot was to take place just outside of Monmouth County, less than an hour from Freehold. Just imagine if the clerk at the Mt. Laurel Circuit City had not alerted the authorities, or if the terrorists had opted to burn their own DVD. Now imagine if they had chosen a target other than Fort Dix; say Freehold Raceway Mall or Downtown Red Bank.
Our enemy can be more covert, too.
A number of politicians, mainly liberal Democrats like John al Kerry and Harry bin Reid, have called for the withdrawal of U. S. troops from Iraq; some have included Afghanistan in their call as well. Without a plan for victory or securing the countries after our troops leave, this amounts to surrender.
Talk of surrender in any synonym, in turn, serves not only to destroy the morale of our fighting men and women uniform, it also serves to embolden thugs like the Fort Dix 6.
Result? More terrorism on our shores.
This was just a few thoughts to consider this weekend. Remember our servicemen and women, living and dead, past and present.

Monday, May 14, 2007


"...nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."
...Fifth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution.

"Private property shall not be taken for public use without just compensation. Individuals or private corporations shall not be authorized to take private property for public use without just compensation first made to the owners."
Article 1, Section 20 of the
New Jersey State Constitution .

There's eminent domain, and there's eminent domain abuse. What's the difference?
A lot.
Eminent domain was addressed by the Founding Fathers for the specific reason that they wished to limit the power of government. They had just become independent of the dictatorial King George III's United Kingdom, and wanted to prevent any repeat of that nightmare.
The Founders worded this very carefully. Public use specifically meant roads, bridges, parks, schools and other public buildings. It did not mean taking a farmer's land and modest home so a wealthy planter could build a plantation, no matter how well-connected the planter. The Founders specifically wanted to protect the private property owner from siezure by government for the benefit of some lord or baron, as was a problem under the British regime.
Here in Monmouth County, the City of Long Branch under the administration of Democratic Mayor Adam Schneider is the No. 1 poster child for eminent domain abuse, but the issue has reared its ugly head in other towns as well. That list can grow much longer when you include such below-the-radar abuses as using the threat of eminent domain to force an owner to negotiate. With such a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, many owners feel they have no choice but to sell.
Some municipalities have brought the debate to the local level, as in Neptune Township Committeeman Tom Catley's proposal to limit the use of eminent domain in his township's redevelopment program.
That eminent domain is for public improvements is true, but the rampant abuse on behalf of developers has given the process a bad name, even when used in its legitimate application.
The Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders plan to replace Hubbard's Bridge, which carries West Front Street across the Navesink River between Middletown and Red Bank. The design calls for the aquisition of private property for the bridge approach.
One of the owners in question is Pat Walsh, who has filed as a Democrat for assembly in the 13th District, specifically targeting Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R - 13th). One of her issues is eminent domain abuse, even though the county's application of eminent domain here would clearly fall under legitimate use. Ironically, Walsh finds herself in the same party as Mayor Schneider and other eminent domain true - believers. That must make for some very interesting Democratic dinners. That aside, she would hardly be an effective legislative voice against eminent domain abuse. Nearly two years after the U. S. Supreme Court's Kelo v New London decision, some states have enacted reforms; New Jersey's moribund reforms continue to languish in the Democratic - controlled Legislature. In other words, if the Democrats wanted to reform eminent domain and protect homeowners from the big developers, they would have long since enacted the reforms.
They haven't and that's telling.

Dino's Forum has an interesting post on this issue.