Thursday, June 28, 2007


Earlier today, the proposed Amnesty For Illegals bill, backed by both President Bush and far left wingers like Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy, went down to pounding defeat in the U. S. Senate. This is viewed as a victory for GOP conservatives. The issue is not expected to be taken up again before the 2008 election.
Hopefully, the administration will finally focus on securing the border!

Monday, June 25, 2007


This post was originally intended for May 30. With all the debate over the illegal immigration bill, the issue has taken on a life of its own, and appears to change with each and every passing day.

Continuing the topic of the Fort Dix 6, we find that three brothers, Dritan Duka, Shain Duka and Eljvir Duka were all illegal aliens, having crossed the Mexican border as children back in 1984. For over two decades, they evaded detection.
The Dukas and other non-Mexican illegals are referred to as "Other Than Mexicans (OTMs)" by immigration officials. While many OTMs are from Latin American countries, many, like the Dukas, hail from Muslim countries. Indeed, border agents have found a number of Korans, prayer rugs and head scarves among the litter at illegal border crossings.
Illegal aliens are not in the shadows, they're in our face.

Illegal immigration is an issue that hits home here in Monmouth County. Many Monmouth County towns, not just Freehold but Belmar, Red Bank, Asbury Park and Keyport, among others, are destinations for illegals. In some areas they now form a clear majority of the population. While many are Mexican nationals doing the so-called "jobs that Americans won't do", remember that Fort Dix is less than a half hour drive from the Monmouth County line. Shooting up a military installation is also a job that many Americans won't do.
The issue has been on the radar here for a while; last November it was the subject of an op-ed column in the Independent by Middletown committeeman (now mayor) Jerry Scharfenberger. His commentary was criticized by blogger Jackie Corley of Bayshore Journalista. And last week, Sheriff Candidate Kim Guadagno received positive attention when she proposed checking the immigration status of prisoners in the County Jail before release.

Human Trafficking

Another aspect of illegal immigration is that of human trafficking, which this blog addressed nearly a year ago. Many women are held in near enslavement and forced to work as domestics or prostitutes. The Asbury Park Press continues to this day to run advertisements for "massage" services, often advertising the race or nationality of the "therapists".

Many illegals register their vehicles in states with lenient motor vehicle policies. The biggest culprits in this area are Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The New Jersey Driver's Manual states that new residents moving into New Jersey from another state have 60 days in which to become licensed and registered here in the Garden State. While out-of-state registration was once the domain of "snow-birds" and those attempting to escape New Jersey's draconian auto insurance policies, it is now the illegals who dominate this scam.
Police will often overlook running immigration status checks on suspected illegal alien drivers because they wish to avoid the paperwork that results. Too, many municipalities fancy themselves as "sanctuary cities"; there, the direction comes from the municipal administration to avoid questioning immigration status.
Many also will salvage old plates from junkyards and are therefore driving around in vehicles that are neither registered nor insured. Normally they will flee an accident.

The Jobs Americans Won't Do

This is a fallacy. It is simply the propaganda of the open borders crowd on both the left and the right and it is disgusting. America was built by people, both immigrants and native born, with a can-do spirit and a willingness to do whatever it takes. Americans "won't do" the jobs that illegals do mainly for two reasons: Wages are depressed and they are priced out of the market by illegals, and: Out and out discrimination. Some employers will hire only illegals.

What Can Be Done?
Enforce the laws now on the books. Instead of passing so-called "immigration reform", the Federal Government can and should enforce the laws we already have. If they're not willing to do that, what makes them think that we will believe that they will enforce a new law? Our borders need to be brought under control; this can be done now, they don't need a new law to do that. Workplace enforcement has, save for a few high-profile and largely symbolic raids, been nearly nil. Employers need to be sent a message that to hire illegals will be very costly. This should include the widespread use of falsified documents like Social Security fraud.
Locally, a lot can be done, too. Kim Guadagno is very much on the right track. Some of the readers of this blog are local officials, and have a direct say in the policies of their municipality. Those policies can include enforcement of overcrowding laws in housing, and going after absentee landlords who are often major offenders in renting to illegals. Police departments can also do the same as Kim is proposing for the jail, and check the immigration status of offenders. This would also include "vice" type arrests such as a massage parlor bust. Maybe your town is a sanctuary city. That would be a great issue for a local GOP campaign to run on this fall.
Are there any sanctuary cities here in Monmouth County? If so, they deserve to be exposed.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Last week columnist Arthur Z. Kamin opined on Brookdale Community College's Larrison Hall and whether it should be renamed. He pointed out that, due to possible unresolved ethical questions about the late Freeholder Director Harry Larrison, Jr., that some believe it should be renamed in honor of one of Larrison's predecessors, Joseph C. Irwin.
Another Art, More Monmouth Musings' Art Gallagher, gives his opinion at his blog. One of his commenters suggested that Larrison Hall be named for yet another (Democratic) former freeholder director, the late Raymond Kramer of Asbury Park.
What do you think?
Joe Irwin was a giant of a man on the Board of Freeholders and remains a beloved GOP icon. He was Director of the Board at the time of Brookdale's founding, and saw through the first few years of its development.
Harry Larrison, too, was on the Board at the time; indeed he served through all of Brookdale's history from the beginning up to the time of his resignation in 2004. Mere months after his resignation, he would go to his grave without having the opportunity to defend himself against corruption charges.
Kramer, a former Asbury Park mayor, was part of a Democratic majority in the 70's that among other things brought dual office holding to Monmouth County. It is said by many that his administration in Asbury Park fiddled while the once vibrant Jersey Shore resort declined.
Let's now look at Art Kamin, who never met a liberal Democrat he didn't like. The former editor of the now-defunct Red Bank Register, Kamin was a big fan of Kramer and the Democrats in the county. One of his reporters was even observed on an election night back in the 70's to throw her arms around then Democratic Boss John Fiorino, Sr., and gush, "We did it, John!", when it became apparent that Democrats would gain the majority on the Board of Freeholders. Despite complaints from GOP leaders, Kamin stood by his reporter.
Kamin would later become director of The Bayshore Development Office, a state job. He would also become a big fan of former Democratic Keansburg Mayor Michael Minervini, who strove to do for Keansburg what Kramer did for Asbury Park.
So Kamin's credibility here is dubious to say the least.
What's your opinion? Should Larrison Hall remain named for Harry Larrison, or someone else. If so, who do you think it should be named for? Or should it be named for nobody?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yet another Republican blog has joined the ever growing ranks of the Monmouth County Blogosphere.
Teddy Roosevelt, who has supported the Monmouth County Republican Blog and has posted here for a long time, has decided to start his own blog, Monmouth Bull Moose. TR, who speaks softly, but carries a big stick, posts comments which have been a welcome contribution to this blog, and his own blog promises to be a welcome contribution to the world of Monmouth County politics.
Best of luck!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Although there was no official primary contest on the county level this year, blogger Art Gallagher ran a write in campaign for Anna Little for freeholder. Although the movement was not successful, according to Gallagher Little received 10 % of the vote.
On the local level, there were three Republican primary contests:
In Holmdel, according to unofficial tallies, Mayor Serena DiMaso cruised to a primary victory over veteran Committeeman Terence Wall and newcomer Gerald Allocco, with Wall coming up a narrow third after Allocco in the three - way race for two seats. UPDATE: Pending determination of outstanding provisional ballots that could change the Wall/Allocco numbers, the Holmdel Township Clerk is declaring Wall/Allocco too close to call. UPDATED UPDATE: With everything counted, it's Allocco over Wall. The November ticket in Holmdel will be DiMaso and Allocco.In Sea Bright, Mayor Jo-Ann Kalaka-Adams beat C. Read Murphy for mayor.
And in Upper Freehold, Lori Horsnall Mount and Stanley Moslowski Jr bested John A. Mele for the nomination.
We wish our primary winners the best as they go on to win in November!

View Primary Results HERE.


Anonymous Blogger Outs Self in Shocking Revelation

William H. Seward, who blogs at More Monmouth Musings, shed his secret identity yesterday and revealed himself as Highlands Republican Art Gallagher.

Gallagher, an unsuccessful candidate last year for Highlands Borough Council, has been coordinating a write in campaign for Freeholder Anna Little in today's primary.

There are different reasons for bloggers to remain anonymous or use their real name. It is a matter of personal choice. One reason for anonymity is to allow a certain amount of independence from identification with a particular region. Others disagree strongly with the concept of anonymity. But it is a matter of personal choice.
Art has decided to shed the anonymity and blog under his own name. The vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog all wish him the best and hope that he continues to muse.