Thursday, April 16, 2009


The Monmouth County Republican Blog takes pride in our commitment to the celebration of diversity. Therefore, we were kind of embarassed that we missed a holiday that is very important to a large segment of our population.
We Republicans as well as other Americans look at July 4th as a patriotic holiday at which time we remember the founders of our great nation, who took great personal risk to themselves and their families.
Followers of the Democratic Party celebrate a different holiday, April 15th. That day is not only a patriotic holiday, it is held at nearly religious heights as Democrats across the nation remember the Internal Revenue Service, which provides great personal risk to ordinary Americans (Not Timothy Geithner) and their families.
We apologize to all Democrats for our insensitive ignorance of their customs; the vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog will be required to undergo sensitivity training at a reeducation center to be subsequently determined.
We hope all Democrats had a happy holiday.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


"It seems all the Trenton Democrats need to do in Monmouth County is say, "jump,' and our Democratic freeholders respond, "how high?' "
...Freeholder Lillian G. Burry

County Commissioner (neƩ freeholder) Amy "Hammerhead" Mallet (Biden with boobs) just pulled a live one. In the Asbury Park Press she and Director Barbara "Figurehead" McMorrow came out for housing Gloucester County juveniles at the Monmouth County Youth Detention Center. The article, written by cub reporter Bob Jordan, states that the county could recoup some of the center's operating costs this way. Nowhere in the article did it say whether Jordan had interviewed Sheriff Kim Guadagno, who operates the YDC, or Freeholder Lillian Burry, who oversees it as part of her freeholder assignment.

Yesterday, Burry and Freeholder Rob Clifton came out swinging in the Press. Apparently McMorrow came out swinging, too, you see apparently Mallet never told McMorrow that she was going to the Press. Publicly McMorrow joined the Democratic spin, although she admitted, "I have a concern that adding more juveniles may mean that we have to do capital improvements to the facility. I have not discussed this idea with anyone in Gloucester County." Clifton noted, "Gloucester took action on March 4, so somebody here must have been talking to them."

Gloucester County is led by Democratic-State Senate Majority Leader-3rd District Senator-Freeholder Director-Ironworker Union Boss-Stephen Sweeney-Billygoat-Legs. Mallet received a large $14,400.00 contribution, dated October 24th, 2003 from the Gloucester County Democratic machine. (Read more about Mallet's out of county sponsors here and here! Also here!)

There had been speculation as to why the Democrats were so adamantly opposed to closing the YDC. Some had speculated that it was due to support for the Democrats by public employee unions representing YDC workers. This flew in the face of the Democrats' treatment of county workers at large, and the Honest Abe Research Foundation was unable to find a compelling link. The liberal truth was revealed at the March 26th freeholders meeting, where "Flippy" D'Amico stated that to move the inmates to Middlesex County's more modern facility would inconvenience the inmates' families and their ministers.

Additional inmates would potentially require additional staffing at the YDC, which would cut into any revenue that might come from Gloucester. More importantly, it may require expensive construction projects, which would probably far exceed any revenue. But hey, the Democrats are heavily funded by construction trade unions, so that is probably their point. That and helping Billygoat-Legs Sweeney save the Gloucester County taxpayers money.

The Democratic freeholders are but puppets of the Trenton Democrats and their uber-bosses based in Union, Gloucester and Camden Counties. This has been predicted for years. They are obviously completely unfazed by criticism of their wheeling. It's just what they do. They must be stopped before they screw up the county even worse than they have.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


No, campers, not here in Monmouth County. Not PBA Local 240 or PBA Local 314. Not the Monmouth County Youth Detention Center.
It's in Union County, where the Monmouth County Democrats get their wheeled money and their marching orders.
Read what The County Watchers have to say (in several posts) here.