Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, after two years, I finally get to use that slogan. Former Sheriff Joseph W. Oxley was unanimously elected Monmouth County Republican Chairman last night. No shenanigans were evident.

This is the first unanimous chairman's election since 2002, when William F. Dowd was elected to his final term. Dowd would go on to be unseated in 2004 by Frederick P. Niemann. In 2006, Niemann opted not to run again; Adam N. Puharic would succeed him, defeating James Giannell for the post.

Make no mistake. Joe has his work cut out for him.

Factions should hopefully not be an issue, as Joe is a known quantity in the party and appears to be sincerely above the petty sniping that has bedeviled our great party for the last few years. A strong leader can work with people regardless of differences. It is a good sign that he has received rave reviews from across our diverse party.

Organization and fundraising will be major issues on Chairman Oxley's plate. The Democrats are one seat away from controlling the Board of Chosen Freeholders. And a look at local candidate filings this year shows the Democrats contesting Colts Neck (again!), Freehold Township, Rumson and even Brielle. The blue tide must be beaten back on both the local and county levels or it's Bergen County with beaches. The Dems are playing for keeps here and we ignore that at our peril.

Fundraising must be closely looked at. We must outraise the Democrats or we're done. (See Bergen County with beaches, above.) While we mustn't sink to the Democrats' level here, we must also be sure not to cripple our own fundraising ability. Important here is retiring the Party's $30,000.00 debt. The $6,000.00 that Puharic claims to have spent on his credit card needs to be looked into as well, and resolved appropriately. If it was for authorized party expenses, then he may deserve to be reimbursed, otherwise he may have to eat it.

Finally, communication is key to politics. Previous chairmen have blasted G. O. P. bloggers. Joe may want to reverse that and establish a Chairman's Blog. This can be used to post online messages and increase the visibility of our great party and its candidates. I would link him here if he did.

Best of luck to our new Chairman!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


With the Primary over and done with, the Candidate Websites have been updated once again.
John McCain, our presumptive presidential nominee, remains at the head of the list, followed by Dick Zimmer for U. S. Senate. Two out of three Monmouth County congressional campaigns are linked, Rep. Chris Smith in the Fourth District and Alan Bateman of Holmdel in the Thirteenth. Except for a page at the Affiliated Republican Club of Monmouth County website, we have no information on Judge Bob McLeod's Sixth District campaign site, or if he has one yet. If anyone has any info on his website, please post it and I will link it; if there isn't one yet I strongly recommend that he get one. Either way, I'll link it.
Also no info on whether the 2008 Freeholder campaign will run its own website.

MCRC Republican Chairman's Convention Location Update

MCRC Republican Chairman's Convention Location Update

Please be advised that the location for the Monmouth County Republican Committee's County Chairman's convention location has changed!

The convention will now be held at the Colts Neck High School,
at the corner of Five Points Road & Rt. 537, Colts Neck.

The convention will begin at 7:00 p.m. Sharp! on Tuesday, June 10th
Check in to begin at 6:30.

If you have any questions please call Kathleen at 732-431-6664.

Monmouth County Republican Party