Friday, March 31, 2006


"We didn't? I'm sure we did."
"Due to accounting complexities because of last year's state races, rather than file an incomplete report, the report was delayed. It will be filed by the end of next week."
...Democrat Party Executive Director Kate Burlett, when told her party hadn't filed its ELEC reports, due in January.

The APP reports that the Monmouth County Democrats didn't even file their fourth quarter ELEC reports which were due over two months ago:

The party also appears to have failed to report $94,442 it spent on one campaign alone, the 2005 county freeholder bids of Barbara J. McMorrow and Rebecca Aaronson. The two losing Democrats reported receiving $194,242 in in-kind support from the county Democratic Party. But the Monmouth County Democrats reported spending only $99,800 on their behalf, according to reports filed with ELEC. By law, such expenditures between Oct. 1 and Election Day should be reported within 48 hours.

Told her party hadn't filed its fourth-quarter report, Kate Burlett, executive director of the Monmouth County Democrats Inc., responded Thursday, "We didn't? I'm sure we did."

Burlett went on, "Due to accounting complexities because of last year's state races, rather than file an incomplete report, the report was delayed. It will be filed by the end of next week."
Filed by the end of next week. Spin, spin, spin. That obviously means that they never even put together a report, and they have to scramble and get their information together to make the report.
This is consistent with the mysterious missing report of Lenny Inzerillo and Tom Perry's failed 2003 assembly campaign, which The Monmouth County Republican Blog reported in February.
The Monmouth County Republican Organization has filed a formal complaint with ELEC.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Monmouth County Republican Organization
16 West Main Street
Freehold, New Jersey 07728
Fax No. 732-431-6619

Fredrick P. Niemann, Chairman
March 30, 2006
Friends, Local, County and State Elected Officials, Municipal Chairmen
and Chairwomen and Members of the Monmouth County Republican
In 2004, Monmouth County Democrats spent nearly $750,000.00
in an attempt to elect a sheriff and two freeholders. They failed. In 2005,
New Jersey Democrats spent nearly 4.5 million dollars in Monmouth
County, to elect two(2) freeholders and ten (10)assembly candidates. They
failed again. In fact, in the two weeks preceding the November 8, 2005
election, Monmouth County Democrats wheeled in $256,000.00 from
PAC’S, PPC’S and other political entities.
Just a few examples:
1. $25,000. Local Union 164
2. $25,000. IBEW
3. $37,000. N.J. Carpenters. Political Education Drive Committee
4. $37,000. Friends of Joe Roberts
5. $25,000. IBEW Local #35, State PAC
6. $30,000. CWA (PAC)
7. $25,000. NYC District Council of Carpenters
The list of examples goes on and on as relates to campaign spending
in the 11th , 12th, and, 13th district assembly races. For example: In the 11th
District Assembly races against Assemblymen Corodemus and Kean.
1. NJAL PAC $42,000.00
2. New Millenium Pac $ 2,600.00
3. Drive Commitee FPAC $ 3,500.00
4. Painters Union PAC $ 2,500.00
Total Contributions...... $80,500.00
From Pac’s etc. in
last two weeks
In the 12th Assembly race against Assemblywoman Beck and Declan
1. Plumbers and Pipe Fitters $ 2,500.00
2. NJ Dental Pac $ 1,500.00
3. NJ Plumbers & Pipe Fitters$ 7,000.00
4. MBNA Pac $ 1,000.00
5. ALTA Legal $ 5,000.00
6. Democrats 2000 Pac $ 1,500.00
7. Bar Local Pac $ 3,000.00
8. Democrat Governors
Association Pac $ 5,200.00
9. NJ Funeral Directors Pac $ 7,500.00
10. New Dem Leadership Pac $ 371,899.00
11. NJEA $ 12,000.00
Total Contributions..... $ 486,399.00

From Pac’s etc. in last
two weeks
Make no mistake about it. New Jersey Democrats are a cash /fundraising
machine. They are poised in 2006 again to spend obscene sums of
money in Monmouth County. We have two choices. Raise money legally or
unilaterally disarm and surrender 50 years of Republican values and
leadership in Monmouth County to our opponents. We cannot do this. I will
not surrender our Party. Instead, it’s time to reform the system.
In 2005, I called for comprehensive election law reform. I called for the
elimination of “loopholes” designed, written and adopted by the Democrats
in Trenton to allow PAC’S, PPC’S and other entities to raise virtually
unlimited funds while crippling Republicans. Last year, I supported public
financing of campaigns, including County Freeholder elections as a means of
bringing sanity and fairness to the election process. My pleas fell on deaf
ears. But, I am not deterred.
Today I have written to Senator Ellen Karcher, Monmouth County’s
ranking Democrat Senator and Assemblyman Michael Panter, Monmouth
County’s ranking Democrat Assemblyman to immediately demand that the
Democrat leadership in Trenton post the bills of Assembly and Senate
Republicans that will bring real and immediate campaign finance reform. It
is time for action, not inaction and excuses.
Today, I have also written to Monmouth County Democrat Chairman
Vic Scudery calling for an immediate person to person meeting to negotiate
and agree upon a campaign spending limit for this years Surrogate and
Freeholder races. This limit will include funding from all sources including
COUNTY COMMITTEES, MPC’S, PPC’S, PAC’S, 527's and all of the
manufactured vehicles used to fund political campaigns. All of our
prospective candidates for office will agree to this proposal if the Democrat
Freeholder candidates and Surrogate candidate agree to join us to limit
campaign spending.
The alternative to meaningful campaign finance reform is the
continuation of obscene spending by New Jersey Democrats and a race by
N.J. Republicans to try and keep up.


If Monmouth County Republicans do not raise money to communicate
to the voters about Republican values and the quality of life created by our
Republican elected officials, Monmouth County will fall to the Democrats,
just like Bergen County, Union County, Camden County, Cumberland
County, and reportedly this years target (besides Monmouth County),
Atlantic County. In some cases, N.J. Democrats wheeled in millions of
dollars to buy victories in those counties, generally in the last three (3) weeks
of the campaign Those counties were solidly Republican until they were
crushed by Democrat money and their massive campaign war chests.
Republicans were crippled and became easy targets. All New Jersey
residents are the victims of the tax and spend philosophy of the Democrats in
Finally, our Finance Chairman Josh Elkes has done an outstanding job
raising funds to elect Republicans in our County. Mr. Elkes is a highly
ethical and good man. He has explained to me our fund-raising system,
including the use of legally permissible (PAC’S) and other entities created
under the law. We operate legally under the law. A law that is as complex
as the tax code. We will not knowingly violate the law to raise money. I have
instructed Mr. Elkes to again review our entire fund-raising system, with the
advice of legal counsel. As County Chairman, I intend to become fully
conversant about our financing. In retrospect, it was my responsibility to be
fully informed instead of delegating this obligation to my friend, Josh Elkes.
So you know, our Finance Chair has continuously requested and received
legal advice on how to fund-raise legally. If changes to our fund-raising
methods are necessary or mistakes have been made, they will be immediately
I am sorry about the length of this letter but I believe you would
appreciate some perspective in light of the recent stories in the press.
Should you have any questions about the contents of this letter, you
may call me at my office (732) 409-7360 ext. 105 or e-mail me on our County
website, .
Sincerely yours,
Monmouth County Republican Chairman


"You can fool some of the people some of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."
...Abraham Lincoln

The saga continues.
One issue we Republicans always had over the Democrats was that we were much cleaner on fundraising. Chairman Fred Niemann's activities with the seven (ten?) PACs made sure that that went bye-bye. He handed the issue right to the Democrats on a golden platter.
The Democrats have moved in like a school of piranhas.
Yesterday's Asbury Park Press reported that Democrat Senator Ellen Karcher and Assemblyman Michael Panter have both gotten into the act and written to the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) requesting an investigation.
Fred, what did you think was going to happen?
The result of this whole fiasco is that no Republican in Monmouth County can use Democrat finances as an issue now with any credibility. And there still hasn't been an explanation as to the Committee for Sensible Growth, New Millenium Leadership and the Committee for Small Business Development, for which no ELEC reports have been found yet. Some Niemann supporters have attempted to throw blame around, speculating as to who may have leaked the PACs to the media, but the fact is that ELEC reports are public record, available online for anyone interested. The Press was apparently interested; they have been since 2003. Idiot. The Democrats could ride this straight to two freeholder seats and the surrogate this November.
Good going Fred.


Today's Asbury Park Press reports that John Merla may seek reelection as Mayor of Keyport as an independent. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty, but is this a wise move? Read the article here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Wally Edge's incredible radar has picked up the goings-on here in Monmouth County and has reported them bright and early this morning. You can read about it here.
Wally points out that Glenn Hopler, treasurer of multiple accounts, is an accountant at a firm with offices in the same Toms River, Ocean County building as Ocean County Republican Chairman George Gilmore.

Friday, March 24, 2006


"I don't know what PACs we have or how much is in them."
...Chairman Fredrick P. Niemann.

Republicans and others in Monmouth County woke up this morning to a report in the Asbury Park Press on seven "PAC" funds set up around Monmouth County so the County GOP leadership can get around the new "Pay to Play" law. The report was on the front page. Above the fold.
According to the Press, County GOP leaders were quick to take the code of omerta, or silence, and quickly denied any knowledge of the funds:

Fredrick P. Niemann, chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Organization, said Wednesday that he was unaware of the existence of the seven new GOP committees.
"I don't know what PACs we have or how much is in them," he said.

Josh Elkes, finance chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Organization, said he was aware of the seven GOP committees but would not comment further about why they were established or how the funds would be used.

The County GOP's shadowy Executive Director, Dan Gallic, has yet to chime in on his knowledge of this situation.
Freeholder Anna C. Little refused a contribution of $2,600 from the Holmdel Committee for Good Government, stating, "I was unsure of the origin of the funds in the account" and "I don't care to be involved in a scandal."
The PACs were also blasted by Assemblywoman Amy Handlin (R-13) and Holmdel Township Committeeman Terence M. Wall, a freeholder candidate.
The PACs are all titled the (name of town) Committee for Good Government and include funds set up in Aberdeen, Holmdel, Howell, Interlaken, Long Branch, Neptune and Union Beach. Each lists the local GOP municipal chairman as PAC chairman and Glenn Hopler of Middletown Township as treasurer. Hopler is a CPA with the Toms River firm of Holman & Frenia, PC. Toms River is in Ocean County. All the PACs have the address of P. O. Box 7300, Shrewsbury. Three other PACs listed on the Interlaken ELEC report disbursements but without reports of their own are the Committee for Sensible Growth, New Millenium Leadership and the Committee for Small Business Development.
By playing dumb on this, Niemann has hung seven local leaders out to dry.
Of the seven PACs, so far only one may be said to have its days numbered, the Aberdeen Committee for Good Government. On March 9th, on this blog, Aberdeen GOP Chairman Michael Borg said:

"...about two months ago, I asked that it be dismantled, that has yet to be done. I will handle that when I get back from the Federal Law Enforcement Academy, where I have been for the last three weeks, and where I'll continue to be for the next two and half."

We hope that Mr. Borg follows through on this if he hasn't already, and the leaders in the other towns follow suit. It's a shame that Mr. Hopler didn't dismantle it when Mr. Borg asked in the first place.


In the March 25 Asbury Park Press, a follow-up article quotes Fred Niemann as saying the PACs are "perfectly legal"; he then in fine Clintonesque fashion deflects the question with assertations that the New Jersey campaign finance laws are weak.
A number of Republican stalwarts have called for his resignation.
At the Affilliated Republican Club's candidate's night last night, where the tension could cut glass, Niemann lashed out at his critics, calling them names like "part of al-Qaida in our organization" and "enemies of reform." He has previously used terms like "communists and bomb-throwers." He then came out for public financing of political campaigns.
Mayor Robert D. Wolf III of Interlaken demanded Niemann, "take accountability for turning the Interlaken GOP coffers into a Maytag washing machine."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


William H. Seward of More Monmouth Musings reports the following candidates for Freeholder:

Robert Kleinberg, Mayor of Marlboro

Joseph DiBella, Mayor of Howell

Terence Wall, Holmdel Township Committee and Keansburg Borough Manager

Andrew Lucas, Manalapan Township Committee

Brian Reilly, Spring Lake Councilman

J. David Hiers, Ocean Township Committee

Thomas DeSeno of Howell is said to be running but has yet to formally declare.

Seven candidates for the full term, four of which (Kleinberg, DiBella[!], Reilly and DeSeno) had their names in for the unexpired term won by Freeholder Anna Little. Wall, Lucas and Hiers are newcomers to the county level.
Kleinberg has cut a reputation as a no-nonsense reformer in Marlboro. DiBella and Wall can both be considered controversial each in his own way in their respective towns, but certainly don't shy away from it. Wall has received good grades for his work as Keansburg Borough manager. Lucas, a farmer, serves on the governing body in Manalapan. Hiers is considered close to Freeholder Director Bill Barham, and like Barham is a volunteer firefighter. DeSeno gave a powerful speech at the February convention, and Reilly has so far been relatively low-key.
I hope to hear from these candidates because I'd like to do a candidate's blog here; so far only Terence Wall has responded.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Okay, folks. Kaiser Sose has proposed a very interesting concept.

"Abe - can you get the candidates all here with real names? that would be really FASCINATING. I bet they may agree to a positive issue based dialogue - No?"

This is very interesting. If we can get all the freeholder candidates here, real names, for an informal discussion on the issues. I haven't heard from Republican HQ as to who submitted papers to Chairman Fred Niemann, but I know Marlboro's Dr. Robert Kleinberg and Holmdel's Terence Wall are in it. Other names I've heard thrown around are Ocean's Dave Hier as well as Spring Lake's Brian Reilly and Howell's Joe DiBella for round two.
So, once it's official just who the candidates are, we can do this, if we get response from the candidates.
Rules? I'd like to keep it pretty informal, but I will not tolerate another "Jerry Springer Show", whether from Howell or not. So, no name-calling. Also, if I believe that someone is not who they say they are, they're out. The thread will only be open to candidates.
It's easy to register with Blogger, and you don't have to start your own blog unless you want to. Let us know your opinion on this, and I hope to hear from all the candidates.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Holmdel Township Committeeman Terence Wall has announced his candidacy for freeholder. GOP committee members have reported being robo-called with a message from Wall's wife, Jeanne.
The message states that Wall, a supporter of Freeholder Theodore J. Narozanick, waited until Narozanick announced his decision not to run for another term before declaring his candidacy.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today's Jersey Journal reports that Jersey City has banned the website, Get NJ from City Hall computers. The site contains a Hudson County message board which has been critical of the administration of Mayor Jerramiah Healey. The Journal reports:

The City Hall ban is limited to the Web site and does not extend to other message boards on the net, which caught the attention of the ACLU of New Jersey.
The site's owner, former city employee Anthony Olszewski, cannot understand why his site is the only one banned by the city, "and not other recreational sites such as"
We concur with Olszewski, who worked during the administration of former Republican Mayor Bret Schundler.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Should Have Been Director.

Freeholder Ted Narozanick will not be seeking an eighth term on the Board of Freeholders.
He will be missed.
Narozanick has served a total of 48 years in county government. After retiring as County Administrator, Monmouth's first, he ran for freeholder in 1985 and served seven three-year terms on the board.
Many GOPer's believe that a fitting tribute to Narozanick's many years of service to the Great County of "Munnmouth" would have been for him to serve out his final year on the board as its director, but he was outvoted 3 - 2 at the January reorganization meeting.
William Barham was chosen as director for 2006.
Some have contrasted Narozanick's calm, measured, seemingly unflappable style with Barham's brash, in-your-face, high energy style of management.
Narozanick, according to the Asbury Park Press:

...said he decided not to run because of his age and because his wife, Margaret, is very ill. He said he had considered running for another term.
"I thought about it," Narozanick said, "but with my wife's condition now, I thought that I did my best to serve the county. Now I can spend my time with her."

Ted will leave some very big shoes to fill, and it will be interesting to see just what the party leadership does to see that they are filled.

The vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog thanks Freeholder Theodore J. Narozanick for his many years of service to Monmouth County and Englishtown before that, and our thoughts and good wishes go with Ted and Marge always.


This announcement was e-mailed to Monmouth County Republicans:

Dear Monmouth County Republican,
Today I issued the following statement to announce my candidacy for Monmouth County Surrogate. I wanted to share it with you and ask for your support. If you are interested in helping my campaign in anyway, please email me at I hope to see you soon.
Sincerely yours,


Middletown, NJ – Committeewoman and former Mayor Rosemarie D. Peters, the longest-serving member of the governing body in Monmouth County’s most populous municipality, today announced that she will be seeking the Republican nomination for Monmouth County Surrogate.
“Given my legal background and many years of public service, I believe I can best serve the residents of Monmouth County as Surrogate,” said Peters. “If elected, I intend to focus all of my attention on the tasks of the office. I will be a full-time Surrogate, which I believe the residents of Monmouth County deserve.”First elected in 1988 and re-elected five times since, Peters is completing her 18th year on the Middletown governing body. She has served four years as Mayor, three as Deputy Mayor, and has been a member of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment. She is currently chair of the Township’s Open Space Preservation Committee, which she initiated, and is president of the Middletown Township Cultural and Arts Council, which she founded.Peters has been a member of the executive board and the Legislative Review Committee of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities. She was formerly a member of the Monmouth County Environmental Council, a board member of the Monmouth County Mental Health Association, and former president of the Middletown Township League of Women Voters. Peters has a Juris Doctor degree from the Rutgers School of Law-Newark, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Thomas A. Edison State College, and an Associates in Art degree from Brookdale Community College. She has been married for over 40 years to Thomas Peters, and has two grown children and two grandchildren.


Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today's Asbury Park Press contains an article on this year's Republican County Convention, scheduled for Saturday April 8.
The article states:

Anna Little, who was chosen in February to fill an unexpired term on the board, will likely be given the party endorsement by acclamation, Niemann said. But Narozanick will have to face a screening committee if he seeks re-election.
"Competition is good," Niemann said. "Competition assures that incumbents never take their position for granted and are responsive to the people as can be."


(Surrogate Marie)Muhler also will be subject to the nomination process if she seeks another term, Niemann said.

The article then goes on to describe who would vote at the convention:
Members of the Republican County committee, county elected officials, constitutional officers (which include the surrogate, sheriff and county clerk) and municipal chairmen will all be allowed to vote to pick the party's candidates, Niemann said. Elected municipal officials and Republicans elected to serve in nonpartisan towns will be allowed to vote this year for the first time, Niemann said. About 1,000 Republicans will vote to pick the candidates.

While it is on record now that Chairman Niemann will in fact invoke the "Barham Corollary" as pertains to Freeholder Anna Little, but will allow competition should Freeholder Ted Narozanick or Surrogate Marie Muhler seek reelection.
Shouldn't he use the "Barham Corollary" on all three? Shouldn't it apply to any incumbent seeking reelection? Or not?
And what about the municipal officials? Should that only be limited to Republicans elected on a partisan ballot? This would exclude officials from towns like Ocean, Long Branch and Keansburg. Or should those Republicans elected in a non-partisan form of government be included? And will this include registered Republicans elected as independents in an otherwise partisan town, like Howell's Councilman Bob Walsh?
Will a committeeperson who is also an elected official have two votes?
I believe we need some clarification here. Maybe the recently very quiet "Ronald Reagan" can weigh in here and bring us all up to date.
What's your opinion?

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Marlboro Mayor Robert Kleinberg has announced his intention to run for Ted Narozanick's seat on the Board of Chosen Freeholders. It is not certain at this point whether Narozanick will seek another term.
Kleinberg, a Brooklyn-based chiropractor, was elected mayor in 2003 on a reform platform. He succeeded felon Matthew Scannapieco, a known associate of gangsta developer Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero, as mayor. Since then, a slate of reform-minded Republicans has joined Kleinberg on the Township Council; this team, along with Kleinberg has transformed Marlboro's reputation from that of a "culture of corruption" to a that of reform. They have taken down the for-sale sign at Town Hall.
Kleinberg, like Narozanick, is from Western Monmouth County, and this has been noted as a plus in that many Republicans would like to maintain some geographic diversity on the Board.

In a somewhat related matter, the Monmouth County Democrats, sticking with their tried and true formula for success of running the same people more than once, have endorsed Leonard Inzerillo and Barbara McMorrow for freeholders at their convention yesterday. Beverly Bova Scarano, an unsuccessful former candidate for Middletown Township Committee, is their candidate for Surrogate.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Speculation has been swirling around Freeholder Ted Narozanick. Monmouth Republicans await his decision with baited breath. Will he seek a new term or retire?
The latest on that question came at the March 9th Freeholders meeting. When a member of the public mentioned the veteran freeholder's expected retirement from the Board, Narozanick replied, "Well, I haven't decided on that yet."

Friday, March 03, 2006


So, what's County Chairman Fredrick Niemann's next move going to be? Many pundits view Freeholder Anna Little's convention victory as an upset to the GOP organization establishment led by Niemann. So what does he do next?
Will he accept the will of the County Committee, the party rank and file, and support Little in the spring County Convention and November election? A post, since removed, on another blog would have one believe otherwise.
Some have said that Little's victory has doomed Niemann's chance at reelection as chairman in June. If this is the case, will he feel he has nothing to lose and start playing games? An animal is most dangerous when it is injured.
So what do you think Fred will do next? Attempt to dislodge Little in the spring convention? Run someone against her in the primary? Attempt to sabotage the November election? Or support the will of the people and work for Little?
Please let us know your opinion.