Wednesday, March 22, 2006


William H. Seward of More Monmouth Musings reports the following candidates for Freeholder:

Robert Kleinberg, Mayor of Marlboro

Joseph DiBella, Mayor of Howell

Terence Wall, Holmdel Township Committee and Keansburg Borough Manager

Andrew Lucas, Manalapan Township Committee

Brian Reilly, Spring Lake Councilman

J. David Hiers, Ocean Township Committee

Thomas DeSeno of Howell is said to be running but has yet to formally declare.

Seven candidates for the full term, four of which (Kleinberg, DiBella[!], Reilly and DeSeno) had their names in for the unexpired term won by Freeholder Anna Little. Wall, Lucas and Hiers are newcomers to the county level.
Kleinberg has cut a reputation as a no-nonsense reformer in Marlboro. DiBella and Wall can both be considered controversial each in his own way in their respective towns, but certainly don't shy away from it. Wall has received good grades for his work as Keansburg Borough manager. Lucas, a farmer, serves on the governing body in Manalapan. Hiers is considered close to Freeholder Director Bill Barham, and like Barham is a volunteer firefighter. DeSeno gave a powerful speech at the February convention, and Reilly has so far been relatively low-key.
I hope to hear from these candidates because I'd like to do a candidate's blog here; so far only Terence Wall has responded.


Jackie Corley said...

I wonder if leaders and officials are going to be reluctant to issue endorsements this go around. I'm sure those who endorsed DiBella were none too pleased to see that their horse didn't make it.

my prediction: whoever gets the backing of the 2River group will grab the freeholder seat.

i'm wondering what the heck will happen with the surrogate seat since Muhler is throwing her hat in the ring.

middletown will go around stomping haphazardly as they're often wont to do. but how does the 2River group, which is rapidly gaining significant power in the party, navigate this new twist in the plot without losing the goodwill they've gained with many?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Rick Denoia has made it clear that he will not run if Muhler stays in the race. I do not know if Rosemary Peters has made the same pledge.
So two rivers has no problems there. Who will they back for Freeholder is the more interesting question.

William H Seward said...

I predict 2Rivers backs Lucas from Manalapan.

Elephants_not_donkeys said...

Hmmm. Terence Wall said on another blog site (moremonmouthmusings) that if he were to win the general, he'd appoint a "citizen volunteer." Who do you have in mind, Mr. Wall? The answer, "I don't know," is unacceptable. Do you honestly think you are going to be able to name any friend or cronie you wish?

Also, as you know, you do not the Mayor's "legal disclosure" to release the tapes. In New Jersey, the legal threshold is the knowledge of one party - not two - of the existence of taping and wiretapping equipment.

So prove your honesty. Prove you will continue to "do whats right."

Release the tapes and tell Holmdel the name of the citizen volunteer you will choose.

Also, we will assume you will still be a double dipper, thanks to your Keansburg job.

Are you still brokering health insurance contracts for the Board of Ed?

Kramer Hall said...

How do I get in on this Freeholder thing? I'll blog!

That Jackie girl is a smart one.