Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today's Asbury Park Press contains an article on this year's Republican County Convention, scheduled for Saturday April 8.
The article states:

Anna Little, who was chosen in February to fill an unexpired term on the board, will likely be given the party endorsement by acclamation, Niemann said. But Narozanick will have to face a screening committee if he seeks re-election.
"Competition is good," Niemann said. "Competition assures that incumbents never take their position for granted and are responsive to the people as can be."


(Surrogate Marie)Muhler also will be subject to the nomination process if she seeks another term, Niemann said.

The article then goes on to describe who would vote at the convention:
Members of the Republican County committee, county elected officials, constitutional officers (which include the surrogate, sheriff and county clerk) and municipal chairmen will all be allowed to vote to pick the party's candidates, Niemann said. Elected municipal officials and Republicans elected to serve in nonpartisan towns will be allowed to vote this year for the first time, Niemann said. About 1,000 Republicans will vote to pick the candidates.

While it is on record now that Chairman Niemann will in fact invoke the "Barham Corollary" as pertains to Freeholder Anna Little, but will allow competition should Freeholder Ted Narozanick or Surrogate Marie Muhler seek reelection.
Shouldn't he use the "Barham Corollary" on all three? Shouldn't it apply to any incumbent seeking reelection? Or not?
And what about the municipal officials? Should that only be limited to Republicans elected on a partisan ballot? This would exclude officials from towns like Ocean, Long Branch and Keansburg. Or should those Republicans elected in a non-partisan form of government be included? And will this include registered Republicans elected as independents in an otherwise partisan town, like Howell's Councilman Bob Walsh?
Will a committeeperson who is also an elected official have two votes?
I believe we need some clarification here. Maybe the recently very quiet "Ronald Reagan" can weigh in here and bring us all up to date.
What's your opinion?


William H Seward said...

If Ted and/or Marie choose to run and they are subject to a vote by the committee, either will win in a landslide and Fred will have lost at yet another convention.

Fred's putting pressure on them not to run. If one or both of them calls his bluff, his ploy backfires.

As for elected official voting...it doesn't matter, Ted and/or Marie still win in a landslide.


This is bush league.

Ted Narozanick is a good man and has served this county for a long time and he did it and does it well.

Who do these people think they are?

There's no respect anymore. It's appalling. You know, you can buy a lot with a big ELEC account, but you can't buy class.

The county shouldn't be messing with Ted. He deserves better.

KBaratta said...

I posted the following on my Howellnj site(it's been edited) and thought maybe your readers might enjoy.
In musing over the new Soprano’s episode from the other night, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel between the struggle of the old and new mafia and the struggle of the old and new Monmouth County Republican Party.

Now before anybody gets their back up, I am not implying criminal or even impolite conduct on anyone’s part and no one should try to spin it that way.

What I mean is that back in the old days when men like Colombo and Genovese ran the mafia and men like Larrison and Powers ran the county, there was structure, at least that appeared to be so. The county ran like a well-oiled machine or again, that was how things appeared to be. Everyone knew their place and what was expected of them. You knew you had to ‘make your bones’ so-to-speak before you could hope for advancement to the plum jobs.

Now with the old guard going or gone, the young turks I referred to before want to rush in, stake their claim and claim victory.

If the county Republican blog sites are any indicators of fact, the county party seems on the verge of implosion with many willing to kill each other, (politically speaking that is) in order to take over as “capo di tutti capo.” (Remember what the original “honest” Abe said about a house divided against itself not being able to stand.)


Honest Abe said...

A very interesting take Kathy and something to think about. Truer words (A house divided...) were never spoken.
Regardless of the outcome of both the upcoming April convention and the June reorganization (Where the "capo di tutti capi" is selected.) it will be important for Monmouth Republicans to unite. The alternative is a victory for the Democrats, which most Republicans would find distasteful.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

I tried to send this earlier and I do not think it went through so here it is again.
Fred is right to make incumbents seek the parties approval. (Anna is an acceptable exception because she just went through the process.)
The reason we are in the condition we are in is because to many people stuck around to long and developed a feeling of entitlement.

The question is ,What have you done for "me" lately? The "me" being the voters. That is the real world. In business if you are not rowing in the right direction you are thrown overboard. it does not matter how well you rowed for the last 20 years.

Yes Mr. Purcell Ted has been a great Freeholder and is a decent hard working man. But even he should have to seek approval to run. Sorry no exceptions.

About the committee expansion. I do not know if Fred is trying to open the process or does he think he will have more influence over elected officials then he had over the county committee? He does not seem to have picked a horse yet in this race. I am against Muny officials voting because there are too many opportunities for petty deal making. This illustrates why we need BY-LAWS so the process can not be arbitrarily changed.

As to dividing the party comments. Maybe but if thats what it takes to get rid of the muck left in our party then that is the price we must pay.

Eric Hoffman said...

In response to Kathy, I posted a follow up on that same site.

The only reason that there is any infighting going on at the County level is because we haven't had enough outside challenge from the Democrat's. We've been sitting at the top for so long now with such little opposition, that we're turning on each other. If the Democrat's had gotten more votes in the past elections, or even had a Freeholder seat, than you would not see any of this. The Republican’s would put a more unified front to face the opposition. Why, because we are Republican’s.

Sure everybody has a difference of opinion within the party. We are all independent minds, and as such will disagree from time to time. In the end though we are all Republicans. We joined the party because for the most part we all have similar core values, even if sometimes we differ in opinion on how to get there. I joined the Republican Party because it’s the party that I identified with the most. I’ll venture to say that most of you joined for the same reasons I did.

The fallout of all of this infighting is that we will eventually self destruct, just like the Howell Republicans did back in the 90’s. This County is still very Conservative, and if we lose any election at the county level the only people we have to blame is ourselves. My suggestion is this: Put all of your personal issues and other garbage back in the closet where it belongs. Sit down at a big table and work all of your issues out, and then present a unified front to face the opposition and to continue working to keep this County as one of the best in the state.

CICERO said...

Eric Hoffman

First, maybe you forgot last year. Lillian Burry won by about 1,800 votes Bill Barham by about 3,500 votes. I have been accused of being short-tempered, but, I think we have been challenged by the Democrats. There are sides. Some divisions in the Party are natural. Pro-life, Pro-Choice. Fiscal Conservatives, Cultural Conservatives. The Party is not monolithic. We're in thank GOD a "big tent". The election of County Chairman in 2004 was 467-187. Those 187 did not leave the Party! Bill Barham was elected 318 to 138 (about). Those people on the losing side did not leave the Party. I know them. Some people win or lose are with us always. Some are new and their entire experience in the Party is the last two years. For some it is the last 4 decades. Experience can bring knowledge and wisdom. Some of what we are reading is frustration, some anger. Garbage in the closet still smells and rots and breeds disease. Saturday February 25, 2006 was a meeting and a result. The people who supported the winner are probably not angry or frustrated. Those who were unsuccessful in seeing their candidate elected seem to be critical of others. I continue to try my best to be positive and to make relevant observations. Meetings are great and I applaud your suggestion. But if you have a meeting and if one side is voted down. The value of that metting is determined by what the unsuccessful parties does. The winners can be ungracious and that is wrong.

Eric Hoffman said...


Forgetting last year’s election, the comments were that over a long period of time now we have been poorly challenged by the Democrats. The Democrat’s have made great strides in recent years, and that is something to be very concerned about. The fact is we need to present a united front to face the opposition or risk losing what we have worked so hard for.

I must confess I’m not an insider nor do I play one on TV. My comments are from what I have been reading and from conversations with others in the party. Yes, the losing side needs to take what they’ve learned and move on, and they must get behind the majority opinion because the alternative is division. However, the majority also needs to mend fences. They need to extend the olive branch and compromise so that everyone walks away feeling good. That’s the important word I left out in my original comments, compromise. Politics, as is life, is all about compromise.

I’ll finish with a quote:

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”


“Those who are free of resentful thoughts surely find peace.”