Tuesday, October 28, 2008


"I don't know how you can put a price tag on the lives on Monmouth County residents."
...Sheriff Kim Guadagno

Illegal aliens are not in the shadows, they're in our face.
Nowhere in Monmouth County was that more evident than in front of the Sheriff's office yesterday, where illegals and their enablers held a protest march opposing Sheriff Kim Guadagno's application to participate in the federal 287 (g) program. Sometimes you know you are doing the right thing by virtue of the critics you attract, and Guadagno has flushed out such enabling groups as the National Day Laborer Organizing Network and Casa Freehold.
The Sheriff promised to participate in this program during her campaign last year; it would essentially deputize several of her officers to investigate the immigration status of prisoners at the County Jail, and provide training to perform these duties. Inmates found to be here illegally would then be subject to a federal detainer at the completion of their County time.
Illegal immigration advocates stridently oppose such a program. If an inmate's immigration status slips through the cracks, they can be released at the end of their term, or bail out if awating trial. Then they're in the wind.
The Sheriff's Department already investigates inmates' criminal status. There is no point in releasing an offender if they are wanted by other jurisdictions. Even visitors to the institution are checked for active warrants.
Too, there are already inmates with immigration holds. Just check out http://www.datauniverse.com/ for more information. So this program would just close a loophole in the system. Guadagno has stated that this program would only be in place in the jail, so only those incarcerated would be investigated. The County Jail should not become a "Sanctuary City", even if some municipalities do.
Many of those attending yesterday's protest were members of the Latino community. Many feel that Latinos would be targeted by this program. While many currently in jail on immigration violations are Latino, many are not. A sampling of those non-Latino inmates includes Abass AbuBakar, Malek Afzal Adal, Deborah Allen, Kuan Chun Han, Gazi Hossain, Mohammed Hossain, Sergei Konduktorov, Mohammed Qureshi. So it's not just a case of going after the "lawnmower man".
Sheriff Guadagno deserves our support in her endeavor.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


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Art Gallagher posts a press release by Middletown Township Committee candidate Tony Fiore exposing wheeling* by Middlesex County based engineering firm CME Associates through a bogus Ocean County PAC (OC-PAC) into the Middletown Democratic Executive Committee, led by party boss Joseph "King" Caliendo.
So, I guess we know now that CME will be township engineer if the Dems take control in Middletown. I wonder if all the papers will pick this up?
Other recipients of OC-PAC's generosity include the Democratic sheriff of Mercer County and the Democratic mayor of Los Angeles, California.

*Of course, with the Democrats, down is up and up is down and wheeling isn't wheeling, so I guess the money isn't really wheeled. Or something.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Is Union County the Democrats' idea of "where Democrats are doing a better job governing than Republicans?"
Apparently the Matawan Democrats believe so.
Recently the Voice of Reason has run a series on the fiasco that the Democratic council majority has transformed that borough into. Read it here, here and here. The behavior of their governing body seemed odd, even for Democrats, so we directed the Honest Abe Research Foundation to look into this.
The Matawan Democrats' ELEC Report shows the usual contributions from the seemingly bottomless pit of money that the unions have. The very generous Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 9 from Manalapan is there with $4,500.00; indeed labor unions make up a clear majority of the funds reported. We still don't get what these unions' interest in these campaigns is.
But what really stuck out was a $1,000.00 contribution from the Election Fund of J. Christian Bollwage, dated September 17th. Abe, you ask, who is J. Christian Bollwage? He is the Democratic Mayor of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is in Union County.
And the wheel goes round.
Union County democrats have stuck their nose into Monmouth County campaigns before. They are just one of County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery's many sources statewide. But what is their interest in a diminutive borough like Matawan?
Is it because they are extraordinarily civic-minded Americans who have a deep, abiding interest in local pols doing their jobs of serving their constituency? Might it be that they just love participating in the political process?
Is Union County the Democrats' idea of "where Democrats are doing a better job governing than Republicans?"


"We believe voters would be better served by retaining the 3-2 Republican majority..."
...Asbury Park Press Editorial

We knew they could do it. Today, the Asbury Park Press endorsed Director Lillian Burry and John Curley for freeholders over Democrats Amy Mallet (Who is like a shark) and Very Silent Glenn Mason for county commissioners. This marks the first time in many years that they have endorsed Republicans for the Board.

In the opening paragraph, the Press finally admits that the corruption of the Bid Rig era is a thing of the past, but they seem to believe that having two Democrats on the Board is the reason for the reforms of the past three years. We beg to differ on that. Between the 2004 and 2006 election cycle there was a 100% turnover of Board members. While Republicans largely replaced Republicans during that time, we saw a much more reform-minded calibre of freeholder take office.

Many reforms were spearheaded by Freeholder Anna Little, a conservative Republican. Indeed, a case could be made that it was a return to basic Republican principles that brought the Board of Chosen Freeholders back on track.

Simply having Democrats on the Board is not in itself a recipe for reform. The Press mentions curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm Carton as a vestige of the "good ol' boys network" that formerly dominated the Board. We will remind the reader that it was County Commissioner John "Flippy" D'Amico who sponsored the resolution appointing Carton back in 1988. It was D'Amico's hedging on the issue of reappointing Carton during the 2007 campaign that earned him the sobriquet "Flippy". And McMorrow's claim to fame seems to have been to follow Little's lead.

We are very pleased that the Press has finally seen fit to endorse Republicans for the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Indeed, to have endorsed the Democrats would have been to play right into the hands of the Norcross political family they spoke of in their endorsement of Mayor Myers for Congress over Sen. Adler.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


OK, campers, once again the Asbury Park Press has begun its series of candidate endorsement editorials, and so far it's a mixed bag.
They began on Sunday the 19th with an endorsement of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. and his faithful sidekick Robinette, which was basically just a rehash of Democratic talking points. Nothing else to say here. I mean, Purcell actually did better than the APP on that regard.
Then on Monday, the APP began delving into the various races for the House of Representatives in the area with a hearty and resounding endorsement of Congressman Frank Pallone over Judge Bob McLeod for an eleventh term. A sign of character in an elected official is the breaking with his party from time to time on certain important issues, and in Congress Pallone has failed miserably there. While in the State Senate, Pallone earned a reputation as a conservative Democrat on certain issues, such as abortion. Within six months of his election to Congress, he took a hard left turn and hasn't looked back since. When then-State Senator Pallone first ran for Congress back in 1988 a slogan used by his opponent's (Assemblyman Joe Azzolina) campaign was Frank Pallone: 5 years of press; the ocean's still a mess. That still holds true today, only now it's 25 years of press. I encourage my readers to peruse the comments posted after the Press editorial.
On Tuesday, the Press printed an endorsement of incumbent Congressman Rush Holt for reelection over Holmdel Township Committeeman Alan Bateman. Holt is basically a carbon copy of Pallone, a strong follower of Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic House Leadership. He doesn't really offer much to Monmouth County. Again, be sure to read the comments.
Yesterday (Wednesday) it began to get interesting. The Asbury Park Press endorsed a Republican! Medford Mayor Chris Myers actually got the endorsement over state Sen. John Adler, D-Camden, a cog in the Norcross machine, to succeed retiring Congressman Jim Saxton. Although this district doesn't cover Monmouth County, I'm referencing this endorsement because of what the Press had to say:
"Adler, whose political career has been scripted by Camden County political boss George Norcross, is part of a long-entrenched system that has allowed corruption to run rampant in New Jersey. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which conducts confirmation hearings on key gubernatorial appointees and state judges, he has signed off on or run interference for a "who's who" of unqualified party hacks. Among those vetted under his watch: former Attorneys General Peter C. Harvey and Zulima Farber and Supreme Court Justice Roberto Rivera-Soto."
The Norcross reference is interseting. The Press has repeatedly endorsed Democrats for freeholder whose campaigns have been heavily funded by Norcross' lieutenants like Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts. In view of that sordid history, it will be very interesting indeed to see if they follow the same pattern and endorse the Democratic candidates for freeholder this year.
Today they endorsed another Republican, veteran Congressman Chris Smith, the dean of the New Jersey House delegation. In spite of the Press' assertions otherwise, Smith is a conservative, and has proven that you need not be a liberal in the mold of Christie Whitman to succeed as a Republican in New Jersey. He will diverge from his party's line on issues of importance to his constituency in the 4th District. That's called representation. Something that both Pallone and Holt could do more of.
It will be interesting to see who will be endorsed in the race for U. S. Senate. Will the APP endorse Democrat Frank Lautenberg (Who is reminiscent of some of the former Soviet dictators like Yuri V. Andropov or Konstantin U. Chernenko!) or Republican Dick Zimmer?
And, in light of their rightful criticism of Adler's connections to the Norcross political family, will the Press endorse Freeholder Director Lillian Burry and John Curley, or Democrats Amy Mallet (Who is like a shark) and Very Silent Glenn Mason?

Friday, October 17, 2008


Great research has been done by Art Gallagher and Barry Goldwater into the campaign finances of Democratic freeholder (or is that county commissioner?) candidates Amy Mallet and Very Silent Glenn Mason. They aptly point out the money wheeled* from such sources as Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), as well as a passel of out of county labor unions. This mirrors a post I made back in 2006 revealing unions and wheeling back then.
I wonder now as then the reason for all the labor bucks. The bulk of county employees are represented by two unions: Communications Workers of America Local 1034 (Carla Katz) represents the Public Works and Park System workers, and Policemen's Benevolent Association Local 240 represents the Corrections officers. So far, neither public employee union has contributed to the Dems' war chest this year. Most of the unions donating to the Democrats are not public employee unions. Back in 2006 a comment was posted that the unions were merely contributing to "pro-labor" candidates, but that sounds pretty weak. So why all the bucks?
The money from the lawyers is pretty obvious. Look at the names of the contributing lawyers, and look at who gets County Counsel if the Democrats get the majority, and see if you don't find a match.
As to the out of county political contributions like Wisniewski or Speaker Joe Roberts, that's wheeling in its most basic form. It's just what Democrats do.

*Of course, with the Monmouth County Democrats wheeling isn't wheeling, so I guess the money isn't really wheeled. Or something.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


There was a time that the mere mention of Howell Township on this blog would elicit a "Howellanche" of comments. Indeed, there were those who would even steer a totally unrelated thread to Howell topics. Lately, Howell seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

Actually, Howell is very much a part of Monmouth County, and with Middletown is key to a victory next month for Lillian Burry and John Curley. As quiet as things have been, there is in fact a local election going on there.

Mayor Joe DiBella has chosen not to run for reelection to another term. As many will remember, he was twice a candidate for freeholder in 2006. That year also saw an unsuccessful effort to recall the mayor. Joe weathered those storms, and we believe he goes out a winner this year.
The local GOP ticket this year is former Planning Board member Russell Bohlin for mayor and Susan O'Brien Wynalek for council. Wynalek replaces Planning Board Chairman Paul "PaulyRXman" Schneider on the ticket, who had withdrawn. They have joined the blogosphere, and can be visited at http://www.russandsueforhowell.blogspot.com/.
The independents are Councilman Robert Walsh for mayor and Susan Schroeder Clark for council.
Once again, there are no Democrats on the ballot for local office. This is the third consecutive local election in which the Howell Dems have not participated.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Not too long ago, Courier publisher and Democratic Party operative Jim Purcell stopped blogging at The Inside Clamdigger; he also discontinued his column in his paper. Seemingly as a result of strong criticism by Art Gallagher of More Monmouth Musings. The blogging is now done by "Courier Reporter" and Purcell was replaced by columnist Somdatta Sengupta, a longtime Courier staffer. Until this week.
Purcell's back.
In this week's (Issue of Oct. 9th) column, in a newsworthy bit of new news, Purcell implores us all to vote Democratic.
He opens with a criticism of President George Walker Bush, and says he cannot vote for Sen. John Sidney McCain to replace him. Although Purcell doesn't mention the Illinois Senator by name, I would presume that he wants us all to vote for Barak Hussein Obama. And Boy Wonder Robinette for veep.
Then he goes on to Monmouth County:
"In Monmouth County, it is time for the Monmouth County Republican Organization to not be in control for a while, in my opinion. Corruption is rampant and only thinly concealed from public view. The corruption is institutional and spans the county."
Wanna have that conversation now, Jim? Where is the corruption of which you speak? Don't bother trotting out the Rob Clifton contribution story. That one lost credibility when you gave Bill Barham a pass for accepting the same amount from the same contributor and didn't return it, not to mention that you chose to ignore the Aberdeen Democrats' acceptance of contributions from that town's train station developer, even when the documentation was handed to you.
Westlake? Puh-leeze. At the end of the day, a Democratic tax board appointment by the governor that had to be vetted by the Democratic County Boss. That's Victor Scudiery, Jim. Maybe you've heard of him?
Bid Rig? Jim, a lot of the perpetrators were your friends. John Merla, Ray O'Grady and Harry Larrison, among others. When others expressed revulsion that these individuals could get involved in such corruption, you stood by your men. BTW, your chairman, Scudiery, said in 2005 they were entrapped. But then he also wrote that convicted federal felon Frank Abate was "honorable and dedicated."
Purcell then goes on about Peter Carton. Yaaaaawwwwn. Alright, we know you don't like the guy, already. Get over it, Jim, this is getting to be black helicopter stuff.
Do you really think that the Democrats don't have their own "Pete Carton" waiting in the wings for the Dems to take a majority. Come on. Just take a look at their ELEC reports. It's mostly labor unions and lawyers.
He jumps back to the county:
"The family members and friends, not to mention friends of friends, of Monmouth Republicans are so insinuated within the government's infrastructure that the notion of 'best person for the job' is simply quaint and perhaps nostalgic most times, but certainly not grounded in reality."
All righty then. And just who might these family members and friends be. Names and titles, Jim. It's easy to make the accusation, but to make it stick you need facts, Jim. Remember facts?
Purcell closes with a discussion of Middletown. Naturally, he wants Democrats in office there, too. Nothing really there to see.
Which leads me to ask the great unanswered question of Campaign '08, originally posed by Art Gallagher of More Monmouth Musings, also asked by Barry Goldwater at The Voice of Reason and by yours truly at this blog, and never answered yet: "Can anyone tell me of a county in New Jersey where Democrats are doing a better job governing than Republicans are doing in Monmouth County?"
I think I know the answer, or rather, why no Democrat has answered yet. Or will answer.
With the Democrats it's not about reform or good government, it's about power. We've seen where out of county interests have funded the Monmouth County Democrats, particularly Camden and Union County Democrats like George Norcross and Raymond Lesniak. For a look at how the Democrats have been running things in Union County, check out the blog of the Union County Watchdog Association, http://www.countywatchers.com/. Do we want our great county to be like Union? Is that the Democrats' idea of "where Democrats are doing a better job governing than Republicans?"

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Please read this Star-Ledger article from back in May about a former Marlboro mayor's guilty plea in Federal Court for income tax evasion. No, it's not Matthew Scannapieco this time, it's a mug named Morton Salkind, who was that township's Democratic mayor some 35 years ago, and is said to have established relationships with developers which set in motion the events that transformed Marlboro from a pastoral farming community into the poster child for suburban sprawl that it is today. Salkind also served a term in the Assembly back in the 70's. He was defeated by Marie Muhler in 1975. Salkind's sentencing is scheduled for January; he could get up to two years in prison. I always knew this guy was dirty.
Chris Christie nails another one.


Monmouth County's Democratic Party has a number of high-profile power-brokers. Chairman Victor Scudiery and Middletown Party Boss Joseph "King" Caliendo come to mind. But did you know that they have an evil wizard, too? OK, not some guy with a gown and a wand, the wizard monicker came from a Manalapan related comment on More Monmouth Musings by one called Trevanian. I'm talking about a very mysterious, behind-the-scenes Democratic political boss.
Norman Kauff.
Kauff has never held an elected office that I'm aware of. A lawyer, he has held several no-bid professional contracts in a number of towns in Western Monmouth and the Bayshore where he wields a lot of influence. He has been of controversy in several of these towns. Read The Middle Road from back in '03, when Kauff had an apparent no-show appointment in Hazlet, who's Democratic mayor seemed to be clueless as to Kauff's actual function and duties.
A post last year at Da Truth Squad appears to bear out the no-show thing, this time in Manalapan. And Aberdeener, from Kauff's home base of operation, has an entire category dedicated to Norman Kauff.
He receives a public pension, which appears to be the result of a process called multiple job holding, or double dipping.
For some reason, Kauff has evaded coverage in the local media. No Courier exposé here. No write-ups in the Asbury Park Press, The Transcript or the Independent. As low-key as he is, he has been a power, not only in Hazlet, Manalapan or Aberdeen, but in Marlboro, Matawan and Keyport too. On the County level, he is a trusted lieutenant of Boss Scudiery.