Monday, February 27, 2006


Here we go again. There will be another convention for Monmouth County Republicans. To be held in March or April, this will be the regular annual Convention to select a slate of candidates for the organization's backing.
The slate will include:
U. S. Senate. State Sen. Tom Kean (R-Union) is expected to have no opposition going into the primary, and should receive a unanimous vote.
U. S. House. Veteran Rep. Christopher Smith (R-4th), Monmouth County's only Republican Congressman, is also expected to be unopposed for the nomination in the 4th District. In the 6th District, Sheriff Joe Oxley is being mentioned as a possible opponent for Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone. Some would like Tom DeSeno of Howell to move to Asbury Park and run. And Middlesex's Sylvester Fernandes, who ran in 2004, has also been mentioned. As of today, we haven't heard whether Bill Spadea or anyone else plans another go at Democratic Rep. Rush Holt in the 12th District.
Surrogate. The incumbent, Marie Muhler of Wall, formerly Marlboro, has been said to be considering retirement. Possible replacements are Middletown's Rosemarie Peters and Little Silver's Rick DeNoia.
Freeholder. Weren't we just here? Freeholder Anna Little will have to screen before the spring convention to get the endorsement to run in the fall. It is hoped that the "Bill Barham clause" is invoked, and she is given an acclamation endorsement. Some Republicans were concerned when blogger "Ronald Reagan", rumored to be Chairman Fred Niemann or Dan Gallic, who is not the executive director, intimated at a convention challenge or primary contest against Little by an as yet unnamed person. That paragraph was removed after criticism. And don't forget Freeholder Ted Narozanick. He has said that he would not seek another term, but would he change his mind? If he retires, who would be the candidate(s)? Would we see the same group (Joe DiBella, Bob McKenna, Tom DeSeno and Bridget Antonucci) that ran in the Title 19 Convention screen for Ted's seat? Would the withdrawn candidates (Serena DiMaso, Gus Toomey and Robert Kleinberg) come out? Would it be Rosemarie Peters? Or somebody entirely new? Time will tell. It should soon show up in your mailbox. You may be robo-called. Or someone might get hold of the Republican Headquarters e-mail list.
So, be alert, Republicans. And don't forget to log on here.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Freeholder Anna C. Little was sworn in by County Clerk M. Claire French several minutes ago as the newest member of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders.
Freeholder Little was elected on the second ballot at the Monmouth County GOP Title 19 Convention held at the Battleground Country Club in Manalapan. This convention was held under state statute to fill the vacancy of Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, who resigned from the Freeholder Board last month. It is not known whether the County GOP paid for the convention, or the candidates each chipped in.
Using voting cards with a very familiar icon, committee members voted their choice for the slot. Little had the lead early on, and only built upon that with the second ballot, besting Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella and former Wall Mayor Robert McKenna. Hazlet Committeewoman Bridget Monahan Antonucci and Howell resident Thomas DeSeno were eliminated in the first round of balloting.
The first ballot tallies were:


The second ballot reached the following result:


It is important now for all Monmouth County Republicans to unite behind our Freeholder for the November General Election.

Thursday, February 23, 2006


"Please know your list will be held in total confidence and given to no one."

So said Chairman Fred Niemann in his January announcement of a new initiative, billed as "the first of its kind in New Jersey".

It is now February and several County Committee members have complained of being spammed by unsolicited e-mails from What the committee members are wondering is, "How did the DiBella campaign get my e-mail address?"

How did they?


Some of the recipients of this spam are also on the County GOP e-mail list and are looking for answers. Are these e-mail addresses listed in some magic phone book that only DiBella campaign manager Brian Nelson has? Did some wizard give them the addresses? Some have alleged that (gasp!) Chairman Niemann and Executive Director Dan Gallic provided the addresses to the DiBella campaign.

But they wouldn't.

He said...

Niemann's January "initiative" was to ask those on the GOP e-mail list "to share your buddy list with us." In spite of his assurances of confidentiality, one has to question the sincerity of those assurances when they receive spam from DiBella.

Was Niemann sharing information with the DiBella campaign?

If so, is this same information available to DeSeno, Little, Kleinberg, McKenna or Antonucci?


Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The Annual Monmouth County Replublican Lincoln Day Reception was held last night at Aberdeen's Garden Manor.
Despite predictions of a disaster, Serena DiMaso and Tom Apostle pulled off an outstanding event and are to be commended for it. Although there may have been better attended Lincoln Days in the past, this was far from a washout, and our friends from Howell behaved themselves.
A nice time was had by all.
In spite of reports to the contrary, this correspondent was there. Many GOP dignitaries were in attendance, rubbing elbows with rank & file party members. Congressman Chris Smith was there, with a volunteer circulating his nominating petition for this year's election. Various freeholder candidates were in attendance and working the room. It has been said that they weren't, but they were. Former County Chairman Fred Kniesler and family were with the Upper Freehold contingent, and in addition to Monmouth's Trenton delegation (OK, not all of them.), some legislators from other parts of the state also supported the event. State Senator Tom Kean (R-Union), who hopes to swap the "State" prefix to his title for "U. S." this year, was there, as was Assemblyman Bill Baroni (R-Mercer), an up-and-comer in state politics who has been mentioned as a possible 2009 gubernatorial candidate. Also former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano (R-Essex), who was a gubernatorial candidate in the 2005 primary. It is said that Sylvester Fernandes, the 2004 standardbearer in the 6th District race against Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone, was there. State Chair Tom Wilson got up and said a few words, as did County Chairman Fred Niemann.
A nice reception last night, now on to Saturday's Title 19 convention!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


I should have done this a long time ago. I thought the nastier anonymous comments would have died down by now, but it appears that some people just never get it out of their system.
This blog was set up as a discussion board for Monmouth County Republicans, but it seems that certain individuals, primarily from one town, have pirated these pages for their own malicious fun.
"Colleen" went way over the top.
You are in my house. I make the rules here.
So, you can still post comments, but now you have to register with Blogger. It's easy, some of you have already done so.
I will still delete inappropriate comments. Remember it is not censorship when it is on private property.

Friday, February 17, 2006


Yesterday Republicans were treated to an unprecedented robo-call encouraging them to attend Lincoln Day.
This is a traditional event for county GOP organizations nationwide.
Are ticket sales down? Or not?
Are you going? If not, why? What is your opinion of the robo-calls?
Let us know your opinion.

Monday, February 13, 2006


An article by Andrea Alexander in yesterday's Asbury Park Press described who Chairman Fred Niemann referred to as "eight great candidates." They are in alphabetical order:

Hazlet Township Committeewoman Bridget Antonucci.
Howell resident and Asbury Park attorney Thomas DeSeno.
Howell Township Mayor Joseph DiBella.
Marlboro Township Mayor Robert Kleinberg.
Highlands Councilwoman Anna Little.
Former Wall Township Mayor Robert McKenna.
Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly.
Former Aberdeen Township Committeeman Gus Toomey.

The Monmouth County Republican Blog has done individual articles on all but Kleinberg and Toomey. The reason for the omission is that those two have either not sent out letters to the Committee, or if they did their letters have not yet reached the vast editorial staff here at The Monmouth County Republican Blog. When we receive something from Toomey or Kleinberg we will post it.

Friday, February 10, 2006


In all the hubbub generated by the unprecedented turnout of candidates for freeholder, another race has been a-brewin', that for Chairman of the Monmouth County Republican Committee.
County Chairman Fredrick P. Niemann is expected to seek another two-year term, and it appears that he will have competition for the job. Two names are mentioned in an article by Jim Purcell in this week's Courier, Mel Hood of Neptune Township, and former Freeholder Ed Stominski of Eatontown.
Niemann was elected chairman two years ago on a platform of change which included regional directors and by-laws. Neither reform has been enacted and a number of Republicans believe it is time to choose a chairman who will enact such changes. Niemann has also been subject to criticism as to his close ties with Ocean County GOP Chairman George Gilmore, as well as his fundraising record, which includes contributions from Middlesex Democrat Boss John Lynch, Jr., among others.
Hood and Stominski both support the concept of regional directors and by-laws.
The election of a county chairman is not to be taken lightly; it cannot be a popularity contest. If there is to be opposition to Niemann it must be united and issue-oriented. It must not degenerate to personalities. They should unite behind one individual. Committee members must be convinced of the need for a change. If not, Niemann wins by default.
Niemann, if he is to survive, must be prepared to explain his actions on fundraising, as well as the lack of by-laws and regional directors. He needs to explain the connection with Gilmore. He must convince the committee that his reasons for his actions were in the best interests of the GOP as a body. Pointing to a win in spite of the scandals 2005 is not enough, as other factors may explain that. Quality candidates, the Unger factor, etc.
Other names mentioned in connection with June's chairman election are former Wall Mayor Robert McKenna and former County Chairman Frederick Kniesler.
It promises to be interesting.

Monday, February 06, 2006


(This is not Photo Shopped LOL.)

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Gadzooks! Inzerillo? Running for freeholder? Yes, sports fans, Middletown's Leonard Inzerillo has thrown his hat in the ring. Well, the Democratic ring. OK, he hasn't officially thrown it in the ring, but he and Middletown Democratic boss Joseph "King" Caliendo, in an article in this week's Courier, are said to be actively looking into an Inzerillo freeholder candidacy. In the article they cite Inzerillo's narrow 2003 loss to veteran Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina, and talk about how electable he would be this year.
Mr. Inzerillo has some housekeeping to do, however.
It seems in his losing 2003 assembly run with Old Bridge's William Flynn (for Senate) and Aberdeen's Tom Perry, his treasurer was none other than Union County's oompa-loompaesque publisher James Devine, of fame. was a controversial weBSite set up by Devine to mock the candidacy of now-Assemblywoman Amy Handlin. Devine's site was written up in this very blog back in December.
Anyhoozies, it seems that Mr. Devine filed the 29-day and 11-day pre-election reports with the state Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), but no 20-day post-election report. Why? Well, the 11-day pre-election report shows that Devine closed out the Election Fund of Flynn, Inzerillo and Perry on October 13 (nearly a month before the election) by writing out a check in the amount of $2,473.47 to the Election Fund of Inzerillo and Perry. OK, fine, you say, but Trenton has no record of any such account as the Election Fund of Inzerillo and Perry. So nearly $2,500.00 goes bye-bye. Was it spent on campaign purposes? Probably, but there's no report on file. Were more funds raised for the new account? Again, probably, but it must be none of our business. Was Devine the treasurer or someone else? Maybe a high-school student? Did it go into Devine's personal bank account like donations raised from the site?
Looks like Mr. Inzerillo might have some 'splainin' to do.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Hazlet Township Committeewoman Bridget Antonucci has made it official after months of silence. She has announced her intention to run for Freeholder in an e-mail to Women's Federation members, as well as by letter to County Committee members.
Her letter, or more accurately flyer, lists her views favoring term limits for freeholders and why she feels she can win in November.
Antonucci's slogan is "Fresh Face, New Ideas!", and she says, "I'll continue to uphold the honesty, integrity, and passion of the Monmouth County Republican Party."

NOTE: I would advise those posting newspaper articles to post a link from now on. Posting the entire article as a comment takes up a lot of space, especially if more than one article is posted.