Saturday, February 25, 2006


Freeholder Anna C. Little was sworn in by County Clerk M. Claire French several minutes ago as the newest member of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders.
Freeholder Little was elected on the second ballot at the Monmouth County GOP Title 19 Convention held at the Battleground Country Club in Manalapan. This convention was held under state statute to fill the vacancy of Assemblywoman Amy Handlin, who resigned from the Freeholder Board last month. It is not known whether the County GOP paid for the convention, or the candidates each chipped in.
Using voting cards with a very familiar icon, committee members voted their choice for the slot. Little had the lead early on, and only built upon that with the second ballot, besting Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella and former Wall Mayor Robert McKenna. Hazlet Committeewoman Bridget Monahan Antonucci and Howell resident Thomas DeSeno were eliminated in the first round of balloting.
The first ballot tallies were:


The second ballot reached the following result:


It is important now for all Monmouth County Republicans to unite behind our Freeholder for the November General Election.


mightyrighty said...

Congratulations to Anna Little on getting the freeholders seat!

It is time for all republicans to unite around our freeholder and gear up for November.

William H Seward said...

Well said mightrighty!

Congrats to Freeholder Little, and congrats to all the candidates, especially Bob McKenna who faced a great deal of presure from the establishment to support Joe DiBella after the first ballot.

Joe, I hope you keep your word and support Freeholder Little at the convention and in the primary if there is one.

Mayor, you're at a fork in the road. As Yogi Bera would day, take it. Seriously, you have some choices to make. Your graciousiness if defeat will win you alot of friends. Mend your fences in Howell and your future is bright. If you keep listening to the people who have been advising you, you will still have a political future, but it will be a short one.

"Ronald Reagan" needs to buy that first round he promised me, let the upset pass and then do the right thing and retract his threats to tear our party apart. Let's hope he (they) do that by tomorrow.

CICERO said...

I have a heavy heart. Go to Fred Niemann's and Dan Gallic's blog site. They are threatening a primary. When will the powers that be shake these mangy rats, Niemann and Gallic, off our necks and embrace true democracy. Sometimes you lose fellows. Be gracious and resign now!


Congratulations to Anna Little and her supporters. Job well done!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Congratulations to Anna Little.

Anna seems to be a well-spoken, genuine person....a credit to the Republican party....I wish her well.

Thank you to all of the candidates.

As for those who would like to blame Mayor DiBella's loss on others:

Mayor DiBella has an opportunity to grow. Move ahead.

Look at what the county committee saw in Anna Little and take the lesson to to heart.

Look at Serena DeMaso and take the lesson to heart.

Look at Tom DeSeno and take the lesson to heart.

All fine people, all with a bright future, becoming brighter with each day. Becoming brighter because of their choices and the people they surround themselves with.

Take responsibility for your short comings. They are yours and no one elses.

If you and your supporters continue to blame others, you can only become weaker and you help your opponents become stronger.

Jay and I supported Joe DiBella for councilperson, so did many others. We no longer support him for many reasons, and he (and his supporters) added several more reasons this week alone.

Mend your fences, Joe. It will not be easy, but is necessary for a future in politics. There are fences to be mended at every level. Mend them in earnest.

Honesty and Integrity have no geographical boundaries.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

BTW, Is it true that DiBella's camp tried to cut a deal with McKenna after the first round?

If so, thank you Bob McKenna for your integrity.

Honest Abe said...

So I've been told.

William H Seward said...

Sharon Migliaccio said...
"BTW, Is it true that DiBella's camp tried to cut a deal with McKenna after the first round?"

I'm told that Bob McKenna was offered a seat on the County Improvement Authority if he supported Joe after the first ballot

john doe said...

Fred may be a little confused about how much money he will soak off the taxpayers of monmouth county as assistant counsel for the rest of this year...

mightyrighty said...

To Sharon Migliaccio

The Fence will get mended twice as fast when two people work together!
3x as fast with 3 people; 4x with 4 people etc.

Look in the mirror; a fine person with a bright future becoming brighter everyday!

Take responsibility for your short comings. They are yours and no one elses.

If you and your supporters continue to blame others, you can only become weaker and help your opponents become stronger.

There are fences to be mended at every level. Mend them in earnest.

Honesty and integrity have no geographical boundries.

learn forgivness; you will be surprised at how good it feels!

May God Bless You!

William H Seward said...

Its good to see that "Ronald Reagan" has removed his threats of a challenge to Freeholder Little at the convention and in the primary.

Let's hope that Reagan's rant was emotion driven by the pain of defeat and that the sting will pass quickly. We all need to work together to select two more candidates for the general election and ensure victory in November.

mightyrighty said...

We all as republicans should start the hard work of campaigning now. Let's not wait till the summer doldrums are over and begin gearing up in August. Let's build our infrastructure now; have a great summer then be ready for the Democrats while were well rested and relaxed. Let's go GOP!

God Bless all my fellow Republicans!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

MightyRighty said, "learn forgiveness; you will be surprised at how good it feels."

As if you know anything about me.

Sorry, there is no level of forgiveness for what was done last Saturday.

If you think there is, then you are certifiably insane.

Who would you like me to forgive?

Give me a name.

mightyrighty said...

Mrs. Migliaccio,

You started with the dispensing of advice to Joe DiBella.

You then call MightyRighty "Certifiably Insane"; I assure you, I am not.

My comments were simply to have you look in the mirror and use the same good advice!

As for who to forgive, that is not for MightyRighty to determine only you can determine who is worthy of your forgiveness!

God Bless You!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

No, what I said was, if you think there is a level of forgivenness for what was put out on Sat, then you are "certifiably insane"

Big difference.

I don't have supporters. I'm not running for anything. And I really don't care if someone likes what I have to say or not.

But I will not sit idle while someone maligns me.

I really don't know how a private citizen, who doesn't hold any elected or appointed position became such a threat that someone should cast aspersions on her character, but such is politics in Howell and, evidently, Monmouth County.

This pervasive culture was apparent with the post by RR threatening a primary and spending down the appointed candidate, Anna Little.

He has since pulled the comments.

Did he pull them becasue he changed his mind, or because there was a backlash by others?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

Why would someone threaten a primary a scant few hours after someone was elected/appointed? Obviously it has nothing to do with that person's record, because they have no record.

To me, it sounds personal, sounds like sour grapes, and it is mean-spirited.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

And I'm still waiting for a name, since you obviously have someone in mind.

mightyrighty said...

Mrs. Migliaccio,

You are in a dark place. MightyRighty only wishes you happiness. You will never get there in the current state that you are in and harboring the rage and pain you do. You are free to cast off MightyRighty's good advice as that of the "certifiably Insane" or you can take it and begin to grow and mature. It's your choice!

MightyRighty has stated it would be in the best interests of the Republicans to rally around our new freeholder.

God Bless You!

Honest Abe said...

OK folks, time to move it along here. Ms. Migliaccio has every reason to feel as she does. What was said about her was just foul. No other way to put it. If she believes that was unforgiveable, it is wrong for anybody else to tell her to forgive.
I believe her comments advising Joe DiBella and his supporters are gracious, constructive and from the heart. DiBella and supporters would do well to take that advice to heart.
Sharon and Jay Migliaccio's comments here have always been on the high-road and constructive.
The fence-mending is a local issue. Right now we have a freeholder to get behind and elect.

mightyrighty said...


you are right; while I did not see the posts that were written about Sharon because you removed them; She does not and for that matter no one deserves to be written about in a disgusting or threatening way.
I do not know who or why they wrote the things about Sharon but I know she did not deserve it. It is unfortuante that some feel the need to strike out at good people like Sharon.
I do not dispense my advice lightly; but if I feel I can help someone I do; that was my only purpose in trying to prevent a good person from becoming their own worst enemy. With that I am done!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Abe, righty:

I think the discussion needs to get back on point to the Freeholders and November.

Thank you for both of your well meaning comments.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Thank you BOTH for your well meaning comments

Honest Abe said...

Absolutely right Sharon. We have an important election this year, with Anna and either Ted or whoever takes his place on the ticket. I haven't heard exactly what he wants to do yet.
And I'm still concerned about "Ronald Reagan's" now-removed reference to convention competition and a primary. We all need to be watchful.
Regarding whether the candidates were required to make a "no-primary" pledge, I'm told they all did it at a chairman's meeting.

mightyrighty said...

Abe where can I find RR Blog?

Honest Abe said...

john doe said...


Let's make him Freeholder again and Chairman.

Jay Migliaccio said...

Hey Mighty, the one's who have lied are the one's who needs to do the mending