Monday, February 13, 2006


An article by Andrea Alexander in yesterday's Asbury Park Press described who Chairman Fred Niemann referred to as "eight great candidates." They are in alphabetical order:

Hazlet Township Committeewoman Bridget Antonucci.
Howell resident and Asbury Park attorney Thomas DeSeno.
Howell Township Mayor Joseph DiBella.
Marlboro Township Mayor Robert Kleinberg.
Highlands Councilwoman Anna Little.
Former Wall Township Mayor Robert McKenna.
Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly.
Former Aberdeen Township Committeeman Gus Toomey.

The Monmouth County Republican Blog has done individual articles on all but Kleinberg and Toomey. The reason for the omission is that those two have either not sent out letters to the Committee, or if they did their letters have not yet reached the vast editorial staff here at The Monmouth County Republican Blog. When we receive something from Toomey or Kleinberg we will post it.


Anonymous said...

bridget is being used
thomas deseno is bored and not real
reilly is a nice guy but...
toomey needs a message
mckenna is right but needs to lose the edge
dibella - robot - not geniune at all plus howell is split like a banana

ANNA LITTLE SQUEAKS INTO THE SPOT - she's nice enough where too many are fake and will pull all the fred haters into the camp by convention.

Honest Abe said...

Anyone think the 2006 race will be resolved without a primary?

Anonymous said...

Just got an email from:

Anonymous said...

Anna Little is definitely the one this year. It will be a rough year for us as it is and a woman will do much better at the polls.

She's a much better speaker than Bridget A. and has a much stronger message.

Tom Deseno has the wrong message and is disengaged from hanging out in Asbury Park.

Reilly doesn't have enough time in to be any kind of a contender this year.

Gus Toomey is a recycled Democrat from north jersey.

Bob McKenna would be my choice if Anna Little wasn't running.

Joe DiBella never found an election he didn't like. He really is a very shifty character and that will come back to bite us in the rump.

Anonymous said...

Joe did not serve two full terms on the Sayreville Board of Education and was 23 when elected, not 22. Joe was a member of the Board for a little more than three years.

The Sayreville governing body is Borough Council not a Township Committee. Joe left before that term was over too. Sayreville is still talking about the problems you created. What no endorsement for Freeholder from the Middlesex County buddies.

Since Joe took office in Howell three years ago the municipal tax rate went up 35% in Howell at the same time Howell rateable increased $2.1 BILLION. Joe did not cut spending.

Joe created a political action committee that wheeled thousands of dollars from developers who wanted zoning changes to his candidate while claiming to have reformed ethics.

According to the Asbury Park Press, Howell has preserved only 132 acres of land since Joe took office, not thousands, most of it after raising the open space tax on the residents. Joe has proposed increasing residential housing density to 20 units to the acre in the new master plan.

Howell has a very weak mayor under its council manager form of government. Joe's bio says HE "has as mayor, cut spending (NOT), passed comprehensive ethics reform (NOT) and preserved hundreds of acres of open space and farmland (DEFINITELY NOT)." I guess the four council members had nothing to do with it.

Just think what he will do to Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

Get over it loser, DiBella is the man.


if dibella can get the votes out of his hometown and get miiddletown it might be over. with niemann trying to, in all liklihood, pump up dibella to carton the middletown votes may well go to dibella. but, how into this are middletown republicans going to be that they get into a car drive across the county and sit around and wait to vote?

after the june 2004 vote there wasn't the same participation from the county committee. the tactic of moving the venue may well be one that backfires on niemann, to the detriment of dibella.

michael borg said...

Why should the location of the vote always be suited to one geographic location? The location should be moved around, so, others can have it in their backyard for a change, the location of the meeting shouldn't matter.

If you are a committed republican committee person show up to vote!

Anonymous said...

Word is Gus Toomey pulled out today and endsorsed Dibella. Heard Reiley, DeSarno and Antonuccio are planning to do the same all at one in one big announcement.

Campaign Implosion... said...

This just in from the front page of the Courier:


It is true.... said...

A Letter From Gus Toomey III

Dear Fellow Monmouth County Republicans,

The process to fill the Freeholder vacancy left by Amy Handlin moving up to the Assembly has been fun. It has afforded me the opportunity to make a lot of new friends. In a small bit of self-promotion - I have gotten a great response. Many of you have told me - "Toomey - you impressed a lot of people" and I thank you for those kind words. I look forward to working closely with each of you in the coming years, on anything you need help with.

But I have been in this game of politics for a long time and this fall will be an absolute war. A war that will determine the future on Monmouth County for years to come. Our Republican county committee is here for one reason and that is to get Republican candidates elected. We must not fail at that.

In meeting and talking with the other candidates for the office of freeholder, I must truly tell you, that I like each and every one of them. Each of us has our strong points and weak points.

But the person who has the best chance of victory in the fall, must be moved forward at the convention of the 25th. At that convention, I will cast my vote for Joe DiBella, Mayor of Howell and I ask all of you to do the same.

Mayor DiBella has a proven track record of winning and I know he will win in the fall. He is committed to lowering taxes, cutting wasteful spending and restoring honor and integrity to Monmouth County.

Please vote for Joe DiBella. If you would like to discuss my decision, please do not hesitate to call me. I look forward to seeing each of you at the Battle Ground County Club on February 25th.


Augustine "Gus" Toomey III
County Committeeman
President Aberdeen Republican Club
Former Aberdeen Councilman

Anonymous said...

I wonder how all the candidates who have pulled out and thrown thier support behind Joe Dibella will feel when they find out he not only LIED about the HPD circulating recall petitions but refused to talk to HPD investigators?
This guys a professional liar and has to go!
The story will break today and should make good fodder for conversation at Dibellas meet and greet tonight!

Anonymous said...

It is so stupid for people to pretend to run and then drop out. What a bunch of wimps.

William H Seward said...

There are only three serious candidates. DiBella, Little and McKenna. The others are making deals for appointments or increasing their name recognition for future races/appointments.

If Little and McKenna split the anti-Fred/DiBella vote, DiBella wins.

Anonymous said...
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Sharon Migliaccio said...

Before they throw support behind DiBella, they might want to find out the results of the police investigation in Howell.

Evidently, Mayor DiBella said a police officer called him on the phone about Officers passing the Recall petition while in uniform.

The facts that came to light include:

1. There is no recall petition at present,

2. There was no phone call or police officer,

3. The info came from Wayne Lucey,

4. And now Mayor DiBella is calling him a liar also.

The whole story is on page 34 of the News Transcript.

Looks like the PBA AND the Chief is pretty upset right now.

Sharon Migliaccio said...


PBA and Chief ARE upset right now.

Looks like someone else saw it also.

Anonymous said...

DiBella seems to be a little Napolean here.

Anonymous said...

i don't think the spin doctors can perform the surgery needed for joe's latest and greatest. if he gets freeholder than the fix is definitely in.

Anonymous said...

nieman should watch his p's and q's also, or he might be sitting next to little joey talking about what could have been.

mighty righty said...

Ho Hum

More anti Dibella trash talk. Don't you people from Howell ever stop?

Your relentless; Joe Dibella is the best thing ever to happen to Howell! Milliaccio and veitengrubers continue a nonstop barrage of half truths and misinformation.

Joe; your doing a heck of a job for Howell keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

How many candidates will be left after this week?

Anonymous said...

Franklin Roosevelt appointed Joe Kennedy head of the Securities and Exchange Commission saying,"send a thief to catch a thief". Niemann an undeniable liar supports Di Bella clearly a liar. The coincidence is rich.

Anonymous said...

DiBella's meet and greet was well attended last night with folks from all over the Bayshore, including Kyrillos, Barham and even Rosemarie Peters from Middletown.

Anonymous said...

my sources must of been at another meet and greet. I was told that Kyrillos, Barham, Toomey and Rosemarie Peters were there. Most of the rest were from Howell and a total of under 25 at the meet and greet.

Like I said it was at a different shindig at the Lakeside Manor last night then the one described

Anonymous said...

Your sources are wrong. There were 67 people that signed in attendance.

Anonymous said...

They were there for the freebies. Pretty soon Rosemarie will find out she is backing another Alex DeSevo, maybe even Larry Loigman.

Honest Abe is trying to minimize the bad press for Joey. Dibella admitted to the Howell police that he lied in an email to another councilman. Read about it at

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Honest Abe said...

Anonymous said...

"Honest Abe is trying to minimize the bad press for Joey."

No, Honest Abe is trying to minimize the monopolization of this blog by people who insist upon repetitiously posting entire newspaper articles even after having been requested not to. Pro-DiBella posts have been removed too, when they are duplicated upon multiple threads.
Finally, there is a poster with a Howell IP who has posted several accusations against an appointed county official. If you feel so strongly about that write a letter to Bill Barham; if you keep posting that drivel here it will be deleted.
This sort of childish stuff seems to be a Howell phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, put your name and back up your accusations with facts.

It is well known that Dibella has tried to get both the reporter and editor fired with lies.

Who put a gun to Dibella's head and made him write the email with the fale allegations.

Lucey is only taking the fall for Dibella because Dibella gave him a salied job with benefits. If Lucey lied during the police interogation the county prosecutor can go after him for perjury.

Dibella admitted he lied to the police investigators.

The story is not BS. Dibella admitted that he wrote the email. Dibella had to admit to the HTPD that there was no conversation with a police officer.

Is the Howell Time with the mayor's "free" column that clutters up our driveways a disgrace? George Norcross, Dibella's boss, controls Gannett Papers and the APP, so this is a story that you will never see in that rag, or it will be sugar coated to appease old Georgie and his boy Joey. Otherwise Jordan will be out of a job.

Keep spinning, you are digging a hole you will never be able to get out of. Dibella's accusation are the real disgrace. Get ready Freehold. He's coming and this is just a little glimpse of what you will have to deal with.

Kathy Baratta said...

Honest Abe,

I like the facts to speak for themselves soI would like to post the originals of the e-mail and the chief's memo.
There is no "link" for these documents as they are hard copy.
I will wait for your reply before I go to the trouble of posting these documents.

Thank you,

Kathy Baratta

The Tri Town News said...

"The investigation concluded that Mayor Joseph M. DiBella’s allegations of impropriety by Councilman Bob Walsh and unnamed Howell police officers were unfounded.

Investigators determined that DiBella had not been truthful when he stated in a Jan. 22 e-mail to Walsh that he had received a “very disturbing phone call from a Howell police officer "

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Mighty Right said,

"Milliaccio and veitengrubers continue a nonstop barrage of half truths and misinformation. "

The name is MIGLIACCIO, but you knew that already.

It must be difficult to go through life not having the courage of your so call convictions.

Enlighten me, what half truths and misinformation?

The documents speak for themselves as does the Mayor. He talks about protecting rural lifestyles while mocking those residents in Howell who want to preserve their lifestyles by saying "it's not Mayberry anymore" .

He has insulted a Monmouth County judge ( at least one) and has no respect for the law.

These are my opinions, but they also happen to be fact.

Now, if Mighty Right has any facts except the drivel on the Mayors website, which I can disprove handily with the budget book and a few transcripts, let's have at it.

Ther are many great candidates, and maybe Mayor DiBella could have been one, but not if he disparages judges and creates false statements to further his political career.

Honest Abe said...

Kathy Baratta,

Go ahead and post the documents. I won't delete them; what I do delete are when people post an entire article from the paper.
These are supporting documents to your article and may be used by Republicans wishing to make an informed choice in the freeholder race.

Kathy Baratta said...

The following is the original e-mail sent from Mayor Joseph M. DiBella to Councilman Bob Walsh.
From: Joseph DiBella


Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 15:07:30 -0500

Dear Mr. Walsh,

I just got a very disturbing phone call from a Howell police officer who insisted they remain nameless. They contend that you are working behind the scenes to get officers to hand out the recall petition along with another politically connected female resident who professes to have great influence with the police. This office (sic) tells me your direction and through the ranks to the officers is to get it signed while they are on the beat in town. This person claims to be going for an internal investigation about it but was getting heat that that could be an issue for them. They contend that this is the talk of the department and that you are involved and I need to watch my back. The person said they tried to get as many officers to hand out the RAFT petition on the job as well but only a few did and that many are unhappy over this latest request and have refused.

I just listened and thanked the person. I know you have said if you wanted to take me on you would come right at me which I respect. So, I wanted to pass this along to you. I’ll call Mr. Davis tomorrow and make him aware without disclosing the name of the person but I wanted to make you aware that this was brought to my attention. I’ll let Mr. Davis decide what to do next in terms of discussing with the chief. His call and I am not asking for anything. I just feel he needs to be aware. This is all just political and it is apparent every day. Thanks.

Kathy Baratta said...

Township of Howell
Police Department
PO BOX 580
The following is the memo from Chief Ronald T. Carter to Township Manager Bruce Davis.

Howell, NEW JERSEY 07731-0580
(732) 938-4575 FAX (732) 938-6113
Web site:
Chief of Police
To: Bruce Davis - Township Manager
From: Ronald T. Carter --Chief of Police
Date: February 8, 2006
Re: Internal Affairs Investigation #06-3197

In response the allegation of wrongdoing by one or more of the patrol officers from the police department, more specifically that an officer contacted the Mayor directly and that officers while on duty were having a recall petition signed by residents, I on January 22, 2006 directed Captain Steven Dither to have an Internal Affairs Investigation conducted.
On this date I have received the completed investigation report from Captain Dreher. As you know these investigation reports are strictly confidential and without an actual court order, will remain under lock and key in my office and the contents not released to anyone.
However, since this is an extremely serious allegation, I will provide below a brief summary of the events as it relates to the activities of our police officers. The below listed information is not considered confidential, however any other information or activities uncovered during the course of the investigation shall remain listed as confidential.
I. January 23, 2006 the allegation came to my attention upon receipt of a telephone call from your office. The allegation came about after Mayor DiBella sent an email to Councilman Walsh stating that he, the mayor, received a telephone call from an off duty police officer and was informed that officers were going to have a recall petition signed while on duty.
2 The investigation revealed that Mayor DiBella never actually received a telephone call from a Howell Township Police Officer, but in fact received all this information from former Councilman Mr. Wayne Lucey.
3. Mayor DiBella states that Mr. Lucey informed him that police officers were going to have the petition signed while on duly and that Councilman Walsh was behind it.
4. Mr. Lucey informed the investigating officer that he did tell the mayor that officers were going to have the petition signed but never told the mayor that officers would be doing such activities while on duty.
Investigation into the allegations revealed the following:
In relation to a recall petition no police officer from the Howell Township, Police Department contacted Mayor Di3ella directly by telephone.
2. Further it has been determined that no police officers from the Howell Township Police Department while on duty were having such recall petitions signed by residents
3. No police officer was found to be working behind the scenes with another politically connected female resident who professes to have great influence with the police.
Since there is no evidence that officers of this agency have or were about to have a petition signed to recall the mayor while on duty and since no officer from this agency actually contacted Mayor DiBelIa directly, the final determination of the investigation is as follows.
There was no wrongdoing uncovered on the part of any police officer of the Howell Township Police Department in relation to this allegation. As such, the recommendation was to have the case closed and listed as UNFOUNDED.
In response to the recommendation, I concur with the recommendation and the case has been closed out and listed as being UNFOUNDED.
Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I shall provide you with whatever information that I can.

cc: Steven Dreher, Captain (Internal Affairs)
Internal Affairs case file #06-3197

Anonymous said...

and this is so damaging because???? The article made it seem much worse. So what, he did get the news directly, that doesn't make it not so. That fact that this exerpt of the report was made public, but nothing about where Lucey got the info from, makes it seem like the cops have an axe to grind. In other news, i read the courier today and thought merla was being nominated for the noble peace prize.

Sharon Carpenter-Migliaccio said...

Actually, it does make it "not so".

The report lists the allegations as UNFOUNDED ( note the capital letters in the original document)


as in:

untrue, groundless, unsupported, unsubstantiated,baseless, speculative, unwarranted

A finding that an allegation of abuse, neglect, or exploitation is without factual basis.

Either way, DiBella made a false accusation against a police officer. The investigation found there was NO POLICE OFFICER.

There was no petition.

There was no phone call.

It's a question of integrity and honor..let's see if the Freeholders are serious about restoring faith in government, or are they going to hand Novembers election to the Democrats?

Monmouth County Committee said...

It sounds to me that Joe did the right thing. He heard something, a rumor, and went to the source to work it out. As he did that he let his fellow elected official know that unflattering rumors we're being circulated.

Thanks Joe, finally a politician who says it like it is and CUTS SPENDING TOO. Perhaps the county committee will be smart and choose someone who actually walks the walk and talks the talk.

Bob McKenna: A Great Leader? NOT said...

Bob McKenna keeps saying that he's led Wall to huge Republican victories but he lost a seat last year and delivered the smalled margin to Kean/Corodemus ever from Wall. Doesn't seem like he's doing a great job.

It was a Cover Up said...
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Sharon Migliaccio said...

Let's see how Joe DiBella CUT spending:

From the 2005 Howell Township Budget:

Legal Services

2005 - $670,000
2004 - $652,000

I don't see any savings there.

Of course DiBella overspent the 2004 appropriation by $55,000+, so one could surmise he can't live within his means either. Exactly who I want for Freeholder.

Probably mostly to defend the errant Colts Neck Crossing decision that his legal team advised him against.

Shall I go on?

I can take the budget apart line by line and prove Mayor DiBella has continued to pay outlandish legal and engineering fees abd has NOT cut those items but in fact has INCREASED spending.

This, combined with his latest ethical INDISCRETION, should be enough for anyone to go running to the hills.

He is an embarrassment for Howell and Monmouth County.

bobmckenna said...

"margin of victory"..It never ceases to amaze me why people make alleged statements of fact that are so easily disproven. With all towns reporting, except Wall, election night Steve& Sean LOST district 11..25,259/25482 to the D's 25920/ was over.Then Wall came in and DELIVERED the victory with a substantial margin, 5877/6045 to 3560/3454. Maybe, amongst other reasons as well, that is why Sean has just written a letter to the county committee strongly endorsing me for Freeholder.
Since you brought up the topic of margins, how about Howell, with 14340 total votes cast, giving Barham/Burry only a 273 vote margin.Unger got 1084.a few Unger voters vote D and we lost.Or Middletown, 22702 votes cast, a 1335 vote margin with 2356 Unger votes! Again, a few vote D, we lost.Wall, with 10057 vote casts, less than half of Middletown and 40% less than Howell, delivered a 1482 victory margin, larger than Middletown and 5x's greater than Howell.Think about what the Freeholder from Wall, from Southeastern Monmouth, can do to deliver not 1 but 2 Freeholder seats in November, because that's what matters.Thanks for bringing up the subject.

Anonymous said...

"Monmouth County Committee said...
It sounds to me that Joe did the right thing. He heard something, a rumor, and went to the source to work it out. As he did that he let his fellow elected official know that unflattering rumors we're being circulated. "

He did the right thing by LYING? Dibella did not go to the source. He insytead defamed the police department just like he did in Sayreville. If you think lying to the community and another councilman about the police department is the right thing, no wonder government ethics are in trouble.

Anonymous said...
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Stop Deleting this Post! said...
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Kathy Baratta said...

Kathy Baratta said...

Integrity and truth obviously have no place here. Witness the witless, unbelievable lies posted here by persons who do so anonymously. So, this is my last posting. Nothing is to be gained. How can an honest debate be had when your adversary is not only a liar, but a coward?

Kathy Baratta said...

Honest Abe,
As you have deleted the posts that my last remarks addressed; perhaps you should also delete my previous post as it will confuse those who follow who did not read the vicious lies I was addressing.

Thank you, your call,


Honest Abe said...


I will keep the e-mails up. I don't find them confusing. They are useful information and they stand on their own merit.

Go home Baratta said...
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A County Committeewoman said...
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Anonymous said...

Do we really need this at the county?

Anna Little is well spoken as is Bob McKenna.

McKenna may be too strong, Little not strong enough ONLY because of lack of experience.

It's a toss up for me.

I do know that we can not take the chance of running miles of baggage in November.

On behalf of the Republicans who do nopt act like animals, I extend apologies to the Barrattas, Migliccis, Sue and anyone else hit in this barrage of BS.

Word to all...maybe you should focus on the positives of the other candidates instead of Dibella's negatives.

Colleen said...
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Jay Migliaccio said...

Coleen you're a liar, sharon resigned so you don't know what you're talking about and since I have a pretty good idea who you are the lie doesn't surprise me!

Bob Jordans artigle about Joes antics, its a nice read, yo can read can't you?

Sharon Carpenter-Migliaccio said...

This is ridiculous. Lies, lies, lies-is this all you people can do?

DeBella won 2 to 1 that is true. He also outspent his opponents 10 to 1 . Same argument he made for Lucey losing. Only the margin was much smaller, Walsh spent maybe 15% more than Lucey.

There are several Republicans who are upset that I would not abdicate control of the BOE slate to Norine Kelly and the URC. I felt it was unethical for a party machine to control the BOE and I still do. Get over it.I didn't see Norine and the URC dabbling in the BOE last year or this what gives? No good candidates?

McKenna may be loud, but is experienced.

Little is still more experienced than DiBella, and genuine.

Either would be a good choice for the county.

My quote to Bob Jordan (APP)was "Integrity and honor have no geographic boundaries"

As for Howell, several CC members will NOT be there on the 25th. There is a big scramble to fill those spots and I think it begs the question, will those spots be filled legally?

Colleen said...
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Jay Migliaccio said...

If this sites anonymous posters spent half as much time working on the towns problems as they do trying to cover up Joes screwups and help further his ?political career? we'd all be alot better off!

Its been said that the FACTS that have been posted about Dibella over the last few weeks have made Howell a laughing stock or an embarrassment in the eyes of the county and thats simply not true. When you look at it honestly what has damaged Howell's credibility are the actions of the Mayor and his cohorts who blindly support him regardless of what he's said or done!

On second thought this really isn't funny, its sad! Its sad because if Joe Dibella is the best the Monmouth county republicans can come up with we're in alot worse shape that I thought!

Colleen said...
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Colleen said...
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jay migliaccio said...
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Colleen said...
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Jay Migliaccio said...
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Colleen said...
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Colleen said...
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Jay Migliaccio said...
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Honest Abe said...
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Jay Migliaccio said...
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Anonymous said...

APP needs to get a clue, can McKenna produce an endrosement list like this:

Since when did Steve Grossman become a Republican leader? The McKenna supporters qouted in Jordon's article constitute about .3% of the county committee.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your also proud that Brendan Tobin is on the list? The guy who is trying to soften the pay to play laws in Tinton Falls? Does anyone read the paper?

Anonymous said...

Typical approach. Just attack, attcak all the time. We are all Republicans. Can we just cut out the crap with the attacks.

Anonymous said...

Dibella is a good speaker. he can spin things pretty good too.

He does have a lot of baggage - from both Sayreviile and Howell.

The Republicans have got to be careful who they put up this year. Its a crucial year - this year. And don't forget we have another potential freeholder position up for next month or early April. Ted is probably not running. Thats another convention to pick another freeholder candidate.

Dibella was a member of the Sayreville Bd of Ed. He left that term early to run for Sayreville council.

He then quit the council after a year & change to run for his Howell. He had trouble with the Sayreville police.

He then ran for Howell council and a few weeks after he got elected there he ran for assembly but lost to mayor Ron Dancer.

He continued on council and then ran for mayor.

He was mayor for a year - and two things happened 1. the candidate Dibella backed for his vacant council seat lost... to a damn independent with no name recognition. The independent's only claim to fame was that he was against Dibella. 2. The fed up citizens of Howell have started a Recall Petition to remove Dibella from the mayor's office. By the way he had trouble with the Howell Police, in fact they supported the independent who beat Dibella's candidate.

Now Dibella is in the process of running for freeholder. My money is riding on him giving up mayor before he is recalled and hoping to throw a "hail mary' pass to get him a touchdown over the freeholder goal line just in the nick of time.

He has destroyed the credibility of the Republican controlled council in Howell...and worse...

Howell is facing a charter study referendum on this November's ballot to force a nonpartisan form of government in a Republican Town (second largest in population in Monmouth County).

Lets let this business lie for a while. We don't need these types of problems pushed onto the County right now. We will have a very hard time of it as it is. We sure don't have to import trouble from another towns problems.

Please lets start thinking McKenna or Little.

Anonymous said...

It seems that on either side of the political aisle as long as you go along with the group you'll have no problems!
On the subject of attacks, I'm from Wall but I read the Howell board and whil I'm not always crazy about the way Sharon and Jay try to get the point out this Colleen person crossed way ovewr the line and her posts should be removed.
Is Dibella a crook I don't think so but he did lie about the police officer calling him and that makes me question his credibility so my vote will be going to someone else.

Anonymous said...

The previous poster is right about the way the migliccos go about getting the word out, they are ruogh. but on the other hand they do it with the truth I was at the m plan meeting where she had maps and charts to back up her position ans everyone in the room except for some of the board members new she was roght.
Its no secret that the mayor hates them because they call him on his bs everytime.
the wife is tough but I was at the meeting where jay went nose to nose with knopka during the fountains thing, hes brutal msybe if they toned it down alittle it might maske things easier

Anonymous said...
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Dana said...

This post has gone from discussing candidates to discussing the Migliaccios??? Since when are either of them candidates? I'm sure they are nice folks, but I thought I'd read more about the candidates.

I like Anna and Bob as candidates. God save us all if Dibella wins. The insanity will be county wide, not just limited to Howell.

"Colleen" must you litter this post with your lunatic rantings too. Don't go away mad, dear, just go away.

Sharon Carpenter-Migliaccio said...

Honest Abe,

I want the IP addresses from all of Colleen's posts or I will contact my attorney about NJSA 2C:33-4

You can continue leaving the post up, I would LOVE the legal team at Donald DiFrancesco's law firm to draw their own conclusions.

Bob Jordan and Kathy Barratta know how to contact me, or visit for my info.


I had to look myself today...I thought maybe someone put my name in for Freeholder. LOL

It's a shame that DiBella and his supporters are acting out, it REALLY looks bad for them.

You are right, can you imagine a Freeholder that is preoccupied with the actions of an ordinary citizen? It is embarrassing.

Let's get back to business...let's hear more info about the candidates.

Good luck to McKenna and Little next week.

Jay Migliaccio said...
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Anonymous said...
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jay Migliaccio said...
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Anonymous said...

Grow up!!!

jay migliaccio said...

Sorry Abe if I got off topic that was not my intent but I won't shoulder the entire blame here.
Comments were made by colleen that clearly crossed the decency line but I guess alls fair where some are concerned but not me. My differences with the Mayor are many but contrary to what some may think they aren't personal. I feel he's acting more in the best interest of his political career rather than in the best interest of the town!

Anonymous said...

Well, that seems to definitely be true.

DeBella missed 2 planning board meeting because he was busy drumming up support from other county committees.

Always looking for the next move...Mayor's seat too hot to handle.

And the efforts the Howell people are taking to discredit hoest hardworking people with lies and vulgarities, it is sickening.

Honest Abe said...

Off-topic and inappropriate comments have been removed.

mightyrighty said...

I am a non active republican and discovered this website from a friend. I have to say that I never knew all this was happening behind the scenes of the Republican Party. I have read many of these posts with interest and disgust. Many postings are off topic and resort to personal attacks on candidates and non candidates alike and those are the ones that have not been removed!
As an outsider looking in I have to say that I am suprised by the rancor between republicans. Whatever happened to the unified front or not airing our dirty laundry in public. There is something to be said for keeping our business out of the public eye.
What about getting back to the things that make republicanism great. Ideas like Lower Taxes, Less government, Accountability of our elected leaders, and making the future better for our children!
These are great republican issues that all of us should get behind. My hope is that when the freeholder race is finished; that everyone gets behind whoever the winner is and puts all the acrimony and bitterness behind us.
The democrats are laughing at us and we are one of the last republican countys left in NJ. Let's put our differences aside for the good of our state, county and party!
God Bless all my fellow republicans!

Honest Abe said...

Well said, MightyRighty!

mightyrighty said...

We have so much opportunity right here in monmouth county to do good by paying attention to basic republican ideals. We have the opportunity to create a manadate in monmouth county by putting our differences aside and building bridges instead of burning bridges between each other. Instead of bringing our best arguments against each other let's save them for the democrats. It takes learning the lost art of compromise and putting the good of masses ahead of ones own self interests.
If we do these basic things as republicans we can't help but win at election time!
For the good of Monmouth county and our party let's all focus on getting back to the basics and doing what is right!
God Bless all my fellow Republicans!


just an opinion, there are a lot of folks who are more concerned with money than they are with an ideals.

there are a lot of people on BOTH sides of the aisle who just want to serve...but "a lot" aren't "most."

batterboy1 said...

I have been wathcing this thing develope for quite a while now and am truly disgusted.

The personal attacks by DiBella and his supporters are beyond the pale.

I was raised in an area of this state that was solidly democratically controlled in which there were serious pfrofessional polititians. All I see here is a bunch of wanabee's who just keep throwing sand in each other's faces.

Grow up kids. Get out of the school yard sand box.

It is not always about YOU. How about what it is really about; THE PEOPLE and ther interests OF THE PEOPLE.

DiBella has proven time and time again that he is at best a spinmeister. I personally have heard him acuse people of things that I know are not true (I was at the meetings JOE!.

This is merely a poor attempt to deflect things away from himself.

Joe is the king of It's everyone elses fault, not mine.

If Joe runs for ANY other office, I would vote for anyone else, irrespective of party affiliation.
He is a embarrassment to the party and Howell

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I would like to see the field narrow before Saturday, although these things are usually hashed out at the last minute.

It is a little hard to stand united when 6 people are going for the gold, but they should be able to separate politics from personal...I guess we haven't learned that in Howell yet.

MightyRighty is right,once a person is picked, we must stand behind that person or step away.

We have a great county despite the indiscretions of a few....let's hope we get the right person for the job who can take us over the top in November.

Honest Abe said...

Narrowing the field would be a very good thing. I just hope we don't collectively "shoot ourselves in the foot" on this one.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

There is only one way that will happen.

mightyrighty said...

Once the canidate is picked we should All get behind whoever it is.
Harboring the kind of hate and rage that has been present on this board and other boards is not healthy! No one should have to live their lives with that burden. control the things you can control and the rest will work itself out.

When confronted with a difficult situation my friend gave me some great advice; this is what he said, "Don't sweat the small stuff; and the large stuff, take that, make it small and don't sweat that either." Great advice!

So let's all as republicans get this freeholder race behind us and put our anger, transgressions, and differences aside and pull together for the good of our county and country. Let's start by cutting 20% of the county government and we will work on more from there! God Bless all my fellow republicans!

Sharon Migliaccio said...


You are right.

We need to heal, we need to come together.

Let's put this behind us for the good of the county and the good of our towns.

mightyrighty said...

Mrs. Migliaccio, AMEN!

CICERO said...

Have the courage of your convictions. The secrecy of the voting booth will be the real determinative factor. Party Bosses counting towns miss the point. Inside the booth people are left with their own ideas. Howell will not be unaminous, Middletown will not be unaminous, Neptune, Manalapan, Marlboro will not be unaminous. Every man and woman is left to do the right thing. Think for yourself, reject group think. Di Bella , Mc Kenna or Little will win and we will have a Freeholder and our candidate. Embrace democracy express your truth. It will reform and strengthen this Republican party.

mightyrighty said...

We have become decadent. We need to get back to the values that made Republicanism great. We have too much fat in government. Our taxes are too high. We are not investing enough in the private sector. We have too many special interests that they are not even "special" anymore. Republicans are beating the snot out of each other for what?
We need our party to get back to basics and do the peoples business or come November the Taxpayers are going to throw us out right on our arse's.
Maybe I have a different perspective because I am not in elective office but as someone with a fresh perspective of whats going on I would say we need to get back to our core values. I have talked to all three candidates for the freeholders seat and in my very humble opinion I think the best representative for our party is Joe Dibella. Even with all that is happening in Howell I believe he has the best credentials to move our party forwards. Come November we are going to need someone who is a first class campaigner who can get a message accross to the electorate. I believe Joe is the best one who can get the job done.
Regardless, no matter who the winner is every republican should take stock and be prepared to give it our all come November. We are going to need everyone to give 100% this year because the Democrats are going to be attacking hard! God Bless all my fellow Republicans.