Sunday, June 21, 2009


(This will) "be used for two things: as a weapon against internal enemies, and as a public relations tool."
...Tina Renna, Union County Watchdog Association

Remember when John "Flippy" D'Amico wanted to create a new county Department of the Inspector General? And remember that he said that it wouldn't cost the taxpayers anything because he would fill the post with a retiree who wouldn't be paid? (he really wants us to believe that, too!)
Remember how the Democrats on the Board of Freeholders are being led from outside Monmouth County, particularly Union County?
Well, Union County recently created such a department, and guess what, they're claiming that it won't cost their long-suffering taxpayers anything! We actually almost missed this one because, you see, Union County didn't call it an Inspector General. They're calling it the "Economic Crime/Inspection Bureau". Clever. Read the Star-Ledger article here!
Whatever the name, don't for a moment think this is a dead issue here in Monmouth County. No, nonono no! It is simply dormant. Flippy hopes to have Sean Byrnes (Lil' Flippy) join the Board this election. In the event this happens, D'Amico not only becomes Director of the Board, he also gains a third solid yes vote for all his risky schemes. Including the Inspector General. We as Republicans cannot let this happen. We must work to ensure that John P. Curley defeats Lil' Flippy and returns the majority to the GOP.

Read the Top 10 reasons Union County created an in-house Audit Bureau.

Why all the Union County stuff? Because under the Democrats, Monmouth County is a mere vassal of Union County and its dictatorial Prince Joseph the Cryan. Therefore, what happens there is of high relevance to what happens here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


As our readers know, we have affectionate names for Democratic politicians. Freeholder Director Barbara McMorrow is "Figurehead", and freeholders John D'Amico and Amy Mallet are known as "Flippy" and "Hammerhead", respectively. Their losing running mates include "Silent Steve" Schueler and "Very Silent" Glenn Mason; it may be the very silence of these individuals that cost them the election in the first place.
What to call Sean Byrnes?
That took some thought. We finally settled on a working title of "Little Flippy". Why? Well, both Byrnes and D'Amico are lawyers. D'Amico was a judge, Byrnes wants to be a judge. Byrnes looks like a young D'Amico, and like D'Amico, drones on and on and on and on and on...
So, until and unless Byrnes demonstrates the necessity for another nickname, the Vast Editorial Staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog dub him,

Little Flippy.

NOTE: The Honest Abe Research Foundation is still looking into this guy. This isn't going away.

Monday, June 08, 2009


The Honest Abe Research Foundation has been given the task of investigating Middletown Township Committeeman Sean Byrnes, this year's Democratic candidate for County Commissioner (neƩ Freeholder). Although they've only just begun to scratch the surface, Byrnes' ELEC reports are interesting.
On his primary '07 report, we have a $2,500.00 contribution from Upendra J. Chivukula for Assembly, made on June 4th, 2007, the day before the primary. Chivukula, a Democrat, represents convicted felon John Lynch's old district. He gained notoriety in 2007 for proposing a bill to allow illegal aliens to pay in state tuition.
In the general election, Byrnes maintained two sets of campaign books, one where he filed as a single candidate account, and the second where he filed jointly with his running mate, Janet Moscuzza.
There's not much activity shown in the single account, but the joint account is active, as one would expect in a large town like Middletown.
Pallone for Congress gave $2,500.00 on October 13th. Other contributors include the PRC Management Co. of West Long Branch, developers, who gave $1,000.00 on October 22nd. PRC is also a known supporter of John "Flippy" D'Amico. We're researching whether they were or are planning a project in Middletown where they may have desired Byrnes' influence.
The Wall Township based Local Union 400 PAC Fund gave $2,000.00 on October 31st, and $2,500.00 on November 19th, for a total of $4,500.00.
The '07 Byrnes Campaign finances seem relatively mild as Dem campaigns go, but remember this was a local race. In reality, his campaign finances were a pastiche of the above contributors, with large donations from both the Middletown Democratic Executive Committee and the Middletown Township Democratic Club, with both Byrnes' single campaign account and one from Moscuzza thrown in for good measure.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we've only begun to scratch the surface with this guy. I don't know what it is with these Democrats from Middletown. This is not going away.