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September 14, 2005
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TRENTON - At a Statehouse press conference today, NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson and NJGOP Counsel Mark Sheridan presented potential evidence of massive voter fraud in New Jersey.“New Jersey is in grave danger of becoming the next Florida or Ohio and Peter Harvey has done nothing to stop it. Four months ago, we raised serious concerns about the enforcement of election law in New Jersey to the Attorney General’s staff. To date we have received no response. In an effort to determine if our concerns were well founded, we conducted our own investigation into whether New Jersey’s elections laws are being enforced. The results are disturbing and they highlight Peter Harvey’s total failure to perform his duties as the state’s top elections official.Our investigation has uncovered evidence of people voting twice in the same election, dead people registered to vote, tens of thousands registered more than once in New Jersey and hundreds of thousands registered in New Jersey and other states. The information we have compiled proves that New Jersey’s elections are susceptible to widespread voter fraud. There are less than eight weeks until the next election; it is incumbent upon the Attorney General to immediately take steps to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.”


54,601 people registered to vote in more than one county in New Jersey.

4,397 appear to have voted twice in 2004 Election. 170,558 people registered to vote in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania or South Carolina.
Of those, 90,025 voted in New Jersey in the last general election.

6,572 appear to have voted in both states in 2004 Election. 16,775 Individuals “officially” listed as deceased were registered to vote in the last general election.

4,755 are listed as having voted in November 2004.

13,440 are still registered to vote as of May 1, 2005.

Earlier today, Republican State Committee delivered a letter to New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey that details the findings of an investigation conducted in New Jersey’s election and voter registration and calls on him to take immediate steps to remedy the myriad of problems with New Jersey’s voter registration system. Republican State Committee also provided the Attorney General with all of the evidence found through its research. This includes the names, addresses and dates of birth of individuals who: are registered in more than one county in New Jersey; are registered in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina; are listed as deceased on official records; voted twice in the same election; are incarcerated and still registered to vote. A copy of the letter is attached to this release. Click Here.


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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Letter from Bertha Sumick, Clerk of Elections: Hurricane Relief

Dear Friends,

About eighty members of my family, ranging in age from eighty two to four months, lived in and around New Orleans, Louisiana. As of Tuesday, they are all accounted for, but displaced. Four families are in one house in Covington, Louisiana, three in one house in Baton Rouge, four families in an apartment in Denham Springs, two families in an apartment in Baton Rouge, four families in Texas, two families in Florida, two families in a house in La Place, etc.

They are all proud, hard working, middle class families. They now have no homes or severely damaged homes, no jobs, no schools and no churches. It is a tragedy, but they will overcome.

Our family has been in New Orleans since the mid-1800's. They were almost all Irish who worked on the Mississippi River and the docks. Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in the Irish Channel section of New Orleans.They will not leave. It's home. Our grandparents, William and Matilda Devine, better known as Willie and Tillie, had six daughters, Ruth, Catherine, Mary, Bertha, Irene and Dorothy. Irene died in infancy, but the rest have always remained close.

My mother married my father, a Protestant New Jersey Yankee in 1944 while he was in the military during World War II. Neither family was happy. Both families fought in the Civil War, but on different sides. They finally got over it. I am the only Yankee living north of Baton Rouge.

Today I opened a non-profit account, "Devine Family Hurricane Relief". The Red Cross and Salvation Army do a wonderful job, but I want to send the money directly to where it is needed without a middle man.

Whatever help you can give me, letting people know, will be greatly appreciated by me and my family. Please contact me at:

Thank you.

Bertha Sumick
Clerk of Elections

Saturday, September 10, 2005


A good place for him! Anthony Spalliero, the gangsta developer, had his bail revoked yesterday by Federal Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo, according to The Asbury Park Press, and other sources. Spalliero was released on $250,000 bond on May 3; his son Vincent put up property on Angel St., Aberdeen to secure "Mr. Marlboro's" release.
Spalliero will remain in jail until his October trial, and hopefully long after that.


Let this stand as a message to any politician who becomes infatuated with the criminal life. "The Sopranos" is a TV show - it's not real. They're actors playing a part. Spalliero, Palughi, etc are real. Real thugs. The Feds are real, the judges are real and the Federal prisons are real.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Gangsta developer Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero was arrested Monday by Brookdale Community College Police, according to the Asbury Park Press. It appears that he and an associate attempted to take a 22-year old coed "for a ride", utilizing a gun for encouragement. Fortunately, a College Police officer was on bike patrol and, hearing the woman's screams, responded. Spalliero and his associate, who is still at large, took off.
Today's Press enumerates the charges against Spalliero: Possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, making terroristic threats, and aggravated assault.
Spalliero is out on $150,000. bail; he was already out on $250,000. bail for four counts of Federal bribery charges as a result of the F. B. I.'s Operation Bid Rig.
Operation Bid Rig is an ongoing Federal investigation which involved the arrest of a multitude of local and county officials and has had such interesting side notes as a County Corrections Officer eating his gun (Or was it fed to him?) and a mysterious plane crash.


We have heard from Mr. Purcell. I believe his comments rate a post of their own. I give you Mr. Purcell:

Dear whoever you are:

I was neither secretive about my party affiliation when I was a Republican, nor am I about being a Democrat.

I cannot count the number of journalists involved with media, be it locally or nationally, who are also involved somehow with politics. It's not even close to being a new idea.

Locally, I certainly am far from being alone. As for my "objectivity," I treated Democrats equally when I was a Republican and I treat Republicans equally when I am a Democrat. No one from the Beach is concerned about this, because we do not practice the feral brand of politics practiced in other areas, which is one reason I reside in this community. We are neighbors and friends, Americans before members of any stupid party or other.

Meanwhile, my party affiliation does not, in any way, change the facts that have been presented about Mr. Kyrillos, Mr. Clifton and Ms. Handlin. I stand behind my work there, as well as Ms. Corley's. Unless you are saying I forged the documents provided regarding Mr. Kyrillos, I think your argument lacks sense. As for Mr. Clifton, he has already admitted taking the money from the PAC and is giving it back (albeit months AFTER the election).

I made my views plain about the GOP when Mr. Dowd was chairman and when Mr. Niemann became chairman. Mr. Niemann lied about most of his campaign promises, so I left the party. I did it in March, because I already knew that Mr. Azzolina's selection was being rigged by the county when Niemann wouldn't let Old Bridge's vote in.

In the meantime, the Founding Father believed in a two-party system. By all appearances, you believe in a one-party system. But, that's facism and I'm sure that's not what you're talking about...because that would be moronic.

Ms. Corley brought this site to my attention today and I am making my one and only response to it. I am not big on computers and have absolutely no use for this venomous nonsense anyway.

Accordingly, if you were something close to someone with any real commitment, you'd post your name. Frankly, your refusal to do such makes you someone trying to annoy. Well, go sit at the kids table and have a good day.

Jim Purcell

Thank you Mr. Purcell.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Jackie Corley at Bayshore Journalista likes to post ELEC reports on her blog, so I thought I'd post one on mine. Why, it's none other than her boss, Courier publisher Jim Purcell, who, in addition to being a journalist, has been Democratic Party Chairman in Union Beach since July 7. Why would an "impartial" journalist become a leader in one of the two major parties he reports on while still masquerading as an "impartial" journalist? This would explain his anti-Clifton, anti-Kyrillos, anti-Handlin screeds. And his strident pro-Aberdeen (read Democratic) stand in the ongoing dispute between that town and all-GOP Matawan over redevelopment of the train station area.
Some people have thought that Purcell's reasoning has been "Azzolina's Revenge", whereby Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina, Sr. (R-13) gets back at the Monmouth County Republican Organization for denying him the party's line at the Party's April convention. Azzolina went on to lose a close primary to Freeholder Amy H. Handlin.
Azzolina is also owner of The Courier.
The revenge theory loses steam when one finds out the fact that Purcell declared himself a Democrat in March, nearly a month before the convention! So Purcell couldn't have known the convention's result; indeed he couldn't have even voted for Azzolina in the primary if he wanted to, regardless of who got the party line.
Looks like ol' Jim's got his own agenda going on here.