Thursday, September 08, 2005


We have heard from Mr. Purcell. I believe his comments rate a post of their own. I give you Mr. Purcell:

Dear whoever you are:

I was neither secretive about my party affiliation when I was a Republican, nor am I about being a Democrat.

I cannot count the number of journalists involved with media, be it locally or nationally, who are also involved somehow with politics. It's not even close to being a new idea.

Locally, I certainly am far from being alone. As for my "objectivity," I treated Democrats equally when I was a Republican and I treat Republicans equally when I am a Democrat. No one from the Beach is concerned about this, because we do not practice the feral brand of politics practiced in other areas, which is one reason I reside in this community. We are neighbors and friends, Americans before members of any stupid party or other.

Meanwhile, my party affiliation does not, in any way, change the facts that have been presented about Mr. Kyrillos, Mr. Clifton and Ms. Handlin. I stand behind my work there, as well as Ms. Corley's. Unless you are saying I forged the documents provided regarding Mr. Kyrillos, I think your argument lacks sense. As for Mr. Clifton, he has already admitted taking the money from the PAC and is giving it back (albeit months AFTER the election).

I made my views plain about the GOP when Mr. Dowd was chairman and when Mr. Niemann became chairman. Mr. Niemann lied about most of his campaign promises, so I left the party. I did it in March, because I already knew that Mr. Azzolina's selection was being rigged by the county when Niemann wouldn't let Old Bridge's vote in.

In the meantime, the Founding Father believed in a two-party system. By all appearances, you believe in a one-party system. But, that's facism and I'm sure that's not what you're talking about...because that would be moronic.

Ms. Corley brought this site to my attention today and I am making my one and only response to it. I am not big on computers and have absolutely no use for this venomous nonsense anyway.

Accordingly, if you were something close to someone with any real commitment, you'd post your name. Frankly, your refusal to do such makes you someone trying to annoy. Well, go sit at the kids table and have a good day.

Jim Purcell

Thank you Mr. Purcell.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he became a Democrate because the freeholders wouldn't give him their PR job. You know, the one Bill Heine got.