Wednesday, December 27, 2006


According to today's (January 3, '07) APP, Director Bill Barham has the votes for another year.

Every year by state law the Board of Chosen Freeholders must select one of its members to serve as Director, and the time will soon be upon us.
Freeholder William C. Barham, the current director, has held the leadership for the past year, having succeeded Thomas J. Powers in the directorship. At the present time, it looks like two freeholders have emerged as contenders for the job. It is said that Barham would like another year at the helm, and Freeholder Lillian G. Burry is said to be actively interested in the directorship. Some GOP activists are said to like Freeholder Robert D. Clifton to be director, and Freeholder Anna C. Little as deputy director; it is unknown at this time whether Rob and Anna are interested. It is also not certain who has the votes to become director. One must be able to count to three. (votes)
What's your opinion? Who do you think will be director? Who would you like to see? Would a second year of Bill Barham bring continuity, or would we be in danger of an "imperial directorship" of one-man rule, as under the late Harry Larrison, Jr? Should it be rotated from year to year like the mayoralty in many towns? If so, who should be the next to step up? Lillian? Rob? Anna?
Let us know.

GERALD R. FORD, JR. 1913 - 2006

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Great Op-ed piece today (January 3, '07) by Chairman Adam Puharic. And where is Barbara McMorrow on all this??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

The staff at the Asbury Park Depress reads the Monmouth County Republican Blog, it's true. We have it on good authority that star reporter Bob "The Bald Avenger" Cullinane himself logs on frequently.
Over a week ago, this blog reported on the impending relocation of the Matawan Motor Vehicle Agency, Rebecca Aaronson, agent, to Hazlet's Airport Plaza Strip Mall, County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery, owner. Aaronson is also Scudiery's vice chairman.
This past Wednesday, the APP finally reported on the subject. Five days after we ran the story. Today (Dec. 23, '06), they ran another article and an editorial critical of the move.
What were they waiting for?

Thursday, December 21, 2006


Assemblyman Michael Carroll writes about the New Jersey Supreme Court and its serial rewriting of the State Constitution. The Court, which often uses "because we said so" as the legal basis for its decisions, has been compared by some Republicans to the Soviet Politburo.
This is an ongoing problem in this state, and is an issue for all of our legislators to ponder. The State Senate votes to confirm all judicial appointments. With open senate seats in the 11th and 12th districts, GOP committee members should press potential candidates on where they stand on judicial appointments. Senators should not unquestioningly confirm every hack the governor sends down the pipeline.
It is important that the checks and balances of three co-equal branches of government are not disrupted by a rogue branch, in this case the judiciary.

Friday, December 15, 2006


A vacant furniture store in Hazlet's Airport Plaza will be fallow no more. The state Motor Vehicle Commission, which has maintained an agency on Route 34 in Matawan for over 20 years, will be relocating to the Route 36 location in January.
Defeated former Democratic Freeholder candidate Rebecca Aaronson of Manalapan is the agent at that office.
It was not ascertained at press time whether Airport Plaza landlord and County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery would receive rent payments for the space, or if he was letting it out of the goodness of his heart.