Monday, October 22, 2012


    Last week we asked, "Who reads the Monmouth County Republican Blog?" The answer is, among others, Congressman Frank Pallone. Or, more likely, one of his minions.
    On Wednesday he was searching Monmouth County 287 (g) and found our July 2009 post on then-Sheriff Kim Guadagno getting the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office accepted into the Federal 287 (g) program. And today they were reading all about the fact that Frank Pallone ignored the League of Women Voters debate request.
    Keep reading, Frank. You might learn something.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


    It seems there is more coming out about the terrorist attack against our Consulate in Benghazi, Libya than President Barack Hussein Obama and his men are letting on. All too often the foreign media reports what the domestic mainstream media refuses to do. In this case, from England the Daily Mail reports on the fact that officials from the Departments of State and Defense were well aware in real time that there was a problem, yet opted to do nothing. 
    The Obama Administration has received criticism of its handling of the Benghazi incident, and has lost most credibility in the matter. First they attributed the attack to protests against an anti Islamic film, Innocence of Muslims. The Libyan government, however, asserted that it was, in fact a terrorist attack. The administration eventually came around, grudgingly, to this point of view. Better late than never...
    Congressional hearings have been held on the security failures of Benghazi. And, incredibly, Vice President Joe Biden claimed the administration didn't know! Then he attempted to blame the intelligence community. Then, on October 10, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the smartest woman in the world, publicly took responsibility for the failures. This was a clearly orchestrated political maneuver to divert responsibility from the administration, and a gamble on its part in pissing off the Clintons. Sen. John McCain asserted that the buck stops with the president and that the American people deserve answers.
    McCain is right. Obama's Democratic predecessor as president, Harry S. Truman, had a sign on his desk reading "The Buck Stops Here". President Truman, in his farewell address in 1953, explained, "The President--whoever he is--has to decide. He can't pass the buck to anybody. No one else can do the deciding for him. That's his job." Indeed, Obama himself invoked Truman back in July to criticize Mitt Romney! So we know he knows about it. Hell, even Jimmy Carter took responsibility for the failed attempted rescue of the hostages in Iran! 
    Bottom line: Libya is an overwhelmingly Muslim country in overwhelmingly Muslim North Africa. It recently overthrew the longtime dictatorship of Muammar Gaddafi, and it would appear that the new regime is at least nominally pro-American. Still, the region remains volatile, with the U. S. Embassy in Tripoli reporting many incidents for over a year leading up to the attack. Knowing this, the Obama Administration should have made diplomatic security a high priority, but it did not. After all, there was an election to win.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Our nation is the land of opportunity where those with ambition can form their own business. To be successful, one must have a solid business plan and market to generate income that exceeds expenses.

This month, battery manufacturer A123 Systems declared bankruptcy. This was a company that the President endorsed in April 2010, with a $249-million Federal grant. Despite having received a taxpayer bailout, General Motors decided to source batteries, for the Volt, from an established international company, instead of new American company that employed Americans.

Was cost a factor, was it quality, or a combination of the two, that caused GM to contract outside the US? There are always consumers who will pay a premium for quality. BMW and Porsche are all examples of high quality cars that are more expensive than American cars.

We would not purchase a lower quality American product that costs more than a foreign made one. As Americans, we expect the best from all of us, in how we work and what we provide to each other. Quality, hard work, and dedication are integral to our economic success. Accepting less than our best results in a mediocre economy.

Our American values are under attack from the President and his supporters in the Senate and House of Representatives. They call companies that generate a profit and keep the employees gainfully employed as "bad". Plus, they ignore the potentially criminal business failings of political cronies, such as MF Global. Why won't the Federal government investigate the former NJ Governor and Senator for losing accountability of over $600-million of investor money? A good leader with integrity would never consider losing hundreds of millions of dollars and laying off American workers as being acceptable.

This year, New Jersey will rise and step forward in a leadership role, to show the nation that we will no longer tolerate political corruption. We will elect a new President, Senator, and Representative for Congressional District 6 this November. This will send a clear message that integrity, transparency in government, and encouraging all Americans to give our best effort matters. Our children are our future, and we will provide them the opportunity to be successful.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


    Today's Newark Star-Ledger has an article about three Camden moms who are seeking better educational opportunities for their sons. They are asking Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf to declare the Camden city schools unconstitutional due to poor performance. The article states that they, "demanded that their children, and any of the system’s 15,000 students, be allowed to transfer to better schools".
    Article VIII, Section IV, Paragraph 1 of the New Jersey Constitution states: "The Legislature shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of free public schools for the instruction of all of the children in the State between the ages of five and eighteen years." This, prior to 1947, was Article IV, Section VIII, Paragraph 6.
    That amendment dates back to 1875! It has also been used by liberals in their quest to throw more and more money at failing urban schools.
    More money is clearly not the answer.
    Four years ago we wrote that once, "Camden was a bustling center of commerce and prosperity. Industry was booming, the city's inhabitants lived in solid, safe neighborhoods with leafy parks. Its mayors were not serially perp-walked from office. Indeed, someone may once have asked, where in New Jersey are Democrats doing a better job governing than Republicans are doing in Camden and Camden County? It is also notable that during its Democratic era, Camden has declined into a teeming slum, a place to escape from. Not only white flight, black flight too. And three out of the six most recent mayors were convicted of corruption."
    Unfortunately, while Camden's middle class was able to escape to more sedate places like Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Pennsauken, those with less means were trapped in a dangerous failed municipality. Corruption in City Hall led to dangerous streets and dysfunctional schools.
    The answer for New Jersey's urban schools is not to dump more money into the vortex of failing districts operated by the city's Democrat Party machine, it is to allow parents, at least those who care, to send their kids to schools where they will actually get an education.


    In yesterday's post we mentioned an interest by readers in Howell and Farmingdale. We've already addressed Farmingdale, but what's going on in Howell? It's been uncharacteristically quiet there.
    No Howellanche.
    We checked out the message boards and and all seems quiet. Been quiet for a while, too.There is in fact a local election there; the Republican candidates are William Gotto for mayor and Edward Guz for Council. The Tri-Town News did an article last Thursday. Mayor Bob Walsh, a Republican elected as an independent, is not seeking reelection.
    Howell is very important for winning Monmouth County elections and local G. O. P. harmony goes a long way toward victory in November.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Press Release from Anna C. Little for Congress. Posted by Pat Iurilli.
HIGHLANDS, NJ, October 12 – Incumbent Congressman Frank Pallone has failed to respond to a request from the League of Women Voters to attend a debate with Congressional Candidate Anna Little on October 28th.

"The voters in the Sixth District should not be ignored," said Little. "I am disappointed in Congressman Pallone's decision to avoid a debate. Because of redistricting, voters in the newly drawn Sixth Congressional District who were not previously represented by Congressman Pallone deserve the chance to see the candidates who are asking to represent them in Congress side-by-side discussing their perspectives on the critical problems we face in New Jersey and the nation. As an almost-24-year incumbent,” continued Little, “Congressman Pallone may feel as though he doesn't need to participate in the campaign process, but I believe that voters in the Sixth Congressional District should not be taken for granted."

When requested to participate in the debate, Little immediately and enthusiastically responded that she would attend. Little said that she is ready and willing to discuss the issues that are important to voters in the Sixth Congressional District: Jobs, the Economy, Taxes, and the Health Care Bill. Congressman Pallone has yet to respond. His failure to participate could cause the debate to be cancelled.

"I welcome the opportunity to debate the issues with the other candidates at any time and any place,” said Little. “I question Congressman Pallone's resistance to participate. Why is someone who was elected to represent the voters afraid to face the voters in a debate? New Jersey’s unemployment rate has climbed to 9.9 percent, the highest since 1977. Almost 10 percent of homeowners are 90 days or more behind on their mortgage payments, the second-worst delinquency rate in the nation. Voters cannot afford to be kept in the dark on economic issues any longer. It is time to face the voters and have an open and honest dialogue about the issues that concern them. I stand ready to debate Congressman Pallone and I urge him to join the rest of us in this important discussion.”

If Congressman Pallone does not respond in the affirmative, the league of Women Voters will cancel the debate. If that should happen, as long as the venue is still willing to host the debate, it will become an open town hall-style meeting. Candidates for the Republican and Democrat parties in congressional districts 4 and 12 were also invited to participate in the debate, but as only one of those four candidates has responded, the League of Women Voters has decided that as of yet there is no cause to hold the debate.

The debate is coordinated and sponsored by the League of Women Voters and will be held on October 28 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Temple Shalom of Aberdeen, 5 Ayrmont Lane at Church Street, Aberdeen, NJ 07747.

For more information about Anna Little for Congress, or to volunteer, please visit


    From time to time we take a look at where our readers come from. Some of it is pretty interesting. Last Wednesday someone googled a 2007 post on Brookdale's Larrison Hall.
    Howell still generates traffic, too. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were several Google searches about Howell topics, including the Howell Republicans and Joe DiBella. There also have been a number of hits on our post on the new council in Farmingdale.
    The Department of Defense has accessed this blog, as has the New Jersey Judiciary.
    A reader in Vancouver, Washington read our post on Freeholders in Washington State. Someone in Fair Haven, possibly Amy Mallet herself, found us by searching, you guessed it, Freeholder Amy Mallet!
    Two hits came from the Danskin Agency. Also one from the United Kingdom and two from Croatia related to Adam Puharic. Someone in Trivandrum, Kerala, India is interested in the Democrats 2011 funding. Someone in Qatar is interested in Democrat boss Vin Gopal.
    Interesting to see where our readers come from...

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


    It seems we see this every election cycle. The left trots out their usual rants about the terrible things that would happen if Republicans took office.
     "When you don't vote, you let another church explode. When you don't vote, you allow another cross to burn. When you don't vote, you let another assault wound a brother or sister. When you don't vote, you let the Republicans continue to cut school lunches and Head Start." 1998 Missouri Democrat Party ad.
    Among the more recent ones is the allegation that Tea Party activists are racist Ku Klux Klan members.
    Once again the left is engaging in revisionist history, which was used frequently in the Soviet Union. History was manipulated and rewritten to serve the ends of those in power.
    When the left, specifically the Democrat Party claims that Republicans would bring back the days of segregation, Jim Crow laws and even slavery itself, they ignore their own party's sordid history on the issue. All the pro-segregation politicians were Democrats. All of them. Orval Faubus, Bull Connor, Lester Maddox, the list goes on and on and on.
     Let's look at the Jim Crow laws. These laws were passed in a number of Southern states during the time after the departure of Federal troops from the South. Southern African-Americans were overwhelmingly Republican, and Southern Democrats pulled out all the stops to neutralize them as a threat to their power. The Ku Klux Klan was established as the terror wing of the Democrat Party. Soon the entire South became a one-party, third-world dictatorship under the Democrat Party. Until recent times the Democrats controlled every governor, every state legislature and every county government south of the Potomac. We're talking every seat here. Monopoly. No Republican could have participated because none were elected.
    So let's look at today. No Republican in any state legislature has introduced legislation to bring back Jim Crow segregation. No legislation has been introduced anywhere reinstituting slavery. Nowhere. Nobody has made any move to repeal the Thirteenth, Fourteenth or Fifteenth Amendments to the U. S. Constitution.
    We do, however, have an ongoing effort by the left to demonize black Republicans for not "behaving like a black should". Clarence Thomas, J. C. Watts, Gary FranksCondoleezza Rice and many others have felt the poison. There are even localized incidents of voter intimidation, for example by the New Black Panther Party in Philadelphia in 2008. Although they may look different from the KKK, they use similar tactics and the role they play in getting Democrats elected is the same. Their reward was the Obama Justice Department looking the other way and not prosecuting the offenders.
    So, the next time you hear the left whining about Republican racism, remember the truth of history.

Monday, October 08, 2012


    That was the title of the front-page above the fold article in Sunday's Asbury Park Press, which at times appears to be more of a 527 for the Democrats than a journalistic organ. In it they point out that for 30 of the last 33 years the Monmouth County Republican Party has won the Column 1 ballot position.
    The Press has a history of running this type of article for the purpose of bolstering their editorials endorsing Democrats for county office, in this case Michael Steinhorn for county clerk over Claire French. Such articles are often long on emotion and short on facts. Predictably, The Press consulted with a college professor for an expert opinion.
    The fact is, the selection of ballot position is set forth by state law, N. J. S. A. 19:14-12. It is all spelled out in minute detail and has been for decades. If The Press has a problem with how this is done, let them address it to the New Jersey Legislature. If Steinhorn feels that the selection process has in any way been compromised, it is his duty to report it to law enforcement and not just whine.
    Let's now look at a couple of passages from the statute:
     "Any legal voter of the county or municipality, as the case may be, shall have the privilege of witnessing the drawing."
     Ok, so it's done in public. That's easy. So was Mr. Steinhorn or any of his Democrat running mates present for the selection to see that it was on the up and up? Was County Democrat Boss Vin Gopal (who is not the G. O. P.'s pal)? For that matter, did the Asbury Park Press send a reporter to cover it? Not much of a watchdog, are they? More yip than woof.    
     "The drawing for the positions which the names of candidates and bracketed groups of names of candidates, nominated by petition for office, and for the columns which the political parties which made nominations at the next preceding primary election and for the general election shall occupy upon the general election ballot, shall be held at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the eighty-fifth day prior to the day of the general election."
    The 85th day prior???? That's August 13th! Two months ago! Yet they only print it now? Could The Press be more interested in performing an October surprise than in reporting the news? Hardly investigative journalism.
    The Press, while reporting that the G. O. P. got column 1 for 33 out of the past 30 years, fails to make the connection that this translates into additional votes. Who had Column 1 during the 3 consecutive years when Barbara McMorrow, John D'Amico and Amy Mallet were elected Freeholders? How about when Ellen K√§rcher defeated John Bennett for the 12th District Senate seat (not to mention the Dems sweeping the Assembly seats at the same time)? Democrats elected a lot of people to various offices during the 1980s. Running from column 2, Congressman Frank Pallone carried every municipality in his district for at least a decade until 2010 when Anna Little handily carried the Monmouth portion if the district and made serious inroads in Middlesex. And if having the first column was that important Why is Pasquale Menna the mayor of Red Bank and Jon Hornik the mayor of Marlboro?
    There was a time when the print media was openly partisan. You had Republican papers and Democrat papers, but they were open about their biases. You could "see them coming". Too, there usually wasn't a media monopoly in a market. Republican, Democrat and non-partisan papers competed for readership.
    Later, newspapers for the most part shed their party labels and became equal opportunity journalists. Both sides knew that if they didn't act properly it could be made public in the paper.
    For about a quarter century the trend has been toward the media carrying water for the Democrat Party and for left-wing causes. This differs from the old days of partisan newspapers because they are masquerading as unbiased. Additionally, newspapers are often owned by large corporations or trusts, creating a monopoly in a market. There is no daily competition anymore to the Asbury Park Press. None.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Congress has another early recess, unable to develop an annual budget with the specter of a drastic $600-Billion spending cuts taking effect in January, if sequestration is not repealed. The result of this polarized and divided House and S...
enate has resulted in business confidence decreasing, with many firms starting to lay off workers and not planning to increase work capacity.

One source of these divisions is the President's attempts to define voters as being either poor or in league with the "rich". The President spends too much time campaigning, rather than performing his elected duty in negotiating with the House and Senate to pass an annual budget.

What is needed is a vibrant economy with more people at work and being compensated properly. As productivity increases, people will earn more that also results in an increase of tax payments collected. With fewer people receiving unemployment, the government will also spend less.

Instead, the President continues to push for more taxes on the "rich", in the false hope of generating more "revenue". This flawed logic does not generate long term budget balance, but threatens the middle class, including union workers, and discourages American hard work.

Example, if an experienced union electrician is paid $50 per hour and works 40 hours per week for 50 weeks, they will earn $100,000 base income. If he works an additional 20 hours of overtime per week, at 1.5 times pay ($75 per hour) for 20 weeks, he will earn an additional $30,000, for a total of $130,000 per year. If his wife is an experienced nurse and earns similar pay for similar hours, the President and his liberal supporters define this hard working couple as being "rich" in earning a combined income of $260,000 per year. We in New Jersey would view this family as being middle class and hard working, and should not be punished with higher taxes. We also know how expensive it is to own a house, raise a family, and pay taxes in New Jersey. $260,000 pre-tax income is not enough to pay the mortgage, student loans, and care for the children.

At the RNC Convention, Condolezza Rice mentioned that we need "great teachers…, we have to have high standards for our kids, because self-esteem comes from achievement, not from lax standards."

With this statement, the former Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, states the importance of quality education that will help Americans, especially minorities, to improve their opportunity to obtain good paying jobs, and earn income that we view as middle class, but defined by the President and his liberal supporters as being "rich". Our elected officials should be promoting success, rather than belittling success and hard work as being "evil". We should be encouraging more Americans to earn more through honest, hard work and become "rich", along with promoting achievement through high standards.

A good elected official would be promoting quality education and achievement to improve the opportunity to succeed for all Americans. A good, caring President would negotiate with Congress to encourage a business climate where the unemployed are back to work with equitable paying jobs that would increase our nation's productivity.

America is built on the success of hard working Americans and we must continue to encourage equitable pay for honest work. We must unite our country instead of trying to define and divide us by income. We will elect a new President, Senator, and Congressional Representative for District 6 this November!

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