Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Congress has another early recess, unable to develop an annual budget with the specter of a drastic $600-Billion spending cuts taking effect in January, if sequestration is not repealed. The result of this polarized and divided House and S...
enate has resulted in business confidence decreasing, with many firms starting to lay off workers and not planning to increase work capacity.

One source of these divisions is the President's attempts to define voters as being either poor or in league with the "rich". The President spends too much time campaigning, rather than performing his elected duty in negotiating with the House and Senate to pass an annual budget.

What is needed is a vibrant economy with more people at work and being compensated properly. As productivity increases, people will earn more that also results in an increase of tax payments collected. With fewer people receiving unemployment, the government will also spend less.

Instead, the President continues to push for more taxes on the "rich", in the false hope of generating more "revenue". This flawed logic does not generate long term budget balance, but threatens the middle class, including union workers, and discourages American hard work.

Example, if an experienced union electrician is paid $50 per hour and works 40 hours per week for 50 weeks, they will earn $100,000 base income. If he works an additional 20 hours of overtime per week, at 1.5 times pay ($75 per hour) for 20 weeks, he will earn an additional $30,000, for a total of $130,000 per year. If his wife is an experienced nurse and earns similar pay for similar hours, the President and his liberal supporters define this hard working couple as being "rich" in earning a combined income of $260,000 per year. We in New Jersey would view this family as being middle class and hard working, and should not be punished with higher taxes. We also know how expensive it is to own a house, raise a family, and pay taxes in New Jersey. $260,000 pre-tax income is not enough to pay the mortgage, student loans, and care for the children.

At the RNC Convention, Condolezza Rice mentioned that we need "great teachers…, we have to have high standards for our kids, because self-esteem comes from achievement, not from lax standards." http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/29/transcript-condoleezza-rice-speech-at-rnc/

With this statement, the former Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice, states the importance of quality education that will help Americans, especially minorities, to improve their opportunity to obtain good paying jobs, and earn income that we view as middle class, but defined by the President and his liberal supporters as being "rich". Our elected officials should be promoting success, rather than belittling success and hard work as being "evil". We should be encouraging more Americans to earn more through honest, hard work and become "rich", along with promoting achievement through high standards.

A good elected official would be promoting quality education and achievement to improve the opportunity to succeed for all Americans. A good, caring President would negotiate with Congress to encourage a business climate where the unemployed are back to work with equitable paying jobs that would increase our nation's productivity.

America is built on the success of hard working Americans and we must continue to encourage equitable pay for honest work. We must unite our country instead of trying to define and divide us by income. We will elect a new President, Senator, and Congressional Representative for District 6 this November!

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