Monday, October 08, 2012


    That was the title of the front-page above the fold article in Sunday's Asbury Park Press, which at times appears to be more of a 527 for the Democrats than a journalistic organ. In it they point out that for 30 of the last 33 years the Monmouth County Republican Party has won the Column 1 ballot position.
    The Press has a history of running this type of article for the purpose of bolstering their editorials endorsing Democrats for county office, in this case Michael Steinhorn for county clerk over Claire French. Such articles are often long on emotion and short on facts. Predictably, The Press consulted with a college professor for an expert opinion.
    The fact is, the selection of ballot position is set forth by state law, N. J. S. A. 19:14-12. It is all spelled out in minute detail and has been for decades. If The Press has a problem with how this is done, let them address it to the New Jersey Legislature. If Steinhorn feels that the selection process has in any way been compromised, it is his duty to report it to law enforcement and not just whine.
    Let's now look at a couple of passages from the statute:
     "Any legal voter of the county or municipality, as the case may be, shall have the privilege of witnessing the drawing."
     Ok, so it's done in public. That's easy. So was Mr. Steinhorn or any of his Democrat running mates present for the selection to see that it was on the up and up? Was County Democrat Boss Vin Gopal (who is not the G. O. P.'s pal)? For that matter, did the Asbury Park Press send a reporter to cover it? Not much of a watchdog, are they? More yip than woof.    
     "The drawing for the positions which the names of candidates and bracketed groups of names of candidates, nominated by petition for office, and for the columns which the political parties which made nominations at the next preceding primary election and for the general election shall occupy upon the general election ballot, shall be held at 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the eighty-fifth day prior to the day of the general election."
    The 85th day prior???? That's August 13th! Two months ago! Yet they only print it now? Could The Press be more interested in performing an October surprise than in reporting the news? Hardly investigative journalism.
    The Press, while reporting that the G. O. P. got column 1 for 33 out of the past 30 years, fails to make the connection that this translates into additional votes. Who had Column 1 during the 3 consecutive years when Barbara McMorrow, John D'Amico and Amy Mallet were elected Freeholders? How about when Ellen Kärcher defeated John Bennett for the 12th District Senate seat (not to mention the Dems sweeping the Assembly seats at the same time)? Democrats elected a lot of people to various offices during the 1980s. Running from column 2, Congressman Frank Pallone carried every municipality in his district for at least a decade until 2010 when Anna Little handily carried the Monmouth portion if the district and made serious inroads in Middlesex. And if having the first column was that important Why is Pasquale Menna the mayor of Red Bank and Jon Hornik the mayor of Marlboro?
    There was a time when the print media was openly partisan. You had Republican papers and Democrat papers, but they were open about their biases. You could "see them coming". Too, there usually wasn't a media monopoly in a market. Republican, Democrat and non-partisan papers competed for readership.
    Later, newspapers for the most part shed their party labels and became equal opportunity journalists. Both sides knew that if they didn't act properly it could be made public in the paper.
    For about a quarter century the trend has been toward the media carrying water for the Democrat Party and for left-wing causes. This differs from the old days of partisan newspapers because they are masquerading as unbiased. Additionally, newspapers are often owned by large corporations or trusts, creating a monopoly in a market. There is no daily competition anymore to the Asbury Park Press. None.


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I see you have linked my blog. While I am not at all amused by your blog I am intrigued that one could even support the dangerous views that you do. Rest assured that the right is not long for this world!

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