Monday, October 15, 2012


    From time to time we take a look at where our readers come from. Some of it is pretty interesting. Last Wednesday someone googled a 2007 post on Brookdale's Larrison Hall.
    Howell still generates traffic, too. On Tuesday and Wednesday there were several Google searches about Howell topics, including the Howell Republicans and Joe DiBella. There also have been a number of hits on our post on the new council in Farmingdale.
    The Department of Defense has accessed this blog, as has the New Jersey Judiciary.
    A reader in Vancouver, Washington read our post on Freeholders in Washington State. Someone in Fair Haven, possibly Amy Mallet herself, found us by searching, you guessed it, Freeholder Amy Mallet!
    Two hits came from the Danskin Agency. Also one from the United Kingdom and two from Croatia related to Adam Puharic. Someone in Trivandrum, Kerala, India is interested in the Democrats 2011 funding. Someone in Qatar is interested in Democrat boss Vin Gopal.
    Interesting to see where our readers come from...

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