Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Holmdel Township Committeewoman Serena DiMaso has withdrawn her name from consideration for replacing Freeholder Amy Handlin, according to her letter in this week's Independent.
DiMaso listed her reason as her commitment to Holmdel Township and the realization that her "leadership skills will be crucial to putting Holmdel back on the right track." DiMaso has been mentioned as a front-runner for the mayor's chair when the Republicans retake the majority on the committee at January's reorganization.
Serena DiMaso is to be commended for keeping her priorities straight. She has made a decision based upon serving her constituents. She is an up and comer in the party and is a woman to watch for the future.

My source tells me that Serena DiMaso was chosen as Mayor of Holmdel on 1/2/06, with Dr. Rocco Pascucci as Deputy Mayor.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Last week I reported that Courier was planning an article on Middlesex County Democrat money going to the Monmouth County Republicans. At the time I pointed out that it would be interesting if it was not Jack Morris redux.
I picked up a copy of Courier and it is not Jack Morris redux.
In an interesting and well-researched article, reporter Jackie Corley writes about the connection between Middlesex County Democrat boss and former state Senator John Lynch, and Monmouth County developer John "Jack" Westlake.
This pair have partnered up and, using at least two business names, have made political contributions to, among others, the Monmouth County Republican Organization and several GOP campaigns in Monmouth County.
Illegal? No.
Wrong? In my book, yes.
Stupid? Oh, yeah.
This writer has been aware for several years that Monmouth County is a "battleground county" between the John Lynch faction and the George Norcross/Jon Corzine faction of the state Democrat Party. Recent primary activities in Manalapan and elsewhere have been but a few flare-ups of this intra-party "cold war."
The door was opened for this back in the 1980s when a Democrat-controlled Monmouth County Board of Freeholders appointed Jack Westlake as Clerk of the Board. Although Westlake was only in the job a few years, he and Freeholder Harry Larrison struck up a friendship. Larrison had many Democrat friends, among them County Administrator Robert J. Collins, former Hazlet Democrat boss Eugene M. Melody,Westlake and others.
Although a Democrat, Westlake was soon found at Republican events. This appears to have created the opportunity for Lynch, who appears to have had an interest in undermining County Democrat Chairman Victor Scudiery in order to gain control of the Monmouth County Democrat apparatus. Funding the Republicans, according to the Courier, may have been Lynch and Westlake's way of creating Democrat losses, thereby eroding support for Scudiery.
Ms. Corley's article is accompanied by an editorial by James Purcell who, as an active Democrat himself, takes umbrage at Democrat leaders in one county supporting Republicans in another.
I agree with him.
The purpose of a two-party system is to offer the voter a clear-cut choice in elections. This should not be blurred by backroom deals, or even the appearance of such.
My advice to finance chairs, treasurers, elected officials and candidates is this: Be careful who you accept or solicit donations from.
Just because you receive it doesn't mean you have to deposit it.
This applies to both parties; it was not long ago that the county Democrats under Scudiery were accepting donations from gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


During the 2005 13th District Assembly campaign the print media reported on a phony website called This site, started by Oompa-loompaesque publisher James Devine of Union County, was designed to make one think it was actually the site of Amy Handlin and Sam Thompson. When he was caught, he attempted to pass it off on a "high school student", (Yeah right.) and quickly took it down. The phony site was replaced by an anti-Handlin site which acknowledged it was Devine's work.
Well, the election's over and the site's still up; it is now a "sore loser" site.
He uses some real wingnut "explanations" as to why his candidate, former Assemblyman William Flynn, was defeated in the past election. He neglects the most obvious and logical one, however, that being that Flynn was a lousy legislator when he was in office and the only reason he lasted as long as he did was because he was carried by his superior running-mate, Richard Van Wagner. When Van Wagner was elected to the State Senate in 1983 (Defeating Sen. John Gallagher [R-13]), Flynn had to stand alone with then-Assemblywoman Jacki Walker in 1985. Both were defeated by Joe Azzolina and the late Joann Smith; the district has been Republican ever since.
Devine then whines about the fact that Handlin was endorsed by the Asbury Park Press. This quote is a real winner:

"It is hard to imagine that the best explanation for this is that Handlin got special treatment from Asbury Park Press editor Skip Hidlay because she is Jewish, but that is the most solid theory I have heard."

Ah, yes, when in doubt there's always the good ol' "Worldwide Jewish Conspiracy Theory." I suppose Devine's recommended reading includes The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (Now available in Arabic.) Mein Kampf is a great book to curl up in front of the fire with, isn't it Mr. Devine? Do you believe that all Jewish employees at the World Trade Center were told in advance by Mossad to take 9/11/01 off? Sicko. This puts you right in company with Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
That quote is a tough act to follow, he doesn't top it, but his closing is priceless, too:

"Donations will be deposited into the personal bank account of this website's owner/operator and will be used to defray expenses for research and reporting about the corrupt politicians to whom this site is dedicated. If funding reaches the level required for disclosure under New Jersey law, a political committee will be established specifically for that purpose. Until then, anyone who wishes to know the names of any or all contributors needs simply to ask."

His personal bank account? REALLY. If funding reaches the level required for disclosure? How do we know when funding reaches the level required for disclosure, Mr. Devine?
How about you do this: Get the proper forms from ELEC (downloadable) and report what you've got already. Anyone contributing to such a website should be prepared to stand up, take the sheet off their head and be known.

Devine is the publisher of several weekly newspapers in Union and Middlesex Counties, namely The News Record, The Patriot and the Atom Tabloid & Citizen - Gazette. I wonder whether the views he espouses at are the same as those on his editorial pages. I wonder if his readers know. I wonder if the towns and Union County, who publish their legal notices know.
If Flynn plays with people like Devine, then it's a good thing the voters of the 13th District rejected him!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Courier publisher and Union Beach Democrat Chairman Jim Purcell wrote an interesting column in his December 14 issue. In it he points out that there are Middlesex County Democrats who are making contributions to the Monmouth County Republicans. Purcell points out that this could be construed as the Middlesex Dems undermining the Monmouth Dems by supporting the Republicans.
Purcell states that this will be followed up by his paper. This assertion is also made by his star reporter, Jackie Corley, who blogs at Bayshore Journalista. Unless this is simply going to be "Jack Morris redux", this can be very interesting. I hope he also covers the Union County Democrat bucks being wheeled to the Monmouth County Democrats.
Purcell's approach is that of a Democrat wronged. He feels that Democrat funds should go to Democrat coffers. Fair enough.
Maybe the money should just stay in Middlesex County.
From a Republican point of view, this can be disturbing, too. If in fact there is Democrat money going into the Monmouth County Republican Party, GOP members have a right to ask whether our party is being co-opted and compromised by the opposition. If this is the case, the rank-and-file must then demand answers from the leadership when reorganization rolls around in June 2006.
Let's wait and see what's in the article(s) and what supporting evidence they use.

In other matters, it has come to my attention that the Monmouth County Republican Blog, along with Bayshore Journalista and Bayshore Planet, may be written about this week by Greg Bean of Greater Media Newspapers. Although it appears that this was met with some panic at the Courier, I welcome the opportunity. The Monmouth County Republican Blog has attempted to stick to the facts, as well as spur debate and be entertaining. I look forward to Mr. Bean's column.

Friday, December 16, 2005


The Asbury Park Press reports that former Marlboro Councilman and Democratic Party Boss Richard Vuola is heading for 50 months, that's four years, two months, in federal prison for various bribery and extortion charges, also for unlawful possession of a shotgun and filing false tax returns.
Vuola, already an ex-con, has a rap sheet going back nearly two decades; it includes convictions for false swearing on a nominating petition and assault on a police officer.
A known associate of gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero, Vuola had been revered in local Democratic Party circles as sort of a beloved "grandfather figure", and has chaired the Marlboro MUA.
The Press promises a more detailed story tomorrow.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


With the retirement of Freeholder Director Tom Powers, the Board of Freeholders must select a new director from among themselves. Amy Handlin, the deputy director for 2005, is expected to resign once sworn in as a freshman Assemblywoman.
The two names being mentioned for the top spot are Freeholders Ted Narozanick and Billy Barham. Narozanick is supported because of his length of service with the county, dating back to the 1950s. Barham supporters cite their man's business experience, youth and the fact that he is part of the new generation of freeholders.
Both men are highly capable of doing the job; the county wins either way. That makes the choice that much harder. Let me know what you think.

Monday, December 12, 2005


I wasn't going to go here.
So, why, over a month after the fact, am I writing on this topic? Because I've followed it in the papers, on other blogs, and just by talking to my fellow Republicans throughout Monmouth County.
Right after his loss to the Bozo-coiffed Jon Corzine, Doug Forrester blamed his defeat in the gubernatorial race to the unpopularity of President George W. Bush. I guess it was Bush's unpopularity that drove New York City's Republican Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg from office in a pounding defeat by the Groucho Marxesque Democrat Fernando Ferrer.
Oh. What's that? Bloomberg won? A landslide? Really? Guess that shoots that theory full of holes.
Bush was a minimal factor here, if at all. But there were many factors here that all New Jersey Republicans should pay close attention to, unless they want to see New Jersey become a total one-party state.
One factor was Forrester and his campaign. This is described very well in the Nov. 16 Asbury Park Press by Carl Golden, the former press secretary to two governors. Although Forrester tried to remain on message with his "30 in Three" property tax reform plan, towards the end he was seen as casting about, on stem cell research, abortion and the public statements of the former Mrs. Corzine, not to mention Forrester's going into defense mode over Corzine's attacks upon his business. Forrester should have had Corzine on the ropes on a multitude of issues, not the least of which is Corzine's ties to the Democrat bosses. But Doug blinked.
Other reasons go beyond Forrester or any one candidate.
What reasons? Hmmm. Well, how about party organization. In the major democrat counties (Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, Camden) there was a concerted get out the vote operation. The Democrats know their voters, and they know how to get them out, with paid "volunteers", buses and other methods which they find to be tried and true. These counties work towards a goal of putting the Democrat over the top statewide, whether it be for President, Governor or U. S. Senate. Republican counties are often happy simply to have the candidate carry their county, as if that county exists in a vacuum. So the Republican nominee may post a plurality in say, Monmouth or Sussex Counties, but it won't be nearly enough to offset the numbers in the Democrat counties. Still other counties, like Burlington, are very happy to elect Republicans to county positions, but regularly go Democrat for statewide office.
Party building. This is very related to party organization. The Democrats have been working hard to expand their party into formerly Republican areas, using every means at their disposal. "Wheeling" occurs when a party boss in one county writes a contribution to the party in a different county. While both parties do it, the Democrats have it honed to a science. So you have money from the Camden Democrats going to the Bergen Democrats, and from the Union Democrats to the Monmouth Democrats. (This happens on the town level too, folks.) The result of this is that the once Republican Bergen County is now strongly Democrat. Other areas where they have made inroads include Passaic, Union, Atlantic and Mercer. Not long ago places like Gloucester were Republican, and there are people alive today who can tell you about the Republican stronghold that was Camden County.
In contrast, Republican gains in Democrat counties have been more fleeting, as the few Republican Hudson County Freeholders elected in the 1980s; Republicans in Middlesex were able to gain a short-lived majority under the leadership of County Chairman Sam Thompson. And Mercer County just lost its last county-wide elected Republican, County Clerk Cathy DiCostanzo. Mercer Republicans actually had a pretty long run with County Executives Wilbur Mathesius and Robert Prunetti, but were never able to hold on to freeholder seats.
No organized popular statewide opposition. What I mean is like in the 90s with Hands Across New Jersey. While property taxes and corruption continue to bedevil the New Jersey taxpayer, along with high auto insurance which just never seemed to go away, there is no organized forum, populist if you will, for people to vent their frustrations. Certainly nothing big enough for the politicians to take notice. "Hands" began as a result of peoples' frustration with tax increases levied by former Democrat Governor James Florio; it mushroomed into a non-partisan movement which ultimately led to Florio's 1993 election loss to former Somerset County Freeholder Director Christine Todd Whitman. Although there are certainly major issues today in New Jersey, it seems that the Hands (that were) Across New Jersey have folded (If I'm wrong, please correct me!) , and nobody has felt strongly enough to start something new. A shame. Hands could have kept both parties in line.
I could keep going on. But the bottom line is, if Republicans want to ever see the inside of the Governor's Mansion again, or to be a U. S. Senator from New Jersey again, our party must actually stand for something, become much more dynamic and be more organized on a grass-roots level. Including turning blue counties red.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Spalliero Trail

Time to move on for the time being from Freeholder speculations. The ensuing "Howellanche" of traffic and comments was welcome, but there's other news going on out there, too.
Today we return to the ongoing tale of Monmouth County's gangsta developer, Anthony Spalliero. The Asbury Park Press is running a four-part series this week on the ups and downs of Spalliero's corrupt career.
An interesting characteristic of his career is the trail of violence which follows him. The latest example is that of the late Petra Johnson, Spalliero's ex-comare who died in Florida on November 20. It appears that Johnson, a recently recovering alcoholic, fell face-first into a trash can and inhaled the plastic bag, suffocating. Two black eyes were said to be the result of a fall while walking her dog.
Some have said that Johnson's death is an eerie parallel to the apparent suicide of Marjorie Alexander, mob boss Peter Gotti's moll.
Others, too, have not fared well when they crossed Spalliero.
In September, there was the 22-year-old Brookdale College student whom Spalliero attempted to "take for a ride."
In 2004, on Thanksgiving Day, County Corrections Officer Allan Brunner is said to have committed suicide in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Keyport. Brunner was to be interviewed by the FBI the following day with reference to political corruption in several Monmouth County towns. Eleven officials of both parties were later arrested in the big "Operation Bid Rig" bust. Some of these officials have had ties to Spalliero.
In 1998, Lino Fasio was killed along with Eric Shibla in a mysterious plane crash. Fasio had gotten into a vicious contest for control of the former Marlboro Airport. Spalliero wanted to build houses on the site. Fasio's plane allegedly struck a bird and crashed.
Maybe it was a bird that put the bag on Petra Johnson's head.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Some people are starting to express interest in the Freeholder vacancy expected when Amy Handlin resigns.
We have already heard from Rosemarie Peters; will she or won't she? A member of the Republican Committee reported to me that she had received a 2-page letter today from former Wall Township Mayor Robert McKenna. McKenna, who was active in the movement to replace former County GOP Chairman William F. Dowd, mentions hearing from Holmdel Township Committeewoman Serena DiMaso. And today I got an anonymous comment posted on this blog stating that former Aberdeen Township Committeeman Gus Toomey was throwing his hat in the ring. "Uncle Freddy" mentioned in the previous post some names from around the county such as Upper Freehold Township Mayor Salvatore Decidue, Hazlet Township Committeewoman Bridget Antonucci and Howell Township Mayor Joe DiBella. So far, nothing official from the last four, but that can change.
There is also an opening expected when veteran Freeholder Ted Narozanick is expected to not seek another term on the board.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Recently Monmouth County Republican Committee members received a telephone message supporting the candidacy of Middletown Deputy Mayor Rosemarie D. Peters for the vacancy to occur on the Board of Freeholders as a result of the election of Amy Handlin to the State Assembly. OK, all well and good. When a vacancy occurs people want to fill it. Mrs. Peters has as much a right as anybody else to throw her name in there.
Only she hasn't thrown her name in.
Yesterday (11/15) committee members received a call from Mrs. Peters herself saying that she hadn't authorized the calls, that she was flattered that the calls were made, and that she would make a decision soon as to just whether or not she's running.
So, what would prompt someone to make calls on behalf of an alleged candidate without first checking with that person first? It all seems very strange.
When a vacancy due to a resignation or death occurs on the Board of Chosen Freeholders, the County Executive Committee of the resigned or deceased member's party is convened by its chairman for the purpose of electing an interim replacement. This most recently happened in December 2004 with the resignation of the late Harry W. Larrison, Jr.; Freeholder William C. Barham bested the now-indicted Keyport Mayor John Merla for the spot at that time. Freeholder Handlin has indicated that she would resign from the Board if elected to the Assembly.
Middletown candidate would seem a logical replacement as Freeholder Handlin is a Middletown resident, but it's more complicated than that. Although Middletown has recently been a reliable GOP stronghold and is the largest municipality in Monmouth County, it no longer comprises as large a percentage of the county, due to growth in other townships, particularly in Western Monmouth County. Howell, in particular has seen quite a lot of growth, as has Marlboro. And being from a huge town is not everything, as Bill Barham is from Monmouth Beach, a smaller borough on the shore. Further, some Republicans may want to blunt the countywide power of former Middletown Mayor Peter Carton, who is the longtime GOP chairman in that township.
At this point I am not aware of any other people declaring themselves candidates for Amy's seat, but it's still early. There will be more. And as I learn their names, I will update.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Fending off a stiff challenge from Democrats, Freeholder William C. Barham and Colts Neck Township Committeewoman Lillian Burry were elected to three year terms on the Board of Chosen Freeholders Tuesday.
Republicans were also victorious in the 11th District, where Assemblymen Steve Corodemus and Sean Kean were reelected; in the 12th District Jennifer Beck and Declan O'Scanlon bested Democrats Michael Panter and Dr. Robert Morgan. (UPDATE! PANTER HAS WON, DEFEATING O'SCANLON BY 65 VOTES. O'SCANLON CARRIED THE MONMOUTH COUNTY PART OF THE DISTRICT, WHILE PANTER CARRIED THE MERCER COUNTY PART. PANTER'S PLURALITY IN MERCER ERASED O'SCANLON'S IN MONMOUTH. O'SCANLON WILL FILE FOR A RECOUNT ONCE THE TOTALS ARE CERTIFIED.) In the 13th District, Assemblyman Sam Thompson was reelected, and Freeholder Amy Handlin will go to Trenton in place of veteran Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina.
On the town level was a mixed bag, with Democrats winning in Matawan, Manalapan and Hazlet, an independent winning Howell, and Republicans winning Holmdel, Red Bank, Marlboro and Millstone. Wall split between an R and a D, and Aberdeen saw Democrats reelected by less than 100 votes.
The 13th District race saw opposition to Handlin's candidacy by supporters of Azzolina, who Handlin defeated in the June primary. To make matters even more exciting, we saw examples of the "partisan print media", including such Democratic
journalists as Union Beach Democratic Chairman Jim Purcell and Union County Democrat James Devine. Purcell is associated with Azzolina but appears to have his own agenda apart from Azzolina's. The diminutive, oompa-loompa-esque Devine is a longtime associate of the defeated William E. Flynn, serving as an aide to Flynn in the 80s. Devine was also associated with former Democratic 4th District congressional candidate James C. Hedden. Hedden, a former Mercer County freeholder, saw his campaign crumble when prank phone calls to Rep. Christopher H. Smith's (R-4th) campaign headquarters were traced to Hedden's headquarters.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Republican leader tied to controversial religious group
During last year's Monmouth County Freeholder race, Republicans had a bone to pick with Democrats after a derogatory comment about women made by one of the Democrat candidates years earlier, was made public.
This is really lengthy; read more here.

And then this lib clown's response is priceless:

At 4:32 PM, The Big Professor said...
Attacking a man because of his religious beliefs. Wow. That's pretty low.

Ms. Corley, you may feel that you are serving the cause of progressivism with your article, but trust me you're not. You are playing right into the hands of the right wingers who paint all of us with the same broad brush of atheism and overall anti-religion.So what if this man belongs to some little known Roman Catholic splinter group. So what!
Were he Amish would you have written the same story? Or a Chassidic Jew? Both sects, one ostensibly Christian like the so-called People of Hope, the other Jewish, advocate similar views of male dominance, close-knit communities, etc. Are they cults? And how about Islam, arguably a cult in anyone's book. Had he been Daniyullah al-Galiq instead of Dan Gallic would you still have run this piece? And would he have met with your approval were he, say, a Unitarian Universalist or atheist?
What would you propose be done, Ms. Corley? Ban cults? Can't ban them outright, but if their activities cross the line of illegality, Law Enforcement will step in. Ban religions that border on cultishness? Where do you draw that line? Find the People of Hope compound and have federal agents lay siege to it, then torch it like Waco and incinerate all occupants, men, women and children? Or, like in pre-revolutionary times, establish a religious test for potential officeholders? Expand that to political party staffers? What?
I am not familiar with your newspaper, but it seems that this editor of yours harbors a hateful grudge against the Republicans of your area. Fine. Take this as advice from one progressive to another that attacking your opponents' religious belief system or lack thereof is just dirty pool.
Finally, you contradict yourself. While castigating Gallic for suppressing women, you also castigate him for promoting this Amy Handlin, who would appear to be rather progressive, at least as Republicans go. From what I've read she would appear to be more of a Rockefeller than a Goldwater Republican; and if at 23 you don't know who they were, Google their names or ask your editor. So is he pro-woman or anti-woman? Which is he? You can't have it both ways.

So "La Journalista" has to explain herself to the big, liberal professor:

At 6:29 PM, Jackie Corley said...
Well, that's a mouthful.

The stories I was told by the former members of the group I spoke to were quite troublesome, in my opinion. And, in fact, I kept out most of the more shocking details out of print.
And no, I'm not a "liberal atheist." I was raised Catholic.
Our paper isn't anti-Republican. In fact, I did what I consider a non-controversial and friendly background piece on Sean Kean and Steve Corodemus last week, and I will be writing a non-controversial background piece on Lillian Burry next week.
I respect most of the Republican and Democrat leaders I come across.
It's not my place to dictate what should be done with "cults" or alleged "cults." It is only my place as a reporter to inform.
When a religious belief system becomes the backbone of a party instead of guiding that party's sensibilities, as the Founding Fathers intended, the public has every right to know and can assess the information as they see fit.
Of course, if you don't care for the information our newspaper is putting out to the public you can use the power of the purse and proudly snap yours shut and not purchase it.
My best,Jackie Corley


At 2:43 AM, Jackie Corley woke up and said...
More importantly, I think any group or organization that seems to espouse the subjugation of women should not be free from criticism simply because the group or organization is religious in nature.

As campaign manager for Ms. Handlin and Mr. Clifton, Mr. Gallic very effectively made use of Mr. Morlino's "women should be muzzled" comment.
The following is his statement to a local newspaper, The Independent:
"Gallic said the information used in the mailed fliers and newspaper advertisements was taken from official minutes of the meeting at which Morlino made the remark. He defended using the remark and said it was a 'peek at his [Morlino’s] soul.'
"Gallic said the fact that Morlino made the remark because he was angered by the heckling he was receiving from two women attending the meeting was telling and 'not a trivial point.'
"'It was not all that long ago that women were not allowed to own property, let alone vote,' Gallic said, adding that Morlino’s remark 'goes back to a very deep-seated belief in some people that women can’t handle public affairs.'"

And then Honest Abe said:


Thursday, October 06, 2005


Aaronson and McMorrow Smoke Screen Not Working
Their track records are very clear, even as they blow smoke about how much they can do for Monmouth County.

October 6, 2005 - The Random House Dictionary defines a smoke screen as “something intended to disguise, conceal, or deceive; camouflage” and that is just what Rebecca Aaronson and Barbara McMorrow are doing, hoping to conceal their track records with inaccurate attacks on how Monmouth County is being run. Let’s take a look at their track records as we peer behind their wall of smoke and mirrors!
We only seem to hear from Ms. McMorrow in press releases, and that might be because she probably doesn’t want everyone to find out about her existing government pension and how her work as a Freeholder would add to that. She’s come out against padding income from government jobs, but that only seems to apply to others, not her. Double standards are never good.
On the topic of double standards, let’s look at Rebecca Aaronson’s track record as an elected official. We do hear from Rebecca an awful lot, but it’s never to address her own ethics issues. She called for a review of government agencies, but hasn’t answered as to why she won’t join the chorus calling for an investigation into the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, even as they hit taxpayers for a 33% fee increase. Why so silent, Ms. Aaronson?
We’re also waiting for Rebecca to step up and tell us about the $150,000 campaign donation she took from indicted developer Anthony Spalliero whose projects she’s backed in Manalapan. Yes, Rebecca, we know about that, too. How could you think nobody would find out? Bad girl!
So, if Aaronson and McMorrow say they’re against corruption and pension padding and claim they want ethics reform, all election time buzzwords, why are their track records so contrary and so bad? Actions speak louder than words and nobody’s being fooled!

Thursday, September 15, 2005



Contact: Tom Wilson
September 14, 2005
(609) 989-7300

TRENTON - At a Statehouse press conference today, NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson and NJGOP Counsel Mark Sheridan presented potential evidence of massive voter fraud in New Jersey.“New Jersey is in grave danger of becoming the next Florida or Ohio and Peter Harvey has done nothing to stop it. Four months ago, we raised serious concerns about the enforcement of election law in New Jersey to the Attorney General’s staff. To date we have received no response. In an effort to determine if our concerns were well founded, we conducted our own investigation into whether New Jersey’s elections laws are being enforced. The results are disturbing and they highlight Peter Harvey’s total failure to perform his duties as the state’s top elections official.Our investigation has uncovered evidence of people voting twice in the same election, dead people registered to vote, tens of thousands registered more than once in New Jersey and hundreds of thousands registered in New Jersey and other states. The information we have compiled proves that New Jersey’s elections are susceptible to widespread voter fraud. There are less than eight weeks until the next election; it is incumbent upon the Attorney General to immediately take steps to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.”


54,601 people registered to vote in more than one county in New Jersey.

4,397 appear to have voted twice in 2004 Election. 170,558 people registered to vote in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania or South Carolina.
Of those, 90,025 voted in New Jersey in the last general election.

6,572 appear to have voted in both states in 2004 Election. 16,775 Individuals “officially” listed as deceased were registered to vote in the last general election.

4,755 are listed as having voted in November 2004.

13,440 are still registered to vote as of May 1, 2005.

Earlier today, Republican State Committee delivered a letter to New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey that details the findings of an investigation conducted in New Jersey’s election and voter registration and calls on him to take immediate steps to remedy the myriad of problems with New Jersey’s voter registration system. Republican State Committee also provided the Attorney General with all of the evidence found through its research. This includes the names, addresses and dates of birth of individuals who: are registered in more than one county in New Jersey; are registered in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina; are listed as deceased on official records; voted twice in the same election; are incarcerated and still registered to vote. A copy of the letter is attached to this release. Click Here.


For more breaking news and other information, please visit us on the Web at

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Letter from Bertha Sumick, Clerk of Elections: Hurricane Relief

Dear Friends,

About eighty members of my family, ranging in age from eighty two to four months, lived in and around New Orleans, Louisiana. As of Tuesday, they are all accounted for, but displaced. Four families are in one house in Covington, Louisiana, three in one house in Baton Rouge, four families in an apartment in Denham Springs, two families in an apartment in Baton Rouge, four families in Texas, two families in Florida, two families in a house in La Place, etc.

They are all proud, hard working, middle class families. They now have no homes or severely damaged homes, no jobs, no schools and no churches. It is a tragedy, but they will overcome.

Our family has been in New Orleans since the mid-1800's. They were almost all Irish who worked on the Mississippi River and the docks. Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in the Irish Channel section of New Orleans.They will not leave. It's home. Our grandparents, William and Matilda Devine, better known as Willie and Tillie, had six daughters, Ruth, Catherine, Mary, Bertha, Irene and Dorothy. Irene died in infancy, but the rest have always remained close.

My mother married my father, a Protestant New Jersey Yankee in 1944 while he was in the military during World War II. Neither family was happy. Both families fought in the Civil War, but on different sides. They finally got over it. I am the only Yankee living north of Baton Rouge.

Today I opened a non-profit account, "Devine Family Hurricane Relief". The Red Cross and Salvation Army do a wonderful job, but I want to send the money directly to where it is needed without a middle man.

Whatever help you can give me, letting people know, will be greatly appreciated by me and my family. Please contact me at:

Thank you.

Bertha Sumick
Clerk of Elections

Saturday, September 10, 2005


A good place for him! Anthony Spalliero, the gangsta developer, had his bail revoked yesterday by Federal Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo, according to The Asbury Park Press, and other sources. Spalliero was released on $250,000 bond on May 3; his son Vincent put up property on Angel St., Aberdeen to secure "Mr. Marlboro's" release.
Spalliero will remain in jail until his October trial, and hopefully long after that.


Let this stand as a message to any politician who becomes infatuated with the criminal life. "The Sopranos" is a TV show - it's not real. They're actors playing a part. Spalliero, Palughi, etc are real. Real thugs. The Feds are real, the judges are real and the Federal prisons are real.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Gangsta developer Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero was arrested Monday by Brookdale Community College Police, according to the Asbury Park Press. It appears that he and an associate attempted to take a 22-year old coed "for a ride", utilizing a gun for encouragement. Fortunately, a College Police officer was on bike patrol and, hearing the woman's screams, responded. Spalliero and his associate, who is still at large, took off.
Today's Press enumerates the charges against Spalliero: Possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose, making terroristic threats, and aggravated assault.
Spalliero is out on $150,000. bail; he was already out on $250,000. bail for four counts of Federal bribery charges as a result of the F. B. I.'s Operation Bid Rig.
Operation Bid Rig is an ongoing Federal investigation which involved the arrest of a multitude of local and county officials and has had such interesting side notes as a County Corrections Officer eating his gun (Or was it fed to him?) and a mysterious plane crash.


We have heard from Mr. Purcell. I believe his comments rate a post of their own. I give you Mr. Purcell:

Dear whoever you are:

I was neither secretive about my party affiliation when I was a Republican, nor am I about being a Democrat.

I cannot count the number of journalists involved with media, be it locally or nationally, who are also involved somehow with politics. It's not even close to being a new idea.

Locally, I certainly am far from being alone. As for my "objectivity," I treated Democrats equally when I was a Republican and I treat Republicans equally when I am a Democrat. No one from the Beach is concerned about this, because we do not practice the feral brand of politics practiced in other areas, which is one reason I reside in this community. We are neighbors and friends, Americans before members of any stupid party or other.

Meanwhile, my party affiliation does not, in any way, change the facts that have been presented about Mr. Kyrillos, Mr. Clifton and Ms. Handlin. I stand behind my work there, as well as Ms. Corley's. Unless you are saying I forged the documents provided regarding Mr. Kyrillos, I think your argument lacks sense. As for Mr. Clifton, he has already admitted taking the money from the PAC and is giving it back (albeit months AFTER the election).

I made my views plain about the GOP when Mr. Dowd was chairman and when Mr. Niemann became chairman. Mr. Niemann lied about most of his campaign promises, so I left the party. I did it in March, because I already knew that Mr. Azzolina's selection was being rigged by the county when Niemann wouldn't let Old Bridge's vote in.

In the meantime, the Founding Father believed in a two-party system. By all appearances, you believe in a one-party system. But, that's facism and I'm sure that's not what you're talking about...because that would be moronic.

Ms. Corley brought this site to my attention today and I am making my one and only response to it. I am not big on computers and have absolutely no use for this venomous nonsense anyway.

Accordingly, if you were something close to someone with any real commitment, you'd post your name. Frankly, your refusal to do such makes you someone trying to annoy. Well, go sit at the kids table and have a good day.

Jim Purcell

Thank you Mr. Purcell.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Jackie Corley at Bayshore Journalista likes to post ELEC reports on her blog, so I thought I'd post one on mine. Why, it's none other than her boss, Courier publisher Jim Purcell, who, in addition to being a journalist, has been Democratic Party Chairman in Union Beach since July 7. Why would an "impartial" journalist become a leader in one of the two major parties he reports on while still masquerading as an "impartial" journalist? This would explain his anti-Clifton, anti-Kyrillos, anti-Handlin screeds. And his strident pro-Aberdeen (read Democratic) stand in the ongoing dispute between that town and all-GOP Matawan over redevelopment of the train station area.
Some people have thought that Purcell's reasoning has been "Azzolina's Revenge", whereby Assemblyman Joseph Azzolina, Sr. (R-13) gets back at the Monmouth County Republican Organization for denying him the party's line at the Party's April convention. Azzolina went on to lose a close primary to Freeholder Amy H. Handlin.
Azzolina is also owner of The Courier.
The revenge theory loses steam when one finds out the fact that Purcell declared himself a Democrat in March, nearly a month before the convention! So Purcell couldn't have known the convention's result; indeed he couldn't have even voted for Azzolina in the primary if he wanted to, regardless of who got the party line.
Looks like ol' Jim's got his own agenda going on here.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Yesterday's Supreme Court decision, Kelo v New London, will go down in history as one of the worst decisions in decades. I won't ramble on here, as other conservative bloggers have covered this quite well.
I will, however, point out that this has developers absolutely silly with glee. Nobody's safe in Long Branch, Asbury Park, Red bank, Keyport or anywhere else politicians want to confiscate houses and land for "gifts" to their big developer cronies. Picture how Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero must feel. Now he doesn't have to actually buy land for development; now he only needs to buy town officials. Yes, I know that Marlboro's new administration is on the straight & narrow; believe me, Spalliero and his ilk will just move their operation elsewhere like Howell or Aberdeen.
Five words of advice to property owners, here in New Jersey and elsewhere: Be afraid; be very afraid.


A Certain Slant of Light has addressed this issue from the "A man's home is his castle" viewpoint. Very valid. I would point out that by this court decision the "Lord of the Castle" has been reduced to serfdom.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Supporters of former Jersey City Mayor Bret D. Schundler's unsuccessful bid for the G.O.P. gubernatorial nomination did not miss the fact that Bogotá mayor Steve Lonegan's candidacy echoed that of former independent presidential candidate H. Ross Perot. Perot ran as an independent for President in 1992 and was seen as siphoning votes away from President George H. W. Bush's reelection campaign, enabling the election of William Jefferson Davis Clinton.
Lonegan, a supporter of Schundler in 2001, is said to have had a falling out with the former Jersey City mayor, a conservative reformer. Lonegan's votes exceeded Forrester's margin of victory over Schundler. Lonegan has stated that his main intent was to deprive Schundler of the nomination. There are theories as to why Lonegan would go to all that trouble. One was that Lonegan was approached by Democrats eager to stop Schundler, whom they feared in a general election. Lonegan, mayor of an otherwise Democrat town, may have feared the fact that millions of Democrat dollars have been wheeled into Bergen County and that some of that funding would become available to a future mayoral opponent of his. He would have been agreeable to use his falling out with Schundler to remain in office locally.


Well, it was a long and sometimes bitter Primary, but we now have a standardbearer for the fall election against multimillionaire Democrat Jonathan Stevens Corzine. Although Douglas R. Forrester was not my choice (Your scribe supported Bret Schundler), he did receive a plurality of votes and won. Forrester has his work cut out for him; a millionaire like the Bozo-coiffed Corzine, his wealth still pales in comparison to his opponent's. Defeating Corzine will involve party unity as well as more specifics from Forrester.


I'm just starting this site today. It is my hope that this serves as a constructive forum for GOP issues. This is not a "malcontent" site; I am in support of Chairman Fred Niemann and what he is trying to accomplish with the organization.From time to time I will be posting new threads as events dictate.