Friday, December 16, 2005


The Asbury Park Press reports that former Marlboro Councilman and Democratic Party Boss Richard Vuola is heading for 50 months, that's four years, two months, in federal prison for various bribery and extortion charges, also for unlawful possession of a shotgun and filing false tax returns.
Vuola, already an ex-con, has a rap sheet going back nearly two decades; it includes convictions for false swearing on a nominating petition and assault on a police officer.
A known associate of gangsta developer Anthony Spalliero, Vuola had been revered in local Democratic Party circles as sort of a beloved "grandfather figure", and has chaired the Marlboro MUA.
The Press promises a more detailed story tomorrow.


The Big Professor said...

If you would let a "lib clown" as you derisively call me say my piece:
It is precisely people like this Vuola who set the Democratic Party and progressive principles back. It is important for progressives to be people of vision and ideas who are above reproach. Our ideas must not be waylaid along the road to fruition by corrupt, self-serving profiteers; as they must not be waylaid by so-called progressives who play into the hands of reactionaries like you.

Anonymous said...

Honest Abe are you Dan Gallic?

Honest Abe said...


Rick said...

He got off light.

He's going right where every crooked politician ought to go...JAIL.

The Big Professor said...

I would further illuminate to you that the tawdry behavior of the so-called Republicans posting upon other threads of yours is indicative of the quality of government you in Monmouth County demand. I am ecstatic that I do not reside there. Our elected officials here in Middlesex County are honest, responsible, and most of all, adults!

Keansburg said...
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Honest Abe said...

Nice try, "Keansburg." Your IP comes back as Howell, NJ, not Keansburg.

Howell is home to a lot of talented, hard-working Republicans. It is high time we had a freeholder from Howell, however, with the antics of people like "Keansburg" and others, the credibility of the entire town is shot.
Get your act together, try and stay united, and see some good things happen.

Rick said...
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Rick said...

Nicely done Honest Abe!

I was watching the IP's too.

I run a mildly popular website in Howell and I can certainly relate to the childishness. I had my hands full trying to keep topics civil during this past election cycle....

I agree with many talented people but such divisiveness and in-fighting amongst them. Too bad for Howell.


Honest Abe said...

Thanks, Rick. Sue Veitengruber is a controversial figure who has made her bed and must lie in it. But what I find interesting is the pathological obsession that many in Howell have with her.
Time to get over it, people.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Thank you, Honest Abe. It is unfortunate that a FEW Howell individuals have tried to use web site for their own personal agenda, probably in retaliation for my support of Bob Walsh for councilman.

Rick is right. Their are many talented people in the Republican party in Howell, but many of them are not interested in building the big tent.

It will be interesting to watch not only the Spalliero investigation evolve, but also the Lynch-Westlake investigation and where that will lead in Monmouth County.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue V
#1 I highly doubt anyone is using this site for retaliation of your participation in an Independant's run for Howell's township committee. It is more likely the Republicans did not want your support.
#2 "Rick" is right, there are very talented Republicans in Howell. They appear to be building, and have building quite a big tent. It is more likely the Republicans do not want you under the tent or even holding a pole.

Honest A
This is in direct comment to Sue V's assumptions as stated above. If you delete this post, I hope hers will be removed, for the same reasons. And by the way...this "anonymous" is not from Howell. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your articles.