Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Courier publisher and Union Beach Democrat Chairman Jim Purcell wrote an interesting column in his December 14 issue. In it he points out that there are Middlesex County Democrats who are making contributions to the Monmouth County Republicans. Purcell points out that this could be construed as the Middlesex Dems undermining the Monmouth Dems by supporting the Republicans.
Purcell states that this will be followed up by his paper. This assertion is also made by his star reporter, Jackie Corley, who blogs at Bayshore Journalista. Unless this is simply going to be "Jack Morris redux", this can be very interesting. I hope he also covers the Union County Democrat bucks being wheeled to the Monmouth County Democrats.
Purcell's approach is that of a Democrat wronged. He feels that Democrat funds should go to Democrat coffers. Fair enough.
Maybe the money should just stay in Middlesex County.
From a Republican point of view, this can be disturbing, too. If in fact there is Democrat money going into the Monmouth County Republican Party, GOP members have a right to ask whether our party is being co-opted and compromised by the opposition. If this is the case, the rank-and-file must then demand answers from the leadership when reorganization rolls around in June 2006.
Let's wait and see what's in the article(s) and what supporting evidence they use.

In other matters, it has come to my attention that the Monmouth County Republican Blog, along with Bayshore Journalista and Bayshore Planet, may be written about this week by Greg Bean of Greater Media Newspapers. Although it appears that this was met with some panic at the Courier, I welcome the opportunity. The Monmouth County Republican Blog has attempted to stick to the facts, as well as spur debate and be entertaining. I look forward to Mr. Bean's column.


Irene said...

I think their panic might be justified. A little birdie told me that Azzolino is thinking of selling his paper. Mr Bean might become Mr Boss.

Honest Abe said...

Now, now.

Jackie Corley said...

Too cute. It'd be fun to make a list of supposed items in the newspaper biz or politics, but it'd be a long list indeed. Apparently, I'm in distinguished company. The last person an anonymous on-line poster linked with Purcell was Keansburg's own Drew Murray. I'll let that image dance around in your heads some.

Anywho -- the article's not gonna be a Jack Morris redux (he's briefly mentioned, though). I think it's fair to say both Dems and Rs will get some mud thrown on 'em with this one.

Anonymous said...

I bet it'll be something scandalous like about John Westlake and Lynch, like that's original investigative reporting from the Courier. Why doesn't Corley do an investigation into who Enron contributed to--I heard that hasn't been written about, or better yet, how about John Merla or Terrence Wall. There's a heck of a lot more on them then anyone the Courier has gone after. Sorry, I forgot, those are the Courier's friends. Who has Azzolina accepted contributions from?

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea that sounds crazy...how about if the Republican chairman of Monmouth NOT accept money from the Middlesex county boss. For that matter, how about if the Monmouth County Organization not accept money from the Middlesex Democrats. Let me think why...hmmm ...this is a toughy. Oh yeah! This way we can know the races aren't fixed! Gee, I mean, why would a stupid old thing like money tempt a Republican boss or a Democratic boss to sell their parties down the river. No, that's just too way out there as an idea.

Anonymous said...

Honest Abe is starting to get a good rap around town, so I think I'll show up and say hi and put some things to bed here. For Irene: Sorry, no plans for sale, the love fest is just going to keep on coming. In fact, last week we were thinking about sucking up to the area big shots and getting them to like us...then we all laughed pretty loud and got serious and went back to planning our week. As for the other anonymous, you're a moron (worse yet, a soft-handed little wuss of an "anonymous" who is involved wioth politics probably because he can't find that mail order bride from Asia that's just right for his faily photo. I'm surprised Abe let you put that crap up, besides, Scott, it's not a big secret about your axe to grind. Here's a hint, stop playing on your little computer and get a real job...and stop living with mommy and daddy -- it's pathetic. As for "anyonymous," I don't want to hedge my bet, but I think the Courier is worth its 40 cents this week. I'm sure you'll either love it or hate it, but isn't that the way of then truth? It's like how Met fans refuse to believe that their team is pretty much the opening act for the Yanks. Abe, I hear we don't agree and that's good. From your photo I woudln't want to be in agreement with a guy who dresses like you and keeps a beard without a moustache. But, you're keeping it interesting and that's pretty good. I must say you are a dead ringer for Lincoln in the photo. Jim Purcell