Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Holmdel Township Committeewoman Serena DiMaso has withdrawn her name from consideration for replacing Freeholder Amy Handlin, according to her letter in this week's Independent.
DiMaso listed her reason as her commitment to Holmdel Township and the realization that her "leadership skills will be crucial to putting Holmdel back on the right track." DiMaso has been mentioned as a front-runner for the mayor's chair when the Republicans retake the majority on the committee at January's reorganization.
Serena DiMaso is to be commended for keeping her priorities straight. She has made a decision based upon serving her constituents. She is an up and comer in the party and is a woman to watch for the future.

My source tells me that Serena DiMaso was chosen as Mayor of Holmdel on 1/2/06, with Dr. Rocco Pascucci as Deputy Mayor.


Rick said...


Does this pave the way for Rosemarie Peterson to become a Freeholder?


Anonymous said...

Hey Rick, good to see you leave your own web site every one in a while. The "peace" is your signature mark so its good to see you out here. Never knew you were a Republican. You claim to be an Independnet. If this is the case, why bother with us Republican low lifes?

Rick said...

"low lifes"???

Your words...not mine.

For the record: I believe there are some fine Republicans in Monmouth county. The problem is the corruption that takes place gives them ALL a black eye.

My politcal philosophy is probably 90% Republican. However, seeing what party politics has done to the County I love over the last 20 years, I simply have no choice but to go Independant.

Why do you post anonymously? I don't allow anyone to post on my website without using real names(and I verify ALL of them). It tends to keep the mean-spirited, nastiness to a minimum.

If I can give a shameless plug, my website is:


Anonymous said...

Rick, I've seen your site, and it changes by the minute because you delete stuff that you don't like. You are clearly playing your political edge. YOU delete everything and anything that is deneigrating to your cronies or ideas that are different than yours. That is common knowledge around Howell and the county actually.
Also you repeatedly allow certain persons to post negatively or better yet, ATTACK choice persons. How nice of you, that is not mean-spirited at all.

As for anonymous postings on a blog...that is very different than on a message-board such as yours. Blogs are like journals where others can reply to your journal entry -it is not a message board- it is a diary. BTW Honest Abe is anonymous but, at least he leaves differing opinions and does not try to play the politics game as you are doing. But hey, at least we know it is Rick's site and Rick's views, and Ricks politics, HA!

Honest Abe said...

I expected that when I posted a freeholder-related thread that I would hear from Howell.
I will reiterate: Howell is an important town in Monmouth County with many talented and hard-working Republicans. It is high time that there was a freeholder from Howell.
But the credibility of the local GOP organization suffers with the petty, sophomoric behavior of a very vocal few.
Former Mayor Veitengruber is regarded as a controversial figure; this is much of her own doing and she must live with this. I don't know of any evidence as to her wanting to run for freeholder; she denies it right in this very forum and I honestly don't know if she would have any serious organization support countywide anyway. In spite of that, some people are obsessed with her the way supporters of Lyndon LaRouche were obsessed with Henry Kissinger back in the 80s.
As to Mayor DiBella, if he is serious about being a freeholder he can reach out to the committee members around the county and make his case. To my knowledge he has not taken it beyond municipal chairmen, if that. He appears to have a following and that's good, but IMO, it sometimes appears to border upon "cult of personality." Be that as it may, let him put his name forward if that is his desire, and let the Committee have its say.

Honest Abe said...

Look at the grace shown by Serena DiMaso, the subject of this thread, in her withdrawal. You might learn something.

Honest Abe said...

I would recommend reading my post on If you wish to be outraged about something, it is Mr. Devine's hateful writing, not someone who isn't even interested in being a freeholder.

Anonymous said...

Yuo people are avoiding the obvious best chioce for freeholder. John Merla! John is the best mayor in hte histoyr of Keyport. He will be vindicated. All you people saying John's finished will then come crawling back kissing his ass and asking him for favors.

Anonymous said...

Kudos about the Howell remarks Abe. The Mayor in Howell has been hush hush on this. I am told those closest to him have no idea what he is going to do. I understand he likes being Mayor. I am not aware that he has called anybody but I am not on the inner circle so I do not know.

Those that try and bad mouth him like this Sharon, Sue or Ryan are so jealous of the respect he has in our town, its wild. People adore this DiBella fella. He is all over. I just hope if Mayor Dibella elects to run for Freeholder he finishes out his term as Mayor as we need someone like this guy. Someone with guts, heart and brains!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I'm sorry, where did I badmouth Mayor DiBella?

No, I don't agree with him rezoning commercial property for high density age restricted housing. But that is my perogative and not the focus of this thread.

I also don't think he wants Freeholder, he seems to have set his sights much higher.

And Abe, I agree, Serena DiMasi has shown incredible grace. It might be interesting to see how Holmdel Township committee conducts itself, maybe Howell could learn something there also.

Rick said...

Oh my god....

This is TOO funny!

I'm famous enough now for anonymous idiots and cowards hiding behind psydonyms to develop conspiracy theories about me.

Loved the one about my job too! I'm waiting for them to come with the cuffs for me now...can anyone loan me bail money? Heh! Heh!

Truth is I run a "G" rated website that is mildly popular in Howell. The community bulletin board hosts lively debates on a wide range of local issues. Sometimes people cross the line(kind of like what I'm seeing here...)and I either lock threads, delete posts and....on occasion...ban members. I am widely seen as a fair and balanced website owner by the members who post and the many who talk to or e-mail me. There is a small faction of a once great political group in town that CONSTANTLY accuses me of playing favorites or alowing personal attacks. The whining increased 10 fold (by the same 3 people)after it was clear their candidate was goona lose the last election. It's pretty amusing because their members post on my website almost daily. 500 members and over 3.5 million hits...I must be doing something right.

I wouldn't associate my name with a hate websitesite and I'm certainly not gonna participate on this website any longer if the policy here is to allow personal attacks to be posted. Too distasteful for me but hey, I respect the whole 1st Ammendment thing. Do with your website what you will. Go crazy with it man! Just not my speed I guess...

Every person who posts on my website does so with their real names. Ever since that became a policy the problem posters disappeared. Hey....even the Mayor now posts on my website!

The Mayor has his fans and opponents in town. People read the paper, go to town meetings, and are concerned about a lot of local issues. They'll make up their own minds about what they ultimately think of him. I suppose he'll be judged by how the public thinks he's leading at the next election.


Honest Abe said...


I apologize that the comment making allegations about your job got past me; it has been removed. Unfortunately it seems that it is only when I get a "Howellanche" that the calibre of comments and the maturity level plummets. There are certain people posting comments here who are doing their level best to ensure that Howell never has a freeholder, assemblyman, senator or any other higher office. Ever.
Because of what I see and have seen here I will advise any committee members and municipal chairs I know to be very wary of any candidates coming from Howell. That's a shame. But at this rate, if Howell doesn't get its act together there won't be any Joe DiBella in the mayor's office or a Republican council because Konopka or someone like him and his cronies will be back. And that's a shame.
Rick, please feel welcome to come back anytime you want. The rest of you, too, but let's keep it on an adult level!

Anonymous said...

Honest Abe, I think you are doing a terrific job with this blog. Let me just say that I believe that allowing the public to post anonymously is a good thing. Sure you get some troublemakers, but isn't that life? I feel it is more important to keep the lines of communications open rather than resort to 'big brother' tactics which scare people into not saying the things that are important and necessary. I'm glad to have found this blog Honest Abe - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Honest Abe,
Your comment "Howellanche" is more on target than you know. I usually watch from the sidelines, but have to say that the Howell Republicans are an embarassment to Monmouth Republicans. Their tactics are disgraceful. It's obvious from some of the posts here that Normean and Little Joe are spreading their special blend of love here. It's dissapointing that the Howell Mayor has proven himself to be a nothing more than a political hack. The proof is in his failure to deliver his hand picked successor for his council seat this past November. His, "how low can you go", campaign strategy was a disgrace to all Republicans. He is losing support left and right in Howell and deservedly so.
Sign Me,
Another Disgusted R in Howell

Anonymous said...

Isn't it something how Honest Abe's article is addressing DiMaso's commendation for being a teamplayer and serving her constituents by withdrawing her name for Freeholder...
Then there is a poster who is claiming to be an "R" in Howell who is beating up their own...
So funny...either you are a Republican or you are not...
I'm thinking they are really "D's" or "I's" claiming to be "R's"...who are just scared of the talent that is in Howell...
The Monmouth Republicans are a strong group of teamplayers, your bashing of my fellow Republicans is NOT GOING FAR!!!
Anyone agree???

Robert said...


Nat said...


Yes, I'm a R said...

I am very disappointed in some of the choices that have come out of the ranks these days. They are classless, political marauders. What happened to the courteous and esteemed gentlemen we used have representing the R's? No wonder the lazy, money grabbing Dems are stealing votes. It's not that hard to compete with trailer trash.

Robert said...

I mean yes...I mis-read the question.

Yes, I'm a R said...

You can bash whichever Republicans you wish and I'll do the same. Practice what you preach.
The Howell Mayor is a bad choice. Give me a better choice and I'll keep my mouth shut.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Some people need to grow up here.

How does the word "newbie" fit in here? I'm curious.

What does my losing a BOE election have to do with Serena DiMasi withdrawing her name? I believe Joe DiBella lost the first BOE election he ran in also. Who cares?

I might also add I still have the email from Norine Kelly telling me the BOE campaign would be run HER way or I would not get the support of the Republicans. I took the zero and still garnered only 28 votes less than the top vote getter the prior year. I ran an honorable campaign and owed no one in the end.

I take great pride in working with many planners, engineers and attorneys. That is who I get MY information from, and I am always quick to thank those who I work with.

If the Republicans would run a clean and honorable campaign in Howell they would have more support. But a leopard never changes its spots.

It is quite sad to see individuals with such hate and vindictiveness. The post about Rick was over the line. It shows how truly out of control the URC in Howell is and how far they will go to decimate their imagined "enemies".

With the politic atmosphere in Howell, it would be unconscionable to burden the county with their nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I have one question,

Why are the ones being bashed not afraid to sign thier names while the bashers hide behind a veil of anonymity?

Anonymous said...

Why are they afraid to sign their names?

They aren't afraid, they don't want to. People like Noreen, the mayor, Jim Stanbury.

How do I know? Easy, writing style and key phrases.

Mayor DiBella should stop anonymously posting here. His writing style is unmistakable with phrases like, “incredible actually”, in fat the repeated use of the word “actually” is a dead giveaway. Anything calling someone out for being “mean’ or “mean spirited” is another ringer.

And then the bulls eye: a condescending “terrific job” to Abe and a load of BS about “lines of communication”.

It’s embarrassing to watch the mayor of the second largest town in Monmouth county bashing his constituents.

Then there is Jim Stanbury, who is transparent with the line about “lowlifes”.. Why the low opinion of yourself and you peers?

And of course Noreen Kelly who is probably the most vulgar person in Howell politics today. She has been all over this board with the most vile insults.

This is why Howell is in such bad shape.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess that answers my question about anonymous posters!

Aberdeen said...

Can anyone say...OFF TOPIC????

Hey Howell (if these posts are even from people in Howell):

Nice of you to add your two cents, but anything not about the orig article is INAPPROPRIATE!

Keep it to yourself or use your own site. People who want to participate can't even do so with all of your &*(^!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Aberdeen, You are right, my apologies.

Well, Holmdel has a gem in Serena DiMasi, I'm sure we'll see great things from her in the future!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Abnd my apologies to Serena DiMaso, for misspelling her name twice.

Anonymous said...

I am friends with Joe. he never lost a BOE election, or any election ever. I confirmed this with him before I listed this here. He is such a nice man actually Sorry Sharon!

Anonymous said...

And I thank you for the credit but I am not the mayor. You can try and bash him and accuse him honey but believe me, I am not the Mayor. The beauty is that on this site you don't have to post your name so that you can avoid some people from attacking you and coming after you.

Leave the mayor alonge and think long and hard about who I and others are out here. I think you'd be surprised.

If you leave our mayor alone I'll stay on topic. Grow up and stop being so jealous of him.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pascucci is a fine person, and Serena Dimaso seems like a very good person as well. I think Holmdel is extremely lucky to have such people guiding their township.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I am friends with Joe. he never lost a BOE election, or any election ever. I confirmed this with him before I listed this here. He is such a nice man actually Sorry Sharon!

I stand corrected, maybe he was being generous in saying that after I lost my election , I don't know his reasoning for telling me and it really doesn't matter.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Congratulations to Ms. DiMaso and Dr. Pascucci, Holmdel is very lucky.

Anonymous said...

Once again:

Howell low-life republicans show why they lose elections and isolate themselves from Freholder appointments.


Sharon Migliaccio said...

Honest Abe and other posters:

My apologies again for the drift on this and other threads.

To avoid tainting any more topics with their insidious venom and hateful lies, I will not respond going forward.

Honest Abe, I enjoy your site, and look forward to posting when the subject matter is appropriate.

Looking forward to what Amy Handlin will do, and if she does step down, who will replace her.

Right Inside said...

If Serena is keeping her priorities straight,

why did she put her name in for the appointment consideration?

To some it may look like she is trying to make REAL-GOOD on withdrawing for a spot she new she was not even a contender...15:1 odds???


and scroll down to Nov 27.

Honest Abe said...

Because there's nothing wrong with putting your name out for consideration. There will be other openings on the board and it never hurts to get name recognition for the future. Whatever the "odds", right now her priority is Holmdel and she made the right decision.
I'm certain others will withdraw for their own reasons before this comes to a vote. In the meantime, those who are serious about going on the board will have to reach out to the County Committee members, who will vote on the position. This system doesn't always pan out for party leaders, as their are far too many votes to even try to control. It is up to the candidates to make their case to the rank & file.

Lisa said...

Abe, the right inside dude has a copycat site.

Anonymous said...


Since my last post there has been quite the brouhaha in the APP about the alleged 10+ Republican's running for Freeholder. Here is who I think makes it the special election.

Former Aberdeen Councilman Gus Toomey
Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella
Middletown Committeewoman Rosemarie Peters
Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly
Wall Township Republican Chairman Robert McKenna

Out of those 5, we have a two pony race between Peters & DiBella. Middletown has unity, but a stale candidate, while Howell is ugly, but has a more attractive candidate.

Anonymous said...

DiBella might be attractive to those outside of Howell. He does not has total support of his own county committee. Too many givebacks to developers, Bathgate, Gilmore, D'Anton, the Lakewood contingent can't help him here.

Not to mention his job at Commerce(Norcross) bank.