Thursday, December 15, 2005


With the retirement of Freeholder Director Tom Powers, the Board of Freeholders must select a new director from among themselves. Amy Handlin, the deputy director for 2005, is expected to resign once sworn in as a freshman Assemblywoman.
The two names being mentioned for the top spot are Freeholders Ted Narozanick and Billy Barham. Narozanick is supported because of his length of service with the county, dating back to the 1950s. Barham supporters cite their man's business experience, youth and the fact that he is part of the new generation of freeholders.
Both men are highly capable of doing the job; the county wins either way. That makes the choice that much harder. Let me know what you think.


Honest Abe said...

Sue Veitengruber is not a contender for Freeholder Director! She has been mentioned frequently on previous threads to the point where anything that can be said about her has already been said.
I don't see her relevance to this thread; therefore, any Veitengruber posts will be deleted.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

I think Ted should be Director with Barham as his deputy. It will allow a smooth segue for Barham when Ted retires, whether it be next election or the following.

It's very important that the Republicans show a smooth transition from the old to the new. The last election was too close for comfort. The freeholders need to reaffirm to the public their organizational skills, and why we are one of the best places to live in the country!

Jackie Corley said...

I spoke with Mr. Narozanick very briefly at the Freehold Annex building today and I'll be giving him a call tomorrow for a story about this.

If any GOP county committee members or active R's want to go on the record with their opinion (about Mr. Narozanick, about the director position, etc.), please give me a call at The Courier tomorrow -- (732) 957-0070.

What have you been hearing, Honest Abe? Is the thing pretty much decided at this point?

Rick said...

The APP has a article on the possible candidates for Freeholder in todays APP:

Honest Abe said...

Jackie, I've been hearing Barham's got it, but that's just people's conjecture. Nothing official from the Board.
I personally like Sharon's idea.

Keansburg said...
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Anonymous said...
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Sue Veitengruber said...

I agree with Sharon that Ted would be the logical choice. However, the new freeholders now outnumber the old guard, and they seem to favor Barham. Handlin could provide a smooth transition if she chooses to stick around for awhile.

Sue Veitengruber said...

It was good to see that Amy Handlin has ordered her salary as Freeholder stopped on January 1, 2006. Amy can provide a smooth transition for the three new freeholders. Hopefully she will stay long enough to finish some important projects like ethics reform.