Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This week has had a lot of activity with candidates announcing for State Senate and Assembly races here in Monmouth County. In the 12th District, Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck has made it official that she will oppose Democratic Sen. Ellen Kärcher for the senate seat. Beck, as the only GOP member of the 12th District legislative delegation, and there had been speculation for quite some time about her intentions.
Beck will be challenged in the June primary by Manalapan Township Committeeman Joseph Locricchio, who has opted not to participate in the Steering Committee process established by County Chairman Adam Puharic.
On the Assembly side, three people so far have filed letters of intent with Puharic. They are Little Silver Councilman Declan O'Scanlon, Jr., who narrowly lost by 65 votes to Democratic Assemblyman Michael Panter in 2005; Fair Haven Councilman Thomas Gilmour, and Caroline Casagrande of Colts Neck, who serves as Manalapan Township Attorney.

Friday, January 26, 2007


This just in.
We have it on reliable source that former County Chairman Fred Niemann has been spotted recently in the Metropolitan Café with Freeholder Director Bill Barham and Freeholder Rob Clifton.
What were they up to?
Were they discussing strategy for the upcoming campaign? Were Bill and Fred giving Rob an "exit interview"?
Anyone know what's up?
Both Barham and Clifton in the past were recipients of $5,000.00 contributions from the Committee for Responsibility and Trust in Government, an East Brunswick based PAC chaired by former State Senator Jack Sinagra (R - Middlesex). Clifton had returned the contribution; Barham has not.
The Committee for Responsibility and Trust in Government dispersed all its funds in October to several local campaigns in Middlesex County and folded up its operation. A CPC-F form was filed with ELEC and it is no more.

Friday, January 19, 2007


New Year's Day is behind us. It's 2007. It'll be a busy year on the Monmouth political scene. All the legislators will be up for election. On the county level, we have the County Clerk, the Sheriff and two Freeholders.
From all indications all the county officials are running for reelection: County Clerk Claire French, Sheriff Joe Oxley, and Freeholders Rob Clifton and Anna Little.
There is, however, talk around Freehold that there may be a challenge against both incumbent freeholders. This is compounded by the fact that both freeholders have been inexplicably excluded from the new steering committee. While there may be other, logical reasons for that, it looks suspicious.
Some question the electability of Rob and Anna without giving any specifics. It may be more like retaliation for their votes against curmudgeonly County Counsel Malcolm V. Carton. Whatever the reason, we Republicans should be very wary of the motives of anyone attempting to unseat two officeholders.
There are some people who are said to have thrown their names in the ring. At this time, we will not list any names of potential contenders until these individuals make an announcement.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Having Incumbents Screen is Bad for Party Unity and a Recipe for Defeat
...William H. Seward

William H. Seward at More Monmouth Musings has an excellent post on Chairman Adam Puharic's new Steering Committee.
This is a matter of concern to all Republicans, and Seward's post should be required reading.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Back in 2005, then-County Chairman Fredrick Niemann nominated Howell Republican Chair Norine E. Kelly to a 2-year term on the Monmouth County Board of Elections replacing Robin Lemesevski of Freehold Township. Mrs. Kelly was also Vice Chairwoman of the Monmouth County Republican Committee at the time.
Norine Kelly's term on the County Board expires on March 1. Fred Niemann is no longer the County Chairman, and it is not known what Chairman Adam Puharic's intentions are here.
According to New Jersey Election Law (Title 19) N. J. S. A. 19:6-18, those responsible for nominations to the Board are Chairman Puharic, Vice Chairwoman Mollie Giamanco, State Committeeman John Bennett and Mollie Giamanco in her capacity as State Committeewoman.
Will Mrs. Kelly be reappointed? Is anyone else interested in the job?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today's (1/10/'07) APP reports that 12th District Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck may challenge Democratic Senator Ellen Kärcher this year.
While Beck has not decided on this, a senate run has been rumored since her election to the Assembly in 2005. Beck is the only Republican legislator in the 12th, and has been on many GOP activists' short list for a senate candidacy.
Beck, a native of Erie, Pa, is a Red Bank resident and served on the Red Bank Borough Council before serving in the Assembly.

Monday, January 08, 2007


An editorial in today's (January 8, '07) Asbury Park Depress attacks the Board of Chosen Freeholders for selecting William C. Barham for a second year as Director. While the Monmouth County Republican Blog has favored rotating the leadership (We were leaning to Lillian Burry.) and has in fact been critical of Barham at times, we must challenge the APP on this issue.
Their motivation has not been and is not good government. Their motivation has been to elect Democratic freeholders. Period, end of story.
In order to bring about this goal, the APP and its editors, while hiding behind the screen of populism and good government, criticizes every action and policy of the county.
Now, let's have a go at their editorial [Bold & bracketed comments are mine.]:

Limit tenure of director

Before William C. Barham was elected Monmouth County freeholder director for a second straight year last week, board members were stalemated on whether the job should be rotated.
We agree with Freeholder Lillian Burry's position that no freeholder should serve as director for more than two consecutive years, though she was likely jockeying for the job in 2008.
[Jockeying for the job. And this is a problem because? Wouldn't Burry as director meet your goal of rotation?]
Burry campaigned on tenure limits when she ran with Barham in 2005. Barham has made it clear he doesn't want to surrender the title anytime soon.
"The director's job is more about what has to be done tomorrow than today," he said. "You have to see what needs to be done 20 years down the road." Actually, that's the job of the whole board.
Barham cited his qualifications in presenting the case that he should retain the position. Which ones? His employment with a construction firm now hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget and three years behind schedule on its renovation work at the County Hall of Records?
[This project is nothing new. And you only report on it now?] Or being the handpicked successor of the late Harry Larrison Jr., who served as director for 21 of his 39 years on the board and was charged shortly before his death with soliciting bribes from two developers?
[Simply because Larrison was charged with taking bribes doesn't mean that Barham takes bribes too. Guilty by association? Or does the APP know something we don't? If so, please report what you know to U. S. Attorney Chris Christie. Otherwise, knock off the National Enquirer garbage.]
Barham said the job's "not a political position, it's a working position with a lot of responsibility." No, it's not. It's about ego. [Ohhhh. So that's why the State Legislature provided for the selection of a Freeholder Director. Ego. Riiiiight.] He gets to run meetings and sign county documents. [Running meetings. That's the people's business. Signing county documents. Like multi-million dollar contracts? But none of that is a lot of responsibility. Noooooo.] Those are the only additional official duties of the director.
[Welllll, if the directorship is not that important, why even bother with this editorial?]
Last year, though not all board members had publicly declared who they supported and Freeholder Ted Narozanick expressed interest in the job, Barham was able to produce a nameplate identifying himself as director immediately after the vote. [Maybe he had privately polled the membership beforehand and realized he had the votes. You need to count to three to get anything passed by the Board of Freeholders. In fact, last year, Barham actually got only three votes.]Craving the job that badly is unhealthy.
[Unhealthy? Oh, like repeatedly slanted and inaccurate reporting? Hellooo Bald Avenger.]
Burry, who was voted deputy director last week, said she would support Barham this year, but that "I strongly believe two years is enough and someone new should be picked next year." Namely, herself.
[And this is a problem because??? You have a problem with a second year for Barham, and you have a problem with Burry being interested in the directorship. Who, pray tell, does the Asbury Park Depress actually want for Freeholder Director??? And, no, you can't dig up Raymond Kramer.]
Barham said he won't go along with any restrictions on how many consecutive years a director can serve in the future. No surprise there. And Freeholder Robert Clifton, who has presented himself as a reformer but has moved in lockstep with Barham [Lockstep? Like on the vote to reappoint County Counsel Malcolm Carton? Come on, what does the APP take its readers for? Stupid? Note that most routine business votes on the Board are unanimous; the County Counsel is a pretty important vote; Clifton and Freeholder Anna C. Little were the dissenters.]
, would only say he prefers an unofficial agreement that directors not serve more than two years.
The other freeholders — Democrat Barbara McMorrow and Anna Little — should join with Burry and insist on a two-year limit for the director's job.
[I would even go for a one-year limit. But anything the Board does can be undone by a later Board, making it an unenforceable gentlemen's agreement. The State Legislature can impose a limit on a director's terms, and even on a freeholders' terms.] And they should work to ensure that it goes to someone next year who doesn't regard the post as a birthright.
[And who does the APP think that should be? If they really believed this issue to be important, and not simply an opportunity to sling mud, they could have made a recommendation prior to the reorganization, i. e., "We like ____ because...". ]

Rotating the directorship is a good idea, but it's not a be all - end all. For the Depress to act as though it is is disingenuous at best. They have set a policy wherein every action taken by the Board of Freeholders is wrong.
The Depress' goal is twofold: To elect a Democratic Board, and to be a "player" in the New Jersey political scene. Their parent company, Gannett, can be viewed as either a third political party, or a special interest group like the New Jersey Educational Association.
It is important in a free society to have a free press vigilant to governmental abuse. But when that press goes beyond vigilance and slants its reporting to suit an agenda, just how free are we?


"Where’s the “Tax Revolt” like the one our founding fathers declared in the 1776 American Revolution?
"Rather than fight, taxpayers are heading south where government is much cheaper than New Jersey’s State, County and Municipal governments."

...Gordon Bishop.

Award-winning columnist Gordon Bishop has an interesting take on the 611 overlapping school districts here in New Jersey. There are only 566 municipalities in the state, meaning that there are 45 more school districts than there are towns!
Bishop explains the history behind how we got there.

Friday, January 05, 2007


The following went out today from Republican Headquarters:

Dear Fellow Republican:
The 44th Annual Lincoln Day Reception will be held on Monday, February 19, 2007 at Addison Park (formerly The Garden Manor), Route 35, Aberdeen. We hope you will attend and be part of the excitement!

Our cocktail hour starts at 6 pm with three hours of butler hors d’oeuvres and serving stations. The program will start at 7 pm featuring our exciting guest speakers and candidates. Tickets are $45 per person and may be obtained using the order form below. This is the largest gathering of its kind in the State. Please join all of your elected officials and candidates for a night of good food, fellowship and fun! As in past years, a Souvenir Program Journal will be published. We need your help and greatly appreciate your continued support of this very important effort. Please follow up on your previous years’ ads and solicit new ones as well. Remind supporters that over 600 people attend this event and will see their advertisement. A 2007 Souvenir Program Journal form is enclosed.

Why not consider a Municipal Page, highlighting your 2006 local winners, your county committee or club? The success of this event depends on your support. Be part of the new energy we are experiencing in the Monmouth County Republican Party.

With best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


GOLD PAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $300
FULL PAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200
HALF PAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $110
QUARTER PAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $60
PATRON (One line name and address) . . . . .. . . . . . . . $25

Please make your check payable to:

P.O. Box 808 • Freehold, NJ 07728
Telephone (732) 431-6664 • Fax (732) 431-6619
Sponsorships Available: Bar $1000 (6); Music $1000; Entertainment $1000
(Call For Additional Information)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Freeholder Director William C. Barham was selected this afternoon for another year guiding the county ship.
The Deputy Director for 2007 is Lillian G. Burry, replacing Robert D. Clifton. The other freeholders are Anna C. Little, Republican, and Barbara McMorrow, Democrat.
Outgoing Freeholder Theodore J. Narozanick was honored with a portrait, to be displayed in the Hall of Records. Ted was honored as "Freeholder Emeritus" a few weeks ago.
The vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog wishes Director Barham, Deputy Director Burry and the entire Board the best of luck in 2007!


The Independent reports last week that Det. Glen Mason of the Hazlet Township Police Dept. has announced his candidacy to run against award-winning Sheriff Joe Oxley.
Mason is expected to retire from his municipal job this year.
No newcomer to politics, Mason is a Democratic County Committeeman in Hazlet, the former hometown of County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery. He has also served on the Hazlet Board of Education.
Oxley earned the 2006 Ferris E. Lucas Sheriff of the Year Award at the National Sheriffs’ Association Annual Conference and Exposition.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


A good New Years' resolution for Monmouth County Republicans is to be united this year. That doesn't mean being mind-numbed, lockstep Kool-Aid® drinkers, it simply means to start acting like a team!
In 2006 we lost the first freeholder race since 1986 - 20 years ago. The reality is, Andrew Lucas didn't have to lose. The reality also is that the Democrats are now looking at Monmouth County and salivating. Salivating that yet another domino is going to fall.
Let's take a look at what's at stake this year:

The Legislature

All legislative seats are up this year. Wouldn't it be nice to take back both houses? Of course it would! So, let's work together here in our own corner of the state for that goal. We need to hold Districts 11 and 13, and retake the senate seat and one assembly seat in 12. 13 looks OK right now, but the withdrawal of Assemblyman Steve Corodemus opens two vacancies in 11. It is expected that Assemblyman Sean Kean will go for retiring Senator Joe Palaia's seat, but there may be some jockeying by newcomers for the two Assembly positions. OK, but once the choice of candidates is made, people need to put their egos in a drawer and get behind the team. In District 12, a number of names have been bandied about as challengers to the two Democratic legislators, Senator Ellen Kärcher and Assemblyman Michael Panter. Again, let's stay united here.
We don't want to see a Democratic sweep of our legislative districts.

The County

We not only have two freeholders up this year, Rob Clifton and Anna Little, we also have both County Clerk Claire French and Sheriff Joe Oxley having to run for reelection! So ya think the Democrats will be pouring money into the county race? Ya think the Asbury Park Depress will endorse the Democrats, no matter what? Ya think?
Count on it!
Control of the county government is at stake for the first time since the 80's, and the Democrats smell blood. This, sadly, won't be like the 80's, where the Democrats might get control for a year or two and then we're back. No, they are playing for keeps this time. If they get in, it will be very hard to dislodge them. An obvious example is Bergen County, until recently a Republican powerhouse. The GOP became disunited and the Democrats slithered right in. The Bergen Republicans remain split, and the Dems remain solidly in control. Passaic County is another example. Also once under GOP control (The RNC's Mike DuHaime's father was Freeholder Director there.); the Dems got a foothold and are now firmly in possession.
Democrat bucks will be wheeled into Monmouth County from all over the state this year. Let's unite behind our team and make it all a waste of money for the Dems.


Big towns - that means you, Howell and Middletown - get it together.
Howell has no local race this year, so here's an opportunity to put aside local differences and help the county team.
Middletown, like the county, has control at stake. Time to resolve the local issues that have been eroding pluralities, then go forward, or local Democrat Boss Joe Caliendo will be king again like back in the 70's.
Other towns are big enough to make a difference. Places like Wall, Neptune, Ocean, Manalapan, Aberdeen, Freehold Twp. and Hazlet should all do their best not only to keep or regain local control, but to try and build pluralities for the county and legislative teams.


William H. Seward has an important statement from Freeholder Anna C. Little addressing acts of character assassination leveled against her on a blog which was formerly linked here but since this has been started has been de-linked.
The posts and comments on that blog are reminiscent of those made here about a year ago which caused me to end anonymous commenting and activate comment moderation, as well as those made on Ronald Reagan's and Wally Edge's blogs which caused me to de-link both of them.
Sadly, it appears that this rumor activity is coming from within our own Republican Party; from a faction or sub-faction which lost at three County Conventions. A faction or sub-faction that would like to bring back the "bad old days" of the boy's club.
The best way to fight this type of activity is by confronting it head-on with the truth. Freeholder Little has done that.
Hopefully now these morons trying to destroy her will cut the crap.