Friday, January 26, 2007


This just in.
We have it on reliable source that former County Chairman Fred Niemann has been spotted recently in the Metropolitan Café with Freeholder Director Bill Barham and Freeholder Rob Clifton.
What were they up to?
Were they discussing strategy for the upcoming campaign? Were Bill and Fred giving Rob an "exit interview"?
Anyone know what's up?
Both Barham and Clifton in the past were recipients of $5,000.00 contributions from the Committee for Responsibility and Trust in Government, an East Brunswick based PAC chaired by former State Senator Jack Sinagra (R - Middlesex). Clifton had returned the contribution; Barham has not.
The Committee for Responsibility and Trust in Government dispersed all its funds in October to several local campaigns in Middlesex County and folded up its operation. A CPC-F form was filed with ELEC and it is no more.


DUD said...

What's up is none of your business. NONE!!!!!

O Ima-bin Fishin said...

We know what you're up to. We know who all you bloggers are!


i didnt know about barham taking that contribution. when did it happen?

Honest Abe said...

Bill Barham received a $5,000.00 contribution from the Committee for Responsibility and Trust in Government in November 2005. The PAC reported it as 11/1/05, and Billy's campaign reported it as 11/7/05.
The Howell Committee for Good Government (A Niemann PAC) received $4000 dated 10/27/05.
The Monmouth GOP Leadership PAC, another of Fred's PACs, included a $2,250.00 contribution from Jack Morris (himself, no PACs this time), a $750.00 contribution from John E. Westlake, only 2 months after his office had been raided by the FBI, and another $750.00 from Solomon Dwek.
These contributions were all dated January 26, 2006, the date of the Chairman's Gala.



Dino P. Crocetti said...

Hi Abe. I'm still here. I've been going through some pretty tough stuff personally over the past couple of months and it's kinda been taking its toll on me. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though. I just did my first new thread of the year.

I ended up deleting a lot of my video posts because I switched over to the new blogger and I've been unable to repost them. Very frustrating!

Thanks for checking in, Abe.