Wednesday, January 03, 2007


William H. Seward has an important statement from Freeholder Anna C. Little addressing acts of character assassination leveled against her on a blog which was formerly linked here but since this has been started has been de-linked.
The posts and comments on that blog are reminiscent of those made here about a year ago which caused me to end anonymous commenting and activate comment moderation, as well as those made on Ronald Reagan's and Wally Edge's blogs which caused me to de-link both of them.
Sadly, it appears that this rumor activity is coming from within our own Republican Party; from a faction or sub-faction which lost at three County Conventions. A faction or sub-faction that would like to bring back the "bad old days" of the boy's club.
The best way to fight this type of activity is by confronting it head-on with the truth. Freeholder Little has done that.
Hopefully now these morons trying to destroy her will cut the crap.


Kramer Hall said...

Burry said. "I find it really tantalizing, the prospect of becoming director.

Do you think Burry could be Lisa?

Honest Abe said...

I don't know, Kramer. I just don't know.

Jackie Corley said...

Well said, Abe. It needed to be said.

Honest Abe said...

It did, Jackie.
One can disregard something and not give it any credibility, but there comes a point when it needs to be confronted and stopped. This is that point.