Wednesday, December 27, 2006


According to today's (January 3, '07) APP, Director Bill Barham has the votes for another year.

Every year by state law the Board of Chosen Freeholders must select one of its members to serve as Director, and the time will soon be upon us.
Freeholder William C. Barham, the current director, has held the leadership for the past year, having succeeded Thomas J. Powers in the directorship. At the present time, it looks like two freeholders have emerged as contenders for the job. It is said that Barham would like another year at the helm, and Freeholder Lillian G. Burry is said to be actively interested in the directorship. Some GOP activists are said to like Freeholder Robert D. Clifton to be director, and Freeholder Anna C. Little as deputy director; it is unknown at this time whether Rob and Anna are interested. It is also not certain who has the votes to become director. One must be able to count to three. (votes)
What's your opinion? Who do you think will be director? Who would you like to see? Would a second year of Bill Barham bring continuity, or would we be in danger of an "imperial directorship" of one-man rule, as under the late Harry Larrison, Jr? Should it be rotated from year to year like the mayoralty in many towns? If so, who should be the next to step up? Lillian? Rob? Anna?
Let us know.


Anonymous said...

Barham wants it and has probably made deals to keep it.

Barbara McMorrow will have the first vote. If she votes no on Barham will Clifton and Little vote yes and risk the rath of the APP in a year when they are both running?

This all depends on how strong a deal that McMorrow got from Barham.

If Barbara votes no on Barham and Little follows suit, what does Clifton do?

It could be great theater, but my bet is that the vote goes 5-0. Barham as Director and Burry as Deputy.


They're rotating the director position to accomodate election cycles for incumbents. It's not bad or anything. It's common practice in a lot of places.

One "director for life" probably isn't going to happen again, in my opinion. I do wonder if Barb is going to get her cycle for "director" when she's up again : )

DUD said...

Barb will get her cycle when she is in the majrity!

paul smith said...

happy new year,
the choice of director should be decided among bill,rob,lillian & anna.hopefully barb will never be in the majority.many towns that appoint mayors each year has had problems with individuals with higher gains in their minds in the past.I like the elected mayor,less political games.