Friday, December 15, 2006


A vacant furniture store in Hazlet's Airport Plaza will be fallow no more. The state Motor Vehicle Commission, which has maintained an agency on Route 34 in Matawan for over 20 years, will be relocating to the Route 36 location in January.
Defeated former Democratic Freeholder candidate Rebecca Aaronson of Manalapan is the agent at that office.
It was not ascertained at press time whether Airport Plaza landlord and County Democratic Boss Victor Scudiery would receive rent payments for the space, or if he was letting it out of the goodness of his heart.


Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? There is no quid pro quo amongst Monmouth County Democrats. I thought I read that here.

MVC renting Vic's space, and Rebecca being the agent must be coincidence. Good for them. For all they've done, they deserve it.

What's happening with the property Vic owns over by the Matawan train station?

Honest Abe said...

"What's happening with the property Vic owns over by the Matawan train station?"

Last I heard it continues to be boarded up and continues to provide space for graffiti. I wonder if it's still a part of the de-facto muster zone?

paul smith said...

to the victors go the spoils.i don't see a problem come nobody has mentioned how the republican candidate from hazlet deceived all the voters?i week after losing switching parties and stating if he won he was going to switch,what a piece of crap.

Honest Abe said...

"to the victors go the spoils."

Very clever.

Regarding Kolibas, I posted a comment on Courier's site when they ran that article. With all the trouble that Steve Grossmann and others went to in order to put Kolibas on the ballot, not to mention the effort of the Hazlet GOP trying to get him elected, he should have said something in the beginning so Steve could have gotten another candidate. Instead, he was playing footsie with the Democrats behind everyone's back.
You're right. He's a piece of crap.

Anonymous said...

Being a registered Republican, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. I've know Vic Scudiery for years..12 years as my boss when I worked at Interstate Electronics and 15 years after as a dear friend and he is beyond reproach. For those of you to make the comments you have without knowing the man and the circumstance should be ashamed of yourselves. - barry Jay Marlboro NJ