Wednesday, November 22, 2006


At last night's (Nov. 21st) Freeholders' meeting, Freeholder Anna Little, accompanied by her husband Robert, their kids, her mother and her brother, was sworn in to an unexpired term on the board. After Anna took the oath of office, the entire room erupted in a standing ovation. Anna has worked very hard as a freeholder, and her victory was well deserved.
The Asbury Park Depress story is here.
Later, Freeholder Ted Narozanick, a former Englishtown fire chief, was honored by the Bayshore Active Fire Chiefs Association for his many years of service. Ted was also presented with a proclamation from the Monmouth County Library Commission for his work over the decades in building up the Monmouth County Library System. Ted's recognitions were also met with standing ovations.
Ted has served many years in different capacities for this Great County of Monmouth; as he retires from the Board he will be missed. Anna, who only came to the Board this year, has hit the ground running and clearly will have a great future as a freeholder.



congrats to anna and supporters. great race.

Honest Abe said...

Thanks, Jim. It was a great race. I just wish Andrew was joining her on January 1.
Hopefully we will see more of him.

the inside airbather said...

I freakin hate the winter.You can'tgo outside and when you do yuo have towear all these clothes. I can't wait til February because me and my friends are going to Aruba.Wish you could be there.