Thursday, November 16, 2006


The perpetrator of the signs has come clean! Read about it here.
Your comments?


Kramer Hall said...

I ♥ Lisa

Honest Abe said...

Haven't heard from Lisa in a while.

The Big Professor said...

America has finally begun her enlightenment!
I must laugh at all of the «right-wing» pundits crawling over one another to give the latest theory on why the Republicans lost their majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives. They will offer reasons ranging from the unpopularity of G. W. Bush and his war on the Iraqi people to the preposterous concept that the Republicans weren't conservative enough!
What they fail to see; indeed they likely fail to admit this to themselves, is incredibly obvious: America, while still lagging behind the rest of the world, is becoming more progressive. While this has been going on for some time, it is now bearing fruit.
Republicans are being defeated at historic levels in all regions of the nation.
While here in the Northeast or on the West Coast that has been the order for years, the Midwest and Mountain States are now following «the coasts» into the light. Soon, the Republican Party will be limited to such backward areas as the rural South; as the people of an area become more educated, they will eschew racism, abandon their warlike and xenophobic ways, and the Republican Party will wither for want of support.
America will become less divided politically, and a new era of harmony will dawn in Washington!

Teddy Roosevelt said...

To the Big Professor (I assume you use professor because this is a family website) Yeah I want to be progressive just like Europe. I maen that is what Democrats want. They want us to be like Europe.
Where they have universal Health care but it stinks.
Where you get taken care of cradle to grave, heck they will even wipe your nose for you but unemployment is rampant.
If you are a business you can never fire anyone.
Lets make it more specific. Lets be like Holland where drugs prostitution and euthanasia (wether you want it or not) are permitted. You want to talk about Racism. Europe is far more racist in most places then the US. They not only hate other races and relgions they hate other Europeons.

Yeah thats the ticket I want to be just like the rest of the world especially Europe.

Oh wait a minute thats not right. If I wanted that I would go live there. Duh.

Honest Abe said...

You go, TR! (I guess you could say the big professor was just walloped with a big stick!)