Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Tonight saw the election of Rosemarie Peters as Surrogate and Anna Little as Freeholder. Sadly, after much hard work, Andrew Lucas was narrowly defeated by Democrat Barbara McMorrow. Read the returns here. The new Board of Freeholders will be 4-1 instead of 5-0. Andrew is a great guy and was a good candidate; we wish him well and hope to see him back soon.
Democrats also won in many towns.
What brought this on? Was it the national situation (The war, Foley, etc.), county issues, the Asbury Park 527 Press? What will this mean for the future?


Sue Veitengruber said...

Well there was an INDEPENDENT SWEEEP in Howell. NOT even close. What caused that?? Well some of you experienced the problems in Howell first hand when Monmouth County Republicans chose first a freeholder to replace Assemblywoman Handlin,and then chose a candidate for retiring Freeholder Narozonick's seat.

I was extremely please to see the significant support that the Independent ticket received from Republicans around Monmouth County, particularly Mayor Kleinberg, who understands the basics of local government and the needs of a muncipality. Thank you all, even if it was only words of encouragement.

I was, however, very saddened to hear that officials of the Howell GOP had withheld their support of the county ticket. I believe therir actions were the difference in this election to the detriment of Andrew Lucas. Make no mistake, Barbara McMorrow is well liked in Howell TOwnship and was a talented school administrator who also has a great deal of knowledge of municipal government. She will do well in the position. However, the Howell GOP committee leadership must be held acountable for their failure to get out the vote for the freeholder candidates.

Perhaps now others around the county will now understand the destruction of the Howell GOP that some of our so called "leaders" have wrought. Just witness the mayor's meltdown AGAIN last night on Oh, in case it is no longer there, after defeat, no problem some of us have saved his posts.

Mauro Raccuglia and Peter Tobasco were gentlemen and gracious, if not humble in defeat. They understood that Howell voters had issued a mandate for change. Their running mate never bothered to concede. Let's see if the mayor reaches out to our Councilpersons-elect.

To the diverse group who helped made history in Howell Township tonight by electing an Independent Slate, you are incredible, the best. The rest of the state needs to learn from our experience and willingness to discard party politics for the betterment of our muncipality. It has been a great experience, and I am priviledged to have been part of the WDH campaign team. We, as a group, are the winds of change.

Honest Abe said...

Sue Veitengruber addresed...
"I was, however, very saddened to hear that officials of the Howell GOP had withheld their support of the county ticket."

That's interesting, Sue. What information do you have on that?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

A lot of things contributed to this but I am convinced that the stake through the heart of Andrew Lucas was the reappointment of Malcolm Carton. That travesty gets laid at the feet of Bill Barham who put hie personal wishes ahead of what was best for the party


I believe that Mr. Lucas deserves a lot of credit, as does Mrs. Little and Mrs Peters. I think the county Republican chairman, Adam Puharic worked very hard, as did every Republican in the county, and they deserve a lot of credit. No one can really predict outcomes, only hard work and dedication which is apparent in Republican and Democratic campaigns around Monmouth.

I think anyone who volunteers for such a rigorous form of community service is doing something great for their community.

I just want to congratulate all of the candidates, those who won and those who did not, on a great contest. Election 2006 was a time for an exchange of ideas and concepts and it is something I am sure will be helpful to the county and the towns in the future.

paul smith said...

where can i get the town by town votes for freeholder and surrogate?app used to publish

Joe DiBella said...

Unfortunately the person from Howell is incorecr. The Howell GOP leadership worked very hard for Drew. The person that posted this is not even involved with the Howell GOP, having lost a county committee seat.

The fact is that our team walked with Drew in Howell, we put out signs, we had him speak localy - point is we worked very hard.

The Howell GOP worked hard for the Republican ticket at the County level. This is what loyal Republicans do for other loyal Republicans.

Sue Veitengruber said...


The new machines transmit to the County and the tally only provides a running total. There was no town by town breakdown to provide to the APP. Possibly in the coming days the county may be able to provide a total. Howell will have a breakdown for all candidates on a district by district basis tomorrow afternoon.I only have the local candidates by district.


Sadly there was a conversation between a current county committee/URC member and a county Republican at a Republican fundraiser where the Howell Gop committeeperson informed the county Republican that Howell was only supporting its local candidates and Kean, not the county people.

There was also the incident at the last county committee meeting I attended after Andrew's nomination where one long time committeeperson stated that "Anna Little and Andrew Lucas WILL lose in November." Very sad indeed.

augustus said...

anna little has proven herself to be able to beat the odds, at the county convention she beat the odds against fred's choice for freeholder, now she beats the odds against a tidal wave of public angst against republicans.

anna little should run for one of the assembly seats that will open up. she has proven that she can win...and is a reformer.

Honest Abe said...

Joe DiBella:
Welcome to the Monmouth County Republican Blog. Hope to see you here more often.

Joe and Sue:
Looks like we have a debate here. That's OK; there are usually two sides to every issue. Discuss!!

To anyone wishing to join that debate, please remember that we are adults here. I want to keep this blog "safe for work". Keep personality out of it. Try to keep it relevant to the county race; although there is obviously an overlap here between the County and Howell, remember that there are two boards devoted to local Howell issues: and

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Very easy debate to end. Ask Drew if what Joe says is true. If it is (and I suspect it is because who would lie about something so easy to verify) then Joe wins.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

There was no mention of the County Team on any of the literature I received from Team Tobasco/DiBella.

For that matter, there was a distinct shortage of signs for the county slate in Howell even in spots where more than one Tobasco signs were planted. I don't recall ever seeing so few county candidate signs in Howell before. Perhaps someone stole them all?

There were some comments made by DiBella and Tobasco over the years that indicated that they viewed the county as outsiders and interferers but this might just be my perception. A lot of new residents seemed to share this view for awhile.

An example of their isolationism; Team DiBella/Tobasco were reluctant to let the county get involved in the purchase of the Harms/Pinnacle properties that are adjacent to the Manasquan Reservoir, for instance. The reason they gave was because the 'town would lose control of it.'

Sue Veitengruber said...

WELL, Abe, perhaps the mayor should speak to the freeeholder candidates. There seems to be a different perspective.

And let us not forget the emphatic statement of a Republican county committeeman and former offical or the URC back in May. Quote: "Lucas and Little will lose."

And yes, I am still a registered Republican from Howell.

The real fact is that the Howell GOP couldn't even get the vote out for its own candidates.