Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Recently Monmouth County Republican Committee members received a telephone message supporting the candidacy of Middletown Deputy Mayor Rosemarie D. Peters for the vacancy to occur on the Board of Freeholders as a result of the election of Amy Handlin to the State Assembly. OK, all well and good. When a vacancy occurs people want to fill it. Mrs. Peters has as much a right as anybody else to throw her name in there.
Only she hasn't thrown her name in.
Yesterday (11/15) committee members received a call from Mrs. Peters herself saying that she hadn't authorized the calls, that she was flattered that the calls were made, and that she would make a decision soon as to just whether or not she's running.
So, what would prompt someone to make calls on behalf of an alleged candidate without first checking with that person first? It all seems very strange.
When a vacancy due to a resignation or death occurs on the Board of Chosen Freeholders, the County Executive Committee of the resigned or deceased member's party is convened by its chairman for the purpose of electing an interim replacement. This most recently happened in December 2004 with the resignation of the late Harry W. Larrison, Jr.; Freeholder William C. Barham bested the now-indicted Keyport Mayor John Merla for the spot at that time. Freeholder Handlin has indicated that she would resign from the Board if elected to the Assembly.
Middletown candidate would seem a logical replacement as Freeholder Handlin is a Middletown resident, but it's more complicated than that. Although Middletown has recently been a reliable GOP stronghold and is the largest municipality in Monmouth County, it no longer comprises as large a percentage of the county, due to growth in other townships, particularly in Western Monmouth County. Howell, in particular has seen quite a lot of growth, as has Marlboro. And being from a huge town is not everything, as Bill Barham is from Monmouth Beach, a smaller borough on the shore. Further, some Republicans may want to blunt the countywide power of former Middletown Mayor Peter Carton, who is the longtime GOP chairman in that township.
At this point I am not aware of any other people declaring themselves candidates for Amy's seat, but it's still early. There will be more. And as I learn their names, I will update.


Jackie Corley said...

If a candidate doesn't arrive from the Howell or Wall I imagine the Western part of the county would be none to pleased, to the point where their support for Niemann could wane.

Then again, it was Peter Carton's power in Middletown that arguably played the deciding factor in the county and 13th District races, as well as Middletown's. Meanwhile, Wall lost a Republican seat and in Howell, an independent bested a Republican in a race with no Democrat running.

Honest Abe said...

Right you are. (Although I would consider Wall to be Eastern Monmouth.) The Marlboro/Manalapan area hasn't had a GOP freeholder unless you consider Ted Narozanick, who is a former Englishtown mayor.
Otherwise Manalapan went Dem this year and Marlboro, which did go Republican, is all new people. And besides, right now they have their work cut out for them cleaning up after the Scannapieco/Spalliero/Vuola gang of bipartisan thugs. Let's see how the Kleinberg team makes out in power; if they can succeed in turning Marlboro in a better direction there may be some potential freeholders there in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Bridget Monahan-Antonucci from Hazlet is considering a run as well. Has anyone else heard the same?

Honest Abe said...

Not as yet. Handlin says she will wait till she's sworn into the Assembly before she resigns so that's not till January 10th. There's a little time before that date, but any prospective candidates need to remember that between now and then are Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years. If they want to run they'd better get moving.

Jackie Corley said...

I've heard that too, but considering the Republicans in Hazlet lost two seats this year I don't see that happening.

If someone comes out of the Bayshore and doesn't have the support of the entire Bayshore and one of the big three towns (Wall, Howell or Middletown) they don't have much of a chance on the convention floow.

uncle freddy said...

The logic would have the replacement coming from Middletown. Unfort., there are no "all stars" right now in the Middletown GOP. Wilkens has selling potential, but that is still years away. The seat will likely remain in the Bayshore, or go to a town like Howell, Marlboro, Manalapan or possibly Wall.
If you look at the candidates from each town you can get a feel of who the potentials are.

Wall- No all-stars. Fairly large GOP town, but no one with huge selling power

Manalapan- The Dep May Loccurchio would love to go higher, but doesnt have "it." Andrew Lucas is yound and has promise, but still seems too reserved.

Marlboro- Kleinberg is loved in this town, but it is rumored he has his sights set on Ellen Karchers Senate seat.

Howell- Schoomaker was the favorite of the county last year, but blew it at the convention with an awful speech & didnt work for the spot. Mayor DiBella is like Kleinberg, except he has real potential to go places (gov), Unfort., I think he is going through too much right now in Howell and I dont see him abandoning his Mayorship. He's been eyeing up a Dist. 30 leg seat as well.
Bayshore- M'town has no allstars. Peters has potential, but only because they county is prob looking for a woman.
Union Beach is a very Repub town for some odd reason, but they are not a player on the county.

Hazlet is interesting. Despite their loss, they have 2 people who could be itching to move up. Michael Sachs & Bridgit Antonucci. Sachs has been close with Powers for some time, so some think he might get that spot. Antonucci is young, bright & attractive. She's a wild card in my opinion.

Holmdel- Most thought Terrance Wall had bigger ambitions, but he blew that by attacking several other Repubs this yr. DiMaso is bright & has ideas. Unfort., llike schoomaker, her speech last yr was a horrifying experience. I think she will step up again, as she tries to become the mayor.

Keyport- Ha
K'burg- never happen
Matawan/Ab- nothing there.

My thoughts are that the following people will step up. Peters, Schoomaker, Antonucci, & another wild card. Someone like Mayor Sal Decidue of Upper Freehold or someone from Millstone or Evan Maltz. IMO, it comes down to Peters / Antonucci surpsingly. Peters is prob the favorite, but who knows what could happen...

Then watch for the fun when Sam Thompson steps down & theres a fight for his seat, the Rob Clifton's when Rob steps up...

Honest Abe said...

Thank you Uncle Freddy. Very insightful. Terrence Wall had a lot of promise, but he did go into self-destruct mode this year, and his "bridges" right now lie charred and a-smokin'. Interestingly, it was under his name that the calls promoting Peters for Freeholder went out.

uncle freddy said...

Did not know it was him, but should have suspected. He was probably trying to stop DiMaso from running. Dont think she would have ran regardless, but then again Wall is an A$$.

Anonymous said...

I am hearing that Gus Toomey a former councilman in Aberdeen is going to go after the freeholder spot. He made some noise for the Assembly seat that Amy got but the party wanted amy to run with sam.
He did alot of work for Amy and sam - do you think they cut the deal in the spring primary

Jackie Corley said...

Are Aberdeen's county committee seats even filled? Toomey's got a good name but where is the support going to come from on the floor?

Anonymous said...

DiBella will do anything to escape scrutiny in Howell right now. His unfortunate public comments harassing many individuals and the push for large lot zoning in one area while advocating high density 8 to an acre in other nonresdential zones has the voters in Howell buzzing about a recall.

He also lost 4 volunteer chairpeople within 2 months recently, all citing lack of support by the governing body or a uncomfortable atmosphere created by DiBella

Fred Niemann would love to have some support up there, but choosing DiBella would backfire, in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Joe DiBella's favored candidate just lost an election in Howell and most likely DiBella will lose control in next years election. He will also have stiff competion from another Howell resident. If Steve Morlino runs as a Democrat or teams up with Unger on an Independent ticket in the Freeholder race he will most likely take Howell.

Anonymous said...

Whenever Sue Veitengruber gets mentioned you hear about Keansburg, whenever Joe Dibella gets mentioned people should think Sayerville... Not sure what I'm talking about check it out its a great story.
Lets not forget Dibellas secret meeting with Anthony Soprano, I mean Spalleiro sorry!

Dibella has ticked off guys like Assemblyman Joe Malone and insulted Sen Bob Singer by making it known that he's the Senators heir apparent, much to the surprise of the Senator that is!

Its common knowledge Dibella wants to be governor someday and he's got the perfect resume. He's the mayor of a decent sized town with not enough money to do it on his own so he'll need his own version of "George Norcross" to get it done, remind you of anyone?

Short+BIG EGO+no cash=J.M.?
come on its not that hard!
Hint, Woodbridge!

As far as Schomaker for freeholder forget it she doesn't have the right stuff, she sold her soul to the good old boys republican club to get re-elected and has become Dibellas Lackey as was the recently ousted Wayne Lucey.
I heard Fred Neimann swore in the independant who beat Lucey, whats up with that?
The local repuiblican clubs wants Neimans head on the palace gates from what I hear yet rumor has it Neimann wants Dibella for freeholder??? Lots of County Committe votes in Howell!

Diballas a nightmare, he's tried to pull the wool over everyones eyes several times in the last few years and has gotten spanked everytime!

I've lived in Howell for 41 years and we've had some real winners in the big chair over that time but this kids about as arrogant as they come! I can't believe he's actually got the nerve to talk about how bad Veitengruber was, hey Joe ever look in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

We all should look into the mirror. The mirror reflects a multitude of one’s afflictions and one’s affections. When Joe DiBella looks into the mirror he likely sees a clear image of a humble man of strength and courage. The longer he looks and the longer he is serving his constituents, the clearer reflection becomes. A reflection which is full of generosity, competency and collaboration; not a reflection blurred with a history of self-serving and self-assuming as a previous anonymous blogger has asserted.
When Mr. DiBella’s constituents peer at his reflection, they see a man who is offering his God–given talents to share with all of them. He does not just throw a pebble into the water and turn away; he sticks to the shore to observe and respond to the ripple effects the pebble has made on the people he serves. He is considered a partner in his community and a facilitator of all the people’s values and interests.
We in Howell are a group of residents who wish to preserve the individuality of ourselves. We are quite diverse and we love it that way. Our homes are small farmhouses and large million dollar horse farms. Our homes are quiet, cozy cottages where one can sit outside and listen to nature and cookie-cutter development homes where the neighbor’s kids ride bikes down the sidewalk. We all live in Howell for our piece of paradise, in each of our own view. Idealism is what each of us makes of it.
Nevertheless there are persons in Howell who single them selves out or group together against the diversity in which we call home. These same groups of people continue to stand down, not up; and be boisterous, instead of being considerate.
Joe DiBella has encouraged each and every one of us to work in partnership and remain active and relentless in our pursuit to keep our Howell, our paradise. He demonstrates collaborative leadership to all of us and collectively we can work in synergy.

Honest Abe said...

Howell. Well, it's been overdue for a good intra-party fight. Many good people worked hard to keep the GOP together and it appeared to work for a while, but it's like Mideast peace: It's what they do.
I also heard that Niemann backed and swore in Walsh (the Independent), but there had to be some Democrat involvement there or why was there no dem candidate in such a large town.

Anonymous said...

Whoever posted the,
"We all should look into the mirror" post
Sounds a lot like Joe Dibella himself but Joe would never do that, LOL!

pop mode said...

It is unfortunate that DiBella attacked a planning board member's wife last year and threatening to sue her for comments she made in defense of her husband.

He has threatened to sue numerous others who have dared disagree with him.

As for the God references, I am insulted by them. Jerry Falwell was supposedly a Christian too.

I think we are all seeing a lot of backpedaling by DiBella right now. The Spalliero meeting will continue to haunt him, not to mention the lawsuit he brought on the township when he directed the planning board to vacate the final approval for the Flame motel property. Howell will be in litigation for years.

And how about Sal Alfieri, another Republican that DiBella threw under the elephant?

Talking about making friends and influencing people.

Hope Fred Nieman does turn his back...

pop mode said...

I meant,

Hope Fred Niemann DOES NOT turn his back.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Let's be realistic.

Sue helped collect signatures for the change in Government.

Why would she want a position as manager?

As for mean, I think a lot of people have very large mean streaks in them. And sooner or later it will all come out.

But then again, Mayor Dibella has called me consistently mean.

Just who I want for my Freeholder.

Honest Abe said...

Attention all you Howell people:
The discussion here is very interesting as well as enlightening. I understand that most of you got here through Steven Morlino's link at "Howell Community Forum", and I appreciate the traffic, but please be aware that there are other threads here, including one in which I update this one.
You can get to "home" by clicking the blue title "Monmouth County Republican Blog" at the head of this page.
So, welcome! And please feel free to explore and comment, but please keep it clean!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Thanks, abe, we didn't know about this site!

Sharon Migliaccio said...

We all should look into the mirror. The mirror reflects a multitude of one’s afflictions and one’s affections. When Joe DiBella looks into the mirror he likely sees a clear image of a humble man of strength and courage.

The above anonymous post reminds me of a letter to the editor of the Tritown News several months ago. The writer tried to make a comparison between a story about a fox and some grapes and Mayor Dibella.

To this poster I have the following to say:

It is not enough to only be considerate in public, a leader must not act vindictive and adversarial in private.

It is not enough to react to the winds of popularity, a leader must anticipate and be proactive.

I expect our leaders to have the courage of their convictions and to stand by their principles when inconvenient.

If and when the above occurs, I will consider supporting Mayor DiBella again.

Honest Abe said...

Folks, I have a new post which you might find interesting. It's about Anthony Spalliero.

Anonymous said...

Our party and town would be a much better place if Toby Roe was still alive. And Smitty too.

Sharon Carpenter-Migliaccio said...

Well, I am sure that Rosemary Oeters is so glad this thread turned into the "how much do the anonymous posters hate Sue Veitengruber" thread.


Some of you have given yourself away with names like "Miss Piggy" and "suzzie".


GROW UP before you see the Dems take the seat right out from under the Reps.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Toby Roe was truly a gentleman and a statesman. He spent a great deal of time serving Howell Township not only as a Township Committeeman, but in many other charitable and service related activities. Toby always seemed to be able to find the right solution for every problem.

The flag pole in front of Town Hall was donated by former mayor Gerry Levine in memory of Toby.

Anonymous said...

Now that Mark Coren is retiring from Aberdeen is a good opportunity for us to bring him back here in Howell. He was our first and best manager and had been named "Manager of the Year" by his peers. We need him amd we need him now to clean up this mess!
Hell, I would even put him up for freeholder in Handlin's place.

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Actually, I went back through this thread and I can't find anywhere that I mention the URC.

Second point- no, I am not a genius, but I am pretty damn close, thank you.

Third point- Mark Coren would probably be a good candidate for manager. Can we get him?