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September 14, 2005
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TRENTON - At a Statehouse press conference today, NJGOP Chairman Tom Wilson and NJGOP Counsel Mark Sheridan presented potential evidence of massive voter fraud in New Jersey.“New Jersey is in grave danger of becoming the next Florida or Ohio and Peter Harvey has done nothing to stop it. Four months ago, we raised serious concerns about the enforcement of election law in New Jersey to the Attorney General’s staff. To date we have received no response. In an effort to determine if our concerns were well founded, we conducted our own investigation into whether New Jersey’s elections laws are being enforced. The results are disturbing and they highlight Peter Harvey’s total failure to perform his duties as the state’s top elections official.Our investigation has uncovered evidence of people voting twice in the same election, dead people registered to vote, tens of thousands registered more than once in New Jersey and hundreds of thousands registered in New Jersey and other states. The information we have compiled proves that New Jersey’s elections are susceptible to widespread voter fraud. There are less than eight weeks until the next election; it is incumbent upon the Attorney General to immediately take steps to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process.”


54,601 people registered to vote in more than one county in New Jersey.

4,397 appear to have voted twice in 2004 Election. 170,558 people registered to vote in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania or South Carolina.
Of those, 90,025 voted in New Jersey in the last general election.

6,572 appear to have voted in both states in 2004 Election. 16,775 Individuals “officially” listed as deceased were registered to vote in the last general election.

4,755 are listed as having voted in November 2004.

13,440 are still registered to vote as of May 1, 2005.

Earlier today, Republican State Committee delivered a letter to New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey that details the findings of an investigation conducted in New Jersey’s election and voter registration and calls on him to take immediate steps to remedy the myriad of problems with New Jersey’s voter registration system. Republican State Committee also provided the Attorney General with all of the evidence found through its research. This includes the names, addresses and dates of birth of individuals who: are registered in more than one county in New Jersey; are registered in New Jersey and either Florida, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina; are listed as deceased on official records; voted twice in the same election; are incarcerated and still registered to vote. A copy of the letter is attached to this release. Click Here.


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