Thursday, October 06, 2005


Aaronson and McMorrow Smoke Screen Not Working
Their track records are very clear, even as they blow smoke about how much they can do for Monmouth County.

October 6, 2005 - The Random House Dictionary defines a smoke screen as “something intended to disguise, conceal, or deceive; camouflage” and that is just what Rebecca Aaronson and Barbara McMorrow are doing, hoping to conceal their track records with inaccurate attacks on how Monmouth County is being run. Let’s take a look at their track records as we peer behind their wall of smoke and mirrors!
We only seem to hear from Ms. McMorrow in press releases, and that might be because she probably doesn’t want everyone to find out about her existing government pension and how her work as a Freeholder would add to that. She’s come out against padding income from government jobs, but that only seems to apply to others, not her. Double standards are never good.
On the topic of double standards, let’s look at Rebecca Aaronson’s track record as an elected official. We do hear from Rebecca an awful lot, but it’s never to address her own ethics issues. She called for a review of government agencies, but hasn’t answered as to why she won’t join the chorus calling for an investigation into the Western Monmouth Utilities Authority, even as they hit taxpayers for a 33% fee increase. Why so silent, Ms. Aaronson?
We’re also waiting for Rebecca to step up and tell us about the $150,000 campaign donation she took from indicted developer Anthony Spalliero whose projects she’s backed in Manalapan. Yes, Rebecca, we know about that, too. How could you think nobody would find out? Bad girl!
So, if Aaronson and McMorrow say they’re against corruption and pension padding and claim they want ethics reform, all election time buzzwords, why are their track records so contrary and so bad? Actions speak louder than words and nobody’s being fooled!

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