Friday, June 24, 2005


Yesterday's Supreme Court decision, Kelo v New London, will go down in history as one of the worst decisions in decades. I won't ramble on here, as other conservative bloggers have covered this quite well.
I will, however, point out that this has developers absolutely silly with glee. Nobody's safe in Long Branch, Asbury Park, Red bank, Keyport or anywhere else politicians want to confiscate houses and land for "gifts" to their big developer cronies. Picture how Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero must feel. Now he doesn't have to actually buy land for development; now he only needs to buy town officials. Yes, I know that Marlboro's new administration is on the straight & narrow; believe me, Spalliero and his ilk will just move their operation elsewhere like Howell or Aberdeen.
Five words of advice to property owners, here in New Jersey and elsewhere: Be afraid; be very afraid.


A Certain Slant of Light has addressed this issue from the "A man's home is his castle" viewpoint. Very valid. I would point out that by this court decision the "Lord of the Castle" has been reduced to serfdom.

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BAH said...

Thanks for the link, as well as for joining in the chorus of outrage over this decision. We need more conservative justices on the Supreme Court.I wish we could clone Scalia. -Bernard-