Thursday, October 18, 2012


Our nation is the land of opportunity where those with ambition can form their own business. To be successful, one must have a solid business plan and market to generate income that exceeds expenses.

This month, battery manufacturer A123 Systems declared bankruptcy. This was a company that the President endorsed in April 2010, with a $249-million Federal grant. Despite having received a taxpayer bailout, General Motors decided to source batteries, for the Volt, from an established international company, instead of new American company that employed Americans.

Was cost a factor, was it quality, or a combination of the two, that caused GM to contract outside the US? There are always consumers who will pay a premium for quality. BMW and Porsche are all examples of high quality cars that are more expensive than American cars.

We would not purchase a lower quality American product that costs more than a foreign made one. As Americans, we expect the best from all of us, in how we work and what we provide to each other. Quality, hard work, and dedication are integral to our economic success. Accepting less than our best results in a mediocre economy.

Our American values are under attack from the President and his supporters in the Senate and House of Representatives. They call companies that generate a profit and keep the employees gainfully employed as "bad". Plus, they ignore the potentially criminal business failings of political cronies, such as MF Global. Why won't the Federal government investigate the former NJ Governor and Senator for losing accountability of over $600-million of investor money? A good leader with integrity would never consider losing hundreds of millions of dollars and laying off American workers as being acceptable.

This year, New Jersey will rise and step forward in a leadership role, to show the nation that we will no longer tolerate political corruption. We will elect a new President, Senator, and Representative for Congressional District 6 this November. This will send a clear message that integrity, transparency in government, and encouraging all Americans to give our best effort matters. Our children are our future, and we will provide them the opportunity to be successful.

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