Monday, February 27, 2006


Here we go again. There will be another convention for Monmouth County Republicans. To be held in March or April, this will be the regular annual Convention to select a slate of candidates for the organization's backing.
The slate will include:
U. S. Senate. State Sen. Tom Kean (R-Union) is expected to have no opposition going into the primary, and should receive a unanimous vote.
U. S. House. Veteran Rep. Christopher Smith (R-4th), Monmouth County's only Republican Congressman, is also expected to be unopposed for the nomination in the 4th District. In the 6th District, Sheriff Joe Oxley is being mentioned as a possible opponent for Democratic Rep. Frank Pallone. Some would like Tom DeSeno of Howell to move to Asbury Park and run. And Middlesex's Sylvester Fernandes, who ran in 2004, has also been mentioned. As of today, we haven't heard whether Bill Spadea or anyone else plans another go at Democratic Rep. Rush Holt in the 12th District.
Surrogate. The incumbent, Marie Muhler of Wall, formerly Marlboro, has been said to be considering retirement. Possible replacements are Middletown's Rosemarie Peters and Little Silver's Rick DeNoia.
Freeholder. Weren't we just here? Freeholder Anna Little will have to screen before the spring convention to get the endorsement to run in the fall. It is hoped that the "Bill Barham clause" is invoked, and she is given an acclamation endorsement. Some Republicans were concerned when blogger "Ronald Reagan", rumored to be Chairman Fred Niemann or Dan Gallic, who is not the executive director, intimated at a convention challenge or primary contest against Little by an as yet unnamed person. That paragraph was removed after criticism. And don't forget Freeholder Ted Narozanick. He has said that he would not seek another term, but would he change his mind? If he retires, who would be the candidate(s)? Would we see the same group (Joe DiBella, Bob McKenna, Tom DeSeno and Bridget Antonucci) that ran in the Title 19 Convention screen for Ted's seat? Would the withdrawn candidates (Serena DiMaso, Gus Toomey and Robert Kleinberg) come out? Would it be Rosemarie Peters? Or somebody entirely new? Time will tell. It should soon show up in your mailbox. You may be robo-called. Or someone might get hold of the Republican Headquarters e-mail list.
So, be alert, Republicans. And don't forget to log on here.


john doe said...


William H Seward said...

No challengers for Pallone's or Holt's seats as of yet. Cindy Adams of the NY Post said there's likely to be several congressman indicted for influence peddling. I have no reason to think either man would be one of those indicted. Can you imagine the free for all or politicos coming out of the woodwork to run for those seats in that unfortunate event?

If there is a challenge to Freeholder Little, Fred will take a BIG hit in the pocket book. He will lose municipal and authority work BEFORE the June convention. RR's post on Saturday angered alot of people and Fred is under a microscope. Let's hope all the emotions subside and we can move ahead as a united team.

Joe DiBella has a post on asking people to play nice and not to say anything about him if they don't have anything nice to say. He's getting the predictable response. He has a way to go yet to mend those fences, but at least he's thinking about it. He would be well served to sit this one out.

Look for a yet to be mentioned candidate emerge from Western Monmouth if Ted doesn't run. I don't see McKenna, DeSeno, DiBella or Antonucci going for it. Too bad for McKenna, he would have had a good shot if not for such a poor showing on Saturday.

If Marie retires, 2 Rivers will run Rick DiNoia, and they will suffer their first defeat. Peters will get the nod.

Casual Observer said...

I thought the convention was well run. Am looking forward to the next. I thought Mckenna was the only one on message in terms of what sells to the voter and analysis of party issues / victory margins.

Agree, the Barham rule should apply to Little.

CICERO said...

All of the Chairman's pets have no hope of being selected. The very mention of their names by the "Chairman" is like salt water to plants. THEY DIE! Di Maso, Di Bella, De Seno or Antonucci are going nowhere. De Seno made a nice speech and presents himself well, but, as we have seen there is much work to be done in Howell and Asbury Park. Roll up your selves Tom and get to work. Bridget start thinking about your second term in Hazlet. 3-2 is time to tend your own garden not try to run a farm.Look for new candidates Mayor Kleinberg, Terrance Wall, Tom Hall from Middletown. If Ted N. wants it, it is his. Marie will probally announce she's not running. That will most likely pit Rosemarie Peters against Rick De Noia. Let the games begin. See all at the Affiliated Republican Club Candidate's Night, Friday March 24, 2006 at Mike Doolan's, Spring Lake Heights, 6:30 P.M.

john doe said...

Cicero is on the right track.

either SOMEONE NEW or...



William H Seward said...

I think kaiser sose likes Ted!

What's not to like?