Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The Annual Monmouth County Replublican Lincoln Day Reception was held last night at Aberdeen's Garden Manor.
Despite predictions of a disaster, Serena DiMaso and Tom Apostle pulled off an outstanding event and are to be commended for it. Although there may have been better attended Lincoln Days in the past, this was far from a washout, and our friends from Howell behaved themselves.
A nice time was had by all.
In spite of reports to the contrary, this correspondent was there. Many GOP dignitaries were in attendance, rubbing elbows with rank & file party members. Congressman Chris Smith was there, with a volunteer circulating his nominating petition for this year's election. Various freeholder candidates were in attendance and working the room. It has been said that they weren't, but they were. Former County Chairman Fred Kniesler and family were with the Upper Freehold contingent, and in addition to Monmouth's Trenton delegation (OK, not all of them.), some legislators from other parts of the state also supported the event. State Senator Tom Kean (R-Union), who hopes to swap the "State" prefix to his title for "U. S." this year, was there, as was Assemblyman Bill Baroni (R-Mercer), an up-and-comer in state politics who has been mentioned as a possible 2009 gubernatorial candidate. Also former Assemblyman Paul DiGaetano (R-Essex), who was a gubernatorial candidate in the 2005 primary. It is said that Sylvester Fernandes, the 2004 standardbearer in the 6th District race against Democrat Rep. Frank Pallone, was there. State Chair Tom Wilson got up and said a few words, as did County Chairman Fred Niemann.
A nice reception last night, now on to Saturday's Title 19 convention!


William H Seward said...

Did Fred really say that if he had $4 million dollars he would take over the state of New Jersey?

I was there and heard him say it, yet I still find it hard to believe that he said that.

Honest Abe said...

He said it. I wondered where he would get it from.

William H Seward said...

He could tell all the candidates to take second mortgages on their homes.

CICERO said...

Honest Abe, So refreshing Fred and Dan (Ronald Reagan) can learn from you. HONESTY. It sounds like it was a great event. Obviously Dan Gallic does not know who you are or thinks you are someone else who did not attend. There were 530 paid based upon the door count by the restaurant. THAT IS THE TRUTH. The book had 110 pages, last years had 162. The event and the book were off about 35%(not "slightly" as was alleged by our truthed-challenged Chairman in today's Asbury Park Press). We are still suffering from "post-indictment stress disorder". Great job Tom, Serena and the Committee.

hazletres said...

It was a great event.
I am sure pay to play concerns my have prevented some from taking ads etc.

Jackie Corley said...

Making the news Abe (look toward the bottom): http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060223/NEWS01/602230460/1004


question: why is an ambition for one political organization (the Monmouth GOP), which clearly has hostile views about dissenting opinions by citizens at its upper levels (fred and dan), to "take over the state" a good thing for the greatest majority of residents of this state.

in my experience, the upper leadership of the county GOP cannot even effectively represent the broad range of views in its own county party without using punitive measures to roll over the opinions and views of others. what in the world makes fred or anyone else believe that there would be a statewide need for such "representation," given the fact he has not one but two challengers contending for his seat with some support?

oh yeah, a whole state would give fred a greater ability to strongarm people, as well as bully and intimidate them.

new jersey and fred: perfect together? nah.

Joe Parente said...

I just wanted to say that the Dibella recall petition has been filed with the town clerk of Howell. Media reports of it being "stalled" are incorrect. Have a nice weekend.

Honest Abe said...

Thank you and welcome. It's all information people can use when making their decision tomorrow.