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So, what's County Chairman Fredrick Niemann's next move going to be? Many pundits view Freeholder Anna Little's convention victory as an upset to the GOP organization establishment led by Niemann. So what does he do next?
Will he accept the will of the County Committee, the party rank and file, and support Little in the spring County Convention and November election? A post, since removed, on another blog would have one believe otherwise.
Some have said that Little's victory has doomed Niemann's chance at reelection as chairman in June. If this is the case, will he feel he has nothing to lose and start playing games? An animal is most dangerous when it is injured.
So what do you think Fred will do next? Attempt to dislodge Little in the spring convention? Run someone against her in the primary? Attempt to sabotage the November election? Or support the will of the people and work for Little?
Please let us know your opinion.


William H Seward said...

Fred will transform into the chairman we hoped was elected in 2004.

He will embrace Freeholder Little and her team. He bring the various factions of the party together and host a convention where we elect a winning ticket. He will prevent a primary challenge to that ticket.

Fred will mend fences with those planning to challenge him. He will propose by laws that will be tweaked and adopted in June at the same convention where he is re-elected chairman.

He will then lead a victorius campaign where in we win all three seats on the county level and improve our standing in many municipalities.

Let's hope my crystal ball is a good as it was last week.


fred can be expected to do what is going to facilitate the payroll of the people he put on board full-time, a record high for this county's gop staff.

in addition, he has to pay court to the dons that facilitate his living. so, his choices are less actual decisions than things that must be accomplished to allow for economic flow to his employees and himself.

with that said, i don't think anna little cares a bit about a team of political cronies. so, without that, and since she's playing a straight game, i can only surmise that he is going to attempt another dull trick to try and usurp her, with barely concealed motives.

prediction: little gets primaried and wins. as for fred's future, a cold front is moving in and 85 percent chance of rain.

john doe said...

The next Chairman will have by-laws. They will also be the right by-laws and not window dressing. Likely not going to be Fred N. because the right by-laws will strip the boss system. Fred needs to fall on a political knife to ensure his survival. The fact he ran on by-laws - lying about it - means he cannot be trusted. When you cannot be trusted, it is only a matter of time. Fred lied and therefore he is not deserving of a second term. Unless of course there are no competent alternatives. This is also very important.

CICERO said...

To: William H. Seward

First let thank you for your prior laudatory comments. This time I respectfully and cheerily disagree.

1. As the two-faced jackal he is Fred Niemann will attmept to embrace Freeholder Little. What an unpleasant prospect for Freeholder Little. She's too smart for him. To quote a wise Freeholder, "Don't believe a word that man (Fred Niemann) says, he's nothing but a liar!"
2. No one has enough wood to mend all the fences he has broken. I do not know anyone, anywhere who is supporting Niemann, who is not in the "bunker" with Gallic, Bennett and Elkes.
3.By-laws proposed by Niemann would be a Trojan Horse for additional lies. No one smart enough to be a County Committee member could possibly fall for such a weak mendacious ploy. By-laws will not work.
4. At the convention, which will as was the last, be totally out of his control, we will renominate Freeholder Little by acclaimation, and I believe nominate Rosemarie Peters for Surrogate. The Freeholder nomination is wide open but many still hope Ted Narozanick has one more race in him. We'll have to see. I love your optimism but this time I think it's got the better of you. FRED MUST GO!!! Let's start the dialogue for change in 2006.

Honest Abe said...

Anyone think Fred will pull a "Bill Dowd", forego a convention altogether, and name his own slate?

William H Seward said...

To Cicero:

You're welcome, and thank you for your respect and cheerfulness.

Your scenario is much more realistic than mine, though I hold out hope for the possibility of Fred's genuine transformation and a real united party.

In the 1800s my namesake argued against the Civil War and worked diplomatically to prevent it. When the war became inevitable he was the war's and the Union's strongest supporter. You can expect me to act accordingly if necessary.

My optimism has not gotten the better of me. Fred has a choice. I have only presented him his choices, as well as the consequences of making the wrong choice, elsewhere on these blogs

CICERO said...

To: Honest Abe

Re: Convention

The "Chairman" is capable of doing anything because without the input of anyone besides his "Bunker boys" he has proven to follow his own worst instincts. If he says should I? They'll say ,"Oh yes Boss". Every time I look for even a scintilla of character in the "Chairman", I am bitterly disappointed. Having been very involved with "GOP for Change" I apologize to all for this person. I hope to be allowed to correct my mistake and participate.


he has to do something to make it work. he obviously can't get it done behind the scenes.

john doe said...

Picture the Chairman as a spouse. You are courted, you receive wonderful poems and promised the greatest of expectations. You get married.

The morning after the Chairman forgot your name, your face and the reason he got married in the first place.

Your anniversary is coming. So do the flowers, the poems, the flattery.

Do you divorce or stay in a bad relationship?

William H Seward said...

"Do you divorce or stay in a bad relationship?"

Or work it out for the benefit of the kids?

john doe said...

the kids always know more than the parents think - they are the ones who say it should have happened sooner.

the CHAIRMAN is coming.

bayshore brute said...

I nominate Terry Wall as chairman.


when this chairman "proposed" to the party, he represented himself as a republican, which was and is his registration, but not his actual belief structure.

being "republican" means a certain thing, and one applys work in that general directin or else one is not a republican by definition.

if one does not act as a republican but represented one's self in that way to the party that they "married" (in this case Niemann to the county GOP) then that is a fraud and, in ecclesiastical terms, would be grounds for not only divorce but an annulment.

in the case of a "divorce with children," then the action would be more appropriate, because anything short of that would positively reinforce negative virtues and character traits and perpetuate a cycle of defective progeny by virtue of "nurture." pouring oil into the drinking water so to speak.

is this support for a chairman from niemann's people or is it more a case of some people sticking their heads in sand and fervently repeating, "everything will be alright, everything will be alright?" (lol)

that's my take on it.

michael borg said...

that is not the republican party I know, we should be encouraging the family to stay together, not divorce. Studies show children benefit from having both parents together, even if it is a problem marriage.

CICERO said...

Mike Borg,put down that Kool-aid. The "Chairman" has betrayed us all for his own 30 pieces of silver. His creation of Mo-cean County. His auctioning off political appointments in Monmouth County to improve his own standing at others expense. "Aberdeen Committee for Good Government", "et tu brute"?

john doe said...

Bayshore brute

Wall will not run this organization




Honest Abe said...

Instead of the "divorce" analogy, let's look at it as the stockholders (county committee) at the annual meeting. The CEO (county chairman) and his management team (Gallic, Elkes, etc.) have to show that they have posted positive returns for the stockholders, and even if there is a positive return, they must demonstrate that they aren't running an Enron-type operation.

Executive Suite said...

Most on this blog are political insiders. Having some insight, I do not understand the passionate dislike for the current chairman. It seems personal with most of you and I am not privy (nor are most county committee or the voting public) to the reasons. Plus, I think many of you just dislike whoever is in that position.

You have to step back from your personal relationship problems with the chairman and look at what's best for the party and what do we need to do to get Republicans elected.

We have come a long way in the past two years. The conventions alone are a big deal and a big risk for any chairman. Has Mr. Niemann made mistakes? Sure. I think opening up the process then taking a position on a candidate is one of them. My position is if you are going to have a convention, then step back. His involvement should be to provide objective data to our chairs who in turn educate those on county committee.

Even that wasn't that bad after seeing how the convention went (well run). My chairman said that he wasn't strong armed by the chair to support his candidate.

I'm neither a supporter or detractor of his. Mr. Niemann has done an OK job. He deserves a serious look for another term and we should be open to that.

michael borg said...

cicero said...
"Mike Borg,put down that Kool-aid. "Aberdeen Committee for Good Government", "et tu brute"?"

What does it profit our party to attack those within it. You are either a democrat, or just someone who is so bitter that you have to lash out at anyone.

At least I have the balls to assign my name to what I post.

I have not profited from anything I've done, in fact, I have taken time, money and resources away from my family. So,if you are insinuating that somehow I have profited from my volunteering, to steer the party in Aberdeen, and resurrect an organization that had no volunteers, I'd like to meet you so we could discuss it further, I assure you I will keep your identity a secret.

What "koolaid" are you referring to? I supported Lillian Burry for Freeholder, although, I recieved calls from party leaders to support others. When Captain Joe Azzolina was being challenged, I had every intention of supporting him, until, I had a meeting with him and others, I didn't agree with some of the things that were said in that meeting, but, I didn't advertise what was said to hurt Joe, or attack what was said there, I kept it to myself, and still do.
I do not have a county, state, or municipal job, I have not asked for a job with the Sherrif's Dept, or the Prosecutors office, although, I have a law enforcement background with the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

There are others that have all of these things, and yet, somehow they criticize others. What a bunch of hypocrites!

Jim Purcell posted earlier that I was at many of the "GOP for Change" meetings, that is true. Bylaws were not the reason. I didn't know any of the players. I have only been involved the last three years, I am a newcomer to Monmouth. I got involved with it, because, I was trying to be a team player with the rest of the Bayshore.

I am a big supporter of Bret Schundler's, I was disappointed with the results from the primary not being released. I disagreed with that decision. Am I going to harp on and on, to the detriment of my party? I'll leave the whining to some of you bloggers.

There is nothing illegal, or unethical with setting up PAC's. Having said that, I don't like the way the one in Aberdeen was set up, and about two months ago, I asked that it be dismantled, that has yet to be done. I will handle that when I get back from the Federal Law Enforcement Academy, where I have been for the last three weeks, and where I'll continue to be for the next two and half.

It's ashame that while I am training I have to address people like you attacking my character. Cicero,why don't you give me a call, so, we can discuss my ethical lapses? My number is 732-887-3411, I doubt you'll call.

The only thing I am guilty of, is being a little naive and green, and that is because of my lack of experience.

john doe said...


If you are holding water for Fred -RUN RUN RUN!


William H Seward said...

"An animal is most dangerous when it is injured."

Sadly, I'm hearing that Fred is talking about not even having a convention and naming a ticket which will not include Anna Little, Ted or Marie.

This is why we need by laws. We could end up being in a bigger mess than Bergen County.

CICERO said...

Michael Borg

You know of me but may not be able to put a face with a name. I worked with "GOP for Change" which removed from power a person who due to personal issues had become a liability to the Party. His removal of Ed Stominski was unfair and arbitrary.
Ingratitude is a cardinal sin. Joe Azzolina was a principal mover in GOP for Change and worked for the "Chairman's" election. Niemann then turned his back on Joe Azzolina who had violated no law, ethical rule or standard of propiety. There was simply a person who wanted his seat and therefore he was gone. Many of his "friends" abandoned Joe and betrayed decades of faithful service. They should be ashamed.
Now as to your critism: I understand you feel you are naive. You are probably right. Get control of the check book, then write back. I will help you file the necessary papers with ELEC to close it out. The "Chairman" is a devious, duplicitous man without any character. He is in this for only money. He trades in his position with Ocean County for personal and professional advantage. His stooges do his bidding and involve innocent people like yourself in activities which like "wheeling" are not illegal but when made public discredit our Party and give the Democrats an advantage. Collusion is illegal especially if this is being done to launder money or to exceed campaign contribution limits. People setting up these accounts would have to know what these people makingd donations have given to candidates directly. There is really no way of knowing that. Evading pay-to-play restrictions may violate State laws. These accounts used for wheeling MUST BE CLOSED!!! Sean Kean and Steve Corodemus were outspent by $1,000,000 and still won. Cutting corners is easier and maybe smart. But the voters dissapprove. Maybe we should pay for yet another poll to see if I am right. Nonsense, we all know I'm right. I will help you close out this account and either return the money to the donators or put it in the properly functioning Aberdeen Republican PPC.(Kool-aid drinking refers to Jim Jones and his followers who went to the jungles of South America to build a religious utopia and ended up drinking Kool-aid laced with poison. It is shorthand for people who blindly follow a leader who is doing irrational things promising a better tommorrow. 800 people perished.) I checked I do have balls, but in this enviroment of retribution and revenge I chose a modicum of safety.

Tom Apostle said...


After a couple of weeks of reading the pap that passes for political discourse here I came to the realization soon after Lincoln Day and our most recent convention that I was just wasting my time checking in over here as this “blog” seemed to be monopolized by the same five or six members of the “anyone but Fred crowd”.

However, as a friend remarked that while the same six “guys” may be the only “bloggers” here that a great many may be lurking about. I’m not sure I’d bet on that, but I do find the concept of blogging interesting enough and am willing to hang around a little longer.

The few weeks should be interesting enough now that we have been informed of, limited as it may be at this time, the date of our next “convention.”

Hell, maybe there will be a little political give and take here. That would be refreshing.

Sorry, no "nom de plume" for me.

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hazletres said...

It is good to hear from some honest interested people.
It seems Cicero has his own agenda which is very transparent.

CICERO said...

Tom Apostle

Since I am a somewhat regular contributor to this page I know you know me and I appreciate your silence on my true identity. I use the "nom de plume" tongue-and- cheek. The historical irony is humorous. I speak to those who read and laugh about this blog. We comment on the unfolding spectacle. If my comments to Mike Borg appeared ill-tempered I regret them. What I find redeeming for the whole situation is that he is troubled by what he has been asked to do. I offered to help. I still will. I heartily believe that these practices---without comments on their legality---must be stopped immediately. I offer the same help to those in other towns who find themselves trapped in this quagmire. Cry help here!!! I will send help from someone uniquely skilled and experienced in ELEC matters to assist. Self-discovery and renunciation of these practices will be viewed affirmatlvely if ELEC ever looks at these accounts. SAVE YOURSELVES NOW!!!

john doe said...

Tom Apostle

Good man - trying to build a business. Can't blame him.



Teddy Roosevelt said...

This is interesting. I believe I would like to join this Club of dead politicians.
Why Teddy Roosevelt. Because he was not afraid of the unvarnished truth even when those in his own party did not want to hear it.
First of all Cicero you have to understand something. GOP For Change was used,. It was used by people who wanted rid of Dowd for there own self interest this includes people in the group such as John Merla and people outside the group such as Malcolm Carton and John Bennet.
It was also used by people who realized that Bill Dowd had to go not because of what he did to Ed Stominski but how he did it. The majority of the sane rational people realized Ed Stominski had become a political liability who had to go. Why? Because he was in the game for himself not for the party or for the common good. He is still out there hawking for a job so that he can get lifetime medical benefits on the public dime. Dowd did the right thing but he did it in a despotic manner. Joe Azzolina was handled the right way. Completly Democratic down the line. Why did Joe have to go? Because he too put his own self interest first. That is his right but he should have gotten out of politics first.

We are making progress as a party . We have gotten rid of a bunch of self interested pocket lining bottom feeders. (some with the assistance of federal prosecutors).However, there are still some to go. We must be ever vigilant because politics breeds this type like cities breed cockroaches.
What about Fred Nieman, Fred is a basically good guy. However as Lord Acton states power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutly. I beg Fred to guard his integrity. He has generally done the right thing for the party but I see troubling signs in his recent actions. While he believes he is doing the right thing now, he needs to step back and think again.
We have not gotten By- Laws because Fred views them (as did Dowd) as a restriction on his power. He needs to realize the Rank and File do not want political bosses any more. That includes Fred and Bill Barham We want to limit power and we want a constitution and we want to find a way to win elections with out pay to play. I believe Fred could give us this but if he cannot or will not he should step aside.
We as a party need to look at other models of leadership. Perhaps an executive Board where the Chairman has limited powers and the Board is elected by and answers to the County Committee.
Maybe it is a system that has a Chairman and then regional Chairs. Maybe it should be a sytem like Morris County which runs extremly clean and efficient. I am sure that there are many other models to choose from. Politicians be forwarned. This is a grass roots movement that will not be denied. Get on Board or get run over.
By the way While I am a great admirer of Ronald Reagan (the real one not Dan)I do not subscribe to his 11th comandment. The truth should never be denied even if it is about a Republican.

hazletres said...
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CICERO said...


How hath Cicero offended thee? Your statements as to certain identities are humorous. John Lane has been accused of bring Kaiser Sose, Honest Abe and the Prince of Darkness himself. Why do the pronouncements of Cicero ilicit such strong reactions. If Tom Apostle is right and it is only 5 or 6 people opposed to the continued Chairmanship of the individual holding that office then he has nothing to fear. Hazletres, Mike Borg and the others who are clinging to this person seem desperate. I continue to offer assistance to Mike Borg and the others being used in this "wheeling scheme". I have threatened no one and don't think it is appropriate to be threatening others. What has gone on should stop that has been my point and still is.

Honest Abe said...

Tom Apostle: Hi. Welcome to my blog. I do in fact have many readers. Over 32,000 hits since June. As to the "anyone but Fred crowd", that is not the point of this blog. Comments in favor of Fred are welcome and encouraged; they will help readers make a decision in June.
No chairman is immune to criticism, and a healthy debate can help the party.

Teddy Roosevelt: Welcome.

HazletRes: Kaiser Sose is neither of the Lanes. Trust me on that. Let's lose the innuendo ("skeletons in their closet") here; you're coming very close to the edge. I'm leaving it up for now, but if someone complains, I will delete your post.

Honest Abe said...

Sorry HazletRes. We had a complaint and now your comment is gone.
Let this be a lesson to you, HazletRes, for future reference.


Dear Mr. Roosevelt,
Your point of view is refreshing, but until now I had no idea that it was simply Bill Dowd and Joe Azzolina that put their own self-interest first.

Well, that being the case, I suppose everything should be hunky dory now in GOP land.

As a matter of fact, the MC GOP For Change comment you made was in err, Mr. President. In fact, at what point did that group NOT talk about bylaws? Regionalization? Enfranchisement?

Well, since Fred ash canned all that, let's just talk about the underlying current to get rid of Bill. Yeah, that's a lot easier. It wasn't Fred's fault that Bill had to go...and Bill was right he was just, the problem was the darn people in MC GOP For Change. How dare they believe in something their would-be chairman said on the campaign trail.

Yes, I thin they're horrible people too. Fred has earned his critics for a reason, pard'ner. That's just the way it is.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

My post removed.
I guess Honest Abe can't handle the truth.
As to Mr. Purceel , I am not sure what post you read. but I shall not bother making myself clearer as i doubt it would be posted.

Honest Abe said...

I didn't delete your comment, TR. Unless you're saying you also post as HazletRes?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

An hour or so ago my post was replaced with a notice that it was taken down. Whatever it was that happened I am pleased to see it up. Thank you

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Mr. Purcel. I do not know if it is my communication skills or your reading/listening skills but I clearly did not get my message across to you.
I never said Azzolina and Stominski were the only ones in the game for themselves. I mentioned a few others also.(who by the way need to go away) I readily admit that this is only a partial list.
I also never said Mon GOP for Change didn't raise the mentioned political reforms. I think they are a good group with some good people in it. I just think they are niave about many of there allies motivations.
We agree that Fred has earned his critics. But he has done some good things. Witness our last few conventions. I also think he is at a critical juncture. He must choose between darkness and light. If He chooses wrong I will be his loudest critic.

Tom Apostle said...

LOUTRO AERA, you say you want a new chairman...

What do you think we should look for in a new chair?

Kaiser Sose...You must only know my recent history...those that know me know that I've been around long before I was "building a business," as a GOP Club president, county committee member, campaign treasurer, aide to Assemblywoman Farragher, municipal campaign manager and presently 2nd VP of the Affiliated. I've worked for the Party long before anything else.

Those that know me, know that I have always put the party first. I was not part of the "anyone but Bill" crowd and I wouldn't be apart of the "anyone but Fred" crowd for the same reason. It's two easy to just throw stones. If I bitch, I'll offer an alternative. Bitching just to bitch is not constructive. At the end of the day, I'm only concerned about the institution of the Monmouth Republican Organization.

So I ask again, what do you want in another Chair?

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michael borg said...

Hi Tom,

Thanks for blogging. It's nice to have someone else who understands that all this bitching and complaining will hurt our party in the end. Now, someone will post a blog stating that you drank the koolaid.

It's nice to have you on here Tom. I would like to thank you again for taking time away from your family to put together the Lincoln Day Dinner. You and Serena did a wonderful job.

We've had several inclusive conventions, that has brought openess to the process, some of these naysayers will never be satisfied, until two or three democrats are on the board. Once they get some seats you will see money pour into Monmouth from all kinds of PAC's. The public and the press won't give a damn about those PAC's, or how the dems pump money into our area. Some are trying to put a strangle hold on the way we raise money.

Tom Apostle said...

Great, a chairman with reams of paper and gallons of ink. That would be a hoot.

Of course, the "p"ress would be thrilled.

But didn't we fight against such things 230+ years ago?

William H Seward said...

My crystal ball is looking pretty good after all.

There will be a convention on April 8th.

Freeholder Little will not be opposed.

Still no announcements for Marie or Ted.

the inside airbather said...

maybe his next move will be to take an airbath