Friday, March 31, 2006


"We didn't? I'm sure we did."
"Due to accounting complexities because of last year's state races, rather than file an incomplete report, the report was delayed. It will be filed by the end of next week."
...Democrat Party Executive Director Kate Burlett, when told her party hadn't filed its ELEC reports, due in January.

The APP reports that the Monmouth County Democrats didn't even file their fourth quarter ELEC reports which were due over two months ago:

The party also appears to have failed to report $94,442 it spent on one campaign alone, the 2005 county freeholder bids of Barbara J. McMorrow and Rebecca Aaronson. The two losing Democrats reported receiving $194,242 in in-kind support from the county Democratic Party. But the Monmouth County Democrats reported spending only $99,800 on their behalf, according to reports filed with ELEC. By law, such expenditures between Oct. 1 and Election Day should be reported within 48 hours.

Told her party hadn't filed its fourth-quarter report, Kate Burlett, executive director of the Monmouth County Democrats Inc., responded Thursday, "We didn't? I'm sure we did."

Burlett went on, "Due to accounting complexities because of last year's state races, rather than file an incomplete report, the report was delayed. It will be filed by the end of next week."
Filed by the end of next week. Spin, spin, spin. That obviously means that they never even put together a report, and they have to scramble and get their information together to make the report.
This is consistent with the mysterious missing report of Lenny Inzerillo and Tom Perry's failed 2003 assembly campaign, which The Monmouth County Republican Blog reported in February.
The Monmouth County Republican Organization has filed a formal complaint with ELEC.


William H Seward said...

Did Lenny's missing reports ever get filed?

Interesting timing of this story. I'd be willing to bet Fred and Dan were planning to tip the press off to this in October. Too bad they had to do it now.

Honest Abe said...

Not sure. Good point, though. I just added that to the story, with linkage.

William H Seward said...

Honest Abe said...
"Not sure. Good point, though. I just added that to the story, with linkage.

My pleasure. Does this get me an invite to Branches? :-)

Honest Abe said...

Update on Inzerillo's ELEC report. I just checked ELEC and found that there is still nothing there.
Remember the 11-day pre-election report shows that the oompa-loompaesque James Devine, Inzerillo's treasurer, closed out the Election Fund of Flynn, Inzerillo and Perry on October 13, 2003 (nearly a month before the election) by writing out a check in the amount of $2,473.47 to the Election Fund of Inzerillo and Perry; it's that fund which never had an ELEC report.
On the Inzerillo thread the former treasurer responded thus:

James J. Devine addressed...
"You really should tell me when you are going to mention me
I don't have anything to say about Lenny Inzerillo, but the joint campaign account for which I was treasurer closed out without raising much money.
The lack of any report could be due to the fact that none was required, because you don't need to file anything except a notice if you spend less than a certain amount on your campaign."

Okay, there's no notice, no ELEC report, nothing to explain where the $2,473.47 that was deposited in the EFO Inzerillo & Perry went after that! Nothing!
Maybe Devine was not the treasurer on that account like he was on the original Flynn, Inzerillo & Perry account, but someone was.
Maybe Lenny Inzerillo should look into this if he really wants to be a freeholder. If not him, definitely the APP>

William H Seward said...

Very interesting. Here's what Lenny had to say in his press release earlier this week:

"“What the Republicans are doing is nothing short of money laundering,” Inzerillo said. “At best, they are breaking the spirit of the law, at worst they are flagrantly breaking the law, period.”


“The only way to really know what the Republicans are doing is for a complete and thorough investigation by the appropriate state authorities,” Inzerillo said. “I respectfully request that the Attorney General’s office begin such an investigation.”

It looks like the Attorney General may indeed have some investigating to do.

I wonder if APP reporter JAMES W. PRADO ROBERTS read these blogs. I bet he does after the email I send him!

Honest Abe said...

Spotlight on Lenny!
I am aware that someone at the APP does read this blog, but I don't know who. Also the Greater Media group of papers, and I think I heard something that some people from The Courier may log on from time to time.(:-รพ)

Honest Abe said...

Also If you log on to ELEC, check out the County Dems (Well, what reports they do have) and several local Dem organizations in the Bayshore area. The handwriting's all the same! And when they fax in the 48 hour reports, they use Charles Felon's fax! I mean come on guys, at least use IEI! Or press the easy button and fax it at Staples!

William H Seward said...

If the APP picks up the story and cites either your blog or mine, I'm buying at Branches. :-D

john doe said...

What is the position of the Freeholder candidates on these PAC's? Are they all beholden to their bosses or what?

Abe? anyone?

Honest Abe said...

Mr. Mill:
Which freeholder candidates? Ours or theirs?

john doe said...

All of them - is every candidate beholden to a boss from some county or another or do we have an election coming up with someone who is not beholden to bosses?

William H Seward said...

John Stuart Mill said...
"All of them - is every candidate beholden to a boss from some county or another or do we have an election coming up with someone who is not beholden to bosses?"

Of our current Freeholder candidates, Anna Little has demonstrated that she is not beholden to any boss. Anna was elected at the GOP convention on Feb 25 to fill the seat that Assemblywoman Amy Handlin vacated. At this point Anna is unopposed for the party's nomination to serve the remainder of Ms. Handlin's term.

Of the candidates running for the Republican nomination to seek the seat being vacated by Freeholder Ted Narozanick:

Joe DiBella, as you pointed out on my blog, is supported by former Senate President John Bennett. He is also supported by County Chairman Frederick P. Neimann and Senator Joseph Kryillos. DiBella works for Commerce Insurance Services. George Norcross, the Camden County Democratic Chairman is the CEO of Commerce Insurance Services.

Terence Wall is a Holmdel Township Committee Person and the Borough Manager of Keansburg. Far from being beholden to bosses, Terence is something of a wild card. He has run in a primary against popular incumbent Assembly members, and certainly did not endear himself to Senator Kryillos when he reported a voice mail from the Senator asking for help for a developer in Keansburg to his superiors. This tape found its was to the press. Terence is unquestionably independent.

Robert Kleinberg is the first term Mayor of Marlboro. He is a chiropractor by profession. That he was elected as a Republican after all the scandals Marlboro has had is impressive. He has said we would foresake PAC money if selected as the nominee.

Andrew Lucas is in his first term as a Committee person in Manalapan. He is a 28 year old Princeton grad who owns his own investment firm and is a farmer. He is basically unknown, to the voters and the bosses.

Brain Reilly is a Coucilman is Spring Lake. No one outside of Spring Lake seems to know much about him. He ran a lackluster effort to win the seat that Anna Little eventually won, dropping out at the last minute.

As for the Democratic candidates, that's harder to say given the state of the Monmouth County DisOrganization, which is could be the subject of another blog story. Suffice to say that the Demcoratic bosses with clout are from outside of Monmouth County and those same bosses are working hard to get influence in Monmouth County, on both sides of the aisle.

Neither of the Dem candidates for Freeholder have a clue as to how the process works. They are both nice and well meaning people who, win or lose, are in for rude awakenings, more so if they win than lose, which is unlikely.

Honest Abe said...

I will add another thing to Secretary Seward's explanation.
Lenny Inzerillo may be an OK guy or maybe not - don't know him. But with the shenanigans involved with his 2003 Assembly campaign account(s), one must observe his connection to Union County's oompa-loompaesque Democrat publisher James J. Devine, host of This places a connection with both Union and Middlesex County Democrats, and I would consider that to be of concern.

Honest Abe said...

Shout-out to Jim Purcell:
While on the topic of ELEC reports, did Flynn/DaSaro ever pay you the $2,100 they reported as an in-kind?
Mike DaSaro posted on this blog that it would be paid and an amended report filed. I haven't been able to find the amended report at ELEC.
Did they pay the bill?

Robert Gude said...

Any response from the DEM's on why the reports were not filed. I don't meant that lame excuse that was given in the newspaper. I find this very interesting! Anybody else?

Honest Abe said...

Now, I have reopened this thread, but I will close it again if it degenerates into a Howellanche or DiBellafest.
The Howell related comments have been removed. Everything. Even my own.
The topic is on the Democrats' ELEC reports. Let's try, just try to keep on topic. It's an important one.

Robert Gude said...

Thank you abe!