Sunday, March 12, 2006


Marlboro Mayor Robert Kleinberg has announced his intention to run for Ted Narozanick's seat on the Board of Chosen Freeholders. It is not certain at this point whether Narozanick will seek another term.
Kleinberg, a Brooklyn-based chiropractor, was elected mayor in 2003 on a reform platform. He succeeded felon Matthew Scannapieco, a known associate of gangsta developer Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero, as mayor. Since then, a slate of reform-minded Republicans has joined Kleinberg on the Township Council; this team, along with Kleinberg has transformed Marlboro's reputation from that of a "culture of corruption" to a that of reform. They have taken down the for-sale sign at Town Hall.
Kleinberg, like Narozanick, is from Western Monmouth County, and this has been noted as a plus in that many Republicans would like to maintain some geographic diversity on the Board.

In a somewhat related matter, the Monmouth County Democrats, sticking with their tried and true formula for success of running the same people more than once, have endorsed Leonard Inzerillo and Barbara McMorrow for freeholders at their convention yesterday. Beverly Bova Scarano, an unsuccessful former candidate for Middletown Township Committee, is their candidate for Surrogate.


CICERO said...

First as to the Dumbocrats choices. How original! Two from Middletown (Pallone Country) and a retread from Freehold Township(Holt Country). I guess that makes as much sense as anything else. I always wonder where are the Dumbocrats horses, Mckenna and Pringle. I guess with those egos losing is unthinkable so they don't take a chance. For us I understand those who think Ted and Marie should run. I just don't think they need to accomplish anthing else after their distinguished careers. Muhler, Narozanick and Little would be unbeatable, but I do not believe Ted or Marie will run. I like Peters, Kleinberg and Little. Shore, East and Western Monmouth. Two mayors of large towns. Two women to offset the dumbocrats two women. Kleinberg with impeccable credentials fighting and cleaning up after the corruption in Marlboro. Anna speaking for the Bayshore and the Northern shore. Rosemaire Peters with almost two decades of unquestioned solid Republican leadership in a town where the dumbocrats have not won a seat in 20 years. Without Ted and Marie this new ticket will be a homerun.( Teddy Roosevelt-I'd like some credit, I made all these comments without saying a negative thing about a fellow Republican)

Honest Abe said...

The Dumbocrats like retreads.
I wonder if Inzerillo ever took care of his unreported mystery campaign account.

Tom Apostle said...

Cicero...nice analysis. I like that phrase, dumbocrats…

I agree…it’s a ticket we can and will win with…if we are willing to work hard.

However, as you have pointed out while discussing another topic, we will have no money to run a campaign.

The dumbocrats know this and as we will be limited to raising on a few hundred dollars, max, from all of our traditional donors due to the various pay to play ordinances that you would like us to strictly adhere to…you must admit we can’t have it both ways, we cannot bitch about the “secret bank accounts” and then turn around and expect the traditional bunch to pony up thousands. The dumbocrats have no such concerns as we have witnessed. They will raise and spend and raise some more.

Sure, we have the better candidates; we have an outstanding record of success. But will the people care? The argument that we live in the finest community in the US of A is fine, but, with such a great turnover of resident’s county wide annually…will anyone know or care of our record of accomplishment if we can’t publish anything?

So we have no money. Will the county committee actually get out and hoof it?

Will they cough up the financial difference?

Teddy Roosevelt said...

He does have a record of reform.
He is Brash and self confident.
The question is how will his persona play in the more staid areas of Monmouth County? Did he hurt himself or help himself by making a decision before Ted officially made one?
He did not get enough visibility in the last go around to be a serious contender. It is obvious he learns from his mistakes.
This is going to be interesting.
Has anyone heard who else is thinking of throwing their hat in the ring?

CICERO said...

Tom Apostle

You may be right. We'll have to cut back on paid staff and consultants and go to the grass roots. No mail houses, no professional pollsters no message shapers. Just us. As we have done it for 50 years and with the exception of Watergate and another unfortunate situation won every election. How did Sean Kean and Steve Corodemus do it.They were outspent by $ 1, 000,000 (tom that's million dollars), Jennfier and Declan out spent by perhaps more. Message and hard work win. Paid people are Hessians. Win, Lose, in, out, up, down, as long as the check clears there here. Economy of effort, grass roots and strict compliance with the letter and spirit of the law is the receipe for success.(At the gentle request of a wise leader, Cicero will not criticize any other Republicans by name or title, but he will defend Cicero and the familias as its Pater, viciously in necessary)

Tom Apostle said...

Good point about the Hessians. Of course, those advocating for the Hessians will use the same argument that they won...because of their efforts. But I'm going to agree with you on this one.

Who ran, which "consultant" ran Sean and Steve's race(es)? Your point...I'll bet was that they were not the same consultants used by the County Organization. Maybe the same guys that worked with Jen & Dec?

I've always been a big advocate of the grass roots effort. I believe the Monday and Tuesday of election week should be part of a four-day weekend for every Republican. I'd much rather sacrifice a couple of days than have the dumbocrats place their hands in my pockets...but I'm always disappointed by the turnout of those willing to make phone calls, hand out stuff or knock on doors to bring out our vote. I agree that and a good message and you win. Junk mail alone won't get it done.

BUT...if the other side hits, and hits've got to have the $$$ to respond.

I guess I just find it frustrating that our opposition seems to go about their financial quest unencumbered by conscience or criticism by the press and that we so easily accept that we must alone be head to a higher standard.

CICERO said...

Tom Apostle

Were better than them and we have consciences. It's not the money only. Budgeting for that final hie could help with your concern. Kleinberg and Marlboro accetped nothing from their professionals and rasied money the old fashioned way one person at a time. IT CAN BE DONE, BUT IT TAKES COURAGE! It always takes courage to do the hard thing that is right instead of the easy corner-cutting way. The Dumbocrats can't win an election here. Wheeling had nothing to do with Corzine's victory. They lost in the 12th and could have lost both seats. Amy Handlin---a paragon of virtue where campaign finance is concerned did it. COURAGE ALL WILL NOT BE LOST IF WE CHOOSE THIS DIFFICULT COURSE. I hate to say it but I believe Bill Dowd was deeply involved in the Beck/O'Scanlon race, and Jennifer's husband is the Executive Director in Ocean County. These are savvy people. If they had consultants I guess they could afford them. But that sure sounds like alot of political brain power at no extra charge. When money is tight you have to economize, that was my point.


monmoouth is a funny creature. the voting engine of the county is in the northeast. the major voting potential in the west resides in howell and that general area. there's an argument that if you win middletown and the bayshore, and take howell and not get killed anywhere else (e.g. wall or in the east, in a town like long branch) then you win.

question is if kleinberg is going to translate to middletown and area and howell and area. if he can, he'll be strong. if he can't then he won't be strong.

he's definitely a better choice than dibella but how is he going to play with little as a runningmate? i don't think it's a bad match, but there's quesiotn marks.

the dems are retreads. but, mcmorrow lost by about 1,000 last year, inzerillo lost in the assembly in 13 district (by a couple hundred) in 2003 and bova-scarano lost in middletown in 2001 by 31 votes. if everyone carries what they did before or in the vicinity, it's a strong ticket against a freshman class of county gop candidates.

i'm not saying the gop is going to lose. i'm saying over confidence would be hasty. the county gop dynasty was founded on identifiable names that were fortified with decades of regular press, making the rounds and shoring up support. the mechanism behind guys like ted, harry and the like was established in the 60s.

let's not forget that it isn't mystique that wins elections, it's campaigns. you have a new crew, new names and an old name (county republicans). it's not enough without talented candidates who can appeal to the major voting areas. this campaign can be lost by the gop. the virtue of retreads is they have name recognition. they also have established voters. it's just a thought. the gop has to come out with someone strong to maintain its hold.

anna is a strong candidate. she needs someone just as strong.