Sunday, March 19, 2006


Okay, folks. Kaiser Sose has proposed a very interesting concept.

"Abe - can you get the candidates all here with real names? that would be really FASCINATING. I bet they may agree to a positive issue based dialogue - No?"

This is very interesting. If we can get all the freeholder candidates here, real names, for an informal discussion on the issues. I haven't heard from Republican HQ as to who submitted papers to Chairman Fred Niemann, but I know Marlboro's Dr. Robert Kleinberg and Holmdel's Terence Wall are in it. Other names I've heard thrown around are Ocean's Dave Hier as well as Spring Lake's Brian Reilly and Howell's Joe DiBella for round two.
So, once it's official just who the candidates are, we can do this, if we get response from the candidates.
Rules? I'd like to keep it pretty informal, but I will not tolerate another "Jerry Springer Show", whether from Howell or not. So, no name-calling. Also, if I believe that someone is not who they say they are, they're out. The thread will only be open to candidates.
It's easy to register with Blogger, and you don't have to start your own blog unless you want to. Let us know your opinion on this, and I hope to hear from all the candidates.


john doe said...

Great idea.

Appropriate discussion on county issues is important. Thanks Abe.


Honest Abe said...

Terence Wall appears to be on board. Anyone else?

john doe said...

Still a great idea Abe!

Perhaps my peers have some time to discuss county events and issues.


Elephants_not_donkeys said...

Terence - as long as you are willing to blog, how would you explain your current double dipping in today's political environment, given your proclamation that truth and integrity are paramount. Your run for Freeholder suggests that you might in fact soon triple dip. Your response?

numbers_guy said...

Elephants - your agenda is showing. Leave the guy alone.