Friday, April 28, 2006


OK folks, what you've been waiting for! The Monmouth County Democrats ELEC report. You know, the one that the Asbury Park Press had to remind them of.
Their beginning balance (9/30/05) was $84,922.07; receipts were $546,035.00; disbursements, $597,397.19; balance as of 12/31/05, $33,559.88.
So here's their major contributors, in alphabetical order like on the report:
Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee, $2,000.00. Looks like they just wheel directly through their local organizations.
Union County Democratic Committee, $1,000.00. Wheeling.
Carpenters _____, $37,000.00. Karen & Richard?
Jon Corzine, $37,000.00. Of Course.
CWA Local 1034, $20,000.00. Where Corzine goes, so goes the CWA. I wonder how many of their rank & file membership know where their dues go?
CWA NJ Political Education Committee, $30,000.
Drazin & Warshaw, PC, $10,425.00.
UFCW, CLC, $37,000.00.
DRIVE Committee, $37,000.00. I believe this would be your basic International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
Elect Democrats, $1,100.00. A PAC. Yes, they have them, too.
Election Fund of John S. Wisniewski, $2,875.00. And the wheel goes round.
Election Fund of Sen. Joseph Vitale, $2,000.00. Round and round and round.
Friends of Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Roberts, $37,000.00. Camden County, folks. And right generous of ol' Joe, too.
G. L. Cafesnian, $5,000.00. From Naples, Florida. Florida pops up on their reports from time to time.
David Huemer, $7,500.00. Essex County.
IBEW Local 351 State PAC Fund, $25,000.00. Another labor union.
IBEW COPE, $30,000.00.
Int'l. Union of Operating Engineers, $5,000.00.
Karcher for Senate, $500.00.
Leonard Lieberman, $5,000.00. Hoboken.
Local Union 400, $3,500.00.
Monmouth & Ocean Central Labor Council, $2,495.00.
New Jersey First, $1,000.00. Norcross.
NJ Democratic State Committee, $82,250.00.
New York City District Council of Carpenters, $25,000.00.
Pallone for Congress, $200.00 ($11,200.00 total for year).
Pascrell for Congress, $1,200.00. Passaic County.
SEIU PEA Int'l., $32,000.00.
Plumbers & Pipefitters Local No. 9, $800.00.
Rush Holt for Congress, $850.00.
Alan Sagner, $5,000.00. Essex County. Former NJDOT Commissioner.
Shore PAC, $14,500.00. Another PAC!
Election Fund of Thomas P. Giblin, $450.00. Essex County.
SEIU 1199 NJ, $2,260.00. In-Kind. Election Day work.
NJ Democratic State Committee, $62,290.00. In-Kind. Media buy.

Their disbursements include, among others, $147,602.34 paid out for "consult & canvass", and reported on a 40-page list; a 12-page list reports another $88,914.43. This was spent on paid GOTV volunteers from many places.


ginger Hoffmeier said...

"G. L. Cafesnian, $5,000.00. From Naples, Florida. Florida pops up on their reports from time to time."

Naples, Florida has been popping up an awful lot lately. In particular, the huge scandal of a few years past surrounding "Stadium Naples."

William H Seward said...

That's alot of union money. How is that not pay to play? How do we compete with that without PAC money?

PAC is not a four letter word.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

I might ask the same thing if I didn't suspect that those with vested interests are wheeling money to both parties. Do they really care who wins if both parties are beholden to them?

William H Seward said...

ginger Hoffmeier said...
"I might ask the same thing if I didn't suspect that those with vested interests are wheeling money to both parties. Do they really care who wins if both parties are beholden to them?"


Are you saying that the unions are giving equally to the GOP and the Dems? That would surprise me.


ok, if there's wheeling here then there would be a problem. just a few questions (not loaded).

is this all money that came into monmouth county and which campaigns did it go to?

if money came directly in from municipal organizations then that's not a problem, unless someone got something for it. like if law firm "x" gave such and such to campaign "a," which won. then campaign "a" turned around and gave an appointment to law firm "x."

this can be applied to wisniewski or the unino county folks you're talking about too. i suppose unions could do it too through elec. but, there has to be an end result. develoeprs would be a flashpoint, that's for sure.

so long as someone gives money and gets nothing, then that is sort of the name of the game. if they give and get, now we're at quid pro quo.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

Wouldn't it be foolish for any industry or union that depends on government for contracts, permits, ordinances, and laws to contribute just to a single party?

Whether or not they give equally to both is another question. It would depend on who's running in both races. No one wants to back a dead horse but they still might want to keep the doors of communication open with the trainer and stable owner

Even when we can connect the contributor to the candidate I don't think we have the whole story. In some cases the candidate is less important than the people running them and many 'plug and play' candidates can be easily replaced as needed.

Quid pro quo arrangements can be established without involving campaign funds or wheeling money.

For instance, X corporation sets Mrs. Z up in a lucrative business because they "beleive in her skills." Mr. Z, on the planning board, votes to approve a density bonus for Y corporation that just happens to be owned by the brother-in-law of the X corporation owners. Everybody is happy and nothing shows up on ELEC reports.

Or, politically connected social club members are offered a chance to invest in a lucrative development project that can't fail -- as long as they control the candidates and political appointees who must vote on approvals to make the project happen.

No wheeling needed. No Pacs needed. Quid pro quo very hard to prove.

Honest Abe said...

What's interesting about the labor union contributions is the fact that, with the exception of the CWA, they don't appear to be public employee unions. Rather, they represent the trades, which leads one to ask would they stand to gain work, and hence, money on capital projects under a Democratically-controlled administration in Freehold.
Could they be paying to play?


there's a lot of non-union work going on with the construction of public issues in monmouth. i'm not affiliated with any labor organization, but i think the question is why would unions support a party that doesn't care about their use one way or the other, and hasn't for many years.

the county gop, and the municipalities, generally doesn't care about labor and any real record is there. that probably deosn't merit contributions.

they're probably putting money into pro-labor candidates. just because a candidate says they're pro-labor doesn't mean they are.

the njea does the same thing with candidates.

William H Seward said...

jim purcell said:

"the njea does the same thing with candidates."

Ahhh, the 900 lb gorillia of NJ politics. If any organization has an vested interest in the status quo, it is the teachers union.

ginger Hoffmeier said...

I find it amazing that the 900 pound gorilla can afford to run prime time TV commercials just to let us know they exist. Those union dues must be something else!

Teachers are still taxpayers and no matter what perks or benefits they also get to feel the effect of rising property taxes. Surely it irks them as well.

Each teacher gets one vote and the union doesn't go into the booth with them so I wonder how much effect the unions really have on elections.

The only tangible clout they have is the campaign contributions they make. What are the limits to how much they can contribute and to whom?

I'm surprised that they areen't in favor of a change in the way we fund education. Funding education with property tax puts them in the sights of every home owner. Funding education with income tax or sales tax puts the elected officials more in the line of fire and insulates the unions a little more.

Gee... We could all be Abbott districts! (joking...)

William H Seward said...

ginger Hoffmeier said...

"Gee... We could all be Abbott districts! (joking...) "

Actually, that's not a bad idea. The playing field would be level and the Supremes would have nothing else to sing about.