Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Wally Edge reports that Chairman Fred Niemann may not seek a second, two-year term as County Chairman. There has been some hubbub about this, and Niemann fanned the flames somewhat at the County Convention with his "if I seek another term" comment. Many people hung on the "if".
Wally reports that Sheriff Joe Oxley may step up to the plate.


Jackie Corley said...

Joe Oxley would make an excellent chairman, IMHO. He knows the base and he's someone just about everyone in the party seems to respect.

He's sharp as a razor too. Don't ever underestimate that guy. If he announces that he's going to run for Fred's seat, it means he's already done the math and is going to get it.

john doe said...



If Fred shuffles off quickly and cleanly and the local PAC's divest to a new central fund (or return the money) we will be in good shape.

The party must divest itself of Fred and the carpetbagging airhead Dan 'Cult Boy' Gallic)- this will result in us being on the right track before the first summer bbq.

While Monmouth slumbers in the summer the infrastructure of a clean new organization must be put in place.



if fred backs down, it's because he believes he'll lose.

he won't imperil his living. if he believes he can win, he'll hold onto it, because no one walks away from the money he is making. but if he can't hold the chairmanship, then it is better to walk away with something than force a fight and lose, and then walk away with nothing.

and a lot of this is about what people walk away with.

Joe Oxley would make the ideal chairman. No one dislikes him and even Dems have good things to say about him. He just is considered a very good guy all around.

Stominski is still in the race too. Wonder how that will play out?

Sue Veitengruber said...

It can't happen too soon. In Howell, two county committee candidates wanted their designation changed to Regular Republican because they did not want to be associated with the local candidates running under Monmouth County Republican Party Endorsed Candidates and wanted to be associated with others running under Regular Republican. The municipal clerk ignored their request for a change in designation and instead sent a letter to Fred Neimann asking Fred to make a decision on whether or not they could chnage. Allegedly Fred never responded and the municipal clerk refused to allow them to change to the designation they wanted. Now those candidates are basically being told to go to court if they want the change and presumably Neimann will oppose them. What exactly does Neimann think he is gaining by this action?

I think Oxley will make a very good chair. He wasn't afraid to break away and support those who he thought wewre the best choices for Monmouth County during the very contentious freeholder selection process.He has a lot of support from around the county.