Monday, April 24, 2006


Oompaloompaesque Union County publisher James J. Devine was caught overcharging the Rahway School District for advertising the School Budget. By nearly double. Read about it at The County Watchers.

Devine, a longtime associate of defeated former Assemblyman William E. Flynn (D-13), is infamous in Monmouth County for the now-defunct "" website, in which he accuses an Asbury Park Press editor of favoring Assemblywoman Amy Handlin because they are both Jewish.
Devine is a longtime fixture in Central Jersey Democrat circles.

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i think jimmy's a good guy, but he has a unique style that some people find very offensive and i can understand that. his detractors REALLY don't like him, but i can get with that. i have a few of them myself.

if there is an issue with the legals, then it's easy to clear's governed by statute (rates included... goes by paid circulation).

i think jimmy deserves a say on this but if something's wrong then it's wrong. if it's a mistake, then those happen but in the spotlight these things are always magnified and it's part of the territory.

i'm interested to hear what he says and to see what happened, without judgment one way or the other.