Friday, April 07, 2006


Several Republican officials made their endorsements for freeholder. Read about it in today's Asbury Park Press.

The convention will take place 9:00 AM tomorrow, Saturday April 8, at the Robert Collins Arena at Brookdale Community College. Bring ID!

It won't be at Kramer Hall!


john doe said...

April 7, 2006

Dear Fellow Republican,

I am deeply humbled and respectful of the endorsement of our great Freeholder Ted Narozanick.

Our positive campaign has been based on the issues that matter to Monmouth County families. We have done our best to run a campaign that Ted Narozanick is proud of and one which will set the positive tone for a strong showing in November. I ask all voters and bloggers to turn away from the negative and vote positive - blog positive - so Republicans can move on through november!

As a lifelong Monmouth County resident and lifelong republican, I am proud to stand before you today as your candidate for Monmouth County Freeholder.

I believe that with leadership and core values, we can work together to address the challenges faced by Monmouth County families.

I’ve lived in Monmouth County since the age of one, and my family (wife Jeanne and our daughter) live in Holmdel, not far from my childhood home. I serve as the senior elected official in Holmdel (elected in 1998), and the voters had placed their trust in me in six electoral campaigns. During my eight years governing Holmdel, we have saved over 700 acres of open space and farmland.

As other elected officials do, I work on every aspect of local government. We work on simple issues and also the very challenging. My dedication is to the citizens and policymakers who serve them.

I am not influenced by lobbyists or special interest money. This is a critical difference that must be seriously considered on April 8th. There are no strings attached to Terence Wall. I am truly beholden to you alone.

I am respectfully asking you for your important vote this Saturday morning, April 8th, at the Monmouth County Republican Committee convention to be held at Brookdale College. If chosen I promise to work for you and the citizens you represent.

It would be a tremendous honor to serve Monmouth County, and while I cannot walk in a great man’s shoes, I will do my very best to represent Monmouth County as our great Freeholder Ted Narozanick has done for so many wonderful years.

Thank you for your consideration. Please contact me with any questions on any issue.

Let's move forward in a positive direction - together.

Please cast your vote for Terence Wall for Freeholder on Saturday, April 8th

Where: Robert Collins Arena, Brookdale College Campus 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft NJ – Parking Lot 6

What: Complimentary breakfast followed by Monmouth County Republican Convention

When: Breakfast at 8am in adjacent room. Voting at 9am in Robert Collins Arena


Terence M. Wall


ginger Hoffmeier said...

If Ted Narozanick supports Terence Wall that's worth gold. The great man has always put Monmouth County first and with this endorsement, I believe he is continuing to do so. I hope those who are still weighing their choices talk to Ted about his reasons for supporting Wall.

Even without Ted's endorsement Wall is a far better choice than Howell's Joe DiBella. I am a Republican, have lived in the county for over 30 years, and have been watching DiBella's performance in Howell politics with growing great dismay.

Wall is a long time Monmouth County resident while DiBella is a relative newcomer and has demonstrated his ignorance of Monmouth County and the town he lives in.

In years to come, Mr. DiBella may grow in his wisdom and knowledge of government in general and the county in particular, but right now -- he's not at all ready for real respsonsibility.

DiBella has made some very unfavorable decisions in Howell and also failed to recognize the few good choices he has accidentally made. DiBella has a knock of making lemons out of lemonade and the county can't afford this.

Mr. Powers statement that DiBella is involved in sports as a reason for endorsing him made me laugh. The Monmouth County Park System is filled with people "involved in sports." If Mr. Powers wasn't joking I wish he would come up with a better reason why he thinks DiBella should even be on the short list for freeholder. Or tell us if someone twisted his arm to make this endorsement.

Here in Howell, even many of his former supporters are wondering what we were thinking when we voted for him! I wonder if those in Howell who support him as a freeholder secretly hope he will then step down as Howell's mayor.

DiBella might be a nice man, but in my opinion he is not up to being a mayor, let alone a freeholder.

Elephants_not_donkeys said...


Your post really contained nothing more than a few knocks against DiBella. You found humor in Power's endorsement of DiBella, yet, as I read your post, the best reason you could cite for your support of Terence Wall is the fact that he has lived in Monmouth County longer than DiBella.

Your comment that Joe only made good choices "by accident" kind of indicates that you just have an axe to grind and you took an opportunity to take a few gratuitous, generalized shots at Joe.

Since you have "endorsed" Mr. Wall, I ask you a question in the spirit of fairness and dialogue: What is your take on the tape controversy? Do you feel that Terence should produce the tapes he claims he has of Mayor DiMaso? Or do you feel that is within his rights to make such accusations, claiming he has a tape, but never producing one? And if your answer is that latter, here is a follow-up: At what point does that practice become unacceptable?

Old Hickory said...

Keep fighting! Please! No way you people unite by election. WE"RE BACK!!!!!!!!!

unionbeachpaul said...

terence wall is not a true republican.republicans don't run against republicans trying to unseat incumbent assemblymembers and they don,t ask the democratic county chair to run against sen. kyrillos and campaign against republicans in their hometown.dibella,kleinberg,lucas reilly are all abetter choice

The Big Professor said...

I believe I must cast my lot with our «Jacksonian friend» here. The personal rancor reflected in your party will be extremely difficult to overcome.

TeK said...
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Sue Veitengruber said...

I received a copy of an email that was allegedly sent by Norine Kelly, Monmouth County GOP County Committee Vice Chair and Howell Township GOP Chairperson. In the email Norine solicits support for DiBella's campaign but then takes a swipe at Anna Little by stating,
"In my opinion the weakest candidate is Mrs. Little."

This action is unexcusable! I can only assume that Mrs. Kelly has not gotten over the fact that the Monmouth GOP chose Freeholder Little over her choice.


From: Norine Kelly
Subject: Volunteers needed for Mini Convention
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2006 17:16:36 +0000


I am looking for 6 Men to help out this Saturday morning at Brookdale
College for the Freeholder's Mini Convention.

We have made up Signs supporting Joe DiBella for Freeholder and want
Men to stand at the enterances to Brookdale and hold these signs. We
need the help from 8:15AM till 10:00AM. If you can help we really need

I also can use up to 10 women and or men to help with the Registration and voting Machines. If you can give of your time I as well as Joe would greatly appreciate it.

Either call me at 732 682-5779 or 732 462-3231 or better yet return my e-mail with your responce.

This is a very important day for Joe and the County. If we can pull
off this vote Howell will have a representative on the Freeholder
Board. Be assured he will win in November over the Democrats. In my
opinion the weakest candidate is Mrs. Little. Joe will be a dynamic

Let;s get out and give him our support and make sure we all do our
very best to attend this meeting. If you need a ride or directions let me know.

Thanks again,


ginger Hoffmeier said...


I have absolutely no axe to grind with Joe DiBella. Nor am I aligned with any group or any individuals in Howell who might have an axe to grind with him. In fact, his opponents have often knocked me for defending him.

However, I am aware that being a freeholder is more than just an honorary title and that it is a lot of work.

In my opinion, Mr. DiBella is still too green for this position, and perhaps even the one he holds now.

In time, with some effort, he might be a good choice for freeholder but first he needs to hone his study and research habits instead of just echoing the opinions of the hired guns. He needs to think before he speaks and come up with viable solutions to problems.

Before getting involved in county business he should at least get out and see every part of it and meet as many people from the different towns as he can, and learn the demographics and topography.

You can't make decisions as a freeholder by simply compromising on everything. This would leave us with roads halfway to nowhere.

All this takes time and work. Mr. DiBella is obviously short of time, or just does not have the stamina that the job requires.

To illustrate, recently he suggested that all town meetings end at 11:00pm whether or not everyone gets to speak, and he resigned from the planning board. He gives every indication that he is already overwhelmed as mayor. How can he give more time to being a freeholder?

I could list many reasons why he dissapointed me, but rather than stir up the pot what's more important is what he does as mayor in the future. He's a young man and Howell can be a good training ground.

Let's wait and see if he's ready next time around. Howell doesn't need a freeholder that bad. Anyway, it shouldn't be about an individual town but about the county as a whole.

Brett Palat said...

It seems the way monmouth county republicans are moving ahead, that there is a good possibility for Democrats to finally break the GOP monopoly of the Freeholders.