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Manalapan's Lucas Nominated; Visibly Angry DiBella May Challenge Result.

UPDATE: The freeholder result is now up in the air. Declared a "tie" by Gallic.

UPDATED UPDATE: DiBella concedes to Lucas and won't run, so says the APP.

The following were nominated at this morning's Republican County Convention:

U. S. SENATE: Thomas Kean

4th DISTRICT CONGRESS: Rep. Chris Smith

6th DISTRICT CONGRESS: Leigh-Ann Bellew

12th DISTRICT CONGRESS: Joseph Sinagra

SURROGATE: Rosemarie Peters

FREEHOLDER, 3 Yrs.: Andrew Lucas

FREEHOLDER, 1Yr.: Anna Little

Nominations were done by acclamation for all positions but Surrogate and the 3-year freeholder slot. Peters beat Little Silver's Rick DeNoia for the Surrogate nod.
For freeholder the choice was to select one out of a field of five men: Lucas, Joseph DiBella of Howell, Robert Kleinberg of Marlboro, Brian Reilly of Spring Lake and Terence Wall of Holmdel.
Reilly and Kleinberg were defeated in the first round of balloting and threw their support to Lucas. Then Wall announced his withdrawal from the second ballot and endorsed Lucas. Lucas went on to win over DiBella by one vote.
DiBella is said to be contemplating a challenge to the result.


Elephants_not_donkeys said...

CONTROVERSY! The second round of voting had started before the vote was called off to remove wall's name. Some voters voted and left; their votes are not currently counted.

Biggest surprise: Wall's poor showing, despite all the effort he put into it. NOW will he release the tapes?

Sue Veitengruber said...

Let me add my congratulations to Mayor Robert Kleinberg, Councilman Brian Reilly and especially Committeeman Terence Wall. It is never easy to give up your personal dream for the good of an organization, but these gentlemen were a class act in agreeing to unanimously back the candidate that they felt had the best chance to win in November, because in the end that is what it is really all about.

Andrew Lucas is a Princeton University graduate with a degree in Economics who manages a 100 acre cattle farm in Manalapan and a principal in an investment firm. He is a fresh face eager to serve ALL the people of Monmouth County and has accomplished fiscal stability and preserved open space and curbed development during his term on the Manalapan Township Committee. He is the future of the Monmouth GOP, and with Freeholder Little and Surrogate nominee Rosemarie Peters will bring victory to the GOP in November.

I did not know Mayor Kleinberg personally at the beginning of this process, but came to have a great appreciation for what he has accomplished in Marlboro during a very difficult time in Marlboro's history. I knew Brian Reilly slightly through acquaintances and admired his financial expertise and ability to build consensus during his tenure in Spring Lake. By mid week both this gentlemen and Andrew Lucas had committed to throwing their support to the other should they be eliminated on the first round.

I knew Terence Wall through his long involvement in Monmouth County Republican politics. I will tell you I have had differences of opinion on policy issues and some actions he has taken in the past. However, I was impressed by his very personal approach to the selection process. Imagine my surprise to see him come walking down my street last Sunday to personally discuss what were the issues I felt need to be addressed by the Freeholders and what could the Freeholder Board to help Howell Township. We also talked about the "math" and what would he do if he was eliminated or could not become the Freeholder on the second round. He promised he would think about our conversation. I know during the week many others had similar conversations with him.

After the first round of voting, the numbers seemed to indicate that Terence would probably still be in third place, or at best second, after the second round of voting. In an truly statesmanlike action, Terence stopped the second round vote a minute before it was scheduled to start and demanded his name be removed from the ballot and threw his support to Andrew Lucas, Terence, his campaign advisers and Mayor Kleinberg and Councilman Reilly then walked the voting booth lines to ask their supporters to vote for Andrew because they understood it was really all about November and the future of the Monmouth GOP.

Allow me to congratulate Committeeman Lucas, Mayor Kleinberg, Councilman Reilly and Committeeman Wall for their integrity, ethics and sense of what was best for the Monmouth GOP. They built consensus and the big tent. Thank you.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the outstanding campaigns run by Rosemarie Peters and Rick DeNoia. It was a difficult decision for many people and either would have served the people of Monmouth with a great deal of professionalism. Rosemarie will be a terrific candidate and I know Rick will be right there working for her election.

For those of you who have not seen the official results. Here they are:


Rosemarie Peters 233
Rick DeNoia 222

Freeholder - 2nd Ballot
Andrew Lucas 230
Joseph DiBella 229

Freeholder - 1st Ballot
Joseph DiBella 222
Andrew Lucas 101
Terence Wall 82
Brian Reilly 40
Robert Kleinberg 38

unionbeachpaul said...

nobody voted and left.they were getting ready to vote the 1st person was in the machine when they stopped it.wall announed just before the vote was to begin his support for lucas.little and lucas and peters will be a strong team.

ManalapanRep said...

The voting was stopped almost instantly and an annoucment was made. I doubt any second round voters left, those that left did so before the voting for the second round started.

Cheaters said...

Respectfully, you are lying. More than 20 people had already cast ballots and then the machines were reset with Wall's name removed. Also, more people voted on the second ballot then the first, which is very suspect.

Cheaters said...

GOP nomination of Monmouth freeholder candidate in doubt
Posted by the Asbury Park Press on 04/8/06
MIDDLETOWN -- Republicans today voted to endorse Manalapan Township Committeeman Andrew Lucas as a candidate for a seat on the Monmouth County Board of Freeholders, although the endorsement remained in doubt.

Lucas won the nomination by a margin of one vote over Howell Mayor Joseph M. DiBella during a party convention at Brookdale Community College today, according to unofficial results.

But less than two hours after Republicans left the convention floor DiBella called for a recount and the results were being questioned.

Lucas, DiBella and Holmdel Committeeman Terence Wall were the top vote-getters on the first ballot. But Wall dropped out of the race and endorsed Lucas as the voting started. The voting machines had to be reset after Wall withdrew from the race.

"The concern is that some of those people may have left and not voted after the machines were reset,'' said GOP Chairman Fredrick P. Niemann who contacted a reporter after the convention to announce there would be a recount.

Niemann said he was unsure how the dispute would be resolved before Monday, the candidates' filing deadline.

According to unofficial results members of the Republican County Committee, Republican elected officials and municipal chairpersons cast 230 votes for Lucas over 229 for DiBella.

If Lucas retains the nomination he will run on a ticket with Freeholder Anna Little, who was given the party endorsement Saturday by acclamation to run for the last year of an unexpired term.

Republicans also endorsed Middletown Committeewoman Rosemarie Peters to run for county surrogate.

Wes ManTooth said...

Pulled from Politics

Monmouth GOP convention adjourns in controversy, without a candidate


APRIL 8 - In a contentious and bitter convention, a deeply divided Monmouth County Republican Party narrowly chose and endorsed Middletown Committeewoman Rose Marie Peters to run for Surrogate, but left the issue of who won the endorsement for Freeholder up in the air following a voided second ballot.

A glitch in the count -- discovered after delegates had left -- leaves the party without a clear winner.

Peters will face Democrat Beverly Bova Scarano of Middletown in the general election. Either Howell Mayor Joseph DiBella or Manalapan Committeeman Andrew Lucas will run alongside Freeholder Anna Little on the Republican ticket against Freehold Borough Councilwoman Barbara McMorrow and Middletown Board of Education member Leonard Inzerillo.

The race for Surrogate, perhaps the more civil of the two battles today, was decided on the first ballot. Peters defeated Little Silver Councilman Rick DeNoia by a 233 – 222 margin.

Shortly before the vote, both candidates touted their experience and electoral strength.

"Based on my legal career and my twenty-four years of experience, I feel I am uniquely qualified for this job," said DeNoia.

"I'm electable," countered Peters. "I ran against (Scarano) for Town Committee and beat her, despite Democrats investing a lot of money into the race."

"Money is important, but it's not everything," she added, touting her ability to pull crucial Middletown votes away from the Democrats.

The Freeholder candidates spoke briefly as well, hitting the key Republican themes of fiscal responsibility, open space preservation, and as a testament to the new found Democratic strength in Monmouth County, the five candidates touted their electability as well, something Republicans have not needed to worry about much in the past.

"I defeated an incumbent Democratic mayor despite a two-to-one Democratic registration advantage," Lucas boasted.

DiBella, whom many insiders expected to win following a narrow loss to Little in last month's special election convention, countered with his own electoral record.

"I've been elected five times, winning my last election by 2 to 1," said DiBella, who also claimed that being the mayor of Monmouth County's largest municipality would be a huge asset to Republican chances in the general election.

"I've made it a habit of beating Democrats in November," he shouted, to applause from select members of the partisan crowd.

Holmdel Committeeman Terrance Wall, who painted himself as an independent voice, said his views and his record qualified himself to be the Republican nominee.

"This election will be about big ideas, and not big money," said Wall.|

"I have a proven record of cutting taxes, and preserving open space," he continued, "and I would cherish the opportunity to serve."|

Marlboro Mayor Richard Kleinberg and Spring Lake Councilman Brian Reilly also spoke to the crowd. Kleinberg spoke of needing to unite behind common goals and his support from the Asbury Park Press; Reilly spoke of the need for ethics reform and holding himself to a "higher standard."

After the candidates spoke, the crowd of nearly five hundred Republicans lined up to cast their ballots. During the long wait, the seven candidates worked the crowd, as did Assemblymen Corodemus and Kean, State Senator Joseph Kyrillos, and Little Silver Councilman Declan O'Scanlon.

DiBella amassed a large plurality of votes on the first ballot, beating Lucas by more than two-to-one. He came 20 votes short of the '50% plus one' majority needed to avoid a second ballot.

Reilly and Kleinberg finished fourth and fifth, respectively, and were dropped from the ballot as per the rules, setting up a three-way race between DiBella, Lucas, and Wall.

As Republican officials worked to reset the voting machines for the second round, the hopefuls for Freeholder were working hard trying to expand on their regional bases and gather support from the other candidates.

Nervousness swept the candidates as the second round of voting began. When asked if he was feeling confident, DiBella responded, "I'll let you know in a few minutes."

Shortly after voting began, however, Wall loudly flagged down supporters to tell them to instead support Lucas, and requested to be dropped from the second ballot. A conference ensued, and Republican Chairman Fred Neimann ordered the second round halted, the machines reset, and the ballot changed.

The twenty ballots which were cast prior to the change were voided.

This infuriated a number of DiBella supporters, who cried foul over the unusual move well into the new round of voting. They point to the fact that not everyone whose vote was voided following the start of the second ballot returned to cast another ballot after the machines were reset.

After those who had stayed had finished voting, the machine-by-machine results were read. DiBella and Lucas supporters hastily tallied the totals as they were announced.

That initial count resulted in a 230 – 229 Lucas victory.

Lucas supporters shouted for joy and leaped into the air, cheering their upset. DiBella, meanwhile, consoled his upset mother.

A beaming Lucas, whose candidacy didn't attract major endorsements like DiBella and Wall's did, insisted the win "didn't take down the party."

"The message is that the GOP is looking to put on a new face," he said, trying to find time to talk to reporters between shaking supporters' hands and receiving congratulations.

DiBella declined comment following the results.

Both Lucas and Peters recognized the need to repair the divisions in their party that were apparent at the convention today.

"It'll be a challenge to bring the party together," said Peters, noting the high emotions of the Freeholder candidates' supporters. "They need to feel their disappointment for a while, but afterwards, they'll realize it's critical to unify."

Lucas took the view that healing the party was his job as a countywide candidate.

"My first job as a candidate will be working with the party faithful to unify so we can get out our message," said the 28-year-old Princeton graduate.

Creating unity in the party may not be easy however, as even after the convention, no one knows who the candidate for Freeholder will be.

Long after the crowd had left and returned home, however, questions began to arise about whether or not the initial tally was accurate. Dan Gallic, Executive Director of the Monmouth GOP, issued a statement afterwards declaring the vote of the committee a tie.

"After further review of the poll workers and the people who set the machines, the vote for Freeholder at the Monmouth County Convention is not final," Gallic said.

After further discussion, the second ballot was eventually declared void. This sets off a major problem for the Monmouth Republicans, who only have until Monday afternoon to finalize their slate.

What happens next for the Monmouth Republican party is not entirely clear, though one insider believes the final decision regarding who wins the endorsement will be made by Neimann.

"There's just not enough time," the insider said.

Wes ManTooth said...

Since they were marking off who voted. Why cant we bring those 20 voters back and finish up the tally. This tie deal sounds WAY too shady.

Sue Veitengruber said...

Cheaters said...
"Respectfully, you are lying. Also, more people voted on the second ballot then the first, which is very suspect. "

RESPECTFULLY ---- the total number of voters on the SECOND was 459, the total number of voters FIRST was 483! How is that more than than 459?????

Sharon Migliaccio said...

Cheaters, where did you learn to add?

483 voters first ballot, 459 second ballot.

What a sad day. So much for rallying around the winners.

First the nastygram on the other Rep blog about Anna Little, then the nasty gram from Norine Kelly about Anna Little, and then a full fledged hissy fit from Nieman, Kelly and DiBella when they lost.

Get over it guys, Lucas is a better choice and there was only one person NOT acting like an adult this morning......


I agree with Honest Abe, a freeholder from Howell.....
named Barbara.

ManalapanRep said...

If you add the votes of the 5 Freeholder candidates from the first and second rounds you will see the second round has less voters. This was due in my opinion, to some of the supporters of the 4th and 5th placed candidates leaving, I guess they did not want to vote for any of the top three that remained.

ManalapanRep said...

I just wonder, why would Mayor DiBella supporters be so quick to leave? If they voted when there were three candidates, were they so sure there was not a need for a third round of balloting? Wouldn't they stay to congratulate Mayor BIBella upon his victory?

What would have happened, if Mayor DiBella won by one vote? Would Mr. Niemann and Mr. Gallic been so quick to invalidate the voting if their candidate won the squeaker?

numbers_guy said...

Here is the challenge to ALL Republicans in the county: are you able to put aside your differences, work with Fred, and do whatever it takes (within the law, LOL) to help Anna and Drew win in November. If you cannot answer yes to that question, then we have lasting problems.

Hopefully, the drama is behind us. We HAVE to come together now, for the sake of the candidates, and more importantly, Monmouth families.

michael borg said...

I would like to suggest a meeting between all the chairs and vice-chairs of the municipal committee's. No one else, no candidates, elected officials, no countywide chairs. The purpose of the meeting is to have an honest and open debate about the problems in our party, and to try and reach consensus on issues affecting (infecting) our party.

If we are to win we must reach some consensus on issues of importance.

We would need guidelines on the meeting, I think all attending should sign some type of confidentiality pledge.

If any chairs are interested my phone number is 732-887-3411. I will help coordinate it, I just need ot know if others agree that we need to do this.

William H Seward said...

numbers_guy said...
"Here is the challenge to ALL Republicans in the county: are you able to put aside your differences, work with Fred, and do whatever it takes (within the law, LOL) to help Anna and Drew win in November. If you cannot answer yes to that question, then we have lasting problems.

Hopefully, the drama is behind us. We HAVE to come together now, for the sake of the candidates, and more importantly, Monmouth families."

That's a great idea numbers guy, but should we just forget that we have a Chairperson's election in June?

If Fred wins in June, even by one vote, I will get behind him. Until then I will work hard to make sure he doesn't win. The events of the last 24 hours, not to mention the last 22 months require nothing less.

unionbeachpaul said...

there is no way 20 people voted and left.there were about 8-10 machines and i was in the front of the line for the s-t machine.there was one person in that machine ready to vote when terence voiced his support for lucas and everything came to a stop.the machines were again changed and we voted,including the person that was 1st in line,she did not leave.its tough to lose by one vote,but it is the majority and should be official.there were more people voting in the first round,cheater should check the math.i wish andrew lucas the best of luck and he should be our freeholder candidate,no games, the republican faithful have voted.fred and dan should be happy to have an excellent choice to fill out a great ticket.peters,little and lucas.good luck in november

ManalapanRep said...

I was at the u-z line and I agree with unionbeachpaul about the sequence.

numbers_guy said...


You and I will have to agree to disagree on the Chairman situation. It is my belief that Fred has done an outstanding job under the worst of circumstances. He navigated us to victory during years when we surely should have been defeated - Unger or no Unger.

While I don't makes this characterizations of ALL of Fred's detractors -- and certainly not including you in this generalization - it seems to me that at least some of Fred's detractors are angry because they personally "lost" something under his tenure - most likely a county car, contract, or aspiration thereto.

Now - I didn't say ALL of his detractors -- just SOME.

Anyhow, I would hate to think that even with a potential Chairmans election looming, that some people would still seek to exacerbate the rift that has manifested itself in our GOP.

I have seen the enemy, and the enemy raising, big spending, Abbott-loving, developer enabling Democrats.

the inside airbather said...

will joe sinagra accept donations from jack sinagra's pac??


well, jack sinagra is related to john lynch. why isn't that a big surprise?

William H Seward said...

numbers guy,

It is nice to disagree like gentlemen.

While there's no doubt that some of Fred's detractors are operating out of their own self interests, the same can certainly be said for Fred's supporters, and probably a greater percentage of his supporters than his detractors.

It is true that Fred has been Chairman at a very difficult time in our history, given Operation Bid Rig and what will soon be a complete turnover on the Freeholder board. However, I think it is overly generous to say Fred provided leadership or steered us to victory. The 2004 victory could very reasonably credited to President Bush's coattails in Monmouth County and you're practicing fuzzy math, numbers guy, if you don't think the APP and Unger didn't give us victory last year. Many in our party complain about the APP, but what they did last year saved our butts, big time. And that favor will carry over to this year as the public's anger over Operation Bid Rig fades. The Dems lost their chance to get real traction last year.

Fred is just not up to the task and the rank and file is fed up with him. For three elections now his candidate was not chosen. What ever moves Fred has tried to control the party have failed. The harder he tries the worse it gets. He lacks leadership and management skills. People are not going to rally around him, and even if he had $2 million, he's never taking over New Jersey, despite his protests to the contrary.

Let's take an unscientific but informed look at our two most recent conventions. Looking at the numbers only and assuming that Anna and Andrew got the anti-Fred vote and that DiBella got the pro-Fred vote, one might think that our county party is very evenly divided, with only a slight anti-Fred tilt that he could easily over come if he did the right things between now and June.

However, if you look deeper it is really much worse for Fred than that. Who knew Anna Little before January? Who knew Andrew Lucas before Ted dropped out? They are both very unknown and come from small towns. Could either Anna or Andrew have won without the anti-Fred support? No way. Without the anti-Fred support they are Antonucci and Reilly. Let's be generous and say they each brought 25% of their votes to the table without the anti-Fred voters.

DiBella on the other hand is much better known than both Anna or Andrew. He's a better speaker and has a more impressive resume. He comes from the largest town in the county. While Howell hasn't been unified of their support of him, I think its safe to assume that at least half of Joe's votes came from his own supporters, and we can generously say that the other half were pro-Fred voters.

That leaves Fred with support from only 20% of the county committee voters, and 60% very anti-Fred. The other 20% like Joe DiBella and might think Bill Dowd is still Chairman. Try as he might to change the complextion of the committee between now and June, Fred will be following his partner into the sunset.

How do you like those numbers?

All we need now is a leader, not a boss. A popular and compelling man or woman with the character to rally the troops, even the ones who lose their county cars, contracts and appointments.

The degree of acrimony amongst the party between now and June is really up to Fred. He has already lost, and if he is honest with himself he knows that.
Fred's "investors" are probably realizing that as well and are starting to make other plans.

If he continues to fight, it will get ugly, because that is how Fred fights. (ask Anna Little and Andrew Lucas and their supports how they spent the rest of this weekend if you want an example of what I'm referring too.) The best thing that Fred could do for our party is to announce that he will not be seeking re-election as Chairperson. Maybe we could have Mrs. DiBella talk to him.

Teddy Roosevelt said...

Numbers guy has a point, Some of Freds detractors are mad because he has supported reforms others are mad because he has not instituted reforms.
The later may be mollified by his formation of an exec committee and a bylaws committee.
I know it makes me feel better.

CICERO said...

William H. Seward

How could they say the purchase of Alaska was a folly? Brilliant!!

Now to your analysis. Thoughtful, deep and very accurate. GOP for Change is still alive and well. Its ranks depleted by certain unmentionable events, but, still the vital center of our party. They act on conviction. They throw in their whole hearts at the drop of a hat. Stealing a line from Star Trek, "as you believe so shall you do". They cannot be made or threatened or forced to do that which they do not believe. Once fully unveiled by the "Chairman" his "vision", especially after the death of Harry Larrison, was odious. Some were tempted into the web. They have and will continue to endure media scrutiny. The legality of certain acts is irrevellant in the court of public opinion. "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel", Bob Dylan. Those who disagree with the "Chairman" are traitors. I believe they are partiots. Again almost 1/2 of the County Committee did not come. I believe they have understandably "shut down". I speak to them regularly and they are disgusted by what is going on. Their sole source is probably the newspapers. These are the Republican voters we lost last year. This is why Forrester got about 96,000 votes and our county candidates got only 82,000. The balance, good government republicans, have no stomach for shading the truth or cutting corners. These are the voters we lost to Unger and must get back to win if Unger does not run. Marginal fund raising practices will drive them away, a good grass roots campaign will bring them back. We must be strikingly upright from here on in. Not even the hint of irregularities will suffice. As to the "Chairman" his ability to analyse each situation being what it is I fear that he will continue to defend the indefensible, write meaningless and endless tomes about why we must continue his "vision" and fight to the last supporter until the legally mandated County Reorganization Meeting on Tuesday, June 13, 2006. I hope I am wrong, about the "Chairman" running for re-election. I have heard that if, "people ask him not to run he won't". Let me be the first to publically ask him respectfully not to run. But I don't think he counts me as one of the people to whom he listens.

numbers_guy said...

OK, its time for me to concede a couple of points - something I rarely do! (Other than to Mrs. Numbers Guy....or Numbers_gal, as it were).

Anyway with the passage of several days I do have to agree that the conventions were run poorly, and that much of the voting was a referendum on matters other than the candidates.

I suppose if a candidate for Chair comes along who is able to unite the family, he or she would be worthy of serious consideration and perhaps more.

I just hope this thing gets done peacefully.

William H Seward said...

numbers_guy said:

"I just hope this thing gets done peacefully."

Me too. It's nice to agree as gentlemen too.