Monday, April 10, 2006


With Joe DiBella's concession to Andrew Lucas, it's time to look to November and work hard to ensure a Republican victory. The opponents now are the Democrats and we must unite to defeat them.
The choice is clear. We have the youthful, energetic team of Andrew Lucas and Anna Little, proven public servants ready to serve the people. The Democrats have the tired slate of Barbara McMorrow and Leonard Inzerillo, proven politicians ready to serve the bosses and special interests. Anna has already turned down PAC money and Andrew has also sworn off such fundraising. McMorrow and Inzerillo both have fundraising connections to Union County interests, and the vast editorial staff here at the Monmouth County Republican Blog are all very concerned about Monmouth County being run like Union County. For information on how Union County is run, please click here.
Furthermore, Inzerillo's treasurer in his losing 2003 campaign against former Assemblyman Joe Azzolina was the controversial, oompaloompaesque Union County publisher James Devine, of infamy.
It is important to get the word out. Our candidates will win on the issues everytime!

But Abe, But Abe, What About June?

What about it?
Let's keep the reorganization separate from the Freeholder campaign. They are two separate issues. As Republicans, we should all look to elect our Freeholder candidates. They have been chosen, fair and square. The team will remain the same regardless of the chairman's election.
It appears that Chairman Fred Niemann will have some competition this June. Those who have declared so far are former Freeholder Ed Stominski and Neptune Township Republican Club President Mel Hood. Others may or may not enter the race as June approaches.
The reorganization should be decided on issues, not personalities, and whatever the outcome, whoever wins and whoever you backed, it's important to stay united with victory in November as our goal.


Teddy Roosevelt said...

Well stated Abe

Old Hickory said...

Look to Noveber. yeah right. You'll be looking at a McMorrow Inzerillo victory.

Kramer Hall said...

Hey Hick...

How are those ELEC reports coming along? Lenny's from 03 and the DisOrganization's from 05.

Please keep us updated



CICERO said...

Old Hickory:

You must be old to remember the last Dumbocrat victory on the Freehlder Board. I bow to your knowledge if wrong, but wasn't it in 1985. Before that it took Watergate. The Lord loves an optimist, but, between these three they have won one Board of Education election and lost North of 1/2 a dozen. Mc Murrow has no base, repeat Mc Murrow has no base! Can't win without a base. Bova and Inzerillo lose Middletown by at least 1,500. They won't win Marlboro with a all-Republican Township Committe and Mayor. Manalapan Dumbocrats are in a shambles. They will lose in Howell, Wall,Colts Neck, Tinton Falls. I realize that you were President, but there is no Electoral College to save the Dumbocrats. No Corzine millions. Tax increases from Trenton as far as the eye can see. Plummeting popularity numbers for the Governor. BIG GOP YEAR.



CICERO said...

Comment Police

Your so obtuse. It's fun to comment, but if no one understands what you are saying they will ignore you. As to "lawyer hunting", it's always open season on lawyers so that's appears to be a meaningless comment. Pray tell who is the "REAL CICERO"? I believe I'm the "REAL CICERO"! Now criticism for criticizing Dumbocrats. I'm at a loss. Turn off the all caps it's a sign of a weak mind or a lack of self-esteem.The little car is cute.


"Dumbocrats"? That's incredibly mature. Yes, and maybe "poo poo heads" too. Yes, that will be an effective way to...get 'em. That sort of thing ridiculous, by Dems or Republicans. This sort of thing should beneath people.

CICERO said...

Jim Purcell

If you like "poo poo heads" better I will oblige. I thought that word was pithy and urbane, missed again. I do not call all of your current stripe that word only the delusional, ill informed or those who state unintelligent opinions. Perhaps your conversion has left you particularly sensitive. Maybe not. Maybe reading these Republican tomes is unnerving or unpleasant. Perhaps Democratic tomes where our President is bashed, our troops disparaged or even our County lampooned would be more pleasing to a new found Democrat. We have agreed on some things, could not agree with each other on different issues. I find you generally humorous, but no scolding! Wordsmithing is fun and should be encouraged not discouraged. If my attempt is unworthy please send back a pithy and urbane word disparaging of Republicans. That should incite the readers of this page. GOOD LUCK!

Honest Abe said...

I actually find "Dhimmicrat" to be especially apropos in certain cases.


I don't lampoon the president. I don't agree with him anymore. I think that things are serious enough now, especially on the county level, where we have to get to issues.

I mean, what are we doing with pay-to-play, all BS aside. Is it going to be this political football that the parties toss around, are we going to ditch it, or are going to forget it or actually do something about it?

I really wanna know.

How big of a deal is pay to play? I think both parties have to get on the same sheet and stop maneuvering just for a minute.

The open space thing, the patronage issues, develoeprs...hey, if this stuff don't get fixed the tax rate is going to be screwed. It's already getting way out of hand in various municipalities.

MY neighbors are moving out, one said because of taxes. The others I didn't talk to. I'm moving out of the Beach, not because I dislike the Beach or the taxes but because I want to move to Hazlet.

But maybe it's just my thing... I just think it's time to get serious on some things that really haven't been turned on the way they could be.

Election season is the best and only time this stuff gets aired. I don't know, I think it's time.

Elephants_not_donkeys said...

Jim Purcell, you said, "I just think it's time to get serious on some things that really haven't been turned on the way they could be."

Interesting, but especially hypocritical coming from the same man, who, several weeks ago, defended the use of humor in political discussions.

Perhaps humor, like political affiliation, is something that you easily shed to suit your short term goals, Mr. Purcell. Much like a snake sheds its skin to survive...

Leave my party alone, sir! Aloha!

Honest Abe said...

This is a partisan blog. A partisan blog. So Jim, a little use of "Dumbocrat", "Dhimmicrat", etc., is not really out of line here.

On to issues.
Pay to play: Until we are prepared to enforce the laws already on the books, it makes no sense to pass new ones, no matter how noble. Feel-good legislation won't cut it. It makes no sense to ban contributions from well-connected lawyers and engineers if we aren't going to ban contributions from well-connected developers. Wheeling, too, is a problem that must be addressed. Fred Niemann's attempt using the seven (ten) PACs, or the Democrat attempts with huge amounts of money going from county to county, are both practices that must stop.
Open Space: This is more of an overdevelopment issue. Until we get a handle on overdevelopment, this issue will continue to be ever on the horizon. Saying you are for open space doesn't make it so. Making an example of people like Matt Scannapieco and Richard Vuola, associates of gangsta developer Anthony "Mr. Marlboro" Spalliero will go a long way, but it's not enough. We need to look at affordable housing laws, environmental laws and land use laws. We need to get a handle on the proliferation of "age-restricted" developments. It's all very complicated, but it won't solve itself.


yeah, you're right.

but i am starting to get a little nuts over the taxes thing. it's corzine's fault, hell it's a lot of other peoples' fault too.

taxes are killing this state. i go out of state and see all kinds of manufacturing and industrial, prosperity we used to have and i get pissed.

look at deleware, or pennsylvania. there's actual room between houses and they have car plants...CAR PLANTS! not a row of strip malls, sun tan parlors, wendy's, mcdonalds and home care centers. they MAKE things.

we discourage that kind of ratable and act like everyone works in the damn city. meanwhile, the grassroots is feeling it and taxes...including the "hey i'll get my brother-in-law a job with municipal gov't tax" is making life here ridiculous for people.

yeah, there should be some levity in the partisan thing and i got too uptight. but it's frustrating. i do ok, but if i made what i do in delaware, i'd be doing really alright. at some point, "d" or "r" doesn't make's going to be about who fixes what's broke and that's property taxes.