Friday, October 17, 2008


Great research has been done by Art Gallagher and Barry Goldwater into the campaign finances of Democratic freeholder (or is that county commissioner?) candidates Amy Mallet and Very Silent Glenn Mason. They aptly point out the money wheeled* from such sources as Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), as well as a passel of out of county labor unions. This mirrors a post I made back in 2006 revealing unions and wheeling back then.
I wonder now as then the reason for all the labor bucks. The bulk of county employees are represented by two unions: Communications Workers of America Local 1034 (Carla Katz) represents the Public Works and Park System workers, and Policemen's Benevolent Association Local 240 represents the Corrections officers. So far, neither public employee union has contributed to the Dems' war chest this year. Most of the unions donating to the Democrats are not public employee unions. Back in 2006 a comment was posted that the unions were merely contributing to "pro-labor" candidates, but that sounds pretty weak. So why all the bucks?
The money from the lawyers is pretty obvious. Look at the names of the contributing lawyers, and look at who gets County Counsel if the Democrats get the majority, and see if you don't find a match.
As to the out of county political contributions like Wisniewski or Speaker Joe Roberts, that's wheeling in its most basic form. It's just what Democrats do.

*Of course, with the Monmouth County Democrats wheeling isn't wheeling, so I guess the money isn't really wheeled. Or something.

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